Arbily Wireless Earbuds : Excellent product

Great and comfortable to wear. I am very impressed by the size as it is very small and very comfortable. The battery life is good and lasts for more than 3 hours with constant music on. The connection to mobile phone is fast and always connected. I checked the range and was able to have uninterrupted music about 8 to 10 meters away from the phone.

This earphones are beautifully designed and sound effect is perfect and clear. Just got it for about a week using every day and its comfortable to wear for a long period as it is very light earbuds and its quality seems very good. Its also have a fabulous caring case,and its battery life its amazing. I am really happy with this earphones,as its also has a very attractive price compared to other brands. The sound quality its very impressive.

So i’ve had the earpods for a short while using them on a regular basis to listen to music mainly while at work. Firstly off the good points, the sound quality is really good, the dock is nicely made, the earpods look nice, the battery life is reasonable for earpods, it’s not earthshattering and a bit on the short side but no shorter than any other ear pod (there’s a size limit to how much battery can be squeezed in there. ), and finally the ability to use one on its own or both together is a nice touch. Now for the downsides, first off i can’t find any example of the “noise canceling” functionality that was claimed so i must assume it is a passive function, either way, i didn’t think it particularly cancelled any more noise than any other headphone. I’ve had several occasions of the headphones randomly powering down and i have no idea, battery levels are fine and upon repowering, they work correctly again. Adjusting the headphone in my ear can also cause on or other to stop playing the music temporarily until i move them again. All in all when they work they work really nicely but they aren’t really reliable enough for regular use and i’m planning on returning them.

I’ve been wanting to try some bluetooth earbuds for ages as i liked the idea of having no wires, but as with all audio devices it’s always a worry as to whether they will sound any good and also how comfortable they are to wear. So after reading lots of positive reviews for these i decided to try them, the price was pretty reasonable too. So they arrived and in very nice packaging, it had a similar look and feel as an iphone box. The product itself also looks good and feels very nice quality. The charger case is perfect size to carry with you, not bulky or heavy, it slides open to reveal two indentations which the earbuds magnetically clip into to charge, there’s four led lights on one end to show charge level. I was glad to see they came with four different sized rubber inserts so you can get them to fit your ear perfectly. They were very easy to set up and pair with my phone, i did find the functions a little complicated though, each bud has one large button which you press in various sequences to perform different functions such as pause, skip, answer phone call etc, i think it will take a while to memorise them all to be honest. Comfort wise i was pleasantly surprised, looking at the size of them i thought they might feel abit bulky or work their way loose but they didn’t, they fit snuggly in my ear and the rubber insert kept them securely in placeand now the most important thing: sound. I was so impressed with how good they sound.Not only do they do a great job of noise cancelling, they provide brilliant, rich sounding music with just the right amount of bass, very clear, no interference or tinniness, just great all round.

Ok if you arent running or doing sports. Im used to akg and bose quality headphones so maybe a bit bias. I should have stuck to my guns and spent a £100 extra for the real deal earbuds.

I was looking to buy the iphone wireless headphones but to be honest are really expensive than i though, so i’m tried to look for a small but good quality, i didn’t get disappointed at all. As soon i’ve opened the box it was look similar to the iphone one. The case is very small and i can easily keep it with me for recharge it, in my pocket or in my bag, the magnet stick easy the headphones in the case with no struggle at all, there are four lights to show you the charge level, in the box you have the charger and different size of rubbers for the ears. I have to say the quality of sound is very good, i was a bit scared to be honest as i’ve never tried before so i didn’t know what to expect but the bass and the voice are really clear and the noise around get cancelled, the price was reasonable too. I will definitely recommend.

I wanted to try some true wireless earbuds but didn’t want to spend more than 100 euros. I started to research online and decided to buy the arbily set because they are affordable, looked nice and seemed to have good reviews. I was not wrong, it is a good product. Very easy to carry around and the case charges the earbuds very quickly and has plenty of energy storage for multiple charges. The earbuds are very light, fairly comfortable and look amazing, with a very futuristic look. The setup process or pairing is very quick and straightforward. The sound quality is better than i expected but is a little flat for my personal taste. Still, i really like these and will use them for sure.

Have given this unit a test run before reviewing it. Sound is excellent with a good bass. Noise cancelling worked very well even on a windy blustery day and the battery/charging system did it’s job no problem. All in all a very good product.

  • A space saving smart design. I mainly use this for long jogs
  • Good attempt at a good device idea
  • Fantastic!

Arbily Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones with Charging Case, Noise Canceling In Ear Earphones Sweatproof Sport Bluetooth Headphones with Mic for Most Phones

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Arbily cannot be faulted for helping me out with a previous bad experience. The product i received originally was not up to par and they have gone out of their way to help me out, and ensure that i got a product that was much better, and that i’ve had a very good experience. I have just received the tws-t8, which is a newer model than i originally ordered and the build and sound quality is far superior. The shape and style of these wireless headphone is actually superior than another premium brand that i recently tried, those ones just didn’t stay in the ears. The arbily ones sit perfectly in and do not budge.

I like this earbuds very much, because it is very convenient to connect the devices and it is totally wireless. I feel very comfortable to wear this earbuds. I like to listen music when i do the exercise. I can go to the rest room without bring my phone and still receive the music. The quality of the sound is also good comparing to its price.

I was feeling a bit sceptical about buying these earphones due to a poor experience on a similar product. Fortunately i am very pleases with these. It fits securely in my ears, and the sound quality is better than i expected with decent bass. It comes in a nice, sturdy charging case which allows the earphones to be charged repeatedly.

I was a bit concerned with in ear earphones like those because i never had luck with wired ones before, they would keep falling from my ears, especially left side. But given the good ratings and the fact that i really wanted those, i went for it and i was right to do so. They are handy, comfy, sound is great and good fit, they seal well from external noises. Pairing is just as any other pairing, i recommend to read the instructions for how long to touch to activate/deactivate them (which i didn’t do in a first place) and you’re good to go. There are more expensive ones out there from well known brands, but i don’t know what more you can get from them. At this price, it is a no brainer.

The product is sleek and fits in the ear really well with brilliant sound, you notice the noise cancellation on a busy train. I had a minor issue with my headphones but arbily were superb, listened to the issue i had then swapped the product over. Next level customer service.

The sound is crisp and clear. The case looks slick and what you expect for the price. True wireless so that each ear piece is independent of the other. Simply connect via bluetooth. Once connected each time you switch the earbuds on they connect automatically. Touch the touch sensor for three seconds and they switch on. After use hold the touch sensor for about 8 seconds and they switch on. Place them back in the case and they charge up again. Just tried these in the gym and did a run on the treadmill for 3 km and they did not feel loose or slip out.

I’ve been using them more than i thought i would, so far they’ve been great battery life is pretty good, at least for me, i’ve manged to use them for 3-4 hours straight before having to charge them but i can’t tell how long it takes to charge them cause i just leave them in their case and charge over night. Overall i’m pretty happy with them, definitely recommended.

A simple and effective bluetooth headphone set that has accompanied me on my daily grind that is jogging. This headset has a soft silicone bud that comes in 3 sizes that will eventual fit your ear. I must say that these ear buds are surprisingly small but one major concern is if it falls out or if you misplace them. But so far, it has fit snuggly in place and when i’m not using them i can place them in their box which also acts as a mobile charger. A space saving smart design. I mainly use this for long jogs and i hated the wired headphones or wireless hook versions as i found them irritating the longer i jog, they tend to bounce around and distracts me. These headphone s are truly light and with bluetooth v4. 2 it really does cancel out a lot of the background noise. Be careful around built up areas as you do want to hear the cars wizzing past. A really good set of headphones that has surprisingly good audio definition and is also reasonably priced.

  • A space saving smart design. I mainly use this for long jogs
  • Good attempt at a good device idea
  • Fantastic!

Arbily Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones with Charging Case, Noise Canceling In Ear Earphones Sweatproof Sport Bluetooth Headphones with Mic for Most Phones

Wow, what a lovely piece of kit – i’m forever pulling the headphones out of their socket in my phone & sending everything flying when i’m at the gym so decided to treat myself to a pair of these. I’m so happy with this purchase. They feel such good quality & well made; they’re easy to use, the sound quality is excellent & i love the sleek charging box. It really does feel like i’ve treated myself.I can’t wait to try them out at the gym, whilst i’m gardening, relaxing in bed – they will completely change the way i listen to music. They even come with a few pairs of replacement ear buds & a smart box to store it all in. This is the future of personal music i think.

I bought a very expensive pair of wireless headphones 2 years ago for nearly £200, i was never completely enamoured with them so i purchased a set of these arbily units. What can i say, very comfortable to wear, great sound quality, clever charger case that also has its own battery to charge the earbuds. Really please with these as you can tell and for an extremely reasonable price.

The noise cancellation isn’t great but then i don’t want to be run over in traffic when walking about so this suits me. Fits nicely in ear once you understand the orientation. Looks stylish and the charging case is solid and good looking too.

They fit surprisingly well into my ears where i have struggled with other in ear headphones. They stay put whilst i am cycling, even over rough ground so top marks there. The fact they re charge in the case is great and i like the design of them. The only gripe i have is with the sound, they is too much bass. Otherwise i think these headphones are good value and well designed.

I feel that in spite of the fact that i returned this product, i must give it a positive review. The sound quality was excellent, the physical design of the earbuds and their case was both attractive and useful. The only problem for me was that they didn’t stay in my ears but this is almost certainly a feature of my ears rather than earbuds – i just have to accept that i can’t wear them.

Great product – had already bought some for myself and now buying them as a present for a family member. Really recommend for anyone looking for cheap wireless earbuds but that want to keep very high quality. Also the microphone for calls works very well.

This is a light weight and comfortable bluetooth earbuds. The case not only hold the earbuds it also charge it went you keep it inside. You can use one or two earbuds. Sounds quality is good but a bit low volume even on maximum.

Seen these a few times but was a bit sceptical so didn’t buy them for a while but i have to say i am glad i did these things are class. The sun reason for these was i like to listen to music at night goin tosleep but my wife hates the noise and wearing ordinary ear phones hut my ear when lying down obviously but with these i can lay on my head without any bother.

Arrived on the next day after ordering. I like the metallic case which has a reasonable size that can fit in any pocket easily. Already used them for daily basis jobs (cleaning the house, gym, cooking, etc. ) and they really make things easier. I don’t have to disturb my flatmates by using the speakers.

This was a recently bought wireless earbuds for myself. It’s been a while since i have decided to spend more money than ever on earphones and i decided to buy these ones. The price is acceptable but after using and quality it could’ve been more cheaper. I did have very high expectations paying such price. This was very interesting for me as this was very i was a little upset. The bass is slightly limited and so it the overall sound. It is like one of them cheap wireless earphones you can get under 15 pounds on amazon. But then again they are not too terrible.

My purpose to buy the bluetooth is easy to talk over the phone sometimes, and this product is really easy to recharge ( just put them into the small charger box ), also you can take it with you in your pocket. Will recommend to buy this if you need it.

 i have two of these now and i am happy with the product. I like the fact you can use only one headphone at times and at other times have two in. The sound quality is very good no problems or concerns there. The battery life of the device is a good 2-3 days usage before i charged mine again. However, something about the battery is if you use the right one by itself when it requires charge it doesn’t charge as much as the left one seems to show full charge sooner. The design i like very much it is very luxurious and the headphones aren’t too bulky in the ear. The connectivity is good via bluetooth but i do wish the range was a bit longer on both earsets. Overall it is a good product and i would recommend.

Amazing ear buds future fashion design very comfortable for using i’ve got this before when i go in holidays and i’m not sow something similar people around looked at me like i’m from different planet 👽😎, and also i’m use this ear buds when take a shower without any problems.

So if you found your self looking at the arbily x9 and deciding whether you would like to buy them ,honestly you should i my self wondered whether i should buy them to so i came to the review section and no one really helped me decide so i just bought them and took a leap of faith and i’m honesty so happy i did these are the best wireless headphones out of the 13 i have bought this since 2016 and i could never be happier. For it’s cheap price of £45 you are actually going to get the experience of a £100 pound headphone. They are extremely loud and have a strong bass also the connectivity is very very fast and they do last for more then 3 hours around 4 maybe 5 and you can go very far from the actual device without any problems very good for gym as it’s literally water proof so sweat does not faze it the touch screen works very well as even the slightest touch is recognised so if your wondering whether to buy it or not is so obviously your decision but i truly believe these are the best headphones anyone could ask for.

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