amzdeal Air Fryer – Mini Air Fryer 1 – This has worked well for me

My office kitchen doesn’t have a stove so i bought this toasty maker. It made me the most popular colleague in the building. The device is solidly built and large enough for proper sized sandwiches. It heats up quickly and evenly and is very easy to clean. So far we’ve tried the usual ham and cheese and more exotic recipes like ham and pineapple and banana and peanut butter. All were toasted perfectly without dry or soggy bread. For the money you save on buying lunch or breakfast, this toasty maker pays for itself in a week.

It is light and easy to clean with just kitchen paper. This toaster machine, not only for toast, can be multi purpose, warm/heat ham/ready eat chicken. With the voucher , £5 offer, defo worth buying.

I am really pleased with this air fryer. The food cooked in this device was very tasty and my family loved it. I am happy about the fact that i did not have to use any oil to cook the food. Another plus is that i found it easy to clean and it does not take much space in the kitchen. I would recommend this electric fryer because it’s easy to use and the price is not bad comparing to the quality.

Ideal for low fat healthy cooking,especially chips for kids are great from fresh potato’s. For my opinion it is as good as a deep fat fryer ,however it is healhier and easy to clean. Also you cannot smell burning oil as when you use deep fryer.

It was recommended by a friend. She told me she bought a sandwich toaster and she is using it every morning to make breakfast for her family. I wondered if it is a must-have in the kitchen. She convinced me it can toast bread and also makes making sandwiches super easy. My husband is a bread person and he has cheese, egg and turkey sandwiches almost every day. My daughter also sometimes needs packed school lunch. I listened to her recommendation and bought the same product as hers. We started using this the second day after we received it and it does the same job as a bread toaster and makes beautiful sandwiches. Making my daughter’s favorite tuna & sweet corn sandwiches does not give me headache any more. The nonstick surface is very easy to clean.

It is very easy to use and also convenient for my family because my children like eating chips and chicken nuggets but they are bad for their health(because they usually contain a lot of oil), but for this air fryer you don’t need to put in oil so it is healthier. It is also very fast and is ideal for a small amount of people, if you want to feed a lot of people, you will have to buy a bit one or multiple models.

Toasted sandwiches came out perfect and did not leak cheese out the sides like my old one did. Easy to use heats up quick and is also easy to clean.

This is a really good air fryer and it works just great. Nice and compact size and great for price. Its good quality and ive liked using this. Its nice design and looks good in kitchen.

This is a great air fryer for one single individual. I find this very convenient because i can portion out my meals and not worry if i’ve had too much. This works well and i haven’t had any problems with it. This has a timer which i don’t think a lot of air fryers have so this is a great bonus.

The size is perfect for a small family. It is very easy to set up and clean. I have made french fries and chicken with it and it came out perfectly crispy.

Amazing sandwich toaster , quickly heated, easy to clean and easy to use and also good quality.

I have used 2 toasters before and both had issues like bread used to come out of it as it was smallthis is the perfect size for the bread and makes great sandwiches.

Right ok first thing the instructions you get don’t make any sense and are very badly written. I had to try and decipher what they actually meant. Plus it suggests to put bacon in toaster on first use, cook then discard. Also put ‘cream’ on bread which i have translated to possibly but who knows butter the outside of the bread so it doesn’t stick to plates. Not a great start that fills you with confidence and i didn’t bother with the bacon just toasted bread and discarded and it was fine. I buy warbutons white sliced bread which is too big for this toaster. Bread hangs over the edge and it was so difficult to close was worried i’d break it. From then on cut top two edges off and it fits perfectly. Just to give you an idea of size. I’m now on the lookout for the right sized loaf. As instructions were diabolical i had to use my own judgement how to use it. I plugged it in and let it heat up for 5 minutes as that’s what i used to do with my previous toaster. Here are the specifications for the amzdeal Air Fryer – Mini Air Fryer 1:

  • ★TIMER & ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – The air fryer comes with timer (0 – 60 mins) and adjustable temperature control (0 – 200℃ / 0 – 400℉). When going out for a long time, you can set the timer according to your needs. And after you come back, the food cook well without waiting. Also, you need to adjust appropriate temperature to cook different food. And it will take 10 – 30 minutes to cook chips, chicken wings, steaks and so on.
  • ★1.5L CAPACITY – Mini air fryer is 19.5×18.3×26 cm. Convenient to place it anywhere. Come with 1.5l non stick basket. Convenient to cook enough food for one or two people. Perfect for small households, couples or students.
  • ★HEALTHY & TASTY- Cooking the various tasty food with amzdeal air fryer and no oil. Helpful to keep taste and nutrition of food. Good for health. Also, It is less 85% fat and lower calories. So you can enjoy delicious food anytime and don’t worry about gaining weight.
  • ★EASY TO CLEAN – The air fryer is equipped with a non stick basket. Easy to remove and clean it after you cooked. You don’t worry about cleaning air fryer for a long time anymore.
  • ★COOK VARIUOUS FOOD – The food you can cook: chips, chicken legs, chicken wings, steak, lamb chops, dumplings, spring rolls and so on. Also, we offer 18 month warranty. If you have any problems with the air fryer, feel free to contact with us please.

Make sandwiches anytime good for college life.

I have only just started using it but it’s very good seals the bread so that nothing leaks out and easy to use.

This is my first air flyer ,give me very good feeling ,this product is very easy to use and clean,quality also quite good,if you want buy air flyer can try this one ,highly recommend.

Plate is big enough for two small toasts or one big toast, even rolls, ciabattas and paninis. There is no temperature setting, but under the automatic time setting, the toast texture is just right, not light, not burnt, perfecty crispy with melted cheese. Since bought it, use it to make sandwich toast with ham and cheese every morning.

I have ordered this air fryer after seeing a similar one on tv. I chose to buy this particular one because its price seemed reasonable to me and after using it for a couple days, i can confirm that it’s worth its price. However, it has a capacity of 1. 5l which is fair enough to me and my son, but probably small for a bigger family. It came with a user manual which also has cooking instructions. I cooked my meat and potatoes according to the instructions and i cannot complain about the result.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Replaces my old toaster and makes perfect sandwiches
  • Texture is just right
  • Awful instructions but good sandwich maker