Andrew James Meat Mincer Grinder Sausage Maker Stuffer | 3 Grinding Blades 3 Sausage Nozzles & Kibbe Attachment | 2 Speed & Reverse Function | 700w | – Great Machine

We upgraded to this mincer from a hand version and we love it. It’s easy to put together – and importantly, easy to clean. It minces well and the sausage making attachment is excellent. First thing we did with it was mince a joint of beef for sausages and we’re very impressed.

Living and working in korea. . This machine is a god send for sunday morning brunch. Nust need to find a recipe for hp sauce.

I bought this for making raw minces for my ferrets. I’ve just done 3 pigeons with ease. I bought this because i needed something that would cope with bones and i wasn’t disappointed.

Just used for the first time to mince venison. Can deal with decent chunks of meat. Only criticism is the noise. Would not want to use for more than five minutes at a time.

I bought this to mince up my dogs raw meat. It minces things great although it does struggle a bit with fresh green tripe as it’s very fatty. I have however used the other attachments for home cooking. Overall excellent and great value for money.

I could not rate this machine high enough. I bought it to mince chicken wings for my dog as it had been recommended to me by many other doggie people that are now feeding their dogs on a raw diet. This makes very short work of 10kg of chicken wings [bones and all. Very easy to clean and very easy to use. You will never regret buying this. ]

Sturdy mincer, will cope with chicken bones if mincing raw meat for dogs. I have not tried rabbit but would easily cope with a baby rabbit. Not too bad to clean comes apart easily. I would recommend a blitz at mincing and then a big freeze rather than using it regularly.

I’ve had it for 2 years now and nothing has failed. Very hard wearing, only reason i don’t give it 5 stars is because putting the casing to make the sausages is very fiddling and tiresome, so much that i hardly ever use it for that. Other than that it’s a great machine for domestic use.

What a great machine , easy to use and clean. Well built with a big tough motor. Been looking for a mincer/ grinder for a while , this ticked all the boxes. Mainly use it for prapering the dogs raw diet which use to take 3 or 4 hours , now it only takes 1 hour. The only downside is that the motor is noisy and the body is made of plastic which looks a bit flimsy but does not affect the performance of this machine in any way, so thank you mr andrew james for a great product.

It really does crush the small bones used for raw cat food and not too noisy.

Bought to mince up chickens for cat food. I use a cleaver on the carcass first to break up the larger bones and although it specifically says not to grind bones it does a very good job. Medium grinder for the carcass and large for the breast meat and lambs heart. Four chickens done in fifteen minutes, with breaks to chop more pieces. So far it’s been used three times with no problems. It would be nice if the moving parts could go in the dishwasher, however it’s not the end of the world. I also wrap the grinding plates in kitchen paper with a little cooking oil, then cling film them to stop any problems with rust.

I have used this a couple of times and it is easy to use and quite powerful for what i need (sausages). The blades are sharp and have no problem powering through meat. Easy to clean but remember to not put this in the dishwasher as it is made of aluminium. Would love to see a slightly heavier duty one in stainless steel without any attachmends purely for mincing. 5l stainless steel sausage stuffer i haven’t used any of the attachments.

A james electric meat mincer/sausage maker is a must have appliance, excellent price, easy to use, easy to clean and does the job it was made for.

I love this, had many hours of fun mincing and making sausages, andrew james, can’t go wrong with their products.

A very powerful mincer which is easy to put together. Easy to store especially with plug compartment. Normally we use it on half speed as that is enough. Best mincer we have ever had.

Bought on a recommendation and it seems really good so far. Ive been mincing rabbit and deer through it with no issues. Just make sure meat is really well chilled/frozen first and it produces perfect mince every time.

It is strong; i use it a couple of times every week for about 40 minutes each time and it has never failed to work. The discs and blade don’t appear to be stainless steel though.

Excellent product excellent service.

A excellent little unit runs quiet,y and does a great job i would recommend this to anyone that wants a good mincer for low price ten out of ten also andrew james are a very good company with great customer service that i would not hesitate to reccomend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So good I bought a second one!
  • I use a cleaver on the carcass first to break up the larger bones and although it specifically says not to grind bones it does a
  • cat food

Great grinder, very strong, can easily manage chicken bones for pets, very happy with a delivery and the grinder power, thanks.

I love sausages and burgers but i’m on a low carb diet so cant buy them from the supermarket because of the rusk, fillers and other crap they add. So i decided to buy a mincer and make my own. After some research i found the andrew james mincer which is one of the most powerful on the market and has a good customer rating so decided to purchase. I must say that i’m pleased with my purchase. So far i’ve made lamb, turkey, pork and beef mince and a whole range of different sausages. The mincer is simple to assemble and use and easy to clean once you’ve finished. The motor is fairly noisy but it is grinding meat so what can you expect?. It’s certainly not much noisier than a vacuum cleaner so some of the other reviewers must have very sensitive ears. I did once put the cutting blade in backwards causing the machine to mush the meat rather than mince, i’d imagine that is what has happened to other reviewers that have complained about the machine mushing up meat rather than mincingthe sausage attachments work just fine and once you work out a good recipe you’ll never want to buy sausages againthe mincer works better when your meat/fat is diced up and chilled, but i’ve not had any real problems at room temperature. There’s a handy compartment to store the mincing heads (of which there are three contrary to other reviews) and one to store the power cable at the back.

We’ve worked this mincer hard over the last year and although fairly noisy (my other half wears ear defenders when using) it minces very well. We’ve made burgers and sausages with venison, mutton and beef. We did have a casting crack in the original blade which the company replaced without any trouble.

We recently started making cat food because one of cats gets sick if she eats anything that isn’t meat. We did a lot of research before purchase and were anxious this andrew james premium electric meat mincer would not be up to the task of grinding (mostly) raw chicken thighs. Folks, if you want to grind raw chicken bones with this machine there is absolutely no problem. So good i bought another one for the country house. It is also pretty big, so you’ll need space to store it.

Great product , fast delivery. Use regularly and recommend.

Probably i am writing this post too soon. So far, i have made two batches of sausages and two batches of pet food. The sausage gets too much air though. Probably i am doing something wrong. It does not grind bone, i didn’t try with hard chicken bones, but it does grind the chicken rib cage and soft spinal chord. In the meantime, i have learned that you actually should not mince bone for pets, in my case, cats. I asked my bucher to debone the leg pieces and chop all in small bits. My cats love to chew on small raw bones and i heard it is good for their teeth. There are lots of expensive machines there and i have done lots of research and finally give this inexpensive machine a try.

Bought as had good reviews for making pet food. We have not been disappointed. Only used the coarse setting as that’s what my cats like and it has no problems with whole chickens. I havn’t tried putting the big leg bones in as i save them for my dog. Ground up frozen heart and liver no problem (i forgot to defrost). It is noisy but i didn’t expect it to be any different. What usually took me 2 hours to make now takes 30 minutes.

This works well but i have 2 reservations. Firstly the plastic housing is very flimsy. Secondly after just a little use you get that engine overheating smell like it could burn out. However compared to my manual grinder i would never go back. If it packs in i will go for something more heavy duty.

This is one terrific addition to the kitchen. It minces really well and although a little noisy, that powerful motor just goes through meat like a hot knife through butter. It’s very easy to clean (hot soapy water. Not dishwasher) and reassemble. The sausage maker is just brilliant and we made some really delicious rabbit and pork breakfast sausages. It seems a very robust piece of kit and i would highly recommend anyone thinking of buying a mincer to seriously consider this one. Try minced venision when making chilli con carni or spag-bol. Yummy just felt i needed to edit this after some more use. Robust, well built and great for grinding down pork shoulder for sausages and sausage rolls.

I raw feed my dogs,this is the perfect tool for my homemade puppy meals, it grinds through bone so it’s easier for them to eat whilst they are teething ect ,great stress reliever too,. . The only con it has is ,its so loud, even the neighbours need ear defenders. One day i’ll grind my own burger meat instead of buying mince to shape,but for now it’s my dog food machine and it works a treat.

Great machine, very strong and power, don’t put the parts in the dishwasher.

Fantastic i raw feed three great danes and this minces chicken wings, drums, and necks with ease.

I have had cheaper mincers that have burnt out. This is a serious machine and worth every penny. Even though the main body is plastic all the mechanisms etc. Quick delivery ahead of schedule.

Very smart in appearance ~ easy to use, everything stored away compactly.

I mince chicken portions and drumsticks with bone in for my raw dog food. So far i’ve done two batches of about 5kg without any effort. If you feed raw go to lidl and buy your chicken and get this mincer. Far cheaper than buying from raw dog food suppliers and you know you’re getting good chicken that’s suitable for human consumption.

Good strong reliable mincing machine. Fantastic no matter what you use meat or vegetables.

I use this once a fortnight to grind a whole chicken for my cats. I haven’t had any problems after several months of use. Don’t put the parts through the dishwasher though like i did and had to order new. It takes off the chrome fimish and leaves a dull grey.

Very good mincer and can do bones of rabbit, chicken, pheasant etc but give a little help by crushing them with back of my chopper. But this can cope and have got a spare blade for it. Good service has well got in time scale given. Cleans very easy in soap water and would recommend to anyone.

A good quality bit of equipment but unfortunately the top of the machine was dented by the metal grinding attachment when it was packed. Too much expense to return from france so we just made undented sausage with it.

Used for making venison burgers. Very powerful, easy to clean.

Had this for a few months now, it’s great i buy mince for my cats from landywoods and remince it so the bone pieces are smaller for the babies, it can handle a lot, very pleased with it.

Just brought this and made about 12 sausages with and six chicken burgers so far and the results were better than expected i was even accused of buying the sausages from the local butchers. This is not for grinding bones as per the instructions say so no good for making pet foods involving grinding bones it recommends to not leave on longer than ten minutes i put the metal parts in freezer first and made sure meat was cold.

Very good quality, easy to clean and store. Highly recommend for homemade sausages.

Excellent item very good for the price.

After 15+- use i have found that the threads for the front holding the minceing plate were not robust enough and would pop out under pressure.