Ariete 480 Watt Moka Aroma : Great

I spend a fortune on buying really good italian coffee and, when i bought the ariete moka, i wasn’t disappointed. For some reason coffee comes out with a much fuller flavour – not quite espresso, but absolutely delicious. The only problem i have with it is that the little lid which covers the ground coffee inside is made of appallingly thin metal and bends, which quite often means the coffee has coffee grounds in it. If they’d only spent just a little more money on making a decently edged inside lid, then this moka would get a five-star rating from me.

First when making the coffee as described in the micro handbook i was quite displeased, the result was weak coffe with absolutely no taste. Thing i had made a bad choice i was about to pack it up a send back when my hotplate failed me, so in desperation i made the coffee in the ariete, my way, one normal measure of ordinary ground coffee in the four cup holder, water up to just under the safety valve and switched on, rather than the rather long time it took with the recommended method , my pot was ready and a couple of minutes and produced an english size coffee cup of excellent coffee, so all is forgiven, but i continue to make coffee my way. And recommend the ariete to anyone who likes coffee in a full cup , black and strong.

It makes a very small two cups of espresso, and takes forever. It has also broken down a couple of times in the past five months–failing to force the water through, until after a super special clean, when it works again for a week or so. The metal parts are quite delicate, and it is only a matter of time before it gets screwed on badly and then fails to seal for good. With delicate handling and occasional use it’s probably fine. For every day a couple times a day, it’s not that great.

This is very good product, the coffee is aromatic, tasty and brewed quickly.

Veri usefuli use in hotel because the hotel’s coffee is very bad and with this you can taste very italian coffee.

The upper bit is in plastics which doesn’t help. It took quite a few runs to make it produce a good coffee.

Been using this for a month now and so far it has met my expectation. The espresso was very nice considering the price of this piece of machine. The switch does not go off automatically, you have to wait until all the liquid is out before turning it off manually. Great for office cubicle use.

Plastic so worried about longevity. Only makes a small cup though. Just enough to make me get my ar*e outta bed.

  • Great product
  • It took quite a few runs to make it produce a good coffee. Now it works well
  • Recommended

Ariete 480 Watt Moka Aroma, White/ Black

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Makes a great cup of coffee. Only fault is the flimsy tamping disc.

It came quite quickly, and it is exactly what i was looking for. Pity it doesn’t have a timer, but thats ok.

I have various coffee makers, i am a total addict, and this unit is smart stylish and easy to use. I would make one design suggestion, and that is the coffee basket is difficult to take out of the unit. I got around this by using a spring that i had from a previous machine another brand that had become nolonger functionng. I usually keep all the odds and bits etc when something stops working. I found by adding this spring the coffee basket is much easier yo take outperfectly happy and love the design​.

Amazing product, but i ll get my next one from the states, cheaper same delivery time. Plug it came with no suitible, loose fitting caused sparks so tried other adaptors nothing, i had to get someone to modify the plug all together. Only get it if you an electrician your self. Ij case you wander i tried adaptors plus the one supplied and different plugs.

The best coffee machine, ever.

  • Great product
  • It took quite a few runs to make it produce a good coffee. Now it works well
  • Recommended

Ariete 480 Watt Moka Aroma, White/ Black

Features and Spesification

  • ARIETE Electric Coffee Maker Moka
  • Power: 400 Watts
  • Capacity: 4/2 cup
  • 360 ° cordless base
  • Weight: 0,76 kg