Anuka Electric Hot Smoker – Excellent results

Used this smoker on a live demonstration at a food festival, it could not have worked better the fish i smoked was first class. I would highly recommend this smoker.

Despite being made in china the smoker is quite well made and with just a heating element and a basic mechanical timer i would hope it will last. No smoking wood dust came with the smoker so i was pleased that i had ordered the variety wood dust pack as well. Delivery took a week so as soon as it arrived i wanted to try it out and my first go was with a whole chicken. There are three whole chicken recipes listed in the enclosed instruction book and i went for the place in boiling water first one. The smoking went well and the flavour was to my liking but i would not under any circumstances have eaten the chicken when i first took it out the smoker. The juices were not running clear and on cutting into the joints it was evident that the chicken was very undercooked. I am looking forward to trying many more recipes but will take with a pinch of salt cooking times. I would advise anyone buying this item to also purchase a temperature probe so that you can ensure food is safely and correctly cooked.

I bought this because my husband is a trout fly fisherman. He does not like to eat the trout as he finds it a bit ‘muddy’. This smoker is so easy to use and so easy to clean afterwards. We all now eat hot smoked trout, smoked nuts, smoked veg etcit is a hot smoker so cooks at same time.

Smokes trout fillets in 25 mins. I use a small foil tray for the wood dustit fits the hot plate perfectly (wilkinsons £1. 00 for 10 ) they can be re used a few times. If you want easy at home smoking this is the kit for you.

Set it up , set timer and get on with other things. Like other reviewers i bought the aluminium circular flan trays from wilko together with their rectangular trays (also £1) which fit on the wire trays perfectly. I wetted the wood dust and it therefore produced the smoke towards the end of the process. I lightly coated the trout fillets with some honey and they could have done with another 5 mins (making 30 mins total) but they were quite large (fish weighed 2 lbs each). I used it in the garage but had to open the door towards the end. I don’t usually eat the trout i catch but i do now .

I bought this item, wondering if it was going to be another addition to the cupboard full of ‘used once then stored away’ items, but i am sure i am going to use it a lot in future. Ready to use straight from the box, with no assembly required. Comes with some wood-chips ready to be used (which the details online did not mention, so i wasn’t sure if i’d have to buy some separately. )very easy to use, with a clear instruction booklet. My first try was smoking a whole chicken, which turned out beautifully. Due to the weather, i set the smoker up in my garage, but even so, although there was a strong (and very appetising) smell of smoke in the garage, there were not great clouds of eye-watering smoke, even in this relatively confined space. Still not something you could use in your house, but the instructions make that quite clear anyway. Well designed, solidly made item.

My husband uses it and has found it very successful. I dont like smoked fish but he loves it. Although it takes a bit of getting used to in using smoker.

As there only seems to be one other review of this smoker, i just thought i’d write a few quick lines saying what a fantastic bit of kit this is. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and have smoked quite a few things, but none more than whole roast chickens – of which i must have smoked dozens. Unimaginatively, i have to say that i’ve used nearly all of them in a delectable smoked chicken, mango & herb salad (utterly addictive)anyway – it’s well made, reliable, not too big, so easy to store & easy to use and easy to clean. You can’t ask for more than that.

Here are the specifications for the Anuka Electric Hot Smoker:

  • Cooks while it smokes – 500w element burner ensures a high temperature range for safe cooking
  • Cast aluminium base: non-stick surface, easily cleaned & dishwasher-proof
  • Robust 60 minute graduated mechanical timer – pre-set and forget
  • Portable
  • Comes with a comprehensive instruction/recipe book

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It’s so easy to use
  • electric hotsmoker
  • Excellent results