Artlii Mini Projector Portable DLP 3D Outdoor Pocket Projector Rechargeable Battery – Impressive and high quality

After reading several reviews and watching videos on youtube i decided to purchase this artlii projector to use for outdoor parties and on holiday. While not as small as other (more expensive) micro style projectors it is still a really small size (see picture with the ipod for size comparison) so it is really portable and packable. As stated in other reviews, the product comes with a usb charger and usb 3. X to usb micro cable (although i have run it off a power bank without any issues). The device also has an onboard battery so it can run without external power making it more useful (i have not tested the battery life fully but have watched a 2 hour film on it without issue). One thing to bear in mind though is that the unit can get a bit hot and since the body is made of metal you should take care when handling it after long use (the metal body metal makes this device feel much more substantial than other products which are plastic). While in use, although the fan does make noise, it is not overtly noticeable once you are watching something. You also get a remote control and a small tripod which seems a bit flimsy but it does the job of holding the unit if you need it. I use the device with a taller tripod so i can position it properly to get a good picture. For such a small unit the picture quality is acceptable (especially when you consider the low price of this product).

I bought this to take abroad works ok i even bought 3d glasses they worked at first not now.

I have been nervous about buying one of these mini projectors for a while, i like most my content in hd and was worried they wont live up to expectations. But on prime day i took the plunge as it was such a good price. Turns out i had nothing to fear, i did my research first and read reviews to see what features i wanted. Quick test at home then i took it on holiday with me for a full test outside on the hot evenings. Setup: the set up was easy, the menu is clear and not cluttered and the manual focus is easy and quick. For ease of adjust-ability i found it best used on a tripod, one it comes with does the job well, (i didnt have it on holiday with me when i took the photos though so its my camera mini pod). Small note the remote control only works from the back side of the projector which is fine if its in front of you but in my case it was a little fiddly as i had the projector in middle of two chairs or behind me, that said once its on you dont really need it. Power: the runtime is good but to be able to power it from my powerbank if i’m not near a plug is excellent. Playback: overall great, plays anything as you would expect form the hdmi input, i plugged a laptop in to watch some bits, ipad in for some other stuff like netflix and all great. The mirroring is about as reliable as most mirroring stuff so dependent on wifi signal etc, but nice to have.

It is very compact and lightweight, very easy set up and operating instructions, it is a portable projector and its size is perfect for anywhere you have limited space. It weighs hardly anything bout and it can be taken to just about anywhere. Great zooming function ,you can adjust the projection screen size without moving the projector back and forth but the screen i have does not did the projector justice even using the handy remote control. Great clarity but again the screen i have is so old it does not show the true features that could be available.

It came well packed, portable and easily setup. It comes with its own tripod. Built in speakers are good, does not really need external ones. Colour is crisp specially in the dark, no need for projector screen. Overall happy with my purchase.

I’ve been looking for a small, light weight, projector with a long lasting battery to display pictures at various venues. This certainly ticks all the boxes and more. When first setting up the projector it was so easy to connect via airplay and general navigation of the projectors menu system was straightforward. From one full charge the battery gave me approximately 3 hours of use but can be plugged into power supply if required. I was most surprised by the picture quality and overall sharpness of the picture considering the size of the unit. The brightness on this unit is also really good based on the size and i am truly astounded by how powerful this little unit is. I had it set at around 80-90 inches and it displayed perfectly.

This has all of what you would need for a portable projector, built in battery and can be recharged with a mobile usb battery pack,but that is not all it can a show images or films from your phone or ipad ,mac or android again wire free. No need to worry if where your going has a tv or what cables you will need, just the projector and your phone and you can watch your favourite shows anywhere.

 i am very satisfied with my purchase. I watched an unboxing on youtube and thought i would buy this one as it has been recommended by a youtuber. It totally worths the price. The pictures are good quality and i wasn’t expecting this from a so small device at a rather small price. I connect my tablet to it ( cast) and can play any movies online.

This projector has a cute, fancy look, and it works perfectly toogreat things come in small packages. Impressed with the quality picture this little guy puts out. I like the flexibility of being able use for outdoor movies, work presentations. Also love how quick you can set this projector up. Way easier than the normal size units. You can also plug in your iphone or android and play videos directly from it, very convenient.

My experience so far has been great, it’s really quiet and works as was described by the seller. I was able to connect it to my wifi without any issues and was able to mirror my iphone screen in just 2 mins.

This a very nice mini projector 3d which is very nice to used for home cinema the quality of the vedio is clear and bright the best thing its rechargeable it means you can used it without any power cos it has built in battery that last 3hrs without any stop this is very convenient to have you can put it in your pockit and bring anywhere. Easy to used and working very welli’m very happy to purchase this item very affordable and fair price with good high quality i highly recommended.

So i was going to get the apeman mini projector for its size and good reviews, and then found the artlii by accident. For the same price (the apeman was in a big amazon offer) the artlii seemed to have more functionality than the apeman, the same brightness and resolution, but is a bit bigger. The auto keystone correction is worth at least 50% of the cost on its own, amazing technology. I’ve only been playing about with it for the day, but i have already got it linked to my home wifi and got it to screen mirror (ios cast) with my phone, and it worked first time. My main reason for this purchase was to use it for small powerpoint teaching sessions, and the quality is astonishing, however, i will be watching films through it either from my firestick, the iphone or from a usb stick in the back (and i don’t think the apeman could do usb stick films, and certainly doesn’t have wifi) as the quality is awesome. And it’s half the price of the apeman. I will let you know in a few months how i’ve got on with it.

Small and easy to use, bought it for my mother-in-law to use for the society, she is treasurer for. She is 86 and has no problem operating it. Good picture and simple menus. Here are the specifications for the Artlii Mini Projector Portable DLP 3D Outdoor Pocket Projector Rechargeable Battery:

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  • 🔥【Wireless Mobile Phone Same Screen】 Artlii Mana Mini projector with a wireless mirroring function, you are able to share and show valuable video and picture through compatible Android or IOS devices via Airplay or Miracast.
  • 🔥【Advanced DLP Technology】 Artlii portable projector use the latest advanced DLP technology, it is widely used in digital TV, family professional projector and digital camera, which has greater color expression. At the same time it has the 1000: 1 contrast ratio, 50ANSI bright, and meets the pursuit of vision and image quality.
  • 🔥【Auto Keystone and Gravity Sensor】Auto Keystone function enables the projected image adjusted automatically, and optimizes the angle quickly and easily – up to 40 degree. Easy to watch from any angle and where.
  • 🔥【Unique Metal Case Design】Travel projector delivers high portability for a very convenient cinematic experience. Not like all other similar DLP projector with cheap plastic case, Artlii pico projector features its unique Metal Case design. Durable ,compact and versatile, pocket projector can be used in various occasions and can be taken to anywhere with zero concern.
  • 🔥【Embedded Battery】 The built-in battery lasts 3 hours without stops. Artlii small projector can also be charged by a power bank, which makes a mobile theater that you can take anywhere possible. Suitable for all kinds of movies and parties.

Works great, perfect picture quality. I’m glad i opted for projector insted of tv.

The main thing i bought this projector that it is rechargeable, itcan be used without any power and chgarged with power bank. As weather is getting warmer, i want to use it while traveling or just in myu garden. We already used few times, connection via smart view was simple and quick. We watched music videos and a film and quality is great. We haven’t used 3d feature yet. Only issue we had is remote controller, it has to be very close to the projector, otherwise it won’t work. I wasn’t expecting that such a small projector can be so great and bring so much fun to all family.

I’ve owned many, big brand projectors throughout the years and i have to say that this one is the best i’ve ever owned, it has far exceeded my expectations. It is so portable and fits in the palm of your hand, it’s very easy to set up and use. The 3d function is superb and worked with the device’s built in media player via a usb stick which i had inserted into the back of the projector. I also connected my nvidia shield via hdmi and played my local media files using plex and kodi and the picture quality was amazing. For the sound, i connected up my 5. 1 surround sound speakers via bluetooth which was already connected up to my nvidia shield and it instantly became an immersive, cinema theatre experience. I am so happy that i discovered this little projector.

It’s the first projector i have bought but went on reviews and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve used it loads in the few weeks i’ve had it and have recommended it to loads of my friends / family.

Small projector acting like a big onereally small which is quite useful when you often travels with it for work like me. Really quiet, so we can easily hear the sound of a movie. The colours are great, it works well with power points and movies. The battery is such a plus as i don’t have to plug it in all the time when i am doing trainings. Airplay-like system works fairly well with my ipad or mac. It is not an apple product so can’t expect it to work perfectly but it works most of the time. Really happy with this choice.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Tiny but mighty!
  • Great little projector
  • Portable and Wireless same screen wifi 3d

This is a great little projector, easy to use, small and compact and the picture quality is great.

This is really nice projector. I was so surprised how small it is when i received it. The build quality is very good. I specially like the look of it. The picture is high definition and so clear. Even during the day in an bright area. It has built in android systems.

I have had this projector for a little while and so far i’m very impressed with the quality of the picture, it does have to be quite dark to get the best out of it and i’m using separate speaker but the internal speakers aren’t too bad for its size. For the best experience i have connected it to my fire stick and it is amazing. I am very impressed with this projector, i would definitely recommend it.

I was looking for a small projector to install in my camper van. Having spent hours trawling for something that met my needs (very small, runs/charges from 12volts, has tombstone, good picture quality and relatively cheap) this one stood out from the crowd. Having now used it for a month, overall i am very pleased with it. The goods: really easy to use, surprisingly good picture quality (ok it’s not as good as your home tv, but it’s more than acceptable), you can have it plugged in to 12v when it’s working (not entirely sure if you should but it’s still working), low fan noise. It has a good tombstone feature, you can flip the projector and rotate the image, you get a gift if you write a review. The not so goods: the sound is rubbish (but i knew that before i bought it), it’s not that bright (but again i knew this and as it’s in the back of a van that’s ok)overall i would say it’s nearer to 5 stars than 4.

Great price, amazing picture quality and includes a tripod, remote control and charging cable too. Great, highly recommended product/package.

So, i travel quite a bit on planes trains and yes automobiles. Staying in hotels for the majority if my time, never knowing if the room has a hdmi connector a)input or b) connected the stupid wall plates. This little things solves the issue and allows me to beam and cable all m devices to it (hdmi,airplay and miracast). Fits nicely in my bag or suitcase. The only thing i have done is spent a couple of quid on a better mini tripod. Don’t expect imax level pictures, do expect to enjoy the experience for the price.

This projector is perfect for both my business and personal needs. It is the most portable projector i have ever seen.

This projector arrived yesterday and it’s brilliant wifi and 3d woowan amazing home-cinema experience. We’re really delighted with this mini projector, it is just so compact – tiny in fact, so really easy to store and use. What is most impressive is the quality of the image, for such small device,setup is very easy i connect my phone screen via wifi in seconds and you can watch 3d aswell anyways overall good so far.

 pros: great picture quality – the images are from projecting onto a purple wall as i don’t have a screen yet. Also, sound is better than expected, but i will hook up to an external speaker when i figure out how. Projector is nice and compact and feels decent quality with the metal case. Set up is surprisingly simple and i had no problems mirroring my iphone. Plug and play with firestick too. Cons: fan is louder than expected and rattles a bit. Battery life has been disappointing so far – less than one and a half hours on first use, but will contact the company if this doesn’t improve. Tripod is okay, but i didn’t trust it with firestick on too – works well with my gorilla grip though. This is a bit of a flaw as there are no manual controls on the projector and it is difficult to find the right spot to point it at. Comes with a storage bag, but it offers little in the way of protection. Overall: i’m pleasantly surprised with how good this is for the price. I’d improve it with a better remote and cut out the tripod and bag. Can’t wait to try it on a big screen.

It has taken a few weeks to make a decision, i was very surprised not at all what i expectedfirst solid well packed box then when taking out projector it is not plastic and not cheap looking when powered on gave bright pictue in daylight works with chromecast and my portable hd. It is good price for a small standalone projector also have purchased 3d active dlp glasses for 3d wow you have see to believe. On the downside could do with lenscoverbut overall smaĺl 3d portable tons better than expected.

I’ve just received mine and it is amazing. I’ve bought it because i love 3d movies and am afraid that my 3d tv stop working properly one day. I thought it was so cheap so i decided to give it a try. Wow, a try i did and it worked fantastically. I am loving its 3d capability. I bought a couple of 3d active shutter glasses with dlp link signal. They worked together out of the box like a charm. I am really happy with this device. The sound could be better, but, for the little size of it, i think that it has actually a great sound. For some unknown reason i could not make it work with samsung dex via hdmi and my galaxy note 9.

I spent hours pouring over amazon listings to find a suitable mini-projector and i am pleased i selected this one. I’m using it for powerpoint presentations at trade shows and it does the job nicely. Hint – at first my laptop wouldn’t duplicate its display through it using hdmi, but if i changed the laptop resolution to the same as the projector, suddenly it all started working. A decent little projector at a good price.

First of all i’d like to say that i’ve tried and tested a few projectors in the past for under £200, and i have to say this is the best yet. When you first open the box you are greet to the sleek, silvery design of the projector. Also in the box are the necessary manuals and cables. Plus you get a stand for it, which is very beneficial for someone like me. On first boot it went into the main screen, where you had the options to choose the sort of output. Hdmi, usb, airplay, miracast and a few more options. When using it with hdmi the quality of the projection was clear, crisp and very very good. I had no issues with blurinesss when using it. Using miracast was very good too, being able to use my samsung to stream to a projector is a great setup up. It did lag at some points but that is due to my flaky internet.

 very impressed with the quality, at first im hesitates to buy this as a but pricey for my budget but then in ended me up buying this and i can say its worth to buy for. Its just hand sized projector which so brilliant for me as it works really really great , it has wifi access connection that gives me lots of options to use it. Connected it to our wifi tv and its great , connected it in our netflix and does a really really great job which i can enjoy watching more series in a bigger screen like 200” inches lol just added some external speakers that’s why i felt like i am in real cinema. Pictures/videos quality are great and i highly recommend it. I’ve bought also a 3d glasses and its so amazing that it has a 3d effects and watched nemo movies with it super wow for me.

The device itself is small but so small that it would be easy to lose. It feels well built and the interface is slick and easy to use with the remote that comes with it. The ports at the back cover most of your options and miracast works very well. Simply press the cast button and then tap the three dot icon on the upper right to select ‘enable wireless display’. Watched youtube on it and the speaker works perfectly well. Going to use this on a camping trip and the battery will come in perfect use. It lasts for three hours or more if you attach a good enough power bank. Hdmi is supported too as well as a usb socket for plugging in memory sticks and hard drives. All in all great value for money.

For the price this projector is exceptional and in 2d mode it is a very bright and crisp picture. In 3d mode it is a little dimmer and not so clear but nevertheless the image is easily seen especially if the projector is closer to the screen. It can handle any usb storage up to 2tb whether a stick or hard drive : b00tkfee5s. The glasses work fine which were simple glasses i bought that to me seemed to be generic one size fits all : asin: b07ntkxtls. The problem i found was to have to select the 3d option every time i choose a sbs movie. Ok you could claim that there is no easy way to detect the type of film but simply remembering what the last type of film was and it’s aspect ratio etc would make life easier rather than having to re-select the options. Again, nevertheless these gripes pale compared to the beauty of the fact that the projector is usb powered and uses it’s own battery which should last up to 2 hours and on a good battery back asin b012v9h3wa, all night. It is nice and compact and fits into it’s bag.

Great projector for the money.

This is a small and compact projector that represents great value for money. Upon unboxing, you will immediately notice this projector is comprised by a metal casing that, none withstanding its somewhat unflashy design, feels really sturdy and durable. This alone sets it apart from other projectors of similar price. The projector also comes with connecting usb cable (you can recharge it on your laptop, ideally for mobility), a remote control, a small tripod (useful and easy to install), a small carry bag & the instruction manual/warranty. The operation is easy and intuitive. Upon being turned on, you will be directed to a simple menu screen where you will be able to access a considerable range of functionalities and optimization settings. But most importantly, you will realise that the projected image is really bright and sharp, with very good legibility even over a 9-foot distance, making it ideal for projections in reasonably bright indoor environments. This is a great purchase if, like me, you want a solid but portable, versatile projector that can be used when travelling and for unscheduled business presentations.

I just won this in a competition so wasn’t looking to buy a mini projector but had been looking at full size ones for a few months. I am surprised at how good the build quality is and picture quality. (around 60 inches is the sweet spot). For the price i think this is extremely good value if you are looking for a device you can take with you away from the home.

 **edit 25/05/19** thought i would add this, i’ve just had a bbq/firepit and watched some classic tv while doing so. The 100inch screen was filled and the audio ran to my outdoor speakers from the 3. 5mm jack, what a great mini machine, ran off a 6000mah power bank for 3 hours without issue. Every year i put a few quid away for the years halloween display and i thought it was time to get testing. **edit end**this little unit actually surprised me at how far the projectors have come since last year, this isn’t a cheap, plastic, led bulb projector. This is a small, heavy, metal dlp projector. In the box it comes with a remote, a mini tripod (3/4′ screw), charger with mini usb or a phone charger/powerbank works, a soft drawstring bag and a manual written in proper english. I booted the projector before charging and it already had a full battery and the image was excellent. Yes this isn’t going to work outside in broad daylight but for the size i could clearly see the image on the wall in the middle of the day with my thin curtains drawn.

I tried a couple of competitive products and sent them both back with faults or quality issues. I plugged this one in and it worked first timepicture quality is good but i think i will buy a separate speaker system as i want to use it in the garden. Overall, an excellent purchase.

It does everything well, really happy with it.

I move around a lot so getting a big tv is not an option for me. Heard of this device so i tried it and i was not disappointed. Now i can enjoy a good movie inside the comfort of my room after a long day at work.

This is a fairly recent purchase. For the price paid, this projector is surprisingly good. It is of solid construction and great quality. I’m mainly using it in the garden at present, with a firestick and a denon speaker attached. The in-built speaker is very good in a small room, and was fine in the garden; but with the better sound this is an awesome set up. I’m looking forward to being able to pack this on my travels and not have to worry about an accessible hdmi port on hotel tvs etc. All in all, i’m loving this device so far.

Very compact, easy to use, quality good for viewing on wall to max of about 1. After this power begins to diminish.

This is a cracking little portable projector for the money. I’m very happy with the purchase. Only down side for me is the internal speaker isn’t very loud. Which i didnt expect it to be, but someone has answered a faq that it can be linked to a bluetooth speaker. But this has to be done by a cable and not bluetooth. That is unless i am missing something.

This is a great quality projector but you can’t adjust the size of the screen. I often need the screen to be smaller. Because of how far the projector has to be away from the screen the image is massive.

Arrived quickly and well packaged. Intuitive interface and amazingly light. It will def be helpful for work level but. It will be thoroughly used for entertainment purposes. Out on camping weekend on a rock face or at home.

I bought the projector as a solo performer of live acoustic music, the intention being that it might substitute for simple stage lighting in some settings as well as be useful for providing a ‘banner’ of information to promote and inform about myself and the venues i work at. The idea being that i’d use video lightshows, photo slideshows and customised videos adapted from powerpoint presentations, using a mobile device to mirrorcast. To date i’ve run a few tests at home and i’m impressed with how portable and easy to use it is, and that most of the basic functionality i require seems achievable. It’s too early to say (hence 4 stars) how much of what i’d like to use it for it will fulfil or to what degree of satisfaction, though the ability to have a customisable promotional slideshow/video is certainly achievable judging from what i’ve tried out already. Even if there’s limited success in terms of ambient lighting, then i’ll we’ll get use out of it as a highly portable screen for watching tv/video at home and even when travelling/camping etc as the picture quality in a controlled environment is excellent. My only reservation (again reflected in 4 stars) has been that i’m not convinced that the remote control is working across all the functions it should, but i might just need to read up a little more (or contact support) and it shouldn’t prove to be a massive hinderance anyway.

This is my first time buying portable projector and i’m over the moon by the quality. I’ve no complaints what so ever. Better than what i’ve expected.

Overall, its really great product for the price and it deserves 5 stars. It feels solid and looks good from the outside. -resolution: generally, higher resolution means higher price, so i’m not judging the 480p resolution. -image quality: the image quality (colors, contrast, etc) is really great. However some colors, like red, are over-saturated in darkness and you can’t change that in the settings, but overall, i’m happy with the colors. I wish they would release a sw update to adjust the saturation. -keystone: the auto-keystone correction works great, but just like on any other projector, it will reduce the resolution, therefore i prefer to disable it. -focus: the focus is awesome, the whole image is sharp and even when i change the projector-wall distance, it stays sharp. -brightness: compared to the image brightness, the fan isn’t that loud. However the device gets hot after an hour of usage, which may not be the best environment for the built-in battery.

I was looking for a while at different projectors to have in my bedroom for movie nights, i didn’t want to break the bank but also wanted something half decent. I started looking at mini projectors before stumbling over this beauty. It’s a reasonable price, built brilliantly and fits on the shelf above our bed so i’ve not had to move anything around to squeeze it in. Downfall is that it’s not even 720p native resolution but that’s not the end of the world for the price and size it packs a mighty punch.

Great wee projector, very small and sturdy construction, premium materials used. Picture quality is great especially considering the price, works best in complete darkness. Very little noise from the fan. Brilliant that it can be charged with micro usb with a battery pack. Also comes with handy tripod and felt protector bag.

I think that this little projector represents unbelievable value for money, when you factor in a built in 3 hour battery (which i have tested), great picture quality (don’t be put off by the low-ish resolution in the real world it looks fine) and outstanding build quality. Would be easily triple this money if made and sold by the ‘big’ brands. A must buy if your wanting projecting portability on a budget.