Andrew James Argentum Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Jug Kettle | Quiet Rapid Boil 3KW 1 : kettle for a week now but I really do like it – it is great filling from the tap

Fast which was just what i wanted.

Very pleased with my new kettle.

Not long had the kettle but so far so good, it’s quite loud when boiling but most are, looks great, much nicer than the photo, good price.

I really love the design which not only boils quickly but is easy to pour unlike so mamy. I also like it that when it has just boiled you cannot open the lid and scold yourself. Also bought at a great price a lovely addition to our kitchen. Andrew james argentum kettle, fast boil, 3000 watts, 1.

Love the product but unfortunately cannot see the water line clearly.

Bought this kettle earlier in the year and love it it’s so well made. This one is a christmas present for my son and daughter in law.

Boils well, good pourer, though fill level a bit hard to read.

  • Good kettle but the water level isn’t clear
  • Good so far but noisy.
  • feels reasonable quality.

Andrew James Argentum Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Silver Jug Kettle | Quiet Rapid Boil 3KW 1.7L Capacity | Flip Top Lid & Swivel Base | Illuminated Power Switch | Boil Dry Protection

Stylish and practical, the Argentum range is great for any home or office. The Andrew James Argentum Kettle has a stylish brushed stainless steel finish that would complement most kitchens, either at home or for an office. The large, 1.7 litre capacity means you’ll have plenty of hot water for any large family or team or work colleagues.

To make pouring comfortable and easy the electric kettle features an ergonomic handle. The kettle itself sits on a base and can turn through 360 degrees so you can always have the handle in the safest and most convenient option for you and your kitchen. Filling the large kettle is also easy thanks to the flip top lid that opens through 90 degrees.

Boil Dry Protection

Prevent damage to the hidden element and the kettle with the boil-dry protection that prevents your Argentum kettle from boiling when there is insufficient water in it.

Reusable Filter

Keep your water fresh and low in impurities with the built-in mesh filter. This removable filter is completely reusable and can be simply rinsed clean.

Fast Boil Electric Jug Kettle

This 1.7 litre kettle has clear water level lines on the outside so you can fill it with the exact amount of water you need. It boils quickly and quietly, even when full.

What’s The Best Way To Descale This Kettle?

To keep your kettle in good working order it is recommended you descale regularly. To do this, add 3 small cups of white wine vinegar to the kettle and top up with water so the kettle is just below the maximum mark. Boil the kettle then pour out the vinegar solution. Refill the kettle with clean water and boil again, repeat with fresh water until the odour of vinegar has disappeared.

What Is Boil Dry Protection?

Boil Dry Protection is a safety feature that prevents the kettle from heating without any water in it. If you try to switch it on without water, boil dry protection will kick in and switch the appliance off. If this happens, allow the kettle to cool fully before filling with water.

Does It Take Long To Boil?

This fast boil kettle won’t keeping you waiting when you want a quick cuppa. It takes just over 2 minutes to boil a litre of water and 3.5 minutes for the full 1.7L.

What Safety Features Does It Have?

As well as the swivel base, power indicator light and flip top lid, this kettle comes with boil dry protection so it will never heat up when empty.

Is This A Quiet Kettle?

This kettle boils at around 62dBA.

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The first kettle we had there was a problem with lid not lifting up when pressing the release button. We returned & the second one has been fine. Nice looking kettle, pours easily, nice blue light when boiling. Only minor criticism is that the water gauge doesn’t show the water if there’s not much in there. ( i only put in what i need to boil). And the metal on the kettle inevitably gets hot. My 3 yr old managed to hurt herself on it. Is a touch noisey but that doesn’t bother me. We liked it enough to re-order after the first one had a fault.

Have had this kettle for almost two years and it has worked well, pours well, and looks smart. Main complaint is that the water level is almost impossible to see, so you end up filling the kettle by feeling its weight rather than by using the gauge. It has started cutting out, then back in, while boiling, so looks like two years is about its life expectancy, which is disappointing but probably par for the course with kitchen appliances these days. I don’t think i will buy this model again because of the water level issue.

This is now the second kettle of this brand, would definitely buy more.

Kettle was just as described and boils very quickly.

Really can’t fault it and seems to manage very hard water much better than our last kettle. If i was being picky it would be great it it turned off as you took it off the stand but that’s such a tiny issue it should not detract from your decision to buy it.

This kettle is generally ok but it’s quite loud and the fill measure is not very clear.

Delivery and packaging were good, the product is. Well its a kettle, boils water. Couldn’t say how long, life is to short but suffice to say if you are boiling a cup once its out of the cupboard and there’s a bag in it, the wife has decided she wants one and you’ve done it again, its boiled. No it doesn’t talk to the fridge or tx me to tell me its out of water, only negative is the cable is shorter than last one. Leave that for the wife to answer.

This andrew james argentum kettle arrived for review in an outer transit box and attractive internal box which is ideal if you are giving it as a gift. 7l fast boil kettle rated at 3000w. In the box you apart from the kettle you get a 360 degree base with flex storage underneath and an instruction book complete with a 2 year warranty and uk support details. The kettle stands 24cm high on its base and has a compact footprint. The immediate look and feel suggests it’s well made and designed. The kettle fits precisely onto the base and is easy to lift on and off – the maximum cable length is 70cm but most people will want it shorter than that and you can coil the excess up in the base. The base is thoughtfully trimmed in the same style of metal that is used for the body of the kettle. The kettle itself features a large, comfortable and well insulated handle and there’s water gauge that runs up the side of it behind the handle although that doesn’t detract from its visibility through a wide angle. There’s a latch for the spring loaded lid which opens wide for filling and inside the spout of the kettle is a removable scale filter.

  • Good kettle but the water level isn’t clear
  • Good so far but noisy.
  • feels reasonable quality.

Andrew James Argentum Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Silver Jug Kettle | Quiet Rapid Boil 3KW 1.7L Capacity | Flip Top Lid & Swivel Base | Illuminated Power Switch | Boil Dry Protection

The supplier kindly sent me a review sample for evaluation, the opinions expressed here are entirely my ownthis is a solid and robustly made kettle that has a capacity of 1. It has been made of brushed stainless steel and has a classic look. It is plain and not fussy but it does have a nice feature that when it lights up the switch lights up to be blue. It has an indicator level and that is situated under the handle. I only fill it to one litre, so as not to waste electricity and it is clear to see how much water you have put in the kettle. It has a small removable filter on the inside that can be rinsed out under the tape to collect any lime-scale that may build up over time. When switched on, it is not very quiet but also not the loudest i have ever heard (and i have had kettles that would wake you from a deep sleep :-)) this is an average sound. It switches off automatically when it has boiled. It did seem faster than my other one so that is a good thing too.

Love the kettle but have one minor reservation in that it is not (at a glance) easy to see what the water level is, the plastic panel needs to be clearer and with darker numbering perhaps.

A bit heavy but i don’t mind that. Con – very noisy when boiling.

Would not buy this kettle again just too noisy can be heard throughout my flat, cannot see the water level marker due to its position behind the handle also it is not clear enough. The kettle has a nice finish to it but overall not happy with purchase.

This is an excellent kettle. It was delivered in good time, it was well packaged and am delighted with it. I have bought numerous andrew james products and have not been disappointed with the quality yet.

A good quality product in stainless steel so no water taints that can come with plastic. The element is not exposed as with some kettles.

Noisy and need to pour a lot of water. Need to boil too much water just for 1 cup of tea.

We have a number of aj products in the kitchen including a cafetière and teapot. Not much of a family resemblance but all well made. This kettle is really quite noisy and boils for some before the cut off activates. But if you are happy with that, then it is smart and sturdy.

I judge this kettle as fair as very loud and very hard to see water level.

Really pleased with this kettle. Very stylish and well made and is a pleasure to use.

Gave this to my mum whose kettle was on the blink. She says it “does the job” and brings water to the boil in a reasonable time.

Good value, good design with easy pour. However its very load/noisy when boiling and stiff to fit back on power plate.

Great value product, perfect function, work just as good as it should be.

Boils water in a reasonable time but is noisy. There are quieter kettles but you will pay allot more. The real issue is how reliable it will be, that i cannot comment on yet.

Very pleased , looks good , boils fast ,.

Only had this kettle for a week now but i really do like it – it is great filling from the tap.

We like tea in our house the kettle is boiled often, very happy to say this kettle likes to be boiled, fast although a little noisy nowhere near as noisy as our old one, solid and sturdy and it looks good in the kitchen, great price for a very good kettle.

Its so smart and i feel excellent value for the price.

Features and Spesification

  • FAST BOIL CORDLESS ELECTRIC KETTLE — The Andrew James Argentum Kettle in brushed stainless steel with a blue LED illuminated power switch, uses its 3000w power to quickly boil the large 1.7 litre capacity.
  • SWIVEL BASE AND CORDLESS JUG — The 360 degree swivel base lets you fit this kettle into any kitchen setting. The ergonomic handle can be turned inward to prevent accidental knocks during boiling.
  • REMOVABLE FILTER & FLIP TOP LID — Filling your large kettle is easy thanks to the flip top lid that opens through 90 degrees. Keep your boiled water fresh with the removable, reusable, easy-clean plastic filter.
  • BOIL-DRY PROTECTION — It’s easy to see how much water is in your kettle with the clear level marks on down the outside. The boil-dry protection prevents it boiling if there is insufficient water present.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY — Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Argentum Kettle is also covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.