Apple TV (32 GB – 4th Generation) Black : Amazing TV

I’m locked into apple’s ‘over priced’ land of technology so an apple tv was an obvious choice. I have an old lcd tv at the moment as i’m waiting for the right deal to come up on a new 75” tv. The apple tv has turned this bronze age tv into a smart tv. Works great with all the smart tech in my house too. The controls are a little fiddle to begin with but i’m getting the hang of them now.

I’ve given it five stars as i believe it’s worth that rating. However, if i want to nickpick, the touch remote needs a bit of getting used to as it doesn’t always respond to your touch.

Excellent upgrade on the old atv. Brilliant hdr4k picture quality and now supports a wide variety of apps. New apple tv app service is showing potential.

You get what you pay for at the end of the day, this is the best streaming box money can buy and that’s why it’s more expensive than others. My only gripe is i’m not a massive fan of the new swipe gesture remote, just a personal opinion of it. I always liked the old style rotary disc.

This was a upgrade,so impressed and a great addition to my home entertainment system.

I bought this to see how it fared compared to my amazon firetv version 2 and nowtv smart box, having been fed up with the limitations of both in some respect or other. To cut to the chase: the apple tv 4k does amazon prime video content perfectly. Much better than the firetv box. Amazon should be embarrassed that their own hardware is so badly shown up by a competitor’s on **amazon’s own content**.The amazon firetv has been irritating me for years with its dropped frames, poor picture quality and inability to match frame rates. The apple tv 4k blows it away in terms of picture quality and motion. This is probably due to the apple’s native frame rate matching that no other box appears to do (and this is the reason i decided to take a punt on one). On netflix content: picture quality is again far superior to the firetv. On bbc iplayer content: good picture quality, but there’s a major drawback.

This is a grate device if you have a bunch of apple stuff but give it a miss if you have a good mix of devices in your home like android because you can get a roku for £50 that will work just add well except for apple products. From apple devices sending pictures an video you have taken to the apple tv is effortless and very quick the main apps are all topnotch like netfix and now tv. I use a multi remote to control all my stuff the apple tv can be set up to respond to any remote you want it simply saves the ir signals from the remote u want to match the buttons on the apple tv remote. I also have a synology nas i’m using ds video to play movies on the apple tv it works best with the original remote because skip won’t work on only this app this app.

I had the first generation, second, third, fourth and now the fifth, the 4k apple tv delivers well, and now can view films in hdr, brilliant.

  • All my entertainment in one place, and in beautiful 4k

  • Glad we upgraded.

  • Simplistic streaming device for IOS users

Apple TV (32 GB – 4th Generation) Black

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It works well, but as amazon becomes more proprietary and defensive about its content, services like now tv are not available. The apple tv is gorgeous to look at, wired connectivity built in for better and more reliable connectivity, the remote (its a little sensitive) is a work of art, but, and most importantly, all the apps i wanted are in one place:- netflix- prime video- now tv- disney junior- youtube (you can watch purchased google content via this, and unlike amazon, its the full app)- bbc iplayeryes, its pricey, but its finally achieved something that i am sure i am not the only one looking for – “one box to rule them all”.

Better than expected but expensive for what you get. If you have bought videos up to 4k on itunes then you require an apple tv box to display them on a 4k tv. Much the same as if you buy 4k or hd videos on amazon you require an amazon fire tv stick.At least you can watch amazon fire tv including 4k on the apple tv box (so long as you subscribe to amazon prime). You cant watch apple itunes programs on the amazon fire tv sick.

I was impressed by the video quality. I am not an apple fan, and i bought this only for use with zwift and fulgaz (fulgaz does not support windows or android). I was impressed by the ease of the setup and the stunning quality of the video on my dell 43 inch monitor (model 4317q). I like the fact that apple has included a wired ethernet port on the device. I thought i would be reaching for my bluetooth keyboard, but actually the remote is intuitive both for the initial setup and use once you are up and running.

We upgraded from the old apple tv series 2 which had served us well, but was having problems and decided to upgrade. Positives:the user interface is much improved with a similarly improved remote control with track pad function. The biggest improvement however is the image quality, with such high defninition it felt like our tv was new too. The new range of apps are greatly increased and it is easy to use with a decent collection of channel options. Negatives:it is slightly larger (taller) than the older models of apple tv, but as it included the app for nowtv, we got rid of that box and the one unit does look a lot more tidy. I think the power cable is a little short and wish to buy a replacement longer one. There are lots of game apps which do not seem well thought out, a case of “we can do this so let’s add them”.

Really good if your already in the apple ecosystem. Love that you can also ask siri to control your smart home etc. It’s only really worth it if you have a 4k hdr tv, otherwise you might as well get the previous model which still has pretty much all the same features and still runs tvos.

I use it to get access to the berlin philharmonic orchestra digital concert hall, and it works brilliantly, although the remote control does take some getting used to, and there are no instructions as is usual these days.

Very easy to setup, plenty of apps to choose from and the 4k support is excellent. The voice instructions feature works well, name a programme and it tells you which app offers it – however not all services are supported (such as all 4). However a couple of niggles – no subtitle support for bbc iplayer (not sure if this is apples fault or the bbc – but either way they should sort it out as they are discriminating against partially deaf people like me). Also the amount of settings you can adjust is mind-blowing and for average joe’s like me it’s difficult to know what to choose – i just want a selection saying ‘picture as clear and smooth as possible’ please.

This is probably the best media player at the moment, now i’m not an apple fan in fact this is probably the only apple product i will ever buy. Am running this through a sony receiver to a projector and the picture is stunning. Previously owned nvidia shield being an android lover but picture doesn’t come close but the biggie for me is auto frame matching on prime video and netflix so no judder. Even internet radio sounds better on this box. The only drawback for me is the remote control but nothing is perfect. If your after the best in video and sound this is the one.

  • All my entertainment in one place, and in beautiful 4k

  • Glad we upgraded.

  • Simplistic streaming device for IOS users

Apple TV (32 GB – 4th Generation) Black

Most people already know enough about apple products already and like me would have thoroughly researched its features before buying. What i didn’t expect was the fantastic picture quality and ease of use would be so prominent. My five year old daughter has no trouble using the remote to find her favorite films and 4k hdr movies with full 5. 1 surround sound are truly a thing to behold if you have the kit for it. Probably the biggest surprise feature was if you install all the other apps you subscribe to ie netflix, prime tv and disney life etc when you search for a movie the apple tv will tell you if it’s on any of those platforms and play the movie from there rather than having you pay for it from itunes. All in all so good i bought a second one for the bedroom.

This is my third generation appletv and they just keep getting better. 1 sound and faultless streaming quality (though you do need a fats connection). Also loving the new bbc iplayer, now tv and amazon apps too.

This is a great streaming device for us apple ios users, and for those who have a large itunes library it’s a no brainer. The design is simple but beautiful, the inputs you need at there and work first time every time. This is the 3rd apple tv i’ve owned and setup wasn’t as easy as the others, lag was crazy at first. Which wherever i searched came up with the same solution. I did this, and it didn’t help. What i did realise after looking through the settings extensively, is that the device after doing its initial set up, didn’t realise my tv was 60hz and defaulted to 50hz. It also did not set itself to chroma 4:2:2 which i have the correct cable for. After manually setting up the apple tv myself all lag disappeared, and the picture was visibly clearer and smoother. Everything else is standard apple, integration in to the eco system is seamless and work flawlessly. Apps are a bit meh and need working on from apple’s perspective, think app store for mac lol. Music integration is standard apple. Every other streaming service is on here too. Best thing about this is if you have a big library of films and a 4k tv, the upgrade to 4k on any films are free if you bought the hd version, a rare freebie given by apple.

It’s apple tv man, so you know it’s gonna be quality, i’ve got them all around the house.

Be aware that the hdmi cable must fully engage in the slot so that the cable shoulder sits against the case, otherwise there is no signal. I struggled to find a cable in my box that would fit, including premium cables, despite them connecting to other devices, without problems. (had the same issue with a 4k unit that i returned as i thought it was faulty)however, once i got a cable that would fit, installation was a breeze, using my iphone. I can confirm that it runs: bbc iplayer, itv hub, 4od, my5, amazon prime and nowtv. I can also control it with my harmony ultimate remote.

Image not as sharp and clear with 4k uhd videos as my amazon firestick. Remote is very sleek i must admit. Unable to use browsers on it like the firestick. Absolutely nothing special about it asides the sleekness.

Very good picture and audio quality.

Compared to the 3rd gen that we had, this was a considerable upgrade. Although not all supports 4k; it will do the modulation into the correct resolution.

Ok, first off, it’s from apple so it going work, and work well, but the remote, it’s a tiny work of art, metal back, rechargeable with cable included, only a few buttons and a track pad, and being apple, it just works. Enter your apple id put your iphone or ipad nearby and it takes the wifi info from it and in 5 mins you’re watching telly or a movie. I swear the picture quality is better than my old amazon fire stick. Thanks apple and jonny ives.

Much better than previous versions. Works very smooth, picture quality is stunning, remote is great. Solved the issues of the frozen frames during airplay from previous models.

Bought to replace an earlier model, this apple tv is just what we wanted. Easy catch up on bbc iplayer etc and streaming from an iphone or ipad. This 4th generation is much easier to use and has more apps already available.

As always apple always put so much attention to detail in the packaging. I brought this as an upgrade from an earlier generation and i am satisfied with the way it works, picture quality is great. I love the new touch pad remote.

Easy to set up and use, works perfectly out of the box and much better than earlier generations.

Bought this to run my plex client with my 4k tv, took a little for plex to catch up with bug fixes and adding new features. But to date i couldn’t be more happy plays my 4k content now in direct play 👍.

Works quite well, still finding out how to make it work, but can get netflix’s and bbc and prime. Don’t know how to go back from where i have got to. Having to start from the beginning almost every time.

Like most apple products, it works well and it’s functionality improves with every free software update. I particularly value the airplay 2 functionality that enables the sound to be played in more than one room.

Plugged in and started immediately -gives very good range of features.

Excellent product, usual slick apple menus and fantastic picture and sound quality. However – be aware the 1080p version does not support dolby atmos only the 4k version does. Found this out and will be changing to 4k version even though non 4k projector.

Features and Spesification

  • 1080p HD for high-quality video
  • Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound
  • A8 chip
  • Voice search by asking the Siri Remote
  • View photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad on TV
  • BBC iPlayer, NOW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ITV Hub, iTunes and thousands more apps in the App Store