Anker Sound Buds Digital IE10 Iphone 7 7 Plus Headphones : Good value product.

Bought these as a pair of headphones to use on the way to uni and accidentally bought the best pair of in-ear headphones i have ever owned. I am seriously, seriously astounded. They feel great and the sound quality is a++++.

So far i can’t rate on sound quality as i have not used them longer than a test drive. But i was very impressed to receive such quality headphones for only 20gbp. They came with a lot of replacement earbuds, a little case to carry and store them, they have a clip, the remote has volume features; thing that seems to be not a trend these days, and the reason for me to have a remote in the first place. I absolutely love them, they look good and work with iphone 7 which again, that seems to be an odd thing. If i had to fault them i’d say they look bulky in my ears, but thats because i’ve specially small ears, perhaps make a ‘girlier’ version in the future. Overall, really good purchase.

Much better than i expected. They come in a premium box so look far more expensive than the £20 so a potential great gift.

Good quality packing, great looking product and the wire feels very sturdy. They come with plenty of attachments for your ears and fit my ears perfectly. Great sound quality and they block out all external noise. The three sound settings are good especially if you listen to audio books.

I can’t believe the quality for the price. Fancy box with a storage case and variety of different sized ear buds, earphones are great in themselves and bass is nice. Fit snuggly and comfortably. Love anker, amazing product for the price tag. Will update if/when they start to break.

Good sound, and good value for money.

Particularly like the mouldable earbuds which help to provide a form of noise reduction.

For the price of £20, this is a good product. But the sound quality is very poor. Worse than the the earpods that come with the iphone. Very tinny noise, and hardly any bass. If this product cost more than £20, i would probably return it.

  • Nice sounding earbuds but they don’t live up on Hi-Res for the current price point
  • Best lightning headphones I have purchased.
  • Fantastic product, fantastic service!

Anker Sound Buds Digital IE10 Iphone 7 7 Plus Headphones for all Lightning devices – MFI Certified – In-Ear Headphones for iPad and iPhone

Sound Buds Digital IE10 High resolution Lightning earbuds with EQ technology By well-respected manufacturers Anker, 20 million + Happy Customers  – The Industry Leading Technology Tailored sound Seamless transition between three EQ modes (balance, clear voice, super bass. The built-in remote control and microphone allow intuitive control – Activate your Siri, answer calls and more all at the touch of a button. Acoustic Superiorität Lightning connection and industrial leading DAC processor bars 24-bit 48 kHz Crystal Clear Digital Sound Available in high resolution. The ergonomic design insulated environmental noises, so you can fully enjoy your music. For iOS Official MFI Certified, the sound buds are ideal for your iPhone 7 and all devices with a Lightning connection. No adapters, no batteries or recharging. Say good-bye to plug connection final. Durable design Whether you’re in the gym, sweating or in the rain, thanks to IPX5 waterproof sound buds are active lifestyle. In test it stands the reinforced cable 10000 + bends. Aluminium coating and transport case let your headphones looking new for longer. Very comfortable to wear With adjustable ear pieces and hook, sound buds are extremely comfortable and sitzen perfekt. Our Guarantee promise at anchor, we believe in our products. We therefore equip all with a 18 month guarantee from and provide friendly and fast customer service.

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Amazing price for such great quality sound is fantastic.

Sound good, seem unbreakable aswell.

Truly excellent sound quality. On par with much more expensive bose headphones.

Great product, fast delivery, recommended.

However when using at the gym, they often require readjustment for adequate sound – if you just push them in you often find the sound in that side is blocked and you need to pull back until the sound returns.

Excellent quality didn’t stay in my ears great returns and refunding policy.

The headphones itself aren’t bad and look good. But i’ve had them for less than two months, and in the last two days they’ve stopped working (i have an iphone8) and a message comes up saying the accessory isn’t supported by my device. It’s now happened for a third timeupdate- anker’s customer service was great, they got in touch immediately and offered a refund/ replacement as soon as possible.

I got theese about 6 months ago and they were exactly what i was looking for. Sound quality is fine, build quality is excellent. Thing is that last night out of nowhere my phone started saying that ‘accessory is not supported’, after using the headphones almost daily for a half a year. I dont really know if thats a defect in the phones or apple has done something under the covers. Anker offered me full refund, without the need to send the headphones back even after using the headphones for half a year.

  • Nice sounding earbuds but they don’t live up on Hi-Res for the current price point
  • Best lightning headphones I have purchased.
  • Fantastic product, fantastic service!

Anker Sound Buds Digital IE10 Iphone 7 7 Plus Headphones for all Lightning devices – MFI Certified – In-Ear Headphones for iPad and iPhone

Sounds very good and feels very premium, even the package and goodies were very high guality. They also fit my ears perfectly .

These work perfectly, better than using the adaptor sent from apple which broke within the year. The rubbery claw-like pieces can be removed, which i did. The only issue i have had is the fact that the body of the earphone is rather large and having funny shaped ears it does cause pain after a long period of use. However i am leaving five stars as this is not their issue it is mine for having funny shaped ears.

Used every day but not abused and have only lasted 3 months before audio loss and ‘this accessory is not supported’ message on iphone. Would expect this for some of the cheaper headphones but not for ones with this price point. Edit: contacted anker customer support who were very helpful and got a new pair sent out within a couple of days. These have an 18 month warranty so its best to keep track of the serial number, its a silver tab on the headphone cable which is annoying and easy to cut off and lose. Hopefully this latest pair will last longer than 3 months.

Great quality for the price, had some issues but anker customer service was great as always.

Good sound, but lasted 6 months.

Excellent packaging, price and quality. Very impressed with these ear buds.

Good quality for the price you pay, memory foam earbud inserts supplied with these are good. These are much better than the apple supplied ones you get with your iphone.

These are, in my opinion, far better that the stock apple ones that are provided with iphone’s. I’ve had these for approximately 2-months and the sound quality is superior in comparison, they are far more comfortable to wear (these are ‘in ear’ headphones as opposed to ones that sit slightly outside and hang) and the build quality is again, superior to apple’s. For the price these are incredible, they have a soft-touch feel to the cable (like soft rubber) and the remote sits perfectly at the middle of your chest so it’s always easily accessible and there is a microphone that site approximately jaw level so you can take calls using them. They also come with a slim, black protective case that is hard-backed so travelling with these are easy and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged, the case offers plenty of protection. There is only one flaw to these headphones although i don’t think it’s an anker issue, it’s an issue with the adapter i purchased. The adapter is able to let my iphone x accommodate a charging cable alongside a set of lightning headphones also being used (dual lightning connector) however it’s a cheap adapter (was purchased on amazon for around £8) so i will be purchasing a more expensive, known-branded one to test these with, which i’ve no doubt will work as like all of the previous anker products i have bought in the past these are superior to rival products/brands. If you are thinking of purchasing these do not let that single flaw deter you, these are worth every penny and more.

Wow its sound amazing better then some of expensive once , it’s fits to my ears perfectly and comfortably ,i loved this ,unfortunately after 4 month of use my iphone didn’t recognised this and i contact anker customer service and they sort it out very quickly ,it was a pleasant customer service,it’s lot similar to apple &john lewis. I am highly recommend anker .

These are unbelievable value for money – great sound, good quality and even high end packaging.

Recently picked up a pair of these at £31. 99 thanks to an easter discount code as i was in the market for a more portable pair of hi-res earphones for playback of a few 24bit albums i have accumulated, along with my normal 16bit lossless and 256kbps itunes aac (iphone). However after a few days of use i have mixed feelings when weighing up the cost vs ‘audophile’ quality. First things first though;in the box:-anker soundbud digital ie10-small/medium/large eartips and in-ear earhooks-memory foam eartips-travel pouch-shirt clip-warranty and user manualearbuds comes in the black silver packaging which is becoming the norm for anker’s premium level product range. Good fit in the ear (thanks to the mix and match tips and hooks) and they are more streamlined than past models when in use. Construction quality is also top notch, as per anker’s reputation, with gun metal grey earbuds and a rugged ribbed cable, which should hold up more than well for normal daily use. Lightning lead is also a very impressive length, allowing more than adequate movement without the buds falling out, even if your ipod/iphone is in your back pocket. Rounding out, you also have ipx5 rating (that’s sweat and splash proofs , not submerge), a built in mic for phone calls/siri support and a inline remote allowing volume change, dac mode change and play/pause/skip (and siri) functionality. The ie10 soundbuds, which are made for recent ios devices only due to it’s lightning connector, do produce very decent audio, clear with good clarity and bass thanks to three mode settings for the dac comprising of;balanced – good clarity and some bassclear voice – not a fan of this mode, might be good for narration ebooks but for music just didn’t do much for me, made vocals sound off somehowsuper bass – much warmer bass without fully overshadowing the clarity of the instrumentalshowever, now we get to the mixed feeling section. I’ve been a fan of the majority of anker’s earbuds, currently owning the nb10 and slim models which get daily use depending on location, such as the gym or some chill out music while at home or during work break’s.

As always just a very good well made product from anker but then i am a super fan.

Great headphones for a good price. Comfy earpieces and good sound quality. Come with very nice pouch as well which stops me losing them.

Always been impressed with anker and these were no exception. As in other reviews, i was really impressed with the new packaging. Got them at a discounted price of around £25 including postage. Stumbled across the eq shift, which really cleans up the high end and the bass is lovely and rich.

I bought it because i wanted earphones able to isolate me from the surround and it works pretty well. The only bad aspect is during calls. Everybody have difficulties listening me and the volume is always to low or too high. Update : they are not supported anymore, i can’t use it.

Been using these daily for more than a month now and they have stood up tremendously. These really are waterproof my bottle leaked onto my earphones with no effect. But more importantly the sound quality is impressive for the price and can compete with more expensive earphones. Anker produces some of the most durable products, i use my earphones for around 4 hours a day which made my apple standard earphones last 2 months. A month into these and i really feel like they can last me upwards of 6 months.

Anker seems to do no wrong, and gives greatvalue- £20, for a polished and very ellegant set of earbuds. They sound great and are adaptable in the sound range, you can use siri and make calls, just like the apple own buds and yet these are like owing a premium pair of earbuds and yet they are £20.

Decent sound buds, got them on a deal and gifted them to my brother, yet to hear a complaint.

Features and Spesification

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  • [your]: Take Control in style with our music four button remote control you can choose between three EQ modes at the touch of a button (balance, clear voice, super bass or Siri the alarm.
  • [HD audio]: Lightning Port, premium DAC Processor and 10 mm drivers, produce pure tone in digital high resolution from your iOS device.
  • [MFi-certified]: Complete with the iPhone 7 and other lightning devices. The built-in microphone allows to easily make calls.
  • [Ultra Durable], perfect konstruiert, IPX5 waterproof with reinforced cables & with deluxe aluminium surface.
  • What you will get]: sound buds Digital IE10, S/M/L Ear Buds, foam ear buds, S/M/L Ear Hooks attachment clip, carrying case, 18 months warranty, Digital invoice and friendly customer service.