Artiste ADH300 Wireless TV Headphones : Fantastic sound after getting digital connection right.

I bought these for my father who is hard of hearing. Superb quality, lightweight, easy(ish) instructions. Set them up using optical lead (all kinds of leads supplied so shouldn’t have a problem with connectors). Far better than the previous wi-fi ones i bought that lasted all of 6 weeks.

These are fantastic and i found them easy to connect to my tv just follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong ,i am 77 years old and if i can do it well i am sure you all can and the sound quality is next to none.

These headphones are just great. I am delighted that i chose these from all those that are on offer. Because my tv only supports optical output, i had to contact the seller to obtain a ‘free’ optical converter which is not supplied as standard, but the seller promises it will be sent to you totally free of charge upon request; it was. Following an easy set-up everything works excellently.

Prompt arrival works perfectly,.

I bought these headphones for practice on my bass guitar because i was fed up with too many leads so this gave me a bit more flexibility for moving around. I haven’t tried them yet for watching movies but i guess they will be fine. Anyway back to my bass playing, i don’t get any noise whatsoever compared to other headphone that i have tried so the notes are crisp and clear. It can be very much on the bass side bit that is how i like it so it may not suit people who are looking for that treble sound. Al in all i am very happy with my purchase and the price range is good for what you get.

Easy to set up, only takes a few minutes. Sound quality is surprisingly great, there doesn’t seem to be any interference at all when using it. Definitely recommend if you’re in the market for wireless tv headphones. These are better than the built in tv speaker.

I wanted bluetooth headphones for my pc, which i used for gaming and watching sports. The auto pairing facility is brilliant and easy as anything. Sound quality is good and the headphones seem to last quite a while between change. I am truly very happy with my purchase. All in all fantastic purchase and i would highly recommend them.

Nice comfortable fit, had to change settings on my sky q box from dolby to normal and, for a person who is partially deaf the volume doesn’t go loud enough.

  • Brilliant Headphones
  • These are very comfortable
  • Great for people with square ears.

Artiste ADH300 Wireless TV Headphones,2.4GHz UHF/RF Digital Over-Ear Stereo Headphone for TV,100ft Distance Transmitter Rechargeable Charging Dock (UK Standard )

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A good set of budget headphones, good stereo effect, clear sound. They lose a star simply because the ear pads are square and who has square ears ?. My old sony phones that were really poor quality/construction at least had oval ear cushions in the shape of your ears. You do wonder when designers get something as basic as this wrong who gives the go ahead for production ?.

Charging dock was not working / had to get it replaced the replacement came the next day the new one was working perfectly my sister in law is very happy with it , i was only the go between sorry for any misunderstanding.

I bought these for my husband who can watch his favourite, and very noisy, programmes while i read in blissful silence.

Once i realised you don’t need all the cables supplied it was fairly easy. No instructions, but found something on utube to explain what goes where. Good reception through the headphones.

Very happy works perfectly and looks really smart.

This a neat and easy to use headset with an ideal charging and headset stowage arrangement. It was easy to set up and has fulfilled my requirement precisely.

It’s quite good fit and comfortable to wear. The shape of it fits well and not make you feel dizzy even after wearing it for over an hour. But the instructions is not really that clarify about how to get the battery out. It took me quite a bit of time to finally figure out how the disassemble it.

Great fitting & produces good sound & easy to set up & use. Might be a good idea to mention that some customers might need to adjust (like i did) there tv sound setting to use these headsets.

  • Brilliant Headphones
  • These are very comfortable
  • Great for people with square ears.

Artiste ADH300 Wireless TV Headphones,2.4GHz UHF/RF Digital Over-Ear Stereo Headphone for TV,100ft Distance Transmitter Rechargeable Charging Dock (UK Standard )

I bought this for use with my tv and a/v receiver. I’ve noticed that some reviewers have stated that their tv still outputs volume when used with the headphones, mine doesn’t, the volume is automatically muted on both the tv and receiver, which is what i expected. One very small point is that the volume and on/off buttons are very small and insubstantial, i would have preferred bigger chunkier buttons.

If using for a long time it feels comfortable to wear and with being material on head padding and ears less chance of sweating. Volume control and sound can be loud if required as i am going deaf i find this useful and do not need to wear my hearing aid with this. For the price i cannot fault it.

Brilliant sound quality and simple set up all i wanted in a system, strength of signal is very impressive i have walked all over my 4 bed house and the signal never dropped at all, going into the garden the distance was as described i was at least 25m including walls before the signal altered. Charging is simple just dock the headset back on the base station. I would recommend to others.

Just tried it out at the weekend. Had it connected to the tv in our caravan listening to the cricket whilst washing the car outside. Well pleased with the purchase.

I got them for my husband who is a bit hard of hearing he watches tv in bed and uses the headphones to hear better these are great no cables great sound he is very happy with them.

We ordered these headphones because it received such good reviews. We are so pleased that we did, as they are well made, comfortable to wear, easy to use and the sound is great. Additionally, the customer service we received from the manufacturer is excellent. They emailed to make sure that we were happy with their product, and then followed it up with a further email a couple of weeks later to check that everything was still working to our satisfaction.

I have only had this product for three days, so i cannot comment on battery life, however, it did arrive very quickly and the sound quality is excellent. I look forward to (hopefully) many years of happy listening.

They are ok, but not so comfortable as i thought they would be to wear and nowhere near as good as my old sennheiser ones, which to be honest with you, were a step up in terms of quality.

This an excellent product – very easy to setup and to maintain – good quality sound with numerous options.

The cordless headphones are comfortable to wear. I use these when i’m in bed so that the tv doesn’t disturb hubby when he’s trying to sleep.

Had a problem at first connected up wrong place all quickly sorted and now a great piece of kitmany thanks mike.

Great for being on my cross trainer and hear the tv at same time. Great sound – use for films so can have sound up. Have stopped using soundbar late in the evenings.

Easy to set up & work perfectly. I wear the phones (loud as i like) & my partner reads or goes to sleep.

I am a little deaf and need this product to adjust the volume, it works very well. It is very comfortable to wear and i like the buttons for adjusting the volume and the easy docking system for charging. I needed some advice from the supplier who was quick to reply and solve.

This wireless headphone have a good sound quality and a good bass sound. It’s not too heavy as well and you can connect it to the bluetooth.

Excellent wireless headset, easy to use, very little noise spillage.

I would have given this 5 stars if the ear piece was not broken on arrival the batteries where in place, which makes me think that i did not receive a new headphone set. At the moment the headphones are working. I have i hope fixed the headphones. But did i get a replacement set of headphones.

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