AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable – Impressive

Not much to say about these. They aren’t very exciting, but they work and there’s no point wasting your money on anything more expensive. People who tell you expensive cables are better than cheap ones are kidding themselves. With digital signals like hdmi your devices either get the signal or they don’t – you could make a connection using old coke cans and a pair of scissors and if there was a signal path it’d be as good as a ‘premium’ cable made of pure silver. So, don’t be a mug – use cheap cables :-).

Great value but cannot believe that the same item on amazon is sold at so many different prices when commissioned by amazon for their own basic range. No difference in signal transmission between these leads and the premium leads. Demonstrated on the gadget show and numerous other consumer tech websites over the years.

Don’t do many reviews but wanted to let fellow ps4 pro and xbox one x owners know these work a treat for 4k hdr. Have tried a few so called high speed hdmi and have had trouble with signal dropping off and losing picture for a second or two on both my consoles. Not good when playing on cod or forza. 5 m hdmi leads and they work a treat a last. Was starting to give up playing in 4k. They are a bit thick and rigid but at least i can now game in 4k hdr.

0 compatible cables but i need full bandwidth for my new hdr uhd tv. I read many experiences over the past few years and a lot of problems going over 2m length. Even expensive brand cables need to be replaced at times to get a computer compatible uhd 60hz cable. I am sceptical of cheap cables but decided to take a chance on these because with 3 cables for £12, there is a better chance i will get 1 that works. And the reviews suggested i have a fair chance of success. Tested:1 cable from pc to my avr with another from the avr to the tv. 2 cables in use at the same time. Direct from the pc to the tv with 1 cable. I tested many uhd movies including hdr and they work great, no issues at all.

I have purchased a range of lengths in these cables and mostly they are fine but beware i have encountered lots of black screen flickering on my ps4 pro with a 2 metre version of this cable. I have tested a few 1metre lengths and seems ok but the 2 metre which was running from my soundbar to tv was causing handshake issues with the latest 4k standards, i switched it out for a older high speed cable i had and from early testing i have no more flickering black screen with ps4 pro. So it looks like there are a few of these cables that are not quite up to the spec they promote.

One was fine, carried 4k deep colour 60hz without issue, the other just couldn’t do it, i either got lines and flashing or a black screen. I used it for 1080p and it was fine. Decided to keep it since i only really needed one for 4k, but it should be noted that the quality is a little variable, so you might get one that cant handle full 4k.

I purchased this so i could run a projector from the other side of the room. The length is perfect for this. The cable is thick plastic and relatively inflexible, for my use this is not a problem. I fought it into the route that was desired and now there it stays. However, if you have a requirement to move things about on a regular basis then you may be better sourcing a cable with a woven flex, or at least with a thinner plastic coating. I have been using this for a month now, and have had no issues. For the price this was an excellent purchase and i am very happy with it.

I’ve used a number of expensive hdmi cables in the past but needed some longer ones to accommodate changes to our media system. Having read numerous reviews i found some technical articles that insisted that cheaper cables were just as effective as their expensive counterparts for normal domestic use and i can confirm that these work well in our system. My ageing hearing makes it impossible for me to claim to be an audiophile but crisp reproduction is important and these cables are matched up with a yamaha 7:2 av amp, samsung 49′ hdr tv and samsung native 4k bluray player. Even with a standard definition source, reproduction is excellent giving sharp pictures and well defined sound. At 4k reproduction is superb, there is no colour bleed, artefacts or distortions. At a fraction of the cost of high end cables i’m impressed.

Ok so you don’t get a breaded cable or that quality finish, but this cable does the job and is still very robust. Can’t complainas a piece of advice, try to get a reasonably long cable so you can rest your laptop down somewhere safe while its connected to your tv/monitor. 8m as you still get good data transfer rates.

Amazon basics products give fantastic quality at competitive prices. This hdmi cable is yet another example of this. It is very well made, far superior to most of cheap chinese cables and cheaper than most good quality cables in the high street. This cable looks sturdy enough to last for many years. Good quality hdmi cables have better rf screening by using thin aluminium foil and copper wire braiding around the individual cores. This is essential to protect the very high frequencies used in hdmi connections from interference from nearby mains cables, wifi routers etc. My amazon basic hdmi cable was to replace a cheap chinese cable which caused the tv to lose the sound and video for a few seconds every time my refrigerator in the adjacent kitchen turned on. The problem was fixed by using this new cable. Highly recommend this hdmi cable over other cables because of its good quality and attractive price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 2 metre length had flickering handshake issues with PS4 Pro
  • This HDMI cable fixed an irritating problem caused by using a cheaper Chinese cable.
  • Work on Xbox one X and ps4 pro 👏👍