Arendo Milk Frother Electric Liquid Heater – Easy to use

Really good makes a great cappuccino.

It does what it says on the tin, but you can only fit a small amount of milk in it to froth 115ml and 250ml to heat, anything more you spend ages cleaning up as the milk goes everywhere. I use a travel mug when going to work and to be honest measuring out the milk for frothing in the morning is more trouble than it’s worth. If you just want hot milk up just use the microwave and save your money.

Great for making cappuccino and latte, ideal.

Not as good as my old jug sadly. It heats the milk up well but the ‘standard’ fritter doesn’t really froth. The whisk version however does but is too much for a coffee. Like others say it does leave burnt milk in the bottom but cleans very easily.

Use skimmed milk if you want to make good milk froth mmmmmm. . Very easy to use this small and gorgeous milk frother machine (looks like a cute kettle). The milk froth you made by this one is indectructible 😎 if you know what i mean. You stir and stir your coffee you destroy the froth but it actually comes back firm again.

It makes an excellent cappo.

I do use it but if it broke i would not replace it.

I initially bought this to recreate my favourite flat white, not managed it so far but my cappuccinos are amazing. Very simple to use and clean. The whisk for warming milk with a little foam is not that great but i only use almond milk so the problem my be that. Nevertheless it’s a great product and i’m very happy.

I wanted nice thick silky frothy milk in my coffee like in the cafes and this is perfect. I saw people saying machines like this leak, that’s only if you fill over the max line. Use it correctly and it’s perfect and so quick and easy. I clean it out as soon as i’ve poured the milk into the cup so it doesn’t get sticky and burn the next time i use it, and thats quick and easy too.

A great product that produces lovely hot frothy coffee. The only problem i have is that it does not rinse clean, i have to brush it to remove milk residue.

Brilliant item, i am glad i spend those money for it. Originally i payed over £70 for another in a big all electric shop (you know who i mean) and was poo poo. This one, at less then half price, was is very good and excellent for hot capucinno use every day for all of us. With skimmed milk works super super foamy.You have thou to get the right milk and diffrend brands will work differently. Customer service was very helpful and we highly recommend this product and the producer.

Good machine, quiet and decent speed of operation. My only complaint is that a milk residue does occur on every use, which is not what i was led to believe.

Even at the minimum level it makes too much froth for one cup, it is wider than my previous, well known make, frother so maybe there is more milk to start with. Also it leaves a bit of a scum which needs wiping out after use while before i would just put some water in my frother and use it several times in a day then wash it up at night. But for a lot less money it does a good job.

Bought as a gift and the recipient loves it. They have made both cappuccino and latte style drinks with each of the supplied adapters and said they work perfectly. It is limited with the volume it can produce, so can only do cup size measures as opposed to mug sized.

Love the froth, extremely good. It’s very easy to use, just the cleaning is slightly annoying because the bottom part cannot go in water.

Heats up well and very easy to use.

This arendo milk frother was significantly cheaper than the nespresso one, and appears to do exactly the same job. Feels solidly built, runs quietly, very easy to clean out with cold water rinse and tip of finger immediately after frothing. The frothing cycle is on a timer, not a thermostat. So if you like your froth nice and hot (as i do), simply press the button again after it stops, and hey presto, hot frothed milk.

There is nothing to dislike about my new milk heater/frother. At the price sold it’s at least £25 cheeper then the chepist of nesspresso range,but better still, for me it’s in the same red colour as my morphy richards (nesspresso compatable) coffee maker & you get better individual tools for frothing or just heating,where as with the nesspreso you get one tool that you have to fiddle with to use for either task. For anyone with arthritic fingers like me the latter is not as good.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes nice ‘at home’ coffee
  • Excellent
  • Beautiful and useful