Altec Lansing ‘Muzx Ultra’ Noise Isolating Headphones : Great value, great sound

Excellent sound quality for a good price – after a few days of listening the sound quality did improve further. Good build with no faults and they look great. Maybe not the best choice if you like lots of bass but if you’re desperate for it you can just use an equaliser for the same affect. A great all round pair of in-ear headphones.

Good quality with a good price – the headphones got a price reduction – as they are an old model but still working great.

It does what you would expect – and good quality. I have had this for a while so speak with wisdom.

Sound quality is good, but in order to get the most out of them i need to push them quite hard into my ear canal. I find this uncomfortable after a short period of time so don’t use them as often as i might. Controls the iphone 4s and ipad well.

Was massively impressed by my previous eltec lansing inner ear phones (model uhp306, fabric cable and great sound). After 4 years, and a couple of repair jobs i decided a replacement was probably due (though there’s a chance i can still rescue the old ones as the drivers are still working. )first impression of these was disappointment as they didn’t sound right with my galaxy s android phone (hollow and out of phase) and the buttons and mic didn’t work. They were fine (and amazing quality) plugged into my home stereo, and really show up the deficiencies of my old over ear trio ‘hifi’ headphones that i considered very good, until compared with these altecs. The issue with the phone is different wiring on the 4 pole plug (screen and ring 2 are reversed on my phone compared to the ‘iphone convention’) i thought of cutting off the plug and buying and soldering on a replacement 4 pole plug from maplin and reversing these connections, but was a bit reluctant to butcher them straight away. The sound normalises momentarily when you press the centre button. At first i used the smallest cable tie i could find and permanently closed this button. The problem with this solution is the mic and button function is still not available on the headset. I ended up getting a fiio lu2 cable for £5. 99fiio lu2 adapter cable – use of iphone specific headphones on different brands of phonewhich sorts out the audio, the mic now works, and the centre button functions so it can be used to pause a track, or a double press goes to the next track.

I purchased these for my grandson and he thinks they are great, if the kids like them they must be good.

Would have paid 5 times what price i paid for these little beauties. Clean sharp crisp sound very good range and have had years of listening to quality headphones such as hd 600 seinheisser and shure and altec are very good quality. A range of different ear buds for different size ears. Come in a handy little pouch,comfortable long periods of time,isolating outside noises pretty good and the bass id awesome. Always shop around but for the price i paid the postage was half what i paid for the altec ear phones. I would like these for a present.

Firstly, the sleeve on the jack came off within the first week of use, so now it’s hard to pull it out of the socket. The other part is partly my own fault – i didn’t realise before i bought this that iphones use a proprietary inline-mic/button format. This is not compatible with e. In fact, when you use the headphones with another device they sound like they’re in mono mode unless the (non-functioning) button is pressed. I ended up tying a cable-tie around the button to keep it pressed, which greatly improves the sound quality. Glad i picked these up when they were £20, as they’re not worth £50-100. Tl; dr: sound quality is good, does not work with non-iphones, build quality is poor.

  • Great value, great sound
  • Good but difficult to fit in ear canal

Altec Lansing ‘Muzx Ultra’ Noise Isolating Headphones

Product description,
Manufacturer’s Description, The Altec Lansing Muzx-Ultra earphones deliver high-definition audio for an incredible musical experience. Featuring a compact, stylish look, the Ultra earphones keep you comfortable so you can stay plugged in to your music for as long as you wish. Combining SnugFit earbuds, a unique cord designed for supreme noise isolation, and an inline remote with a mic, the earphones let you get the most out of your music and phone conversations. They also come with a handy, soft carrying case so you can store your earphones and keep them safe and tangle free.

MUZX606 Ultra Earphones, At a Glance:,

  • iPad, iPhone, and iPod compatible
  • Stylish, comfortable design for serious music lovers
  • Single-balanced armature technology for high-definition audio
  • Moisture-resistant cloth cord with friction-reducing coating
  • SnugFit design for premium noise isolation
  • Stylish suede carrying case to protect your earphones
  • iPad and iPhone Compatible,

    Muzx-Ultra earphones are made for hardcore music lovers–the ones who see their favourite songs as extensions of themselves, and an expression of their individuality. The earphones feature SnugFit earbuds for superior noise isolation, an inline remote with a mic for hands-free phone conversations, and volume control when plugged into your iPad, iPhone, or portable MP3 player.

    Quality, High Definition Audio,

    Featuring single-balanced armature technology for professional-sounding audio, the Ultra earphones deliver professional-quality sound. The comfortable earbuds isolate out external noise, while the unique cord design prevents friction-related noise from interrupting your audio experience. In order to take advantage of the noise isolation and high quality audio these earphones are capable of, make sure to select the best fitting silicone ear tip for your ears and place them inside your ear canal for a tight seal.

    Extended Comfort,

    In addition to excellent sound quality, the Ultra earphones offer all-day comfort whether you’re commuting to work, exercising, or just hanging out. The compact profile lets you listen for as long as you want–whenever and wherever you want. The earphones feature a cloth cord with a moisture-resistant coating that reduces friction, so you won’t have to worry about annoying tangles even when you’re working up a sweat. And with ample cable length, you can always quickly and easily plug into your favourite tunes or multimedia on the go.

    When not in use, these earphones can be stored, tangle-free, inside the spring-loaded suede carrying case. Also, Ultra earphones come with four sizes (small, medium, large, and dual-flange) of soft silicone ear tips, so you can find the optimum fit.

    About Altec Lansing: 70 Years of Audio Innovation,

    For more than 70 years Altec Lansing has been shaping the history of sound delivery and is viewed by many to be one of the world’s most innovative and valuable audio brands. The company boasts a unique history of invention that includes the introduction of the first “talkie” film speakers, the first set of desktop computer speakers, the first iPod docking station, and the first “Works with iPhone” speaker system. Altec Lansing LLC is headquartered in Milford, PA.

    What’s in the Box,

    One pair of MUZX606 Ultra earphones and eight-piece fit kit with silicone tips (SM, MD, LG, and dual-flange).

    Altec Lansing Earphones

    Noise isolating earphones

    Noise isolating earphones for women

    Active-sport noise isolating earphones

    Noise isolating earphones with mic

    Noise isolating earphones with inline remote & mic

    Professional-grade noise isolating earphones with inline remote & mic

    • Unisex design with electric styling and enhanced deep bass
    • Sliding cable adjuster
      • Soft comfort fit
        • Sweat resistant design
        • Low profile design for wearing under headgear
        • Single cable, round-the-head wear
        • Active Ball pivot joint keeps earpiece in during active wear
          • Superior sound and inline mic
          • Call/answer/end button
            • Neodymium micro-speakers
            • Apple-compatible inline remote and mic
              • Professional sound engineering from balanced armature technology
              • Soft carry case
              • 6-piece kit (small, medium, large)

                8-piece kit (small, medium, large, dual-flange)

                Speaker Configuration

                9 mmneodymium drivers

                10 mmneodymium drivers

                Balanced armaturefor HD audio

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                I’m quiet happy with these earphone;long cable length ,brilliant noise isolation and decent sound quality. I would compare the sound quality to apple earphones but they are very stylish and unique-i still think their are allot better headphones for the same value though.

                I mostly use earbuds to listen to music in bed when falling asleep. With most earbuds i can lie on a pillow on my side and i don’t feel the earbud against the pillow. The wires on these come out and are held by a support and these stick out a long way. Also all silicone tipped earbuds fall out when you move your jaw, through eating or talking or with head movement, like when jogging (i have had about 20 pairs), so while they sound great, keep out outside noise and are small to carry around, they have their drawcacks. These are not worth the retail price, but are good if bought at a deep, deep discount, as these were. Earbuds don’t last long; one side fails or the wires get damaged in a short time, usually in 6 months, whatever make or quality, so these are good because they are good quality sound and were less than 20 pounds.

                For the price these are very good – a nice step up in iem sound. But we are not talking audiophile quality here.

                • Great value, great sound
                • Good but difficult to fit in ear canal

                Altec Lansing ‘Muzx Ultra’ Noise Isolating Headphones

                Features and Spesification

                • Make sure this fits
                  by entering your model number.
                • Unique cord design minimizes friction noise
                • SnugFit design for extreme comfort
                • Inline remote and mic allows you to control compatible iPhone, iPod and iPad models (compatible with other MP3 players)
                • 8 piece fit kit with silicone tips for any ear size
                • Soft carry case included