APEMAN Projector 4800 Lumen Mini Portable Projector 1280*720P LED Projector 200″ LCD Home Cinema Projector Support 1080P HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/Micro SD/TV Stick : Great customer service and great projector for the price

 i bought this projector for home use and also for work purposes. As i have wanted a projector to play videos from my usb. This projector has allowed me to do that and i am very pleased with its high picture quality and base sound. It is very easy to set up and i think the price is very reasonable for what you are getting. If you are looking for a projector for your watching needs i would highly recommend picking this one up. Easy set up with no hassle at all.

 first off, this video projector is absolutely excellent value for money. The picture quality is superb for it’s class. It has native hd resolution of 1280 x 720p, but capable of 1920×1080 input signal. The hd this is able to project is more than enough for a medium sized room wall to watch the usual movies, television, football and even games at a fairly bright level, even with some lights on in the room. The projector is sturdy and has 2 hdmi ports, a vga port, micro sd, usb, av in, and all the usual buttons you would expect. 3000 contrast ratio is fairly decent and the lamp life has been rated to last almost 50000 hours. This is good considering bulbs cost a lot to replace, whereas by that time it would be more likely you would be replacing the projector before the bulball the necessary cables and bundles come with the box and includes the important manual which is quite detailed. The remote control is fairly good as it can be used at a good distance. The picture quality is above average and the portable design of this makes it perfect for bringing around to another room, or even to a friend’s house to continue the parties with gatherings to enjoy media together. Home cinema at this price won’t get any better than this kind of high standard and at this price point.

 i am surprised at the picture quality for a low price projector, its very good and the audio is sufficient for a small sized room but has the ability to plug in exterior speakers. I also purchased a fire stick and had no problem setting that up directly through the projector. The projector is well made, compact and light. Set-up and use was a breeze even without reading the manuals. The image is crisp and clear once you get the adjustment just right. I am genuinely surprised with the picture quality. Overall i would say this projector is exactly what i was looking for which is a decent picture quality. I have always wanted a nice projector with excellent features that will be suitable for home entertainment. So i spent quite a number of days searching and comparing to get the most genuine sites with fairest price for a projector based on customer reviews.  the picture quality is great on netflix and movies, so don’t be worried about the blurriness in the corners when you initially plug in your laptop and are going to netflix or your movie.

For the quality it was relatively inexpensive. Easy to use – plug into the usb port and hit ok on your computer. It’s lightweight and really compact. The brightness and clearness is absolutely awesome. It’s easy to store when not in use. It’s easy to set up and almost self explanatory. It’s easy to focus with the dial on the side. It’s great for video or still images – would be the perfect choice for anyone who does multiple presentations. Works best on a light backdrop / background but is really bright and shows up on multiple surfaces.

My old projector it had 1800 lumens and although it was ok you can actually see the difference with this one as it has 4000lumens and an excellent contrast ratio of 3000:1, for a bright and clear image. Before i used to pull down the curtains every time i wanted to watch the tv or a movie but with this video projector (even if darkness is preferable) you still can have a quite clear experience even if light is coming into your room. I was not aware of the influence of the aspect ratio till i do a bit of a research before buying this one, basically with 16:9 you get a more rectangular shape format similar to a cinema screen. Before i use to have black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen. Sound is quite good due to the dual speakers. It supports all types of connectionsalso, despite having two fans it is not noisy at all and it does not get much heatedit can be attached to a tripod, i don’t have much space on my room so it allows me to set up the projector whenever i want to use it. I’d recommend this video projector.

Great producti have absolutely love this. For such a small product, it’s sound and picture quality is fantastic. More importantly, it’s so easy to use. I used my iphone my laptop and firestick on this and once you change the source to hdmi, you can start controlling the screen using the other devises. There is also option to change the picture quality, size and shape (lens) and sound which has surround sound included. I would recommend to use an aux cable to connect to a surround system it speaks if you have the options as that will work great in a big room however don’t get me wrong – the sound of the projector will still carry very far. There is also no need of the projector screen if you have a clean, smooth wall however it might help to bring colours out better with the screen ecspecially when light still gets through to the room. Would recommend getting a stand to help adjust the viewing and you definitely need 2 aaa batteries for the remote. Otherwise it’s good to go as soon as it’s been delivered to you.

 this is my first projector,bought it as wanted to have larger screen for movies,and my son with my partner loves to play video games,we all enjoy it. Sound is good,and i didnt expect to have that good quality contrast. Our friend did buy much more expensive projector,and he was surprised that ours is as good as which he is having. Happy that we saved money,and have high quality one as well. Easy to use,u can regulate how far and how close u want screen to be.

The variety of connectivity options does mean you are open to having this connected to practically anything. Be it gaming consoles or media sticks, it supports what ever you can fit into it. The projected image is off a high dynamic contrast ratio at is 3000 by 1 and it does become apparent very much when using this more and more. Granted it is better to have practically no light in the room to get full benefit of the picture but that’s kind of the same with most of these projectors. Nevertheless as you can see from my attached video even with light the image is more than bright enough to make out , so if you do have a lightly lit room it shouldn’t be a problemall in all , i’m most happy about the quality of the displayed image, its crystal clear and is just beautiful. Attached is a video review , i hope it helps.

  • Huge clear big screen picture
  • Small beast

Projector APEMAN 4800 Lumen Mini Portable Projector 1280*720P LED Projector 200″ LCD Home Cinema Projector Support 1080P HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/Micro SD/TV Stick for Home Entertainment


Warm tips:

  1. APEMAN LC550 Projector is mainly used for home cinema and video games, NOT recommended for Powerpoint or business presentation.
  2. NOT support Dolby sound. If there is no sound when playing videos like Netflix, turn off Dolby sound on your connected devices or apps. (Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby 5.1 Digital Plus OFF).
  3. It will perform the best effect if the projector is under relatively darkroom environment.
  4. For all home projectors, the screen edge is not as clear as the center.
  5. The USB port only supports USB flash drive, NOT support cord connection and data transfer.
  6. The light of this projector goes off suddenly and goes back on while using, which is caused by the self-protection mechanism, not quality problems.
  7. Please note that Keystone Correction is vertically ±15°, If half of the projection image is blurry, please adjust the height of the lens.

Perfect Gift for Friends and Families

Big-screen Gaming Time

Outdoor Leisure Time

Enjoying Movie with Families

Enjoyment of High Definition

  • Play your favorite videos, films, shows, and games with the amazing 720P native resolution and 1080P full HD-supported LC550 projector to bring the wonderful visuals.

Big Screen Experience

  1. The 200″ big screen of the projector transforms the room into a home cinema to bring the films to wherever the family is. (recommend placing in the 2.0-3.5m distance)
  2. By adjusting the Keystone Correction/ Focus Wheel combines with a low-light environment to creates a brighter picture.

Suitable for Ceiling Mount and Tripod

  1. Remove the screw from the footpad, screw hole as the interface for mounting on the ceiling.
  2. Adjust the height of the projector by footpad screw to get the right viewing.

Cinematic Sound Quality

  1. Built-in dual speakers for a cinematic sound experience.
  2. NOTE: If no sound, please turn off the Dolby digital 5.1 on your connected devices or apps.

How to connect:

  1. To connect with iPhone, iPad, an official external HDMI to Lightning cable is needed.
  2. To connect with Android Smartphone, a wireless Miracast/Dongle is needed.
  3. To connect with Macbook, an external USB C/Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is needed.

Extensive Compatibility

  1. Compatible with a wide range of devices to meet your diverse needs.
  2. Supports:Smartphone/Macbook/Laptop/Miracast/USB Drive/TV Box/PS3/PS4/TF Card

NM4 M7
720P LC550 Projector for Home Cinema 480P LC350 Projector for Home Cinema Mini Portable NM4 Projector for Home/Travel Mini Portable Bluetooth M7 Projector for Home/Travel
Model LC550 LC350 NM4 M7
Display Technology LCD LCD DLP DLP
Brightness 4800 Lumen 4500 Lumen 50-150 ANSI Lumen 50-150 ANSI Lumen
Native Resolution 1280 x 720p 800 x 480(RGB) 854 x 480(WVGA) 854 x 480(WVGA)
Contrast Ratio 3000:1 2000:1 1000:1 1000:1
Lamp Life 50,000 hrs 45,000 hrs 25,000 hrs 30,000 hrs
Speaker Dual Speakers Dual Speakers Dual Speakers Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
Dimensions 22.1 x 16.8 x 8.6 cm 19.7 x 16.6 x 6 cm 9.8 x 9.8 x 2.1 cm 10.2 x 10.1 x 10.1 cm
Built-in Battery × ×
Keystone Correction × ×

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Got this predominantly for presentations. Very easy to set up , and has sound which was a bonus. Considering what you get in pcworld this is a real bargain and should not be discounted, really pleased.

This projector has been great. I’ve had a few projectors before but this one has been one of the great ones i’ve had. Easy to use and friendly use and it is really nicely made of a design. I was looking for a good and affordable projector for our friday movie night. Don’t be full by the price, this is a powerful projector that can even been used with some light in the room. The image is clear hd picture. I overall am more than satisfied and i am thrilled with it. The picture quality and brightness are brilliant.While it looks the best in total darkness like most projectors, this one is the first projector that i have personally seen that some background lighting does not affect the picture a lot.

So i ordered this projector and hated it. I immediately sent it back as i didn’t like that the remote didn’t work it wasn’t as bright as they said it was in the description and it was blurry. However i received an email from the seller saying that they was sorry that i wasn’t happy with my purchase and offered to send me a new one for free. After a few days i received a new projector and this one was a massive improvement from the last one. It was the same model but is performing much better so something must have happened during delivery and i received a faulty machine. Now i love it and i’m very pleased with the great customer service i received from the seller.

I am very happy with this projector. The projector is small which is good for me as tend to mount it on the ceiling. It has variety of connection methods like usb hdmi vga micro sd av. It supports 1280 to 720 pixels and supports full 1080p. The aspect can be from 16:9 to 4:3. I was amazed to see how big the screen can be from m can be 200inch but its better to be around 2m makes pic quality very clear and good. The sound quality is also good has dual speakers which makes sound better. I normally connect from my mobile and it is crispy clear quality when watching 4k. Good thing it supports sd card because i have most of my videos on it. I didnt know it has 2 built in fans which help it stay cool.

Went for this one over the cheaper £60 versions, glad i did. Worked straight out of the box, has it projecting within minutes. The fan is quiet enough for me (it is not silent, but it is entirely as expected from a project) and picture quality so far looks great. Seems to work seemlessly with my computer for projecting films. Good way to get through turbo sessions on the bike.

 first of all the picture quality is so crisp and clear (as you can tell from the video) and you can see almost each fibre on the screen. What i did not expect however was the amazing sound too from such a small and compact projector. No need for extra speakers and perfect for on-the-go use. The range of connectivity options mean i can connect it to almost anything and it works fine. You can also tweak the focus, rotate images, mount it on the ceiling and adjust picture and sound quality via a handy remote. I often take it with me to big family events and it has just changed the dynamic. Compared to other projectors with similar specifications it is very good price too.

 first impression its quite a good piece for this money. It was very easy to set up, just plug in and choose the video source. I plugged the sd card in and watched youtube videos on it. Not ba at all, easy to focus to get the best quality. The speaker isn’t the clearest sound ever but still better than the one i had previously. You can still hook up a speaker to it so thats not a problem. Would like more options to configure the video quality etc but overall i give this 9/10. It also came in quite neat packaging so this calln easily be bought as a gift. Tried remote control too an its very responsove and fast. Great purchase overall in my opinion.

It’s wonderful device to make your own private mini cinema at your own home anytime. Whenever you use something the first-time use gives you the long-lasting impression and in the case of this projector it was awesome, it was on the go just in 10 seconds. I have hdmi port and was super easy to connect this projector with my laptop. The picture quality is amazing, and you can easily adjust the size and different projecting dimensions. I would recommend a distance of 1. 8 meter from the projection, that the distance where i got the best result and size, but it may vary for others. I have some design on my wall but on plane white wall it will work more better. It works good in a bit of light but for better results surroundings should be dark. The packing was so handy that makes it easily portable, size is really good to carry anywhere with you.

  • Huge clear big screen picture
  • Small beast

Projector APEMAN 4800 Lumen Mini Portable Projector 1280*720P LED Projector 200″ LCD Home Cinema Projector Support 1080P HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/Micro SD/TV Stick for Home Entertainment

This is an extraordinary projectorfirstly i would like to comment on the packaging which was very compact and well protected in polystyrene and arrived safely with no sign of any harm to it. The projector itself is a very good size, originally i thought it would be bigger than this which was a worry for me to fit in my bag, luckily it fits into my bag perfectly with a good weight to it too. It was pretty simple to set up to my xbox. The user manual is very detailed and easy to follow. Managed to set the projector up within 15-20 minutes. It took me while to set up the correct distance from my wall to the projector to achieve the best outcome in regards to the output quality. I was pretty amazed with how clear the projection was. I was always thinking that it would never be as good as a widescreen tv, but i would say it’s just as good but much bigger in screen size. It comes with the usual stuff such as hdmi cable and a remote control which works perfectly well.

Great to have it powered by an led bulb. Less fragile and longer lasting. Looking forward to many years of high quality home entertainment at such a reasonable price point.

For the price can’t fault it, in a dark room excellent quality.

So easy to set up and use the the picture quality is brilliant.

Picture quality very clear and good. The sound quality is also good has dual speakers which makes sound better. I normally connect from my mobile and it is crispy clear quality when watching 4k. Good thing it supports sd card because i have most of my videos on it. I didnt know it has 2 built in fans which help it stay cool. Overall it is a good small projector with sound quality and picture quality good. The screen size and projection distance are very well adjusted. This is its portable and outstanding features, and it is easy to use. The visual experience of watching movies in a completely black environment is very good. This is a very enjoyable buying experience.

Used it for the first time for daughter’s outdoor movie party in the garden – it was a huge success. The picture was so clear on the screen – having hd too makes this great value. Arrived promptly and well packaged. Very pleased and sure it will have lots of use. Daughter already arranging her next get together to watch another film before the temperature drops.

 i bought this lc550 video projector from amazon recently and i decided i simply had to leave a review as this has revolutionised my home life. My hubby and i were looking for something to spice up our date nights and when we saw this projector on amazon we thought “let’s buy this and use it to have a movie night”. Anyway shortly later the projector arrived. I unpacked it and found it really easy to set up. Just connect the plug into the mains socket and on it turns. I then used the hdmi cable to connect to my laptop and the movie was projecting along with the sound coming from the projector. It is really that simple to operate. It comes with a remote control but really you don’t even need to use it as it has buttons on the top of the box which allows you to select various options e. Which input you want to connect to.

 i can’t help but say how impressed i am with this projector, the image is easily focused, the picture is clear, it does produce a certain amount of noise but so does any realistic projector, so this is to be expected. It comes really well packaged in a really premium feeling box, included is a hdmi cable, power cable (to uk standard plug type), a ryb connector to 3. 5mm for connection into the projector, a really premium feeling remote with soft touch buttons, and a large instruction booklet with everything you need to know to get it set up and working. I bought it myself to use as an alternative to a television with my games console (xbox one) during serious gaming sessions, and had absolutely no problems in getting it set up, using the source button on the remote to select the input (also to note is the 2x hdmi slots, and microsd/usb ports), and then using it as i would any other television. The focus and keystone adjustment made setup very easy, as did the height adjuster screw. (the ‘keystone’ adjustment is for the ’pivot’ of the outputted image to compensate for the raised angle of projection. Overall would recommend this product without hesitation and would buy again if ever required. Seller was prompt in sending the item and was not disappointed to receive it.

 this isn’t my first portable projector, but it is by far the best one i have had so farthe picture clarity is excellent for a mini size model. Comparable to much more expensive models on the market, usually up to £500+. You can tell how clear the picture is when looking at the sharpness of the colours. The clarity of the picture may also depend on the quality of the video you are projecting. My video is a 4k file, reason for it to being so crisp and sharp. I also used my ipad with the adaptor (doesn’t come with this so you’ll have to provide your own) which worked really well. I could use my iphone as well with it. It has 2 hdmi input but only comes with 1 hdmi cable. It also supports sd card and usb, so can play movies from those too. Another thing worth noting is that the room does not need to be in complete darkness to use this projector, as the led brightness is more than adequate for typical use in a dim room, which is a great point worth noting.

-setup: nice and easy, pretty much plug and play without any messing around. Some slight tweaking of picture/display options was needed, but once again this was simple to do. The menu is easy enough to navigate using the buttons on the projector itself, and choosing the source is simple. It also fits on a tripod which comes in handy. – cables: this does come with a fair few cables, though unless you have everything close together for use with the projector, you’re going to need longer cables. – picture quality is very good, especially the colours. Its pretty sharp, tried is as large as 65″ without any color distorsions. – sound is also good, especially if you hook it up with a sound system. – appearance: very neat design. Users won’t get puzzled when getting start to use it.

 this is very good quality of projector 4000 lumen give you a clear and bright view even with lights on but even nicer specially if you used it in a dark room watching movies with this is fantastic. Big screen as you can see in my vedio. You can adjust the screen 30 to 200 inches depends on the distance so it’s very good to watch and it has dual speaker i’m very surprised when i heard the sounds as it’s very loudeasy to operate all the function is working very well multiple connection is very easy the sounds is so loud you do not need additional speaker for this as i meantion earlier. If your looking projector that is good quality bright image big screen and sounds this is perfect for you to have multiple connection can support to connect tv box, tv stick, chromecast, pc, laptops, tablets, external speakers, game consoles, dvd player, card reader, usb stick, media players, ios/other smart phones via miracast. For me overall is excellenti highly recommend this very affordable price and good quality.

 every features of this projector is exceptionally good. When i bought this, i was not sure about the sound quality as the projector i own before didn’t have good sound but when i connect this projector to my laptop and checked for sound quality, i was amazed. It’s so good that you don’t need any speakers. It felt like i am watching movie in theatre. If you still want to connect speakers to it, you can still do that. Next thing, i love is the convenience. It comes with cords so you just need to connect it to respective ports and then you are ready to watch movies or games or anything you wish to do. It comes with remote control which makes even more easier for you to access to other features. Also, you can set resolution how you like.

We plan to use it in the garden during the twilight hours. Have only tested inside during the daytime so far, it i have to say it’s brilliant i’ve also bought a firestick to plug into this and now can’t wait. Sound is more than adequate from the projector itself.

The unit is compact and well put together. The ac cable is a bit short but manageable. The reason i returned this item is that there is no zoom function which makes setting it up and getting the picture just right impossible.

 very nice supplied in a smart branded box, inside components are boxed and nicely protected with foam polystyrene. The main unit itself has a nice weight and build quality to it. Nothing to set up really, just on screen language and you’re away as far as the unit goes, connect your video source via supplied hdmi or av cables, select the source using the remote and voila the picture. Where time needs to be spent is on fixing the right location, making sure you have a suitable wall or projector screen, siting the projector in a suitable placement and focusing picture etcthe video taken was midday on a sunny day with blinds at 50% and a you can see still quite a bright and certainly watchable picture. In a father environment this really excels though. Sound perfectly acceptable but the unit easily hooked up to an external system for that cinema feeling. Navigation through options easy through the supplied remote. Noise level when running again perfectly acceptable and drowned out during normal use by the source media. All in all its a bargain for the quality. Set up correctly and with a suitable projector screen you have a 100′ plus tv for minimal cost.

 so this is my first ever projector, always wanted one but never had the money to splash on one, until now, got to love birthdays. Loli am super impressed, the picture quality is far better than i imagined it would be and the sound even more so. Pictures on other reviews did sort of show the clarity and brightness but the only way to see it is in person, hopefully my video will help do it justice(bare in mind the wall i am using has a floral pattern on it and i am still getting a really good picture), i haven’t gotten round to buying an actual screen yet but that will come soon. Ive got a few apeman items such as dash cams, one for my partner and i, also a wildlife camera to which i have had no problems at all so as far as i am concerned this projector should be good on the build quality side of thingsit’s small, carries a fairly decent weight and looks pretty swish to the eye, super easy to use, i didn’t need to use the manual, it’s not really any different to using a tv. I intend on holding my own outdoor cinema evenings with friends now that the evenings are getting darker earlier, should be greatoverall, i’m very pleased. Once again, good job apeman.

 really welcome alternative to a flatscreen tv. My grandson has been asking for a tv in his bedroom for some time now and with a room full of furniture a projector made sense. This apeman lc550 seemed like a good spec at a sensible price. I have added a brief video showing how the projector looks and also the picture it delivers. I would say this projector is perfect for home and family use, i found it effortless to set up and plug in my fire stick. It took less than a minute to get set up, once the projector was plugged into the mains it was as easy as plugging in the fire stick, adjusting the height and also adjusting the focus. Then once hdmi is selected through the source button it’s up and working. As you will see from the video and photos the picture quality is superb, the picture is given from a distance of 1. 5 metres away and the projector is capable of producing a far greater size of picture.

 i bought this apeman mini portable projector as my first projector and i set up a sort of mini home cinema in my bedroom. It comes with an instruction manual, remote control, power cable various input connector cables. I have to say this exceeded my expectations as i was thinking getting a decent picture to 50 inches or below. But no, i have the screen size to around 90 inches and i am happy with the quality. It came well packaged, it was smaller than i thought, but a great size to carry around. I am nice surprised with the picture quality and also with the excellent sound. In addition the projector also has numerous menus to set picture colour/contrast and after playing around with them the picture quality was improved even more. As for the input the hdmi works great with no issues, i’ve connected my amazon fire tv stick i’m glad is compatible. There’s 2 hdmi, 1 usb, 1 micro sd, 1 av, 1 vga and 1 audio for surround. There is no need of the projector screen if you have a clean, smooth wall.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • 🎁【2019 Upgrade Technology Projector】Bright 4800 lumens, 3000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, 1280 * 800 (720 P) effective resolution, support 1080 P full HD (aspect ratio 16: 9/4: 3), it will project crisp images for indoor-outdoor entertainment, real HD.
  • 🎁【Big Screen+Unique Dual Speaker】The portable projector projection screen can be adjusted from 30 to 200 inches depending on the projection distance(2- 4m), the optimal distance is 2m, which brings you the clearest, brightest image on the screen. LC550 equips unique built-in dual speakers(other projectors equip single speaker) which bring you to a real movie world without external speakers.
  • 🎁【Rich Interface and Flexible Application】LC550 video projector include 2 HDMI/ USB/ AV/ VGA inputs, audio input/output, and video inputs. It can support to connect TV Box, TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, laptops, tablets, external speakers, game consoles, DVD player, card reader, USB stick, media players, iOS/other Smart Phones via Miracast. Do not support Dolby sound(copyright reason).
  • 🎁【Powerful Cooling System and Low Noise】 The LED projector adopts the latest cooling system, 2 fans operate at the same time, it cools the main body, the heat dissipation effect is better than the mini projector with only one fan, the lamp life can also be lengthened accordingly. With the latest Smart Eco Lamp’s lamp care technology, the internal LED bulb saves up to 80% energy and achieves long lamp life (≥ 50000 hours).
  • 🎁【Professional Support and Service】 APEMAN dedicates to providing professional projectors for 5 years with great quality and thoughtful service. Every Apeman product covers ONE MONTH refund and exchange & ONE YEAR warranty. For any product problem, please don’t hesitate to email us. We are ready to offer you a satisfactory solution at any time.