Amplicomms Powertel 702 Big Button Twin Cordless Amplified DECT Telephone – Anthracite – Philip & Doreen Rhodes.

Purchased for my 89yr old mother who is hard of hearing and has mobility issues. Meets her needs in terms of volume clarity and large buttons are superb.

We are very pleased with these instruments, at the moment. Certainly vey good for the hard of hearing. Very well packed and presented. Instruction book very good with large type for ‘golden oldies. ‘ instruction book very concise.

We had panasonic ones before, we hoped these would be better, found them complicated to set up and use, my wife still has trouble hearing callers voice.

I have poor hearing and so needed a phone that can be adjusted to higher volumes. My husband doesn’t need as much amplification and so this phone with the ability to set ‘profiles’ for two different people is a boon for a couple like us. I’ve programmed the handsets so that they suit my husband’s hearing as the phone is answered and all i have to do is press the ‘profile’ button on the side of the handset to switch it to volumes to suit my hearing. There’s a boost button too which really enhances the sound to volumes that are, at the moment, even too loud for me.You can program in the boost to your profile, but, for now, i’ve left that off. The instruction book is comprehensive, but easy to understand. You can get started without worrying about all the extra facilities the phone has and so can add them in as the need arises. The menu is fairly intuitive and takes one through the things like setting the time and date. If you buy this twin set the two phones are pre-linked and so the settings you key in on the main handset (such as time and date) are transferred to the satellite handset automatically. I’ve set the ringer volume and volume of the speech for the satellite handset lower than the main one as this handset is placed right beside where my husband sits and he doesn’t need the volumes that i require.

I am very deaf with hearing that fluctuates and find the sound level on these very good, but the two phones only talk to one another when you tell them too and previous information is lost when you do. With so many buttons on them we are always pressing one or another accidently which makes for confusion. Sorry powertel but we do not get on with them at all.

Doe’s what it says, has a very loud bell on it so you can hear it from a long way off.

A bit ‘touchy’ but still a great phone, it takes a while to get used to would recommend to all hearing aid users.

Seems to have developed a problem and will be returned to supplier.

Certainly the best phone i have had in the last 8 years – since my wife’s hearing started to decline. It also has a good loud ring and is compatible with her hearing aid too – that’s a real bonus. Familiarity with the pc file management system of instruction topic arrangement is a definite advantage, so get someone to do the setup and setting selection for you if you lack expertise – otherwise you could get a little confused and not get full benefit from the device. Mobile phone setup experience is also very relevant. More later when we have had the device for longer than a week. The supplier experience was excellent too. Once again thank heaven for amazon – what would the world be like without you.

It is quite a complicated appliance, but we are getting to grips with it. Life becomes more complicated the older one becomes – and tones memory is not the same.

Ideal for hard of hearing and people with short sightness. Does everything you need and simple to operate.

Amazing clarity just have to remember to turn up the volume.

Not responding to answer phone commands.

These are spot on if your hard of hearing , just as described they even light up when receiving a call so you don’t miss them.

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