Arzum Okka OK004-K Turkish Coffee Machine : Amazing little Turkish coffee machine

This coffee machine is fantastic. Small and compact so doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen. Brews a perfect cup of turkish coffee in minutes, complete with froth. I couldn’t be happier with it.

I received my first azrum okka machine very quickly from amazon. Unfortunately, it was faulty but was immediately replaced by amazon. It arrived today and it has already been used twice. My verdict: super-brilliant. It brews coffee perfectly and only takes 2. It produces excellent ‘cream’ (froth) and pours easily from the ‘briki’ (pan) into the cups. It is easy to clean afterwards and performs exactly as the manufacturer intends. I have used my traditional briki for years and decided to treat myself to an electric version. Made in turkey, this has to be a winner, and it is.

Guzel kahve yapiyor – kopugu yerinde, cabuk, temizlemesi kolay. Mutrakta da fazla yer tutmuyor, tavsiye ederim.

Not practicalcoffee is not as delicious as the traditional way.

Its amazing, but i have problem with it where i can fix it in uk sheffield, each time i put the cup inside and switch it on the electricity discounted, but the power is working without the cup.

Ace, saves mucking around with my ibrik and my camping stove .

I bought this machine as a gift to my mother as she is in love with turkish coffee, and all i hear is great things about it. Simply add your coffee powder to the jug of water and click a button. It takes a few minutes for the coffee to be made, but turkish coffee is made by slowly heating up the coffee powder and the water, and not in the short space of time a kettle would heat up the water. An added bonus is that it looks smart on a kitchen counter.

Light and suitable for travel very professional.

  • Amazing little Turkish coffee machine
  • Five Stars
  • Not practical

Arzum Okka OK004-K Turkish Coffee Machine, 480 W, Black/Chrome

Product Description, Okka Minio is a state-of-the-art, award-winning Turkish/Greek coffee machine that brews delicious coffee with perfect foam in a matter of minutes. Minio can be used with any Turkish/Greek coffee available in the market and thanks to the advanced technology used, its brewing pot can be washed. Okka Minio in the UK: Arzum Okka Minio is proudly distributed by coffee Talks limited in the UK. We would be delighted to provide more information on Okka Minio or Turkish coffee or just talk about how you can get the most out of your “Okka Minio”, so please do not Hesitate to get in touch with us.

Box Contains, 1 x Okka Minion Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine 1 x User Manual 1 x Measuring Spoon

From the manufacturer

About Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is the oldest coffee brewing method in the world and has been the most authentic and popular way of enjoying coffee for hundreds of millions of people living in Northeast Africa, the Arab Peninsula and Asia Minor. Coffee began spreading all over the world from this region in the 16th century. Turkish coffee is different from the other types of coffee in many ways. Turkish coffee’s distinction starts with the grinding and goes through the whole process until after it is consumed. Turkish coffee is brewed from the finest ground coffee and without filtration during the process. To enjoy Turkish coffee at its best, one coffee bean is cut into 15,000 to 35,000 pieces, whereas one coffee bean is usually cut into 3,500 pieces for standard espresso. In the traditional way, Turkish coffee is brewed slowly in tiny coffee pots made of copper (called ‘cezve’ or ‘ibrik’) and poured manually into the coffee cups (called ‘fincan’), which are produced specifically for the purpose and decorated with ornaments. Water and sweets, such as dried fruits and Turkish delight, accompany Turkish coffee when served. As there is no filtration of coffee during the brewing process, you should wait for a few minutes before drinking Turkish coffee while the coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the cup. Drinking Turkish coffee is a ritual enjoyed best in company and sometimes followed by fortune telling. As the poet says, ‘Not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul. A friend is what the soul longs for, coffee is just the excuse’. When the coffee is finished, the cup is turned upside down onto the saucer and left to cool. Sometimes a coin may be placed on top to make the cup cool faster. When the coffee cup is cool enough, someone other than the person who drank the coffee opens the cup and starts interpreting the shapes made by the grounds left in the cup.

Arzum Okka Minio Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker

Arzum Okka Minio revolutionises the authentic way of brewing coffee by introducing its patented technology that replicates the traditional way at the push of a button. Once the brewing cup is placed with the correct amount of water and coffee into Okka Minio and the start button is pushed, its brewing detection sensor starts monitoring the brewing process. Okka Minio stops automatically when your coffee is ready to serve. Upto 4 cups of Turkish Coffee can be brewed at a time.

Arzum Okka Minio in the UK

Arzum Okka complies fully with the UK standards, including 3P British Plug and is proudly distributed by Coffee Talks Limited. We would be delighted to provide more information on Okka and Turkish Coffee or just talk about how you can get the most out of your ‘Okka’, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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  • Amazing little Turkish coffee machine
  • Five Stars
  • Not practical

Arzum Okka OK004-K Turkish Coffee Machine, 480 W, Black/Chrome

Features and Spesification

  • 1-4 cups capacity
  • Smart overflow prevention system
  • Washable pot
  • Ideal brewing at low heat
  • Sound alert system