Ariete Moka Aroma Coffee Machine Mokina-1358 : Just perfect… if you know what you’re doing.

It works like the usual moka but the plastic lid is too light and it does not seal properly so while pouring the coffee, it is better to keep it open to avoid spilling.

The moka maker is doing it’s job – i have to get used to it and get the correct coffee. It’s take some time making a cup of coffe.

Recommended by my friend who is italian and lives in italy for half the year. Makes a lovely espresso and keeps hot after the coffee is made.

A bit picky on the coffee, make sure you use finely ground coffee, better if from some italian brands (like lavazza, splendid, illy…) as the coarser grounds make it a bit less flavourful and the machine tends to get overloaded with pressure and spill a bit.

I bought this as a convenient alternative to my conventional stove top pot. I have to say that despite the mixed reviews here, i am extremely pleased with my purchase. If you are used to using a conventional italian stove pot you will have no difficulty using or appreciating this pot. The method of coffee preparation and making is exactly as you will be accustomed to. It is clean, efficient, and attractive to look at. It makes a great italian coffee. However, if you are not used to italian coffees, in terms of small volume, very strong taste, you will need to dilute the resultant with boiling water to produce a coffee such as americano in terms of weaker strength and greater volume. The only disadvantage (if it is one) is that the upper white chamber is made of hard plastic and i did worry if this might ‘taste’, i have not found this at all. I have no difficulty in highly recommending this ariete mocha pot.

Makes excellent coffee, just fill it up and plug it to a power outlet, 3 minutes and your espresso is ready. For better taste, ensure the coffee powder is thinly ground, this will make the difference between a proper espresso and a watered coffee (any lavazza blend is perfect with this machine, for example). 2015:after over one year of continuous usage, the product is still working well, no significant marks to the exterior, while interior is perfect. The plastic handle (which is a common problem with cheap machines where it may break easily) is holding well, although we tend to use the machine carefully and pay attention not to pull too strong.

Used to have a delonghi alicia, which eventually broke. Tried this and coffees are just as good. Early runs saw dregs come through into the coffee but after a few cycles, this was fine. The white colour looks realy good but bear in mind that coffee does stain this a little – so it won’t be perfect after a few uses but still looks pretty good. One thing that’s missing is an indication of when the coffee is done – you just have to listen out for it bubbling to indicate it’s done or just note the time yourself – not ideal.

I bought this moka as i have now an induction hob that does not work with my beloved traditional moka in aluminium. This electric moka was the only one offering the possibility to make 2 to 4 cups. It works well, the water boils very quickly and the coffee is ready in just over a minute. I would say the coffee it’s not as aromatic as the one you get with the traditional machine (maybe because the water boils too quickly), then it’s important to choose good quality good coffee powder to get the best out of it.

  • Too much plastic
  • Good Moka
  • Espresso in your office!

Ariete Moka Aroma Coffee Machine Mokina-1358, Plastic, 480 W, White

Product Description, Ariete is known for producing creative, great quality products with Italian flair.
The Ariete Moka Aroma is a compact and stylish coffee machine for making 2 – 4 cups of excellent espresso or cappucino. It’s great for coffee lovers as it has a 30-minute keep-warm function, meaning you can have warm coffee at hand! Convenient for at home or in the office.

Box Contains, 1 x Ariete Moka Aroma (White) 1358 1 x Instruction booklet

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  • Too much plastic
  • Good Moka
  • Espresso in your office!

Ariete Moka Aroma Coffee Machine Mokina-1358, Plastic, 480 W, White

Features and Spesification

  • Stylish and compact coffee machine
  • Great for espresso and cappucino lovers
  • 30 minute keep-warm function
  • Makes 2-4 cups
  • Cordless design with 360° base