Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine : Great machine

Unfortunately it has arrived with clear signs that it has been used before. I am now running water into it to clean it. Strong smell of plastic and lid does not close properly. But insofar as the coffee afterwards is good i am ready to put up with the other things.

This is my second andrew james filter coffeemaker. My first one gave premium service and lasted three years without a single problem, would still be working now except that i dropped it on a concrete floor while cleaning it. The coffeemaker is easy to setup and use and produces good hot coffee quickly with a single button-push. The heatpad keeps the coffee hot for 25 minutes and the machine is elegantly designed. This machine radiates style and robust efficiency.

So good we bought a 2nd one for the motorhome. 1st one going great still 12 maths on. Look far more expensive, customer service is great when we did contact for new filter.

However bigger than what i expected.

Cheaper to buy a new machine than a carafe.

This is my first filter coffee machine so i don’t have much to compare to but this is so easy to set up and use, the timer is so convenient that i’ve stopped using my tassimo and only use this.

Bought as a replacement for an older model after breaking the glass jug. This one works just as well so very pleased with purchase.

  • The best kitchen gadget ever!!

  • Ideal and faultless after a month of daily use

  • Best value coffee filter machine on Amazon!

Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine with Timer | Programmable Coffee Maker Digital LCD Display & Reusable Filter | Delay Start Time & Keep Warm Function | 1.8L Carafe & Warming Plate | 1100W

The high-grade 1.8L glass carafe of the Andrew James Coffee Maker holds enough to make up to 15 cups of hot, delicious coffee which is sure to make your early mornings much easier. Making coffee is very easy to do with this machine – simply lift up the lid and pour cold water into the water tank, and place the coffee jug on the hot plate directly under the filter holder hole. Place your coffee into the mesh filter and then place into the filter holder, before switching the ‘ON’ button.

Once the machine has finished, your coffee will be kept warm if you keep the machine switched on and the pot is kept on the heating plate. The easy-to-use flip-up lid helps to minimise splashes and spills as well as making it really easy for you to refill, and the carafe itself has a handle to make it easier for you to pour.

You also receive a measuring spoon to help you add the right amount of coffee every time.

filter coffee maker andrew james

filter coffee machine andrew james

filter coffee maker machine

Plenty of Coffee to Go Round

Holding up to 1.8 litres of water, your Andrew James Coffee Machine makes enough hot, freshly brewed coffee for the whole family. There are also easy-read markers on the side of the glass to indicate volume.

Start Timer & Keep-Warm Function

Making coffee is simple with the easy-to-use control panel and digital LCD display of this stylish machine. Set your machine to start making coffee when you want it with the delay timer function.

Reusable Mesh Filter

Save money on filter papers as well as reducing waste thanks to the reusable plastic mesh filter included with this coffee maker.


What Features are Included?

You can set your machine to start making coffee whenever you want it by using the delay timer of up to 2 hours. If you’re slightly delayed, the warming plate will keep the carafe warm for up to 30 minutes so you can go back for a top-up without it going cold. Also, the anti-drip design prevents the coffee from being dispensed if the carafe isn’t present.

How Do I Clean My Coffee Machine?

Simply wipe the main body of the coffee maker with a wet cloth only, making sure that the coffee pot has cooled down completely before cleaning. Removable parts, including the coffee pot, filter holder, and the mesh filter, should always be hand washed in warm water with a neutral detergent. The filter holder can be removed by lifting the handle up.

Should I Descale My Machine?

It is recommended that you descale your machine to keep it in top condition. We recommend that you descale your Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine every 30 days for the best results.

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This is a great machine and super good value for money.

Bought for my sons birthday present. The things he likes best are the timer function, he sets it so that it is ready when he gets up, and the large jug for if he is entertaining.

I bought this to replace another andrew james coffee maker i had owned for a couple if years and was very pleased with until it gave up the ghost. The old one was a model with integral coffee grinder which, in practice, i found i didn’t use all that much. Hence my decision to buy a simpler model. While the new one is ok, it does the job adequately at a good price, it was disappointing to discover that neither the coffee grounds filter nor the glass jug from the old machine are compatible with this one and cannot be used as spares.

This is fantastic value and looks great too. There are coffee filter machines on here that cost the same or more, that hold less and have less functionality. This should be a no-brainer for prospective buyers.

It’s great, worth the price.

Great product, wonderful value for money.

Timer function is great, unit looks nice, however the jug leaks no matter how slowly or what angle i pour at, and the reservoir opening to fill with water is far too narrow and i normally end up spilling water everywhere. For £20 though i’m not complaining too much, i’ve had one that was twice the price and the jug leaked when you poured it too.

Ignore the ‘worse that a motorway services teapot pouring all over the worktop’, i’ve used mine for a month and spilled nothing. It has the essential function of turning off the heat before the flavour gets cooked. Warming coffee up is why i have a microwave. This is as close to a perfect coffee filter machine as i’ve used, i’m delighted with it. Oh, and the clock has always shown the right time as you’d expect, maybe the ‘rendered useless by the clock that runs way fast’ chap just gets power cuts.

  • The best kitchen gadget ever!!

  • Ideal and faultless after a month of daily use

  • Best value coffee filter machine on Amazon!

Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine with Timer | Programmable Coffee Maker Digital LCD Display & Reusable Filter | Delay Start Time & Keep Warm Function | 1.8L Carafe & Warming Plate | 1100W

Cheap machine, makes good hot coffee. But the timer function is rendered useless by the clock, that runs way fast. Set timer for 7 am, get coffee at 4am.Not worth returning as does make a nice cup. Will not buy another for sure.

Ease of use, great capacity which makes all the difference when we have visitors. Brews quickly without compromising on flavour.

This is a decent coffee machine for under £20. Large enough for 4-6 cups of coffee and keeps coffee warm enough so that you can have that precious second cup.

As always another great product from andrew james.

Visually pleasing; large jug. Most importantly, makes good coffee.

Easy to use and does the job well ,,only negatives were the filters a bit delicate but would definately recommend.

Great value item, easy to use.

Nice size and easy to use unfortunately the timer isn’t on long enough so i have to microwave a cup of coffee which is a pain.

Brilliant,easy to set up,timer easy to use.

This is a really good coffee machine. Well built, totally reliable. We are coffee snobs, and this machine is wonderful value. We now have three of these in different locations.

We bought this machine to replace an identical one that had done a few years service. The machine was fine but we’d broken the glass jug and couldn’t find a replacement jug online. Very pleased with the new machine it’s simple and easy to use (just what we like) and makes excellent coffee. Very good value at the price.

I’ve never had a andrew james product before but my other coffee machine broke, i saw this and thought id try as a great price. I love this product works amazing and holds more cups then other makes.

This looks the part and makes fair coffee but timer is pointless as it can only be set for 2 hrs ahead and coffee can only be kept hot for 20 min, you get what you pay for.

Great machine i’ve had it for a few months now and have to say its easy to use and great if you have guests because of the size of the jug. Had problems with the first one i ordered but the company replaced this easily and quickly.

Lovely modern shape and finishing, simple instructions, every day usage.

This is a great machine, simple to use and a large capacity. However the large capacity is wasted because the heating plate turns off roughly 30 minuets after the machine has finished brewing. Great for coffee if you want it when you make it but cold when you come back for another brew.

This is one of the best gadgets we own. As grown ups with two children coffee is an essential to help combat the constant state of tiredness until the kids move out and we retire and can have naps again. The timer function is an added bonus with this as we can set it to have fresh brewed coffee first thing in the morning, this makes the morning so much more bearable knowing there is a fresh pot of the stuff waiting for us when we are forced to go down and endure blaze for the 100th time. We tend to go for the strong happy belly ground coffee that works a treat in this and gives us the kick to function like humans. I would say the only draw back is that the hot plate doesn’t stay hot for very long but doesn’t often need to and that it eventually runs out of coffee.

It was almost 5 stars it does everything it says on the box the only thing is the timer screen isn’t lit until you put the timer on so it’s difficult to see the clock.

Features and Spesification

  • BEAUTIFULLY STYLISH FILTER COFFEE MAKER — With a beautiful stainless steel finish, the Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine complements any kitchen style.
  • LARGE POT FOR LOTS OF COFFEE — The glass carafe holds up to 1.8 litres of water, which is enough to make up to 15 cups of hot, freshly brewed coffee. Perfect for early mornings.
  • KEEPS WARM FOR UP TO 30 MINUTES — The handy warming plate keeps the carafe warm for up to 30 minutes so you can still grab a hot coffee if you’re held up. There is also a delay timer of up to 2 hours for your convenience with this coffee machine.
  • BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT — With a plastic mesh filter included, this is reusable and easy to lift out for emptying and cleaning. The filter ensures you get a smooth brew from your filter coffee or ground coffee beans.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Filter Coffee Maker is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.