Altec Lansing ‘Muzx Extra’ Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones : Remote control just stopped working

Brilliant sound quality and depth, bass is excellent would have given 5 stars but the switch is not very good.

I was extremely pleased with these which were a replacement for dre beat tours. The sound quality knocked spots off the beats-with clarity and tone in an entirely different league. I would recommend these time and again. Noise isolation almost too good-so beware when out and about. In-line mic great and doesnt seem to impact sound quality. Great product-hope that they prove to be durable.

Great headphones, but some sound layers don’t work on my particular mp3 player. Not sure why, all more advanced devices are perfect. Not sure why this is, great sound quality though, and they only cost me 7 quid, so pretty great overall.

Seem very good but only time will tell.

First pair of this headphones was defective. Ipod control and mic didn’t work but sound was really good. So i’ve written amazon and in 6-7 day time came other pair. I think what they need other tips, so i put on it other tips from sony and they became more comfortable and isolating. So i recomend this headphones for those who neeed good sound.

Most important remote control just stopped working after 1 week i don’t know why.

I gave it three stars because they are good earphones with brilliant sound quality and a nice finish but the remote that links with my iphone began interfering with the playback and it would pause/skip/voice control without any input.

The sound is good on these, but the volume control doesn’t work on my samsung galaxy s2. Also, they are a little uncomfortable in my ears as the back edge is a sharp edge.

  • At £7.99 these are an absolute bargain
  • Great sound, not suitable for running
  • not great for running

Altec Lansing ‘Muzx Extra’ Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones for iPad, iPhone, iPod

Manufacturer’s Description, The Altec Lansing Muzx-Extra earphones provide well-balanced highs and mids with powerful bass for a full-bodied sound–all at a very affordable price. Featuring SnugFit earbuds, the Extra earphones keep you comfortable so you can lose yourself in the beat. The earphones have a compact, stylish look and feature an inline remote that lets you control compatible iPhone, iPod, and iPad models. Pairing multiple sizes of soft silicone tips for supreme user comfort with a tangle-free cloth cable, the Extra earphones are a must-have for any music lover.

MUZX406 Extra Earphones, At a Glance:,

  • iPad, iPhone, and iPod compatible
  • Stylish, comfortable design for serious music lovers
  • 9-mm audio drivers for well-balanced sound
  • Full-bodied, enhanced bass for extra musical power
  • SnugFit design for premium noise isolation
  • Moisture-resistant cloth cord with friction-reducing coating
  • iPad and iPhone Compatible,

    Muzx-Extra earphones are made for hardcore music lovers–the ones who see their favourite songs as extensions of themselves, and an expression of their individuality. These earphones feature SnugFit earbuds for superior sound so you can get the most out of your music and phone conversations. An inline remote with a mic lets you take hands-free calls, and provides volume control when plugged into your compatible iPad, iPod, iPhone, or portable MP3 player.

    Full-Bodied, Balanced Sound,

    Featuring nine-millimetre neodymium drivers for well-balanced, full-bodied sound, the Muzx-Extra earphones deliver superb sound quality. They’re designed to deliver enhanced bass for powerful lows, in addition to well-balanced highs and mids. And the compact earbuds isolate out external noise so you can enjoy a truly immersive audio experience. In order to take advantage of the noise isolation and high quality audio these earphones are capable of, make sure to select the best fitting silicone ear tip for your ears and place them inside your ear canal for a tight seal.

    Extended Listening Comfort,

    In addition to excellent sound quality, the Muzx-Extra earphones offer all-day comfort whether you’re commuting to work, exercising, or just hanging out. The compact profile lets you listen for as long as you want–whenever and wherever you want. The earphones feature a cloth cord with a moisture-resistant coating that reduces friction, so you won’t have to worry about annoying tangles even when you’re working up a sweat. With the Muzx-Extra earphones, you can always easily plug into your favourite tunes or multimedia on the go.

    Also, the earphones come with three sizes (small, medium, and large) of soft silicone ear tips, so you can find the optimum fit.

    About Altec Lansing: 70 Years of Audio Innovation,

    For more than 70 years Altec Lansing has been shaping the history of sound delivery and is viewed by many to be one of the world’s most innovative and valuable audio brands. The company boasts a unique history of invention that includes the introduction of the first “talkie” film speakers, the first set of desktop computer speakers, the first iPod docking station, and the first “Works with iPhone” speaker system. Altec Lansing LLC is headquartered in Milford, PA.

    What’s in the Box,

    MUZX406 Extra earphones and six-piece fit kit with silicone tips (SM, MD, LG).

    • Unisex design with electric styling and enhanced deep bass
    • Sliding cable adjuster
      • Soft comfort fit
        • Sweat resistant design
        • Low profile design for wearing under headgear
        • Single cable, round-the-head wear
        • Active Ball pivot joint keeps earpiece in during active wear
          • Superior sound and inline mic
          • Call/answer/end button
            • Neodymium micro-speakers
            • Apple-compatible inline remote and mic
              • Professional sound engineering from balanced armature technology
              • Soft carry case
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                Good bass, a little bit emphasized, clear sound, they are better than iphone originals, but not very comfortable for walking or running.

                The sound on these buds match that of more expensive items. Only draw back is the fit of the buds in ear.

                Bought these as a replacement for my sony in ear headphones which broke a while ago. For the cost that i got these the quality is excellent and i cannot be more pleased. Delivery was also very quick.

                I’ve had these over 4 weeks now, and they haven’t fallen apartlike my previous altec earphones, and my pc speakers the sound quality is fantastic, and these new earphones certainly seem to have better design features around the exit of the cables from the earphones – my older altecs cables started breaking up in that area , and hence my search for replacements. 99, not quite two cups of coffee, i’m happy with my purchase.

                The sound quality is decent for the price you pay, as with everything at this range they’re a little bassy but nothing to complain about. The colour scheme (gold and black) is a bit old-school for me, but it’s all down to personal preference. Unfortunately, the first pair of these headphones broke within a month of them being delivered (the left earbud stopped working), but amazon replaced them without any hassle whatsoever. With continued use however, the flaws in the headphones start to show. The silicon tips are so loosely attached to the headphones that they would often come off in my ear or my pocket. This lead to me losing the only set of tips that fitted my ears, and now they’re unusable, which is a shame. Another bad point was that the microphone seemed to pick up a lot of background noise and was nowhere near as clear to callers as the microphone built into the standard iphone headset. In the end i replaced them with sony mdrex38ipb. Ce7 in-ear headphones with in-line ipod remote control, which were cheaper, and have a better microphone/more secure earbuds, and the sound quality isn’t too much worse.

                I got it at 8 pounds and for an 8 pounds in-ear, the sound quality was good. However, the irritating thing was the ear sponge keeps dropping out whenever i took it out from my pockets.

                I like tall speakers, i love these small speakers. Bought these to replace some £40 pair which failed after a year of decent use. Sound quality and easy of control as good as anything 4+ times the price.

                The quality of the sound is better than i anticipated. The first pair i received was faulty but they sent me another one with no qualms.

                • At £7.99 these are an absolute bargain
                • Great sound, not suitable for running
                • not great for running

                Altec Lansing ‘Muzx Extra’ Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones for iPad, iPhone, iPod

                Delivery time – as statedsound – a tad too heavy on bass, clear crisp sound missing slightly, good fade and treble. Good for dance theme, okay for jazz and ballads. Ear piece – snugs perfectly into my ears (there are reviews of them being too big) – and as such gives good noise isolating featuremic – works perfectlycontrol button – receptive and not flimsy. Overall – good value for money and much better replacement for headphone with mic for phones esp apple.

                They work fine and sound great for cheap headphones. These headphones are for long journeys on trains etc, so i don’t mind about quality so much, got headphones back home for that. Noise cancelation is good enough for me. Call quality and usage is easy and no qualms.

                I bought these to wear as a replacement for my sennheiser cx 300s whilst riding my motorcycle. They sound absolutely incredible but they do stick out slightly beyond your tragus which makes them quite difficult to pull my crash helmet on. The sound quality more than makes up for this minor inconvenience.

                A good fit and the sound quality is great, but the cord is too stiff and there is not enough give.

                Not the best but at this price what can you expect. Did the job but now the wires are getting very stiff.

                Small but very nice headphones. The sound is amazing and the noise cancelling is really good. The button to direct the music (pause, stop, etc) is great, and it has a microphone as well.

                I bought these earphones specifically for running so i don’t need to touch my iphone to work the controls. For that, they work perfectly, sound great, fast forward, pause, answer calls, yes all of the above. But the earphones refuse to stay in my ears. They are an unusual shape with a ‘heavy’ barrel type part and i think it must be this as i have had numerous pairs of in ear earphones that are fine. I have tried all 3 ear bud sizes, but nothing works, so unfortunately rather than put them back in my ears every 2 minutes, i’ve given up running with them, therefore they are pretty useless to me. For ordinary commuting, walking etc i think they would be fine.

                These are ok but they cable is cheap and nasty, if they weren’t bought as a temporary replacement until my replacement bose come back from repair they’d have been sent straight back. As it happens they’ll end up in the back of the drawer till they’re needed as a temporary set.

                Bought these for my daughter as i was fed up of listening to her music when she was plugged in, the noise reduction really does work and now im saved from her ‘ din’.

                Sound quality is good, way above the standard headphones you receive with iphone or ipod. Most comfortable in ear buds i’ve used, build quality is good but time will tell. Initially sound very bass heavy, however persevere and you are rewarded.

                I am very pleased with the sound of these. For the money, they are very pleasing to the ear with good bass, mids and highs. I did have to get a replacement, as the first pair failed after just a week where the right ear bud stopped working.

                Wanting to cancel out the noise while on the train to london these work a treat. They tended to fall out of my ear while jogging which was quite frustrating.But great for audio books and videos while sitting down.

                It’s an amazing pair of earphones, great sound but the wires started to fray within a month. I’m a heavy user but it should be that easily broken, my ipod earphones lasts longer than this.

                I was surprised when they arrived at how far the plugs stick out if your ears, i feel a little silly wearing them but they do stay in and are comfortable. The wire is designed to get less tangled than normal ones, which i think does work, although does mean it doesn’t hang very loosely around you neck. Biggest complaint was that after only a few uses, and looking after them carefully when not in use, one of the plugs just stopped working – no sound output. However, amazon were fantastic and replaced them straight away so i’m happy again. Just waiting to see if these new ones fare better.

                The first headphone didn’t work properly but it was replaced with a working headphone within days.

                Got these for my brother for christmas. I actually managed to catch this product when it had been reduced from £50 to £7. Seller even included a lovely courtesy note inside the parcel, which was a nice, personal touch. Finally, after christmas i had a sneaky go at using these earphones and the level of quality is simply remarkable. My brother was very impressed.

                Fantastic sound quality and absolutly awsome base/sub base sound. You can almost feel your brain move with the base response there fab, to start with. After two weeks the sound died off and now the speakers wont work, pity i can’t send them back as i left them in my pocket when i washed my jacket. If this was a one off fault then i would definatly buy again.

                I was not quite sure what i was going to get but these are great, really fit my earhole, muffle outside sound and give a clear tone.

                Features and Spesification

                • Make sure this fits
                  by entering your model number.
                • Well-balanced highs and mids, full-bodied, powerful lows
                • Strong cloth cable leaves you tangle-free
                • 6 piece fit kit with silicone tips for any ear size
                • Inline remote and mic allows you to control compatible iPhone, iPod and iPad models
                • Compatible with other MP3 players