The Amsterdam Wish List

Technically, I have been to Amsterdam before after a quick changeover for my flight to Boston, MA. But unfortunately, it doesn’t really count in any other way! Amsterdam has been on my list of places I’d love to travel to for quite some time now, and sooner or later I will jet-off to visit the place. In the meantime however, I shall just share with you a few of the places I’d love to see, things to do in Amsterdam, plus little eateries I’ve already got my eye on.

If you’ve been to the city before, tell me what you recommend and loved about the place in the comments below. Better yet, if you’ve done a travel post of some kind about Amsterdam in the past (doesn’t matter how long ago), leave the link below too! Right, let’s get started.Things to do in amsterdam


Tulip Fields | In all honestly, I don’t think this is the actual name given to these places, but there are various tulip farms or flower fields across Holland, and all are a short commute from the capital. You might be thinking, ‘You want to travel to a new city overseas, just to see something you can grow in your back garden?’. Yes, that’s right. Firstly, tulips are my favourite flower. Secondly, these fields are far more beautiful than anything you could possibly create in your garden – unless you found the Ground Force gang once again. Ps. where did that show go?!

Jordaan | This is apparently a little hidden gem within the city – an area where you can just get lost without a care in the world and essentially ditch the map for an hour or two. The area is filled with the likes of art galleries, antique shops and so on, which are never of interest to me, but they do have beautiful quaint streets and other narrow walkways that I can just imagine would make a lovely appearance on my Insta.

I Amsterdam | Oh yes, the statue of letters that you see almost everyone who visits Amsterdam, post on their social media. People pull a number of poses, but usually I’m socially awkward in those situations, but I definitely would love to stand by the infamous letters and get a snap!

Old Holland | There are various Old Holland towns you can see that are filled with Dutch history and traditions, showcasing exactly what they’re known for. This includes the likes of ship-building and even cheese-making. The latter is clearly why I want to go. *eats all the cheese*

Eye Film Museum | I don’t like to spend all my time travelling in museums and galleries, unless it’s something I really want to see or learn more about. The Eye Film Museum is one place I wouldn’t exactly look to dedicate an hour or two inside of, but have you seen pictures of this building?! It’s like something out of space – it’s futuristic and stunning to say the least!

Red Light District | I may as well have put this up top as seen as it’s so obvious, but yes, I think almost anyone who visits Amsterdam will visit the Red Light District. Is it seen as seedy and gross? Yes. Do I care? No.Things to do in amsterdam


National Holocaust Museum | It always feels weird saying I want to visit this place, but these are the kind of events in history that I want to know more about (strangely), which means this is one of the first things I want to do; visit the exhibition, learn about the survivors, visit the Memorial Gardens and so on. Has anyone visited the museum before?

The Fortress Stretch | I like to visit a few places in new destinations that aren’t considered ‘typical’ when it comes to being a tourist. Albeit there’s a reason why we all visit the typical landmarks in new cities, there’s also a lot of hidden treasure that’s not as well known. The Fortress Stretch is home to various old castles, fortified towns and ruins, but also looks like a beautiful place to visit in general.

Canal Cruise | I’m not good with water (swimming or when floating above it), but small river cruises like those you can embark on in Amsterdam, seem to be manageable. Then again, I’ve only done it the once in London around 6 years ago, so I’ll have to update you on that. Anyway, Amsterdam’s canal-sides are filled with beautiful architecture and decor that just looks so peaceful and dreamy in everyone’s pictures! That’s why I’d love to jump aboard a canal cruise to take it all in.

Heineken Experience | This wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste because, if you don’t like beer, why would you want to spend an hour or two learning about how the beer is made and then tasting the damn drink? The Heineken Experience takes you on an interactive tour around the former brewery where you can learn all about the history, the process and even head to a tasting room after.

A’DAM Lookout | Wherever I travel to, I will always look for recommendations online for places where you can admire the most amazing views away from the busy streets. This is the place to go in Amsterdam for this by the looks of it. It’s a 22-storey tower that offers panoramic views of the capital. That’s all there is to it really!


Restaurant de Kas | I love to eat anywhere unusual and this is definitely one to see. You are seated within what looks like a giant greenhouse and the menu is curated on the daily based on what has been hand-picked from the garden that day on site. It couldn’t get any fresher than that!

Panorama Rail Restaurant | If you have some time to kill before and after your evening munch, then this is definitely one to try from the sound of things. You dine on a 1960s old carriage where you’ll embark on a 3-hour journey through the likes of Haarlem, Rotterdam and Den Haag. I’m sold!

Restaurant C | If you’re a foodie who appreciates the way food has been cooked and the effort gone into each and every dish, this sounds like we’ll both be heading here. The restaurant is essentially divided into ‘temperature zones’ where it showcases its cooking techniques: slow-cooked pork at 40-80c, steamed lobster at 100c and tempura at 200c to name just a few.


Have you been to Amsterdam?
What are your recommendations?

*collaborative post