apeman Mini Portable Projector Video DLP Home Cinema Pocket Projector HD Support 1080P HDMI Input Built-in Rechargeable Battery Dual Stereo LED Life up to 25000 Hours : projector

Early days, but so far am i amazed by it. I’ve used it in the office for doing presentations and have also used it in my hotel room for projecting netflix programmes on to the wall. It’s 720p, but with my dodgy eyesight i struggle to tell the difference between between 720p and 1080p so the quality is good enough for me (and my colleagues)i carry the device in my laptop bag and it’s a negligible increase in weight.

L am so glad to pick up this projector; i have bought other projectors which are slightly cheaper however this one is way better than others and worth the price. It is pocket size and the battery lasts a couple of hous so you can carry it around. Even you just use it at home it is still good, the noise is so low that you can barely hear it. I am amazed by the beightness and picture quality this projector can produce, although you do need to use it in a darker room. I managed to connect it to a tv box and my mobile now i dont think i would ever need a tv.

I spent a long time trying to figure out which budget mini projector to get. I even bought a different one before this one that ended up not working after 2 hours of use. (the android software broke). After getting a refund on that projector i bought this one. I’ve given it 5 stars because of it fulfilling my expectations for a projector in this price point perfectly. Expectation (e) vs reality (r):- (e) that in a dark room it, on a white wall (without a specific projector tarp or sheet) it would show clearly and brightly (r) in a darker room it works perfectly from any distance, the brighter the room, the closer you need to move the projector to the surface you are using and thus the smaller the screen. – (e) wouldn’t be so loud that i can’t hear the sound from its own speakers (i didn’t want to have to immediately go and buy another external speaker) (r) i have the projector effectively just over my head when watching and can only hear the fan when i am listening for it or when i boot it up. It very quickly and easily becomes white noise that your brain discounts. – (e) when i turn it on it turns on and works (the previous projector as i mentioned used a software interface to have apps) (r) this projector doesn’t have software, it has an hdmi and a usb port so you can plug in a device of your choice and it just works. I plugged in a spare chrome cast i had lying around and it works perfectly. (it should be noted i unplug the chrome cast from the usb port when not using the project to avoid draining the battery). -(e) sound is good enough from speakers for me not to need a speaker/soundbar immediately. (r) i haven’t bought one yet. Whilst the audiophile may find them lacking, for casual viewing its been great so far. Extra purchases i found make it easier to use:- i bought a longer micro-usb cable to plug it into the wall. Battery life wasn’t a deal breaker for me, as i have several large batteries to charge it from if required to be mobile, but its primary position is 2m from a socket, so i bought a longer cable to solve that issue. – 2 folding rulers – used a couple of folding rulers to slip behind my bedframe, securing with blue tack to create a little stand that the projector could easily sit on (see image). – a corner adapter for hdmi cable – this lets the chrome cast stand verticle and sit flusher against the wall (see image).

I was looking for a cheap projector to use in my bedroom as a secondary device. I wanted something small but with decent quality image so that on those lazy days i could watch netflix and nowtv in bed. I did some research and settled upon a abis hd6000 plus. When it arrived i excitedly unwrapped it, plugged it in and attempted to connect. The image was good and bright and although it was larger than i had imagined it looked as though it would fit the bill. However after a frustrating houri found that the native netflix app that it came with did not work, it would not allow me to watch netflix from a web page, the majority of the apps were in chinese and i was thoroughly disappointed. So back to the drawing board, more research and finally i seetled on the apeman. When it arrived it was tiny, easily fitting in the palm of my hand. The battery was almost full so i simply switched it on, plugged in my laptop and a bright, clear image emerged. I added an amazon firestick which you need to stream all of the apps that i want, but the projector is brilliant. Bright, great quality picture, good battery life, tiny size and weight.

Works flawlessly with my ps4. I use it at night, as the projector has a max output of 50 lumens. Very clear projection, which is good for the games i play. It is pocket sized, but i haven’t used it with my phone yet. For such a small projector, the clarity is truly amazing.

Using this in my sons bedroom, instead of a tv as he is in the attic room there isn’t much space. Firstly the size is fantastic, it takes up very small space on his bedside table (it has a very cute and efficient tripod to position and get the picture size you require onto your wall/surface). It is so much tidier and neater than having a unit with tv in a restricted small space. Because of the size its easy for him to pick up and take with him, such as when going to friends houses on a last minute arrangement. Secondly the picture quality on this little thing is fantastic. He has it on a painted white wall, without a screen, i was expecting we would need to get a screen up, but there really isn’t any need for his use, the picture is clear and the colour is very good. He has the xbox connected to it which he watches movies and plays games through, gives him a big screen which he feels he can immerse himself into. Sound is good but quiet and there is a slight noise from the projector fan, but not much at all. We have a small portable speaker linked up which gives of the sound quality needed for cinematic use. So its not a problem at all.

A very well made quality projector, it came with a tripod which is handy means i don’t need to buy one seperatly, hdmi cable and adapter and usb cable. It is smaller than a thought i can hold it with one hand. I needed something that was small and portable and this fits the bill as i have to travel around giving presentations for work so i have to carry my laptop in addition to this and this projector takes up no room at all. I did buy a longer hdmi cable due to some of the meeting rooms layout meant i needed it. It was pretty straightforward to set up and use and the image quality is very clear and the sound quality is good. Some of my work colleagues took a fancy to it and plan on getting one themselves.

  • Tiny device, big image, great picture.
  • So convenient fits in your pocket!
  • great for films and sport in a fun setting

APEMAN Mini Portable Projector Video DLP Home Cinema Pocket Projector HD Support 1080P HDMI Input Built-in Rechargeable Battery Dual Stereo LED Life up to 25000 Hours (Black)

Portable DLP Projector, Bring Your Cinema Home!

Either in children’s bedroom or in backyard, you can always enjoy home cinema by using our mini DLP projector. The 360°rotation tripod allows you different viewing postures. It provides several advantages: > Without complicated built-in system and easy to get started even for the elders and juniors > HDMI connection ensures delay-free stabilized images. > LED light source. Your eyes will not feel dry and weary in gentle light.Specifications > Product dimensions: 3.86*3.86*0.85″ > Brightness: 50~100 lumens > Projection size (recommended): 30″ ~ 100″ > Projection distance (recommended): 0.8m~2.6m > Contrast: 1000~3000 > Resolution: 854*480(WVGA) > Aspect ratio: 16:9 > Charger specification: Micro USB 5V/2.4A > Power output: standard USB 5V/1A > Built-in battery: 3.7V/3400mAh > Projection time: about 2 hours > Build-in loudspeaker: two 1-Watt loudspeakers > 3.5mm audio output jackPackage Contents 1. APEMAN Digital Projector 2. HDMI cable 3. Mini HDMI adapater 4. Tripod 5. AC Charger 6. USB Charging Cable 7. User ManualWarm Tips The USB port is used as power output, for the connection with Amazon Firs Stick and Chromast or used as power bank output. It’s not for USB drive . Use soft cloth to wipe the lens. Do not use hand or strong detergent. Do not look steadily at the lens while using.

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This projector has massively exceeded my expectations. Anyway, there are some unique advantages to this projector:+ small size – lightweight too+ sound quality – easily loud enough for everyone in a conference room to hear. + brightness – bright enough that you can see the picture clearly in all lighting, but some dimming of the room may be required for watching movies+ quietness – the projector itself emits hardly any sound.

I’ve had one in my bedroom for some time and it’s been great, not so great in the day, but i’m only after it for at night for an hour or so. Some time ago i bought cheaper one but it dod not satisfy me or my friends. Every saturday we watch movies and we wanted something better quality. The video quality is better then it was before. We don’t use the integrated sound but it’s enough also if you dont have any speakers to use. I use it on white screen so the quality is decent. Screen size is quite large and brightness is fine for us. Includes also the hdmi cable other ones don’t include it. Arrived quick and well packed. So everything is fine thank you.

I received a very friendly and helpful message from the apeman team advising me what i could expect from their product. It just felt very personalised thing to receive. I was advised by them as well as in other reviews of the product that it is more limited to home use and not in a room that isn’t completely dark, so not so good for large training events. However, having tried it out in an only slightly darkened room i found it is perfectly good enough for smaller training venues.

This a superb little piece of kit. We used in our tent this summer and, given its size, i was presuming we would have to compromise on quality. But it was genuinely excellent. Very simple to use and the picture is sharp, clear and huge. We used ours with wireless headphones which worked really well. I expect the projector’s own speaker would not be powerful enough to fill a room but the output jack makes it very easy to connect to headphones or an external speaker. It does need to be relatively dark and there’s no keystone but for the price i was enormously impressed. The little tripod is also brilliantly designed – very compact and works superbly.

Nice lil portable projector for the money. I’d look elsewhere if your thinking of a semi permanent set up for a living room or home theatre though.

Great for watching films or sport in our home office. I cant recommend for official presentations as its not clear for that type of use unless quite dark. For the size its a great wee product ideal for home use watching movies or sport my kids love it. Also the fact it can run without being plugged in makes this portable as well.

. Make sure you also purchase the very expensive £44. 00 – apple convertorotherwise an excellent device.

I am impressed by how technology’ has progressed in recent years. It would be difficult for any company to develop a portable projector , let alone an unknown company. By apeman has pulled it off. The luminosity of projector is enough to light a dimly lit room, producing hd quality footage. Although not quite 1080, it does the job. My other concern was battery life. Its able to reproduce a movie ~2. 5hours before it goes which ought to be sufficient for most use cases. Be prepared to carry the adapter though as max luminosity + volume will take the battery down even faster. The main gripe of this is the weak sound reproduction.

  • Tiny device, big image, great picture.
  • So convenient fits in your pocket!
  • great for films and sport in a fun setting

APEMAN Mini Portable Projector Video DLP Home Cinema Pocket Projector HD Support 1080P HDMI Input Built-in Rechargeable Battery Dual Stereo LED Life up to 25000 Hours (Black)

Great in a dark room – you need bluetooth speakers to enhance the sound. It will play on any cream/ white background. Overall very good product – it is like having 72inch telly in your pocket. Presentation very good- i would have given item five stars if there was a bit more battery life( 115 mins approx on a full charge).

Very clear picture, very quite and very portable, the battery lasts about one and a half movies, but can also be used plugged in, it has no keystone adjuster, but i didn’t expect it to have, due to its size.

I wanted a small projector that i could carry round with me for that emergency situation when either a venue or a speakers equipment fails and could ruin the experience for my colleagues. I found this and couldn’t wait to try it out when it arrived. Great picture and great sound (for what it is). The supplier has been really caring and careful to make sure i am get the most out of it, and with something else has delivered on promises they made. It is too early to comment on the battery life. It is fine at the moment but i have not had the product very long.

This projector is very convenient. Everything started so simple. I like different projectors before i use them, but this projector has an extra usb port and an audio port, which allows me to connect my phone or my ipad to the projector very simply. The perfect home entertainment projector for sports and movies or for playing dynamic games on larger screens. The mini projector brings sharp detail and fine print to the focus, allowing me to adjust the level of detail. It is lightweight and can therefore be used as a portable projector.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【Portable Projector】Pocket zize (98*98*21.5mm) and light weight (200g). Easy to take and operate. The mini projector is the best birthday gift and ideal for home cinema, parties or camping entertainment under relatively dark environment.
  • 【HD Movie & Big Screen】Advanced DLP technology provides 70% brighter image and 50% sharper image, supported full HD 1080P (1920*1080) with 1000:1 contrast ratio and 854*480 native resolution. Within the distance between 1-4m, It can achieve 30″ to 100″ big display screen size.
  • 【Low Noise & Long Lens Life】With latest cooling system and high-quality material, the noise is hard to hear. Built-in stereo speakers provide you the best audio-visual feast. Long Lens life time up to 25000 hours. If you use it 3 hours per day, that’s 22 years!
  • 【Extensive Conectivity】 This mini projector can widely connect to your laptop, DVD, tablet, camera, PS3, PS4, smart phone and so on via HDMI port to enjoy a variety of entertaining resources from as many devices as you like.
  • 【Other Excellent Features】 The 360°rotation tripod give it a firm stand. Mini projector covers 60 days assurance and 3-year warranty. If you have any problem, you can contact [email protected] and get timely assitance there.