Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Machine | Makes Delicious Soft Ice Cream | Detachable Mixing Paddle | 1 – great purchase

Don’t put more than 750 ml of liquid in one go. Freeze the bowl for more than 8 hours for it to work. When you work out how to use it the ice cream is fab. I used recipe from the internet. Double cream sugar and flavouring.

Fab piece of kit brought as a birthday present as i have asthma and skin problems and can’t have cows milk and i miss ice cream.

Very easy to use – easy to clean – good variety of recipes in the handbook.

I have tried it only once as the bowls need to be frozen at least 8 hours before using. They take up a massive amount of room in the freezer. With the summer now approaching i am looking forward to using it more regularly.

Have not used it much but seems fine at the moment.

I ordered this on a whim but im so glad i did. It arrived promptly and well packaged. The book that came with this gave us good ideas and recipes witch we have made several of.

Having had 2 previous ice-cream makers in the last 15 years i decided to change to a different make. I am delighted with this one and will find the additional bowl very useful. It is easy to use and i recommend it to ‘veteran’ makers of ice-cream like myself and new users as well.

I’m a big fan of andrew james and have many of there products, they never let you down. Its very easy to use and clean and comes with a recipe booklet, who knew ice cream would be so easy to make. I bought the option with the 2nd bowl which comes in very handy and works out very economical.

I’m a newcomer to the world of ice cream makers. So probably need more practice. I’ve had two attempts so far and haven’t been particularly pleased with the results. The ice cream didn’t thicken as i’d hoped, though the texture and taste were fine. The paddle looks rather flimsy, but as i’ve only used it twice i can’t tell how it will stand up to regular use. The bowls are strong and heavy. Storing them in the freezer made me think they’d take up too much room, until i realised i could store frozen items inside them. The hand book is markedly unhelpful – recipes fail to include ingredients which are then mentioned in the method, and the direction for use were not clear – it had a cheaply photocopied air about it. Maybe i’ll update my review when i’ve given this a fairer trial.

Does the job just as described. A little noisy but well built.

The main problem was the bowl was too big for my up right freezer compartments. I had to take a tray out and it then just fitted within one of the freezing areas. I followed the instructions/recipe as i had never made ice cream before. I obviously put too much in the ice maker bowl at one time as it oused over the top. So i had no choice but to stop the process and the ice cream had too many ice crystals in it. There was also a lot of wastage as the fluid sticks to the side of the bowl when you pour it in even though you have the paddle moving. I will try one more time at some point in the future and if i am still not successful – there will be another gadget going to the recycling centre.

This is the best item i have bought for the kitchen in years. The ivce cream is fantastic and it is easy to use and clean.

Yes it does the job, although once the beater is taken out its very difficult to replace it to carry on churning if needed, but on the whole i’m very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend the purchasing of a second freezer unit.

I decided on this ice cream maker after reading some very good reviews about it but could not really pay £90. The spare bowl is also really useful. I have put my spare away but would certainly use it if i needed to make a few batches. However, one day i made some sorbet, cleaned out the bowl, put it back in the freezer for 45 minutes and then made ice cream. The bowl had frozen really quickly and made the ice cream easily. You can really experiment using the recipe book as a starting point. The only thing i seemed to struggle with, but then i am quite clumsy, is pouring the mixture into the chute of the lid.

Love my new ice cream maker. Good quality product and value for money. Did a good bit of research before buying this and very happy with it. It’s really easy to clean and comes with a 2nd tub to cool in the freezer for when you need it.

Only made the vanilla ice cream following the recipe in the accompanying leaflet so far, but everything went as described. The machine was easy to set up & use, the resulting ice cream was excellent so going to get a bit more adventurous next time. Only minor criticism is that some of the ingredients can get splashed up into the narrow gap between the spout and the motor unit which was a bit difficult to get at when cleaning the lid, might put that in the dishwasher next time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Exceptional
  • I am in 2 minds about this product
  • Practice probably makes perfect