Ariete 1342/05 Retro Style Filter Coffee Machine : Nice addition to the kitchen

Nice to be able to get a quality machine made of metal. Looks very good in my kitchen where there is already a retro vibe. The timer function is just ideal for the morning. There are different strength settings which did bamboozle me initially as you can opt for 1-4 cups setting as well as weak medium and strong. Well after trying the 1-4 cups setting first i was not loving the coffee taste at all, also the machine likes to dither on this setting taking longer, or so it seemed. So i then tried the medium setting for only 2 cups which i measured with an actual cups not the jug i was relieved it tasted much better, i then tried the strong setting and found it even better, so phew, as need to like the coffee obviously :-).

Everyone comments and very unusual.

Took me a while to figure out how to work it with the timer and where to put the water. Once up and running – it’s great. Makes the kitchen smell lovely as it percolates the brew, doesn’t take too long for a full capacity. Turns itself off after a while but just switch it back on again to heat up the remaining coffee. Takes a few attempts to get the desired strength of coffee – trued filter papers in the top but we found it more fiddly than just rinsing the mesh filter out. Great vintage look- we went for the blue colour.

Fantastic machine, easy to use and keep clean. Also lovely to look at, works well in my retro kitchen i just wish i could’ve got it in blue.

Expensive, but worth every penny. Looks class and makes great coffee. Different strength settings ensure the coffee is always how we want it; and the temperature is spot on. Very pleased with this purchase.

Delivery of this item wasn’t without its problems. I originally ordered it on 13th november with an estimated delivery date of 6 december. The 6th december came and went so a week later following amazon guidance i contacted the seller and waited 48 hours without any joy. I then contacted amazon directly and they swung into action very quickly and contacted the seller on my behalf. Within 12 hours the seller had contacted me and an express delivery of a replacement item was put in place which arrived as promised 5 days later. The problem clearly was with the carrier but in all fairness once the wheels started turning the issue was sorted promptly and efficiently. This coffee maker is dispatched from germany but is shipped with the uk market in mind. It has a uk 3 pin plug, the markings on the machine are in english and it comes with multi lingual instructions (including english). The coffee maker is larger than i thought but is a nice addition to my kitchen. It sits comfortably under my kichen unit however i do need to pull it out from underneath the upper cupboards to fill it as there isn’t enough gap for the lid to open. Also as i am on the shorter side i do need to stand on tip toe to see the markers contained within the water tank which shows the level of the water. I have found it easier to measure out my water in a measuring jug and then pour it in. The spout on a measuring jug is an easier option for filling the machine as i have found the spout on the coffee jug does splash the water everywhere.

Neat and compact coffee machine very pleased although took a long time to receive it ordered 17 nov received 22 dec.

  • Nice addition to the kitchen
  • Superb Coffee Machine produces HOT Coffee.
  • good machine with a few points to take in mind

Ariete 1342/05 Retro Style Filter Coffee Machine, 24 Hour Programmable Timer With Pause and Serve Button and Washable Filter, Blue

Product Description, Coffee maker for American coffee. Makes from 4 to 12 cups of large, hot and tasty coffee. Thanks to the included timer and the LCD display it is possible to program the preparation of coffee in the next 24h. The support plate of the tempered glass jug maintains the coffee warm for about 30 minutes. With the anti-dripping system, the devices stops dispensing when the cup is extracted. The dispensing restarts when the Pause&Serve button is pressed. The filter holder is easily washable.

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The wrong colour was delivered but luckily i liked it better.

Hot coffee, large capacity, hotplate turns off after 45 mins but i just turn it on again, not suffered ‘stewed’ coffee at all. It does not need coffee filters but i still use them to keep it clean. Size 4, needs pushing down a little (flatten the bottom) but it works fine for me. This is a very substantial coffee machine and well worth the price tag. I bought the cream and i am very happy with it.

I do love this machine, it looks great sitting in my kitchen. Its good quality and makes good coffee. It seems to be the way with most coffee machines now that it turns off in 45 mins. My personal opinion is this is a pain, but hey ho. The other- the water level indicator isn’t visible from the outside of the machine, you actually have to look into the reservoir to see how much water is in. Being 5ft 2″, its not the most convienient. Having said that – i would highly recommend this machine for quality and aesethetics.

Nice simple design looks great.

After initially getting a broken and used product, i have contacted the seller themselvrs and they were very apologetic and straight away sent me new one. Came next day and still a year later i make lovely coffee.

  • Nice addition to the kitchen
  • Superb Coffee Machine produces HOT Coffee.
  • good machine with a few points to take in mind

Ariete 1342/05 Retro Style Filter Coffee Machine, 24 Hour Programmable Timer With Pause and Serve Button and Washable Filter, Blue

Features and Spesification

  • Retro design will bring a quirky style to your kitchen
  • Allows you to make up to 12 cups of coffee at a time
  • 24 hour programmable timer means you can wake up to a fresh brew every morning
  • Rest the tempered glass jug on the keep warm plate to keep it hot for 30 minutes
  • Pause and Serve function lets you stop the flow at any point so you can serve a coffee before continuing