Allcam ACFS1069 Exhibition Display Stand TV Trolley Floor Stand – FS1031 Exhibition Display Stand TV Trolley Floor Stand w/ Mounting Bracket for LCD/Plasma TVs & Two Black Glass Shelves

Very good, exactly what i wanted. Very strong, easily height adjustable, and with decent sized castors (with locks) easily mobile on a carpeted floor. It also somehow doesn’t take up a lot of floor real estate. So for the space where i wanted a 50′ tv to be easily mobile it achieves this very well.

I have a 46′ lcd screen (an old one so v. Heavy – takes two people to lift) on it, plus dvd player etc on the shelves, the stand is near the maximum height and i have no concerns about it falling over or wobbling. It didn’t take too long, maybe 30 minutes. The stand comes with a good tool to tighten the bolts which is very useful. It also comes with about four packs of screws in different diameters and in both long and short lengths, for attaching the screen to the bracket, so there should be a set of screws suitable for any screen.

I wanted this stand for my home recording studio it works a treat , very sturdy and stable , easy to put together all assembly tools provided and easy to adjust. Represents good value for money at it’s price point.

This is a well constructed and sturdy stand suitable for large flat screen monitors and tvs (i use it with a 55′ model). The mount for the tv is very flexible but assumes that there are suitable fixing points built into the back of the tv. The two shelves are great for dvd and pvr units. Sadly, there is no cable management so you are left on your own to work out how best to hide unsightly cables (hence the missing star). The unit arrives in pieces with a diagram but no step-by-step instructions. I found construction (on my own) was straightforward – i had hoped to build it within an hour but it took nearer 90 minutes. Despite its bulk and utilitarian design it is quite an elegant solution and well worth the price.

Top quality nice to see something that has been built to last you will get your money worth out of this.

As noted by other reviewers, this is a very robustly made, heavy duty item and seems excellent value for money. The base is wide, as it needs to be, to safely carry large tvs but can be removed if necessary using the supplied allen key on 6 bolts. I have a 42′ plasma mounted on this but it is clear that it will happily carry a 50′ screen without difficulty. The screen can be quickly demounted, which you will need to do if you are adjusting the height of the stand. For my purposes the stand is tall enough to make the screen visible to a seated audience. While certainly large enough to deal with carpets and uneven hard flooring, i would be careful with the brake levers as the plastic on these is not too substantial and, being designed to be foot operated, could be damaged by a careless kick. The glass shelves are dark, tempered glass and and more than strong enough to take the weight of equipment needed with the tv. As noted by all, there are no assembly instructions, just an exploded diagram showing the components. However it isn’t too difficult to work out how to put it together, the only difficulty being knowing which bolts to use as there are bolts and washers to accommodate quite a number of mounting arrangements for different tvs.

Very impressed with both quality of product and how secure the large monitor which is very heavy feels very secure. Very prompt delivery considering the time of year.

One of the best things ive bought in a long time just the right price and very well made easy to put together and will last for years to come.

But product can be approved in 2 aspects, first one is the style of the base, it occupies a lot of space, which is unnecessary, the design of the base can be approved without effecting stability and it will aesthetically look more appealing. This one is more for commercial use as it looks a bit awkward for home use. Rest the built is solid, it’s heavy and very durable to hold a lot of weight. The 2nd thing which needs improvement is assembly instructions, there is only one diagram given, in fact no instructions and all the screws have been wrongly labelled as compare the diagram given, it can be easily improved and will save a lot of time for future potential buyers.

Arrived without any assembly instructions. Found directions on youtube but still not clear. I’m left with about 2/3 of the bolts left over. However, now built quality good and locking castors excellent.

Excellent value for money and speedy delivery.

Had trouble getting our samsung 40 inch ultra tv to fit on brackets and then to stand. However, we weren’t put off as the stand is absolutely perfect for domestic use. We didn’t want the tv to dominate the room so wanted a stand which could be wheeled behind a chair when not in use. This short trolley was perfect but as i said holes didn’t line up. But we turned back to amazon and ordered for £9. 49 a leaptrek ultra slim wall bracket for 23 – 47 inch lcd led plasma flat screen tv load capacity up to 75 kg max vesa 400 x 400. It worked magnificently aligning to both tv and trolley. We also had to purchase two bolts – m8 50 mm. You might think i should give it at most four stars but no, this is fantastic. Well made, very neat, casters roll beautifully across wood floor.

Like other reviewers have said you do end up with a staggering amount of extra nuts & bolts, why, who knows, as far as my needs were concerned i didn’t need them. From opening the box to full assembly twenty minutes although you could struggle a little with the assembly instructions if your not mechanically minded. I fitted a 40′ samsung tv to the mounting plate and found that access to the tv bolt holes was almost impossible, so i modified it using a cutting disc on my hand held grinder and access was greatly improved, so much so, i could fit and remove the tv quite easily within two minutes. Overall and to be fair this bracket is for larger screens but it’s well worth the money, in fact several people asked about it at a recent show and couldn’t believe how much i paid for it. Would buy another without hesitation. Here are the specifications for the Allcam ACFS1069 Exhibition Display Stand TV Trolley Floor Stand:

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  • Telescopic TV trolley floor stand ideal for exhibitions, retail shops, shopping malls, waiting rooms, information center, library, any where you want to encourage people to interact with your advertisement
  • Allcam / Ehome will provide 5 years full warranty in UK; Adjustable viewing angle, tilt up 90 °, see the pictures.
  • Two telescopic poles with adjustable height: 112 to 156cm (130-174cm including wheels), the top of the stand is at a comfortable height allowing for interaction with the display; Supports most 50″ to 120″ screens up to 120 kgs and max. VESA 800×800
  • Heavy-duty castors/ wheels with brake, castors can be easily attached or detached from the base, Base height 4.5cm (10cm with wheels); Taller versions of the same stands also available, search on Amazon for FS1040 (2-meter tall) and FS1031 (1.5-meter tall
  • The perfect TV Floor Stand for popular TVs like: Panasonic TX-40C300B, TX-40CS520B, TX-40CX680B, Samsung UE40J5100, 40H6200, UE32J5100, Series 6 H6400, Sony KDL-40R453C, KDL-40W705C, SEIKI SE39UY01, Samsung 43J5500, Samsung 43J5500, LG 42LF652V, 42LF561V,

Meets our requirements very well, easy to assemble and easy to move around.

This item was just what we wanted it took just under half an hour to put together, we seemed to have a lot of parts left over which was great.

Generally very good product. However wheels are very poor quality and very stiff and shelves are placed on a suction cups which sometimes is very dangerous.

This is a huge and very heavy stand but it needs to be. When you mount a 55′ screen on this it takes two of you. First things first though, read the assembly instructions carefully, then make sure each piece is checked and checked again because it is easy to assemble some bits around the wrong way. Remember the longer legs of the floor stand go to the front. When you are ready to mount the screen the easiest way i found was to lay the screen down onto a sofa. Then tilt the stand over until it lies on the back of the screen and then bolt the stand to the screen. Then the two of you then tilt the whole thing back upright. The tv alone weighs a lot and so does this stand. Don’t try and adjust the height thing yourself either.

Excellent robust product and very well designed.

I think probably best suitable for 50′ plus size screens or maybe business/professional usage. The wheel base covers a large area, which makes this unit very stable, but in a tight domestic environment (small lounge) may dominate, thankfully the stand is wheel based (whilst the wheels are hard plastic, which i think is not the best material for hard floors, rubber would be a more preferred material, but as the mount holes for the wheels look standard you could possibly replace them with wheels of your choice. Rubber)as many have mentioned if you are not accustomed to tight descriptive instructions, these are more schematic, so may cause some slowness in construction, but once assembled you will think it wasn’t that hard after all. Of course the real time is actually taken up with your existing tv, in many cases demounting it from it’s internal stand and then choosing the correct bolts and bracket (bolts, many combinations provided and a standard pair of brackets to connect your tv) position and then mounting it. Remember in many cases, especially for heavy tv’s two people will be required and that will be for the demounting as well. If lucky the height will be right, if not, adjust (raise or lower) the extension tubes and try again. Almost forgot, the 2 glass shelves. Number of mounting positions 3 in total (comes with 2 glass shelves), for my installation i chose the 2rd and third mount points from top.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fabulous for your home use
  • Awesome bit of robust engineering.
  • FS1031 Exhibition Display Stand TV Trolley Floor Stand w/ Mounting Bracket for LCD/Plasma TVs & Two Black Glass Shelves