Andrew James 5 in 1 Food Vacuum Sealer Machine | One Touch Operation | 6m Reusable Roll | Ideal – Andrew James Professional Vacuum Sealer

Bought this product as i grow my own vines and wanted to be able to preserve the tender leaves. I tried out the vacuum and seal setting. Place the leaves in the freezer. I then defrosted them a few days later and used them to make stuffed vine leaves(cypriot dish). I didn’t have to blanch them or preserve them before freezing. They defrosted in cold water and were then blanched and used. They were perfect, no damage to the leaves. I am confident that i can pick and keep the leaves all year round. An expensive item, however, i would highly recommend this product.

Great machine and a really good idea for breaking up large packets of meat and the vacuum dealing ready for the freezer. Have had it for just under a year now and still going strong.

Simple to use and just right for freezing things like bacon and chicken is small amounts also stews make nice flat packs which makes good use of freezer space. Don’t vacuum pack home made pizza bases though it squashes them too much.

It does the job but not sure about the instruction manual. It refers to photo’s which don’t exist but the patience of my wife saved the day after i gave up.

Arrived early and is exactly as expected. Looks to be well made and having never had one before i found the instructs easy to follow and well laid out. Have only packed 3 items and it all worked well.

Have had one for about 10 years +. So when it finally gave up years of good service.

Really prompt delivery, very impressed. Used the vacuam sealer immediately and it did its job perfectly so i look forward to its regular use in the future.

Does a fine job of vacuuming and sealing food. It’s difficult to use with liquid foods and soups, unless you first freeze the food and then vacuum seal. Overall a good product and worth the money.

This is the second one of these i’ve purchased, the first was so good i’ve bought this one again for mum. Worth spending for a well made device like this, much more robust than a previous cheaper type from another manufacturer which broke within a few weeks and had to be returned. We use it all the time for keeping food fresh for longer, it came into its own over christmas. Love the built in guillotine for cutting the bag roll into lengths (you seal one end put the food in and vac then seal the other end).

Excellent product, does what it says on the box, can’t fault it.

Great machine for sealing food for the freezer.

Have now had a chance to use this for freezing excess produce and general freezer goods. Had to get the hang of it at first as cutting the right size of plastic to ensure a good seal can at first be a. It’s expensive stuff so one tries to use as much as necessary but a fraction too little means it won’t seal properly. The packaging i bought for this endures no freezer burn and this machine can of course be used to seal other things one wants to keep waterproof.

Great product i use it to vac pac my home made cheeses, and other foods. Great that you can recycle the bags too.

I was recommended to purchase a vacuum sealer by a friend of mine who is a celebrated chef and restaurateur. This item is excellent quality, it does exactly what it needs to do and is easy to use, clean and store. I sealed a large box of various fish fillets i received from cornwall and placed them in the freezer, they take up much less space and will last much longer than in a freezer bag. This is a very impressive tool, every kitchen should have one of these, especially if you want to use a sous vide.

This was bought for a replacement for my old one from a different company. Hopefully this will last longer.

Replacement for same older model. Works a treat and great value formoney. Old one lasted 4 years and was heavily used.

Incredibly quick to ship and deliver, easy to use and works great.

Simple to use, neat, clean and effective. Having read the product reviews prior to purchase it has performed as everyone has stated. A really nice product to have in the kitchen. The supplied sealing rolls are perfect for the job and can be adjusted to any length.

I have bought a number of kitchen items from andrew james, so when i wanted a good quality home food sealer i had no hesitation in buying one from that company. Companies tend to overstate the ability of this type of gadget, believe me this one does exactly what it says on the box.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Didn’t work on arrival. But, I was able to fix it and now it works perfectly.
  • broke (the plastic snapped on the hinge) but I loved it so much I decided to buy the same
  • This Food Vacuum Machine is impressive.

Brought this after using a sealer at work. Easy to use, batch cook things like apples for pies/crumbles into smaller portions, then can just pop the sealed bags into bowl of water to defrost and then use as normal. Buy large packs of meat when on offer and just portion up and freeze.

After reading nearly all the reviews i can say i have had no problems with sealing or the vacuum, fantastic product i use this to bag up vegetables to be used through the week keeps them extra fresh and quick to cook when i get home late from work used to cost me a fortune from m&s for veg pre done so much better option and i know how old the food is, and no more waste all my vegetables get eaten and very convenient, if you have a busy life style i would highly recommend this, i do think the bags are a bit on the pricy side that is the only down side.

I have been very happy with this machine, it works well and has been doing so for some months now. Feels a bit plasticky but works fine so i am happy.

This vaccum food sealer is just what i needed. It is simple to use good sucking power and seal perfectly. The bags can be re-use and allow to save on the roll.

Ideal for a home environment. Doesn’t seal in liquids as professional ones do, but you can freeze product then put in bag and seal. Plenty powerful enough and easy to use.

Having used a jml version until it finally faded i decided on getting something a bit more up market as i do a lot of repacking our bulk purchase’s of meat, fish, & breads. This vacuum food sealer is defiantly value for money and would recommend this against cheaper versions on the market. One option i haven’t seen before on this type of sealer is for canisters. As yet i haven’t bothered to invest in this option but may be in the future.

Very easy to use and comes with complete instructions. My freezer was full of containers until i brought this product as i batch cook and freeze. Also if you have frozen a sauce in a vacuum bag you can then use it from frozen and treat as a boil in the bag. Highly recommend this kitchen ware to anyone.

Not bad product can be a bit fiddly.

A fantastic piece of equipment, have used straight away, as i had a batch of freshly made sausages and they are now in freezer all vacuum packed. Machine very easy to use, and by pressing the required button it carries out the process automatically. Good vacuum, well sealed, would recommend.

We bought this in order save space in our freezer the bags are expensive but being on a roll you only use what you need and they are super strong. The machine is very easy to use you just need to remember to put items such as fresh steak in cling film first our freeze each piece before vacuum sealing to prevent the juice being sucked out. Would highly recommend this product.

Does exactly what i wanted it to do. Cracking bit of kit for the money. All i need do now is find somewhere buy the roll at a good price. I have a meat slicer and a mincer by aj too. All good bits of kit for an amateur.

Haven’t had the chance to use this yet but hope it will greatly improve on the usual food bags available. Delivered in the time and the condition stated.

I’ve had this for a week now and used it quite a few times. I tend to find a fair bit of waste of partial bits and pieces left over, where i either end up cooking up large batches and eating the same thing day after day, freezing loads, or ending up with things going ‘stale’. So i bought this along with the cannisters in order to enable me to seal stuff up and prolong the life a bit. What i wasn’t aware of before purchase is that in can revacuum and seal various plastic packaging once i’ve partially used them. This is very helpful and will mean i’m not using the bags too frequently. The couple of things i don’t like, which is why the 4 stars (it’s touch and go since they’re quite minor):(1) closing the mechanism takes what feels like a lot of force to click into place – i’m sure this is required to get a good seal, but it feels unnatural(2) the pipe for using with the cannisters has to be unplugged when sealing bags then replugged in or cannisters, i suspect this may prove to be a weak point on the connecting pipe, not to mention annoying. On the up side, it has a built in storage for the plastic rolls and better still a handy slide across cutter for them. But really so far i’m really please i purchased this.

My first one broke (the plastic snapped on the hinge) but i loved it so much i decided to buy the same one again. They have definitely improved the design, for instance the lid stays open while i arrange the bag and the hinges are better. I love it, it’s been in constant use for six years and the food in the freezer keeps longer and no freezer burn.

No obvious signs of faulty/damaged gaskets, but doesn’t pull enough of a vacuum after vacuum/seal function is activated for it to actually start sealing. Have tried tens of times including with different bags. I’ll be returning it, but since it wasn’t dispatched via amazon, this looks like it’ll be a hassle. The returns information amazon has for andrew james is incorrect. (technical support/returns department isn’t open when they say it is. )update – i managed to diagnose and repair the fault myself. After leaving my 1 star review, i continued to ponder *why* it wasn’t working correctly. Since the gaskets looked good and properly fitted, i wondered if it might be to do with the canister sealing function.

Purchased a cheaper model that didn’t really work that well. This product does a perfect job for suis vide and solid built.

Vacuum takes a bit longer to totally draw down than i would have hoped but very effective when it gets there. Not had it long enough to know how it prevents freezer burn but from my previous experience that’s my major hope.

After trolling the internet looking for a vacuum/sealer plumbed for this one well worth the money have used it for sealing thick and thin bags and have had very god results however when i use the vacuum i find very strong ( it vacuums very good too good for my product but this is a plus for any one that requires a strong vacuum ) i would recommend spending the money on [. And now they have reduced the price grrrrrrr wish i waited a bit longer go get it its fantastic piece of kit.

Works better than others we have had.

You have to freeze anything wet before attempting to vacum seal it.

Good little machine but bags are exspensive .

It really does what it says on the box. So much easier for freezing food instead of having loads of boxes in your freezer.

Excellent machine, which works pretty much every time and provides a very good seal and vacuum for sous vide cooking. It was the best priced machine i could find. It is slightly fiddly to get the roll in the right place when sealing, and the unit needs to be cleaned every time, if any liquid was present in the bag as it is drawn up and out during the sealing process, but that probably applies to most types of machine.

Does what i need it to do and a good price. It is powerful and extracts moisture out of food that i wasn’t anticipating. As other reviewers have commented it doesn’t seal when there is moisture at the top of the bag, but that is fixed using some kitchen towel inside the bag. Once you have worked out that, then all is fine. Comes with a couple of rolls of vacuum bags and, according to the instructions, you can even wash and re-use the bags.

This is the second vacuum sealer we have purchased as the first one broke after 5 years of constant use. It is the best piece of kitchen equipment we have ever purchased and i think it should be an essential part of everyone’s kitchen. Excellent product and of course excellent service from andrew james.

We had issues with the first unit delivered, as it was damaged. Eventually we got a replacement, but only after we had returned the first unit and they gad received it, so the process took a while. Once we got the replacement unit we were very have happy with it. We use it regularly and it works well.

I’ve had a couple of sealers before this one. This is definitely the best, only had it a couple of weeks, but so far so good.

This machine looks good, but it’s performance is absolutely brilliant. Gone will be the days of ice forming on my allotment produce in the freezer. No more frost burning of meat produce frozen at home. I may even vacuum some ‘paper’ money i have, and bury it in the garden. It will keep my daughters busy when i’m gone.