Amazon Renewed Duronic – Not the worst fryer

This was a gift for a family member so far they are happy with it.

I wanted one of these for a long time. It is a great addition to my kitchen and i am very happy with this make, it looks really stylish. Perfekt for a single person and uses less electricity than my iron. I also bought a set of additional pans etc. To enable me to bake cakes and other food in it. Would certainly buy it again.

It’s endless what you can cook with it.

The duronic arrived quickly and i was soon cooking lovely crispy chips (frozen). I’ve used it as a mini oven as there is just two at home so many recipes can be used for smaller quantities everything has come out great, chips, chicken breasts, beef burgers, venison and gammon with pineapple and cheese cooked in a tin tray. Saves energy i don’t have to heat the whole oven as i used to have to do.

My air fryer arrived early and i have been using it most days. I had trouble with the drawer and rang customer service and they replaced the drawer next day. The only negative is that when you shake the basket you must hold the plastic which holds the basket in place otherwise it sometimes comes loose and the drawer drops down, i was lucky it only dropped onto the work surface. I would recommend the duronic air fryer it fits neatly on top of the worktop and does not look out of place.

Being sceptical had resisted spending money for yet another utensil sitting in a cupboard unused. How wrong i do wish i had bought one sooner. Easy to use, practical and versatile and oh the chips. Have thrown away my deep fat fryer and made a donation to the oil dump at the local council yard.

Have now tried different items and am most satisfied. Steaming took a little time to work out, but have just enjoyed a beautiful piece of cod. Well done chronic, once again you have come up trumps.

Arrived promptly via royal mail not yodel.

The duronic was very easy to use came with a good instruction booklet and cooked food quickly.

Used daily with great results.

Trying out recipes and very happy with it.

I have already rate my duronic air fryer but also want to review the recipe book that came with it. When i ordered the fryer i had in mind core foods like chips and fried meat that i enjoy but do not fit so well with maintaining a healthy diet and i already know it is great for these. However i had not fully realised the range of foods that you can cook using it until i explored the recipe book that came with it. Tasty interesting food that you can still combine with traditionally cooked other ingredients. The book highlights that whilst the fryer is great for those who just want to focus on simple ingredients it is also a really useful addition to the kitchen β€˜kit’ list. The recipe books shows how you can prepare the least healthy part of a beautiful meal in a better way and then combine with all the other ingredients to make a delicious meal. It is now on the shelf wth my selection of cookbooks that will be used regularly. Here are the specifications for the Amazon Renewed Duronic:

  • The Duronic Jet Fryer, also known as: Air Fryer, Healthy Fryer, Mini Oven, No oil Fryer and it uses air circulating technology to cook food with little or no oil necessary. This is a healthier way to cook your food without compromising on nutrition and flavour. It’s perfect for healthy eating, organic eating, eating fresher food, vegans and vegetarian can cook their own natural food.
  • Adjustable temperature control ensures food is cooked correctly. You are always in control; you can cook food from 80’C to 200’C, helping you achieve the perfect result you aim to achieve. This air fryer will result in 80 percent less fat in your food compared to traditional deep fat fryers.
  • The closed cooking system provides a safe splatter less cooking experience with a cool touch exterior which means the outer body is cool whilst it is cooking at up to 200’C inside. Your frying will now be in a safe environment without the use of liters of hot oil.
  • Dishwasher safe fry bowl and mesh basket is provided so the main parts can be cleaned easily. Compact size – easily fits on a kitchen counter and blends in with existing appliances and setting. A cookbook packed with air frying recipes is included, including how to make chocolate fondant, homemade crisps, roasted potatoes, spicy chips and chicken wings.

It is functioning very well and saving me a great deal ov time and effort.

Only tried to make chips with it but they turned out lovely although they did take longer to fry then stated.

So far this is awesome, my wife uses it everyday now, quick to get the children fed & makes everything that more healthier πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

I bought because my friend has exactly the same & she raves about it. Arrived much quicker than expected.

Yes very pleased with air fryer good quality and arrived quickly.

Just used it once so far all good.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mangla Media
  • Brilliant
  • Duronic cookbook

Chips aren’t just quite as crispy as i’d like and takes longer to cook than recomended.

This is a replacement – the first one still works but it a little worn out – we keep it for when we need 2 (which we have done on occasion). This a solid family work horse – gets used everyday – quick, versatile and safe.

Brilliant product very easy to use and to clean, i would recommend it to anyone.

It’s brilliant lobe it wish i had it a lot sooner.

Brilliant for price love this cooks well.

Excellent productchips are crispy on the outside and soft in centre best fryer i have ever boughtgreat price chips in 30 minutesjust one tip use chunky chips for great results.

I have bought 3 they fantastic buy.

Received cookery book with duronic air fryerintend to try the roasted new potatoesand a few othersi’m going to try the cheese balls with. My 6 year old grandsonhe loves making food.

Have cooked with several times now and everything thing turns out lovely and crispy. Doesn’t take up too much room either.

Brilliant item to have in your kitchen this is such a good machine. Even at full price it’s still the best out there, you need one of these in your life.

I have just started using my new fryer & find it takes a little getting used to. The book is a good guide to cooking but it is with use that you really get to know how to use it. Results are good & no messy oil.