Andrew James Espresso Machine Barista Coffee Machine : Bye bye pods, hello ground coffee & homemade chai lattes

It was a present for someone and i’ve had no complaints.

Our previous andrew james machine was superb. This newer replacement is of much poorer quality, although less expensive. We were annoyed to discover that the unit is £10 less on the andrew james site . On arrival we couldn’t get the water flow to work but this eventually remedied itself. As reported elsewhere the coffee produced is ok but seems to be weaker & the cup heater barely functions. To be fair though, you get what you pay for and the coffee is ok.

Very easy to use and makes a great flat white. My only problem is with the steam. There isn’t enough for making a lot of froth. And always use the best quality coffee you can get and make sure it’s finely ground and suitable for espresso machine and you will get the perfect coffee every time.

Received in quite amazing time as a replacement for an older (much-loved) model from aj which finally gave up the ghost. It doesn’t match the aesthetics of its predecessor but the beauty may come from within as the coffee produced is something. *update – after months of constant use i’m still very pleased, noting some enduring niggles though; like the lack of little red pop-up drip tray warning nub that was on on the old machine. This version drips quite a lot. Having said that, the (smaller) black plastic removable tray itself is much easier to clean without all the nooks and crannies of the previous model. I was just fooling myself regarding the frother though – i gave up a while ago.

Great coffee machine at a very reasonable price. I find the milk frother just fine – noted reviews wyeni was purchasing saying they had to do it 3x, once does it for even latte amounts of milk. We got this to switch from our pod machine. Much better than sending all those pods to landfill (dolce gusto) and you know exactly what’s going in your drink, no hidden sugars. Only complaint from husband is it’s a little messy [compared to the pod machine. ]

I love cappuccinos & cafe lattes; but i’m always in a hurry and want a nice, simple machine that produces good quality coffee in a short time. I don’t want to spend hours learning to use it & i don’t want to spend an arm & a leg on the cost of the machine. I’m relieved that the instructions were easy & i’m enjoying good quality coffee once again.If you’re a barrista , feel free to spend over £250 on a fancy machine; but if, like me, you’re a busy mum with no time, this is perfect.

Very good machine the only problem it leaks when you turn it of, but its ok i like it. Makes a lovely cup of coffee.

Great value coffee machine, very easy to use. I like how there is a milk frother on this so i can make my latte’s, perfect to make a cup of coffee. Only issue is i dont think you would be able to make more than 2 cups of coffee due to the coffee holder being such a small volume, but its ideal if you are only making for yourself or one other.

  • you get what you pay for
  • Great for the price, couple of small issues
  • Good cheap espresso machine

Andrew James Espresso Machine Barista Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Pump and Milk Frother | Ideal for Home Kitchen | Reusable Stainless Steel Filter | Removable 1.4L Water Tank | Cup Warmer | 850W

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I’ve had this since the 12th december. I’ll be honest here, this machine was to replace a virtually dead morphy richards accents espresso machine which, given how little i descaled it, survived pretty well and for it’s price made a pretty good espresso. This year i’ll be moving from a definitely hard water area to a relatively soft water area so i wasn’t going to splash out on the machine i really wanted, which is the sage duo temp. So buying this is a stop-gap until i’m somewhere that won’t ruin an espresso machine in short order. With that out of the way, i must say that i’m reasonably impressed with the andrew james barista. For the price, the taste is great and the crema it produces is excellent. I’m not a ‘coffee tosser’ so i don’t grind my own beans and use pre-ground coffee. I tend to use illy espresso grind (the stuff that comes in tins; pro-tip, when you peel off the lid with the tab, do it slooooowly) but i have put other espresso grind coffees through it and they all produce pretty much the same level of quality coffee. The only major flaw is it shakes when making, boy does it shake. I have to hold my little espresso cup in position or it shuffles out of position and the drip tray gets my coffee.

Its a ok coffee maker for the price steam frofher a bit low difficult to get a decent size jug under it.

First coffee machine we have had like this, easy to use and just a nice size as only my husband drinks coffee.

I had the previous model as well, but this model is even better. Very easy to use, it always turns out a consistently good coffee the espresso always has a good head. I would recommend it to anyone.

I like this machine it makes a nice espresso. I do not drink lots of coffee only a cup or two a day and the rest is tea which is why i did not want to spend a lot of money. But being in hospitality as a restaurant manager in hotels, and managed coffee shops and tea houses i appreciate a well made beverage when i get one. This machine is compact and great for home use if you know how to make barista coffee, for the untrained i can see how it may cause some problems. The steam wand loses pressure before the milk is heated enough so i have to turn it off and wait a minute to go again and i do not think it is powerful enough to get the required milk standard you get with commercial coffee machines. I find it tricky to get the whirlpool effect you need when you steam milk to stretch the fat proteins in the milk to make that velvety milky coffee drink we enjoy so much. What i get from this machine is milk that i have to heat up for one cup in 3 shorts bursts to correct temp and hot milk with big bubbles instead of microfoam. I do however still enjoy my coffee. What would improve this machine would be a stronger steam wand, a 15 second pour for an espresso instead of counting in my head an looking to see when the quality coffee has been extracted and perhaps a line marker on where the porta filter meets the porta holder cup so that users can see which angle to insert and twist but that would be me being particular. Perhaps an inbuilt water filter system.

For the price it’s a great little coffee machine. I’m not an expert, but i use this everyday and it makes great coffee. Steam wand isn’t great, but i’m only interested in the coffee so it’s fine for me. The on off switch doesn’t work, but i just switch it off at the plug. It doesn’t bother me enough to send it back.

Much the same as my old one-charles jacobs i think. I would prefer it to make a stronger cup of espresso though.

For the price this is a wonderful machine – except – their old version used to froth milk perfectly and this latest version doesn’t, or at least i have not yet managed to master it. Rather than froth, the milk just boils which is very annoying. However, for expresso, americano and flat white it works just fine and at 1/5 the price of an earlier g***** i owned, it more than provides value for money.

  • you get what you pay for
  • Great for the price, couple of small issues
  • Good cheap espresso machine

Andrew James Espresso Machine Barista Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Pump and Milk Frother | Ideal for Home Kitchen | Reusable Stainless Steel Filter | Removable 1.4L Water Tank | Cup Warmer | 850W

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