ANBES Wireless Earphones : Nice purchase!

 one of the best wireless ear buds i have seen, small,comfortable, great sound, decent battery life and listening time. I bought another set because other members of my family like them so much, they keep getting ‘borrowed. I particularly like the little carry pouch, the rechargeable carry case which charges the buds and disconnects from your device each time they are placed back in the case, take them out, they automatically switch on and connect to your bluetooth device. Simple, smart and very affordable.

These true wireless earbuds do sound really great and everything is there. The bass response is very deep and punchy which sound so great and you won’t want to take these off. The mids and highs/vocals aren’t drowned out and still sound crystal clear. There is very little delay thanks to the updated bluetooth version 5. 0 which is great to see on earbuds this affordable at this price range. Great matte black plastic build which feels really great and smooth in the hand. High quality materials used here. There even water resistant which is great for running in the rain or for working out. Overall, great set of true wireless earbuds, very affordable and easy to use with great sound.

Bought these as a xmas gift for my husband as he has had several pairs (that plug in), none of which he ever felt were comfortable. These however are a great fit. They fit in perfectly and the ease with which they paired to devices like the tv and iphone, was incredible. Would highly recommend these as they are such good quality and value for money.

I used this wireless earphone while i tookthe train to work office. It indeed is more convenient than the wire earphone. Not only the stereo sounds is clear and loud but also really fit into my ear. Please to my first pair of wireless earphones.

I’m surprised how they managed to squeeze 4 hours playback in this small earphones. Not only that, but the technology to charge them wireless in its case too, along with great sound quality and bluetooth connection. Not to mention it also has a built in mic for hands free calling. It was easy to setup and got paired in no time. This is similar to the apple airpods but of the fraction of a price.

Comes in a very nice charging case that is portable and can charge the earphones several times. It’s comfortable to wear and has a excellent sound quality.

Needed something that was at the correct price point for use at the gym. These are not going to compare with the top of range wireless earbuds from bose or bang & olufsen but at a fraction of the cost, you cannot go wrong with these. I currently use the bose qc 32 during travels but they kept falling off my head during workouts. These buds have a nice seal on the ears and have very good passive noise cancelling. When i’m on the treadmill i can’t hear the background noise at even 20% volume. They don’t even attempt to move when i shake my head. Battery life for me was just under 4 hours but that depends on the volume you listen to as i imagine it will be reduced if you listen at 100% full power. Easy to use button on each bud with a rubber texture make it easy to press and grab on to when you want to take them out. Works well with google assistant as you double press it for the assistant to show up. Has pause/play and skip track from the bud itself.

These are the third pair i have had in the last two weeks, the other two were rubbish. These are extremely good quality, the sound reproduction is great, as is the operation. Pairing is so simple, you just switch bluetooth on on your phone and take the buds out of the charging case and that’s it they pair automatically. They seem to charge very quickly, about 30 minutes. Brilliant for a reasonable cost.

  • Simple, smart and affordable!
  • ANBES True Wireless Earbuds Great Batter Life + Sound
  • Sound quality is awesome

ANBES Wireless Earphones, True Wireless Headphones with Deep Bass Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds Built-in Mic, in-Ear Headset Anti-Slip Design Hands-Free Calls …

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Hands-Free Calling

Take and make phones calls, even with your phone in your pocket or bag.

Snug and Secure Fit

Enjoy an actively lifestyle with secure fitting earbuds that provide dependable in-ear stability.

Easy and Fast Pairing

Earbuds are on and pair with each other automatically when you take them out of the charging case. Enable the Bluetooth of your device and choose “ANBES 358” to pair.

Long Battery Life

It’s magnetized, so it keeps them in place while they charge. 12 hours with charging case. When you’re ready to go, your headphones are, too.

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I’ve waited a couple of weeks from purchasing to leave a review on these. Before purchasing my main concerns were the size and general appearance of them for everyday use. I would say production quality is extremely high, and the finish on the earphones is excellent. I particular like the rubber coating, which makes them stay in the ear and makes them very comfortable to wear. I’ve fallen asleep a couple of time whilst wearing them. They do however protrude from the ear, in my case over half a cm. Personally, this makes them unsuitable for wearing on the train to work, and probably in the gym. If you’ve a deeper ear drum then they might not be as noticeable. Sound quality, well i’ve recently also purchased a pair of anker soundbuds + and initially i assumed they were better. Having had time to compare diffing sound sources, i would have to say that these anbes have a fuller sound, with better base.

Had these just over a week now, really pleased with them. I’ve tried a couple of different bluetooth headphones but never really got on with them. These were easy to set up, use them with my iphone. They fit nicely but most importantly, worn them on a couple of 8km runs, never fell out once. Great for the gym, able to leave my phone on the side when using different work stations, signal never drops. The sound quality is fantastic, great deep bass. Going to get another pair for my wife.

Just been out walking the dog and give these their first try and i’m really pleasantly suprised how god the sound quality is. I just had to check them to see if they were working ok before wrapping them up for my brother for christmas. They charge pretty quick and once they are in your ear they are a great fit and no more wires (not even blu tooth wires) and have a neat little charging compartment with a secure lid to keep them safe. The volume and bass are very good which is what i look for in earphones or earpodsi’m confidently my brother will be over the moon to open these when i travel to see him at christmas.

I have got to say that these earphones are bloody good, particularly since they are under £40. Easy to set up, the sound quality is really good with a good range in bass, treble and mid-tones. They are also comfortable to wear, they dontseem to think its necessary to eject them selves from your ear every time there’s a gentle breeze. In short i have earphones from top brands that are not as good all-rounders as these.

Overall small size but nozzle is large (comply 400), but good value for money. Noticed it is also found on amazon as lettscom and siroflo. Volume not the loudest but loud enough. I have the treblab x2 and jabra 65t’s which both have volume control so miss that. Ambient sound could do with an app so you could set the level but works well. Get about 4 hours at mid to low volume, slightly more when used singularly. Left is master but right can be separately paired and the right one also fits in my left ear. Overall much better than the d900p the other really cheap pair i own. Not sure about sound leakage but not getting any strange looks so guess must be quite good.

These are my first wireless earbuds, and i’m liking them a lot. They feel solid, and fit fine in my ears. The case that they come in charges them via micro usb, and has a few status leds to let you know what’s going on. The earbuds have an on/off switch, but they don’t have a volume control, so you still have to use your phone to change volume. Sound quality is fine considering the price; voices come though clearly, but music isn’t as good as other earphones i’ve used. Battery-wise, they play for around 4 hours, so i generally recharge them every night if i’m using them on the commute to work.

I bought these earbuds primarily to use in the gym and for my commutes in public transportation. I am amused by how good they fit my ears – no pressure, no fatigue but at the same time they don’t fall out from the ear. It looks like noise cancelation functionality really works, unlike my other headsets. They have decent sound quality and very good microphone – people on the other end hear me very well. Battery life – i never managed to fully drain it even after 2-hour long workout. Now the best part: i really like the fact that i don’t need to turn it on and off. It turned on once you take it from the charging box and immediately turns off when i put it back. I definitely recommend them.

Purchased these as i needed a good pair of true wireless earphones for working out, i had the (rather expensive) option of going for apple airpods, but decided to do a little research instead and went for these earphones. Right out of the box, these seemed quality, the case was well made and the earphones themselves looked like a lot of work had gone into them being made well. Pairing the earphones was very straight forward, no hiccups there. The sound quality is very clear and crisp, bit muffled up top but overall very satisfied by the sound quality. Battery life hasn’t been an issue as i only workout for about an hour a day, so they’ll be plenty juiced up, long travelling would be an issue as the earphones last approx. 2 – 3 hours so would need to be wary about that. Overall, these earphones are a very good in-expensive option for those that don’t want to fork out £100+ for airpods, and would definitely recommend them.

  • Simple, smart and affordable!
  • ANBES True Wireless Earbuds Great Batter Life + Sound
  • Sound quality is awesome

ANBES Wireless Earphones, True Wireless Headphones with Deep Bass Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds Built-in Mic, in-Ear Headset Anti-Slip Design Hands-Free Calls …

It’s such a shame apple decide to sell theirs for so much, these are just as good. They are a little larger than i expected but feel light in the ear and give a reasonable sound depth. To be honest for the price you cannot go wrong.

Easy to connect to moible phone, fast charging within one hour. Light weight and comforable to wear. It has very stable connection while walking or running. Perfect for travelling or walking my dogs. It reflects the true audio quality. It is my first bluetooth headphone, can’t complain anything with the quality and price. I will recommend to anyone wants a good quality and affordable gadget.

About the best you’ll get for the price. Fast connection, good bass, clear sound. Battery life is around average, however, i read 16 hours playtime and assumed that was for the buds themselves, turns out that’s the life of the portable charging case. Takes around two hours to charge from flat which is better than the 3. 5hour charge time of my last set, the battery life of the buds, however, is shorter than my last pair so kinda evens out.

These headphones are really well designed, with a charging case where you just drop in the earphones and they start charging. The coloured lights make it really easy to see if they’re charging and if the case itself is charging. The earphones pair easily and are of good quality.

This applies to many products of similar design. Generally i like the concept. All in one small box that also charges, auto connect and disconnect and decent sound quality. Take it out of the box and some 5 seconds later it’s connected to my phone and ready to use2. Very good sound quality for voice, and quite good for music. Disconnects automatically when placed in the box4. Stupid functions control: hold for 2 seconds to switch music?.

Very sceptical at first about these headphones as someone i know has a similar pair. However i was willing to give them a go. Ordered and arrived on time and in one piece, very easy and straightforward pairing with my android. Surprisingly good quality sound and bass that matches my wired £100 beats headphones so happy days, until you go to charge them. The charge case is flimsy cheap and a sporadic charge connection at best, i’ve had to keep the thing closed using a rubber band otherwise the headphones don’t charge up. If the case was working as it should would give these more than 5 stars but only a 3 from me. Come on guys sort the case out.

Super happy with these earphones. They come with a case that will charge them while you’re not using them, it’s been more than a week and i haven’t had to charge it again at all. Earphones are very comfortable and secure, just be sure to use the right size of plugs. Sounds quality is pretty good and comfortable to the ear, i’m not getting any shrill frequency like it might happen with other brands.

I bought these for the gym (running, weights) and walking around town. Great presentation in little charging box and the ear phones feel solid and expensive. The sound quality is great and full. The sound is distinctly punchy, with a strong bass and the lyrics are extremely clear. I do not hear much outside noise but this is probably due to the close fitting rather than an active noise cancellation system. No problems in the gym, the earpieces fit snugly into the ear and there are various size that can be fitted. The earphones seem quite sturdy too so i am hoping that they will last me. With this level of quality i would not waste money on spending 3-5x on brand earphones, these are really very good indeed.

Although a little bulky, these earbuds do sit nicely in the ear. Once you have them snuggly in place the sound quality is better than i expected for the price. For such a small device the bass exceeds expectations and the mid and treble are clear and crisp. Good value and i would recommend them for those who do not want to pay big money for the more premium brands.

These were bought for me as a present as i commute to work via train and tube, so wires being everywhere aren’t ideal. These are brilliant at blocking out noises around you. I get the london underground and the noise can be unbearable with the screeching sometimes, with these in i don’t hear any of it. Bass is amazing and loudness is great too, i like my music to be very loud and these meet my desire. Only issue so far after a week of use is the battery, for some reason when i gets to 40%, they turn themselves off, i tried rebooting a few times but they just switched off again. Could be i never charged them completely when i first got them so this could just be myself causing this.

Bought them a week ago and have been using them ever since, the quality is surprisingly good. The headphones can be used one at a time, which is perfect for driving, and the built in mic is also not bad, the quality isn’t perfect but satisfying when used in a conversation. The battery on these is impressive i haven’t yet needed to charge them as the portable charging case is around 500mah large where the headphones only have 60mah each, meaning you can do 3-4 full charges on them before it runs out. Make sure you read the manual because the initial pairing between the phone and earbuds can be frustrating as the earbuds need to pair together first. The only trouble i’ve ever gotten with them was when i wanted to pair them with another phone, the earbuds didn’t want to pair together for some reason but after turning them off and on again it worked out. Final verdict: value for money, good battery life and somewhat easy to use.

Packaging: earbuds come packed in a small nice box – once opened you are presented with the earbuds case (which is also used to charge them) and a smaller box containing the various accessories included. Inside the box you’ll find the following: left and right earbuds, charging case, 1x micro usb cable, 2x small ear tip replacements, 2x large ear tip replacements, 1x carrying pouch, user manual. Sound quality: let’s be honest, they’re not the best earbuds one can find – music tends to sound bottled when putting the volume too high and bass is nearly nonexistent. On the other hand, this is probably the best you can find and get for a price as low as £35 (price set as i am writing this review). It’s a great compromise between cost and the comfort of having wireless bluetooth earbuds. It would be foolish to think that a £35 pair of earbuds would sounds as good as a £100+ product. Functionality: earpieces can be used either singularly or together for stereo sound. Bluetooth connection is fast, simple and straightforward. They charge through metal pins in the charging case (which is itself charged through a micro usb port at the back of the case) and provide substantial listen time. Microphone quality is okayish – usable but not crystal clear. Case closes with a small magnet which is nice. 
verdict: for such a low price, the anbes earbuds are actually good. Ear piece size is quite portable and the case feels solid and compact. Overall experience was more than positive – would suggest to buy them in case you need a ‘backup’/secondary pair of wireless earbuds.

Delivered very quickly in good packaging. Clear instructions on how to charge and use and immediately paired with my ipod as described. Multiple ear buds to ensure a good fit for all. I was worried these may drop out of my ears when running or in the gym doing rigorous exercise but i needn’t have bothered. So light and the sound quality is fantastic especially at this price point. Excellent value for money, highly recommended.

I’m still looking and testing many different wireless earbuds to find that sweet spot of price for sound quality/loudness and this one is up there. Pros:- very good sound quality- easy to connect and setup- the bass and mids are great- no wires getting in the way at all when in use- very stylish and not too big ear buds- nice looking case with useful led indicatorscons:- doesn’t get as loud as i’d like or as loud as some wireless earphones with a cable between them- battery life could be better- more colour options would have been niceoverall a great set if you’re just starting out and don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount for wireless earbuds. For the money it’s a great buy and convenient for gym sessions, running sessions or just chilling sessions.

Only problem i have fond is removing the earphones from the case since they are magnetically held in place and this is no bad thing and likely down to my stubby fingers. A good buy and working well to date.

 so far i am so happy with these ear budsbluetooth connection (stable, fast connection / excellent): connecting the buds to my phone and my laptop was a piece of cake, connection has always been fast and stable. I live in a 2 bed flat, and so far there were no sudden disconnections but a few glitches or lags when i get too far from the laptop. (i think roughly 15m distance or maybe 10m if there are barriers (walls, shelves etc). Sound quality and noise cancelling (excellent): sound quality is really good. I used them on the tube and for a cheap, integrated noise cancelling buds, they work amazingly well. You cannot compare this to a bose noise cancelling (they cost a fortune, obviously bose is better) but for price to quality ratio, i would definitely give it to these buds. Comfort and battery (good): i use the mid-sized rubber earpiece, and they are comfortable even at long uses. I had a slight trouble whilest on the running machine, but i am a sweaty guy so i wouldn’t expect many earphones to be fine while im running. The battery of the buds are good (4-5 hours) but its really useful that the case works like a powerbank and once thats fully charged, i can charge my buds upto 3 times giving me roughly 15 hrs of battery life wherever i am.

I bought the anbes wireless earphones after reading the customer reviews. It may be the specific dispatch?. I can’t say i am satisfied with my purchase. Main problems/ issues=================1) medium battery life. Can be used for 2h continues music play maybe a little more2) hard to pair one earphone (left or right). Because of the battery life i tend to use only one of the earphones. When the battery dies and i try to connect the other one it takes multiple efforts for the left/right to connect. This is the biggest issue [at least in my case. Many times it stops charging or it fails to charge and i have to try again and again until it starts charging. ]

God i really want to give these 5 stars. The sound quality is really good for the price. They’re really comfy in your ears and good when running and at the gym. The battery life is brilliant and the charging box and little travel bag is great but. Damn it the right one keeps cutting out for a splint second and it’s really annoying. The first time i used them in the gym i was blown away by them. Day 2 i used them on my commute to and from work and they were great cutting out background noise like those annoying muppets arguing on the train but only when musics playing. Yesterday on my way into work the right one started cutting out and today it was doing it all through my walk to work 😡. It seems to be fine as long as i’m not walking which seems useless as they are for physical activity. I wish this hadn’t happened as they sound and look amazing but what’s the point if your sound keeps cutting out every 10 seconds. ☹️updateok so as you’ve probably seen anbes customer support got back to me {thanks for that) and as they say the bluetooth can be effected by high powered electrical devices near by or other bluetooth tech which i guess answers the question as to why they’re great on my train ride to work but seem to cut out when i get off at london bridge station. They are perfect in the gym and i haven’t tried running with them outdoors yet but i reckon as long as i stay away from train stations and other places bumping out electrical and bluetooth signal they should be fine.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【Superb Sound Quality】 — HD stereo & deep bass sound, Clear high & low volume makes you don’t want to quit listening when play music. The wireless earbuds equiped with bluetooth 5.0 chips enabled devices up to 33 feet away and stable connection, low latency. There’s no wire will be entangled together, you won’t be bothered by the entangled wire like other non-tws earbuds.
  • 【One Step Pairing】 — The wireless earbuds will automatically turn on and connect to your phone when removed from the charging case, but you need to manual select ANBES 358 on the bluetooth list of your phone when the first connection. Automatically turn off and charge when put back in the case. You don’t even need any skills to use earbuds.
  • 【16 Hours Playtime】– Each earphone has built-in 60mAh rechargeable battery, Up to 4 hours for music play from a single charge (adequate for home/office/sports with little noise interference). The portable designed charging case has a built-in 500mAh large capacity battery, which can support 4 times fully charging for the wireless earbuds. Never worry about running out of power too soon.
  • 【Perfect Fit Your Ears】– The earbuds with silicone stripes case which can prevent falling off when you’re sweating. Also, Extremely light weight and mini in-ear design with 3 pairs of ear tips in differnt sizes, you can choose the size suitable for your ears to ensure more comfortable to wear and improve the experience on sports.
  • 【After Sale Service】– 30 DAYS RETURN GUARANTEE and 1 YEAR WARRANTY, we have confident in our products, but if there’s any problem please write to us directly at the buyer center or support email, or leave a feedback to us. We will provide you the best customer service to make sure you are satisfied. Don’t hesitate to buy our ANBES Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds.