Artlii Energon Projector Home Cinema Projector Supported Full HD 1080P 250″ Display HiFi Stereo Movie Projector With Zoom Compatible : worth the money

The picture quality is very good, here i screened on my wall for trial. The sound quality is good too but i will need to use a speaker for volume. I am very happy with the projector which is heavy duty for home. However, a continental power adapter would’ve been great.

This is a native 720p hd projector. It arrived well packaged with instruction booklet in english and some other languages. Also included was a hdmi cable, av cable, power plug and a remote. Remote requires 2 aaa batteries which were not provided so you need to get your own. Starting up the projector i noticed that the fan noise was a lot lesser than another projector that i own. The menu is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. Navigation can be done using the included remote or the touch panel on the projector. I noticed that the projector gets warm pretty quickly but that is ok as long as you do not keep a portable hard drive on top of it while playing a video. Different ports available such as hdmi, usb etc to connect a variety of devices.

I love the quality of this projector, it really looks like a cinema projector in my room. Also the possibility to scale the image down in case you don’t have enough space is a pro.

I am totally pleased with the purchase of this projector. The picture is a lot more clear than i expected and now am looking for a good screen to use with this projector. The built speaker is good for times when you don’t have an additional one. You are able to resize the projected image to better fit the desired screen/wall – if the projector is too close to the screen/wall. I’ve played video games on it, watched movies on it and used it for garden movies for the kids. And it works awesome for all these things. The sound is good, the pic is bright and great detail.

 very sleek and stylish projector and pack with all the features i require for a full cinema experience. I’ve never seen a projector with a touch screen panel before but it certainly works as it should and responds to every touch. Overall set up couldn’t have been any easier and the unit picked up my android box via hdmi without any issues. The picture quality is crisp and clear and this was based on a screen size of approximately 180” but the screen can also be adjusted in size by using the remote which is very clever. At 4200 lumens the brightness is of exceptional quality and one of the best projectors i’ve used based on the price. The unit is also equipped with stereo sound which provides adequate sound but i will likely connect a sound bar for that extra cinema experience.

This must be the best projector at 200 or below the price range. The projector has a sleep look and design. Since it is 720p, the picture quality is very clear. The picture is also very bright. I have a large wall that just fits the projector. I use this projector in my living room, it is not very big, the zoom function can help this. I also noticed that this projector has a significant improvement in edge definition, and you can clearly see the subtitles when you watch a movie. One downside is the obvious fan noise, but you won’t hear it once you turn on the volume of the speaker. The speaker is one of the best speakers i have ever heard on a projector.

I love this fancy projector that i bought from amazon. I have bought projectors before for various offices that i work in, however i needed a high-quality projector for our main centre office. I did not want to buy any old trash and so was purposefully looking for something that is of high quality. It arrived the next and i was delighted to find out it was really ready to set-up using all the cables provided. The picture quality is excellent it really is like being at the cinema. We have used it at our office for projecting presentations and also videos for management training exercises. Overall this projector is worth the money for such a quality piece of kit.

Amazing stunning item from beginning to end. Display quality is stunning and brightest is surprisingly bright at this price usually found on higher priced items.

  • Impressive zooming capabilities
  • Incredible Picture with Hi-Fi stereo sound!
  • Get your cinematic experience at home

Artlii Energon Projector Home Cinema Projector Supported Full HD 1080P 250″ Display HiFi Stereo Movie Projector With Zoom Compatible with HDMI VGA USB AV TV Stick for Home Theater Parties Games




Product Highlights

Native 720P

Real 200ANSI brightness, original resolution 1280*800, 3000:1 contrast, similar picture quality but much bigger than your tv, take your watching experience to another level of entertainment!

Touch panel design

Neat touch screen panel design, say goodbye to the noisy button sounds, bid farewell to the cheap experience, really suitable for the positioning of the family shadow.

Family movie night

It is perfect for family movie nights, bright images, clear sound, quiet fan noise, simple settings, adjustable screen size, perfect quality and service. Whether it’s a game or a movie, you can have a good night.

  • Lamp Type : LED
  • Contrast : 3000:1
  • Projection Distance : 1.5-6m
  • Projection Size: 50-250”
  • Zooming Scale: 25%-100%
  • Built-in Speakers: 4Ω5w * 2
  • Bright : 200ANSI
  • Feature : Touch screen panel

25%-100% Zoom


Tired of adjusting the screen size by moving the movie projector back and forth? Our home theater projector features 25%-100% screen zooming. You can get a larger or smaller screen size just by tapping your remote control.

Clear Deep Bass


Home theater-class surround sound speakers give you an immersive listening experience that supports Dolby ; Sound effects are superior to almost all projectors on the market.




HD visual experience

The original resolution of 1280*800 supports 1080p full HD.It is 20% brighter than the 720p projector on the market, the real 200ansi lumens, 3000:1 contrast ratio, making the whole picture more in line with the home theater positioning, bringing a more stereoscopic visual experience.

250” Big screen experience

250” large-screen projection, let you have an immersive experience, it is recommended to hoist, easy to adjust the size of the screen, so that everyone enjoy the fun and companionship of family viewing.

Home Projector

It has a larger picture than the TV, as well as clear and bright audio output, no need for external speakers, the picture is rich and bright, and the afternoon environment with curtains can easily achieve family viewing. It is a projector that is truly suitable for the home.

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You won’t regret buying this projector. I have to say it impressed me since the moment i opened the package. Easy to set up even for a kid. Impresive sound and crisp hd image with great colours and projection quality. The sound has a good and deep bass enough for any home theatre or even a large room. The projector have a really quiet fan, compared to other more expensive brands i would definitely choose this one again. Superior in price, image and sound. Also, as a previous client i have to say artilli customer service is amazing, fast answers and really helpful.

Bought projector before but they seem to be noisy,quiet and gets hot quickly. So i looked for one that opposite to my old one and i came across with this. Its heavy so i know its a good quality. My husband loves it cos he can play his fifa in a big screen also you dont need to hook this up to a speaker cos the sound coming from the projector is loud enough already. All the needed cables are included. You can use this with sd card,usb,laptop,phone and everything so very handy. This be very useful on winter time as i dont like going out so we can watch movies at home in a big screen feels like your in cinema in the comfort of your home. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Enjoying this projectorthe price is excellent for the quality you get. I purchased this projector to use for outdoor movie night. We have watched a few movies ranging from action to cartoons, as well as regular tv all while sitting by the fire. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Picture clarity is good enough for outdoor movie night. Wonderful product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

 love this projector i am nintendo lover and wanted to play on big screen this is exciting. It is easy to set up just need lil more time as i am not expert. The stereo is really great high quality of picture and a video. The price is good , the energon1 home projector features real 200 ansi brightness,it has twenty percent upgrading compare to other 4200 lumens projectors. Also i can used it to do powerpoint at work not only for my games. Also my husband is using it as well at work to do his presentation at work. All you need to do to make it clear and bright is to adjust to the right set up. The packaging is really good which i like specially the box looks expensive.

 i’m looking for a projector that we can used at home for watching movies with family and this projector is suit what we need first great to used for movies entertainment and also playing vedio games so my hubby is so happy he can played vedio games using this projector to make it more exciting. Screen is big 50-250 inch and you can zoom the screen 25% up to 100% so it’s very good to watch in the wide screen. This is equipped with dual hifi speaker so no need to put additional speaker cos it’s own speaker provide a loud sounds. The quality of the image is clear and excellent brightness compared to the other plus very affordable price and with good and high qualityi highly recommend this.

The best projector the the price the images are crispy clear. Was watching a movie in hd and it felt like i was in the cinema. This definatly blows the other branded projectors out the water. The focus funtion and the speakers are really good i would buy again.

I have ordered from the company before and all i can say is that they don’t disappoint, the sound volume and quality will blow you away. I have a number of projectors for halloween projects and for viewing films and this one did not disappoint, it produces a huge picture with a bright display. I tested it using films from a data key and an sd card viewing standard definition films as well as hd and both produce a great picture, i tested displaying photos via an sd card which were also of great quality, the zoom feature is very effective feature to have and works very well. The screen size is huge and in my photos i just used a plain off white wall so you would get even a better image if you were to use a projector screen. The remote control and touch screen are easy to use as is the menu system. Overall this projector is well made with the great image and stunning sound, sit back, grab the popcorn and put on a kick-arse movie and enjoy you own cinema .

This is an extremely capable machine for using during the daytime with just the curtains or blinds closed. Having a proper screen helps to give great definition to the colour. The stereo speakers are very good with clear speech and background noise can be altered to suit the user. The focus ring is a bit stiffer than i’d like but once set there is no need to bother with it unless you move the projector about. Best used on a level support at a suitable height to your screen as movement is limited. The zoom works well if you do decide to move it into a smaller or larger area. I’m getting approximately 115 inches diagonally on my 120 inch screen from opposing walls in an average sized room 4m across. The silent touch screen and the remote make for easy use. Very happy with my choice in every category of use, surpasses others that are far more expensive.

  • Impressive zooming capabilities
  • Incredible Picture with Hi-Fi stereo sound!
  • Get your cinematic experience at home

Artlii Energon Projector Home Cinema Projector Supported Full HD 1080P 250″ Display HiFi Stereo Movie Projector With Zoom Compatible with HDMI VGA USB AV TV Stick for Home Theater Parties Games

Wanted it for the kids room but kinda thinking of keeping it for myself. The quality is amazing and the sound is great.

 6 weeks before i bought this projector and we use most if its features, my family loves it. Giving details for the userstwo input devises 1. Touch pad on box 2nd is with remote. 6 in put mode available including hdmi 1 and hdmi 2. 5v out put and head phone option is available. Sd card , av and pc rgb (easily found on back side of the box)cables provided for av and hdmi. For phone you can buy cable for fiver online and pc rgb (you can use your pc cable)input selection is very easysimple press ‘s’ (input source) from remote or touch pad on boxand select one out of 6 options. Multimedia options ‘m’ is very usefulprojection direction (you can flip screen image with out moving projector all four possible options)screen size can be reduced or increase from 25% to 100%. On the bottom side you can select audio options ‘sourrounding’ or dolby audio from box’ cinema effect etc. You can put the prjector on any standard size table or on sofa with you. At the bottom there is adjutsble knob as well to adjust box height. For image clearity you can use knob provided at front top head. . Here i found bot tight ( it seem in start it wont move) it seem stiff but with the use it will back to normal. While you move you can stop it where you find clear image.

 this isn’t my first projector, but it is by far the best one i have had so farthe picture clarity is excellent for a mid-price range model. Comparable to much more expensive models on the market, usually £500-£1000+. You can tell how clear the picture is when looking at any text on the screen, and this has nice definition and clarity. It has 2 hdmi input but only came with 1 hdmi braided cable. It also supports sd card and usb, so can play movies from those. Another thing worth noting is that the room does not need to be in complete darkness to use this projector, as the led brightness is more than adequate for typical use in a dim room, which is a great point worth noting. So overall this product is excellent and i shall be getting plenty of use out of it, especially that we often binge watch tv series and movies.

This projector has no issues apart from ripped box but it doesn’t effect the use of the item, with the focus of the image was clear round the edges when the centre of the image is in focus. The brightness is leading, definitely 4000 lumensit’s essentially a projector. This artlii brand is a big projector with a decent size. You pay the money for a properly good projector. Hopefully one day this item will get a chance to lower the price.

 i am not the only one who were very impressed with this projector, even my friends gave a good compliment with the picture quality of it. The video is almost as good as the one in the cinema. Not pixelated and very bright. I’ve seen some branded projectors with 4500 lumens but theit prices are so much higher, so this artlii brand is definitely a good price, considering i am getting the quality i was expecting. No need to use an external speaker really as i am satisfied with the sound of it. Lots of ports for connecting devices such as phones (mhl adapter to hmdi is required), tv via hdmi cable, usb etc.

 like every other movie fanatic out there ive always wanted my own personal cinema however they as they don’t come cheap ive been experimenting with some low budget projectors and although the picture and sound quality hasn’t been great – my 5 year old has loved it. So i decided to splash out and go for something that can provide the look and feel of a private cinema without breaking the bank and with the artlii energon i’ve done it. The packaging:once the parcel arrived i didn’t realise how big this projector was. Don’t worry it’s not huge but does come in at approx 31cm by 26cm by 11cm. (slightly bigger than my portable projector) however don’t let that put you off because the size actually adds to how professional the projector looks. As for the weight that comes in nice and low at just over 2 1/2 kilograms. The design of the cardboard packaging is very stylish with a black and orange colour scheme and you will be glad to hear it feels very solid to keep its contents free of any damage during transit. Inside you get:1 x projector, 1 x remote, 1 x hdmi cable, 1 x av cable, 1 x power plug and finally an instruction manual. The review:the projector itself has the look and feel of a high quality product. The main shell is a smooth, matt black plastic which helps to keep it lightweight and it really does look and feel very slick.

My daughter ask me buy her a new kind of projector that can be used during thier school activities, and she saw this kind of projector, and i purchase it, and she try to bring in thier school for thier group project, and they loves it, the pictures is very colourful and the sounds is very good, they connect it to the speaker to make it better, they looks like watching in the big cenima, and welldone to their project is finished.

Our family bonding is watching movies and this projector is perfect. For my son our watching experience is almost same in cinema and its more comfortable as we are home. It’s perfect for movie nights the video quality is really good, the brightness easily outpaces most projectors on the market that are way less in quality of brightness. The projector is so bright that even in a room with decent lighting from outside or a window and the projector will still display a clearly visible image. The dual hifi stereo speakers is impressive too, they produce full body sound that great for enjoying the full multimedia experience. There is no need to buy an expensive sound bar speaker also the video quality was uniformed across the screen and i was really impressed with the sharp image even at the edges with vibrant colors and clear video playback. I been using this for almost 1 month and so far i didn’t encounter any problem. Overall im happy and satisfied on my purchased.

Bought by my teenage daughter. Ticks all the boxes so far barre having to get hdmi adapter for her macbook to connect it. Easy to set up, good price, excellent quality otherwise.

Having been using the projector for few days, i have to say i am very pleased with it. It has been fun using it to watch movie at home on the big screen as if i am in the cinema but in the comfort of my own home and on my comfy sofathe projector is very easy to set up, basically just plug and play. I am surprised as to how bright this projector is, even in day light, you can see the projected images quite well. Was watching youtube in daylight and the images were still very clear. Obviously in the dark would be much more clearer, but in daylight, you would not struggle with details. The sound quality from the built in speakers were surprisingly good too, stereo sound and you can make it quite loud. The fan seems to cool the machine quite well as it has only got warm after playing the whole movie. You do hear the fan but once the speakers are on, you don’t really notice it much. There are adjustments for height, picture focus, keystone control and zooming which are very useful. Specially the zooming feature which you can do from the remote control make things so much easier save you from moving the projector back and forth from the wall.

This is my second projector and i am amazed at the image qualityimage quality:the picture quality and brightness of this projector is amazing. – the projection size can be adjusted between 50″ and 250″. I have been using this in my bedroom, i have blinds on my window which let in light however the projector is still clear during the daytime. You also have the ability to pan the projection up and down for better focus and it has a physical zoom rather than optical for a much higher quality. Connections:as you can see from the images i have hooked up my xiaomi mi box s and am using youtube to play some 1080p content, the projector also has the following connections; vga, 2x usb, 2x hdmi, av and a 3. 5mm headphone jack (for hooking up external speakers). Included in the box:1x projector1x av splitter1x remote1x hdmi cable1x 250v power cableinstallation:1) connect the projector to the mains power using the included power cable2) insert 2x 3aaa batteries into the included remote3) attach any devices you wish to the back of the projector4) power on the projector using either any button on the top or the power button on very top of the remoteusage:once powered up you will be taken to the home screen which consists of 4 options; photo, music, movie and textto change the source press the source button on the remote (2nd button from the top, labeled ‘s’) and use the up/down arrows to highlight the relevant source, then ok to select it – alternatively you can use the ‘s’ button on the top of the projector, navigate using the arrows to the right source and then click ok. While operating the projector is amazingly quiet, i have found with other projectors that they are very loud. So far i have used this projector for my xiaomi mi box s which is an official android tv box and it works perfectly on this projector, i have it set to 1080p quality and so far it is yet to disappointoverall an amazing quality, quiet portable projector, which is pretty much plug and play with no complicated configuring needed.

Purchase this projector for family use, especially for children. I had one before it doesn’t works well, so i got this one. When i first open it, it’s bigger than i thought. I didn’t try it directly until this evening. Cause we had a birthday party for a little boy. All the children came for it. So i was thinking to give them a surprise (watch a animated movie). I’m so surprised it works so good, absolutely love it. To be honest, the resolution is very high. We can see the subtitles clear, responsible for 1080p.

Just got few days ago and it wasn’t too difficult to set up. The projector its self looks quite nice, it does come with a nice setup guide for those who need that sort of thing. It looks like it will be nice for a family movie night. Might also be good for presentations, it looks like it has a lot of nice features, so far picture quality and color looks pretty good i think i need a screen to get better picture. I like that it has the option for a usb stick. No complaints from me up to this point. But ill update this if needed. I cant wait to enjoy movie nights with my family.

I own a couple of chinese projectors for halloween projects and for garden film nights, i ordered this projector as most of my others don’t have a zoom function but this one did. The projector came well packaged with full english instructions and all the cables i needed including a hdmi cable. The projector has the usual usb input for playing videos from a memory stick and a spare 5v out for using a firestick. The picture from the projector is very good, it’s bright and clear and the zoom function is brilliant, i can move the image from 100% (120’+ on my screen) down to 25% (40′ on my screen) and everything in-between. The audio is very good from this projector too and the fan noise wasn’t noticeable when watching a film but i always use my own speakers from the headphone out socket. One feature which is normally missing from other projectors but was welcome on this one was a removable filter, this stops dust entering the projector but allows me to clean it when it gets dirty. I think it’s a great price for a great projector which will get a lot of use over the summer for garden film nights.

This is a fantastic projector for the price and have all the function which i was looking for when hunting for a decent projector, i have made a little video and some pics to show others how good the piccture quality is. My daughters were constantly asking for a projector for the family movie night. For under £200 a good projector like this is a bargain to me while you compare it to a family of 5 visiting the cinema. And good thing is you still get the cinema experience at home. Unexpectedly this projector has a fantastic picture quality. The built in speakers are really good and very loud i didnt connect extra set of speakers with it but its upto personal choice how loud you want it to be. I have been using this projector for nearly 3 weeks now and i am so happy. My daughters want to watch everything on projector now they dont like the small 42 inch screen nowi have used this with my laptop amazon fire stick, and google chrome. It works perfectly well with all these. Very easy to use and to set up. I just have some issues sharply focusing the entire picture but that might be because i am not using a proper screen to project it on. I totally recommend this product.

Sound is way better then expected especially how low powered the speakers are. But what do you expect for a couple watts?picture brightness isnt terrible but still better then alot of projector for this price. That could also depend on your screen and room brightness. The projector was easy to mount. The cover for the lens was difficult to figure out at first. I hooked up this projector with ps4 so can play games on big screen or even watch movies or youtube clip on big screenmy screen size is 120 inches. I love it for playing video gamesthe remote works well.

Features and Spesification

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  • 🔥【Upgrade Brightness】Do you want to have a amazing home theater? Artlii projectors are your smart choice! Artlii projector has a physical resolution of 1280*720 and supports 1080p full HD movies. What is more, it features 200 ANSI brightness and is 50% brighter of other 4500 lumen projectors. A contrast ratio of 3000:1 makes the picture more layered. Let you enjoy a wonderful visual feast.
  • 🔥【More Shocking Sound】Artlii home projector uses dual stereo speakers and supports Dolby Surround AC-3 audio format. Compared to single-speaker projectors, our projectors have a more stereo sound and a thicker bass. Especially when watching action movies and ball games, artlii projector can ignite your passion and give you a spot-like experience!
  • 🔥【250″ Giant Screen】Up to 250-inch HD projector screen for home theater brings you more stunning visuals. No need to go out, you can enjoy the unlimited entertainment, movies, sports, documentaries, games and more with family at home.
  • 🔥【New Zoom unction】Artlii home projector has added zoom function.You can easily enjoy a 250-inch giant screen movie in the living room or garden, or you can zoom out the screen in the bedroom, enjoy your bedtime, and watch a family movie. Without moving the screen or projector , you only need to use the remote control to flexiblely adjust the picture from 25% to 100%.
  • 🔥【Lifetime Professional Support】From the date of purchase, Artlii provides lifetime professional customer service and technical support, 3-year warranty, 90-day return and 24-hour online service. Don’t hesitate! Hurry to take home a home theater!