ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset : Highly recommend!

I really want to love these, they are by far, the best headset i’ve had comfort wise with second place being the siberia elites which seems to no longer exist. Issues i’ve had with them is it’s a real pain to get them working with the mixamp and the quality of the mic is lacking in comparison to the siberia elites (i’ve had a lot of complaints from my mates. However, saying that i’m very happy with the sound of the headset though i always turn off the surround sound as i’m not a fan, not sure why i got the mixamp to be honest but why not have all the options there for me i suppose. Another one of my nit picks is that everything is deceiving you think you’ve plugged it in fully but you haven’t you have to apply quite a lot of force to plug the mic in and the cable that leads to the mixamp, though not an issue it did have my stuck without sound for 20 minutes. But enough down sides, imo i would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a good pair of headphones but if the £200 is making you think about don’t include the mixamp and you’ll see it’s worth the £100. Another thing i want to mention is the ability to alter the earpieces direction and length?. Is length what you would call that?. Not sure anyway they have a setting for just about anyone and my head is not the easiest head to comfort but you can really angle these up for the best fit my ears aren’t exactly on the small side either but they fit nicely in the ear cups.

Best gaming headset out there. Seriously, can hear anything and everyone exactly where they are (mw re-mastered) just like the good old days. Decent for all other games too, and flawless as a microphone. I prefer wired, dont see how wireless can perform as well.

Let me kick things off by saying, wow. I love this headseti use them with my ps4 (yes, with the mixamp they’re fully compatible, surround sound, microphone, chat features etc. However, they’re not compatible with the ps4 slim due to the lack of an optical port)the headset itself is very sturdy, good quality plastic throughout with some metal (aluminium?) parts too, it has a nice weight to it and definitely doesn’t feel cheap. It has numerous customisable features available with the modkits, the microphone is detachable and the ear cups and part of the headband are held on with magnets so can easily be swapped/replaced. The only slight issue is, despite not having an astronomically large head, i have the headset adjusted to the maximum headband length and it still can sometime feel tight – the headset itself is very comfortable thoughthe sound of this headset though, is fantastic, even plugged straight from the headset into anything with a standard 3mm jack but when you combine it with the mixamp – it takes on another level. The surround sound is exceptional, you can pinpoint any sound with ease and the controls on the mixamp and the customisable eq presets only enhance the sound further. The modes in simple terms are normal, bass boost, further bass boost (still not to the point where you lose clarity) and tr which is where the quieter sounds are amplified so you can hear footsteps in the opposite buildings to where you arethe cables that come with it are also nice and long so you can have the mixamp a good distance from your pc/console and then have the headset even further from the mixamp. The cables are also good quality with a thick rubberised coating. The only slight issue with the mixamp is the glossy black finish picks up the slightest scratches and seems to actively seek out fingerprints. Another great feature is the mixamp has an auxiliary input so as long as you have usb power going to the unit, you can have the full surround sound and eq settings for whatever you want (i use it with my ipad for watching films/tv).

Wonderful sound and mixer thank you.

Excellent quality mic, the sound is beyond what i was expecting. Perfect for playing on my playstation 4 prothe cables are elasticated to give them more strength and durability they are definitely built to last.

I have never spent so much money on something like this, but i am not disappointed. The sound quality is absolutely incredible; i was playing a game and someone coughed and i thought someone was in my room, i jumped a mile. Setting up was very easy, although you will have to plug it into your pc/laptop to update the mixamp via the ‘astro command centre’. There are all kinds of settings to mess around with in the command centre. You can use it on your xbox one and your pc at the same time if you want to listen to music while playing or record a video with the microphone (there will be youtube tutorials on all of these things if you get stuck). Get the white one if you want it for your xbox, i made the mistake of buying the black one.

I can not tell you how much this heat set is the best. I love it and still use it now.

Good product works as expected.

  • My experience with these. 8/10
  • streamer this headset ticks all the boxes it offers fantastic sound quality it can be used across any platform
  • Great, but not amazing headset – PC

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset + MixAmp Pro TR with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, Compatible with PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Black

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Really good headset good quality.

I use my headset mainly for windows and rarely xbox, from what ive gathered this are the perfect headset you can buy, sound is really something special, i run my speakers for music thru the mixamp when im not using the headset and it enhances everything making it more enjoyable. You do have to update these before use im sure thats what i done anyway.

These are the best i’ve ever owned, top quality in every way.

Awesome headset, i’ve had turtblebeach headsets and other models and this is by far the best.

Great headset,sound excellent< very comfortable.

Astro gaming a40tr headset + mixamp pro so what can i say about this product as a streamer this headset ticks all the boxes it offers fantastic sound quality it can be used across any platform or linked between xbox/pc or ps4/pc what for me is its biggest benefit of this headset and amp. Let’s talk about the price, for me i feel like the price is a little over the top and this is the biggest factor buy or not to buy. Mix amp, if you buying this product the mix amp is a must it also resolved issue’s with gaming on xbox or ps4 and using obs at the same time and offers you more control and freedom while streaming. The look of the product is fantastic but the biggest downfall to this fantastic headset is the microphone, it softens your voice causing pauses i would still recommend a external mic for clear voice sound quality, that’s why i give this product 4/5 stars i love the product but the microphone is poor.

These are the best headset ever tried a lot these are amazing 5 stars.

Proper headset for proper gaming. Although, make sure to have a laptop to update and adjust settings.

  • My experience with these. 8/10
  • streamer this headset ticks all the boxes it offers fantastic sound quality it can be used across any platform
  • Great, but not amazing headset – PC

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset + MixAmp Pro TR with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, Compatible with PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Black

The sound of it is unbelievable its just great for games and music wondertfore sound thank you.

A great addition to any set up. Has really good customisations which allow you to have different preset modes for different uses like different game types.

Good quality, fast delivery.

This headset is great for gamers of all ages. Here is what i’ve experienced so far after a good few months of use. Pros;- build quality is amazing- fit is excellent, the ear cups are nicely cushioned and i can easily use it for long periods of time without any problems- the sound is second to none, great help for listening to difficult to hear game sounds that otherwise may not of been heard before. – microphone is very good, friends can hear you clearly with little to no background noise, which is great if you’re in a busy house or areacons;- headset is very pricey, i would not recommend for the average gamer, however for the more hardcore gamers this is something you would still need to consider- for gamers that play cross platform it is not very good, you would need to buy a second mix amp in able to used the xbox edition with a playstation.

Bought these about 3 months ago and have used them a lot since then. The sound quality is very, very good and the surround sound of them is very good. In terms of comfort level, they are the best ones i’ve ever had and if i don’t like the ear cushions it comes with i’m especially pleased that i can change them for leather ones. The microphone is good quality and the fact you can change the side its on and completely remove it is amazing. The astro command centre software is very good and allows for full customisation of how you like it and you can create multiple at once and change through them using the mixamp. Which brings me onto the mixamp, it is extremely easy to use with 2 dials to turn and two buttons to change through the eq pre-sets and to turn surround sound on an off. Overall, i think this is the best headset i have ever owned and i would recommend them to anyone who has the money for them.

Second pair of a40’s i’ve owned after the kids demolished the first pair. Sturdy as hell, lasted 2 years with 0 damage, despite being dropped, tossed and force-ably unplugged. I use it so that i can speak with friends on pc while gaming together on ps4 and for that, it works perfectly. Otherwise there’s probably cheaper headsets with higher quality. The microphone is poor but then it is a headset mic.

Bought to replace my 5 year old 1st gen a40 and mixamp combo – sound quality is great, mic quality is better than most headsets. Dolby headphone is a waste of time (unless you like the echoey ambience of a sewer tunnel in your games) and annoyingly turns itself back on every time the mixamp is powered on. Minor inconvenience, not enough to affect the rating. The switch from analogue to pure digital with the mixamp is a brilliant and well needed change, no more audio balance issues when changing the main volume thanks to this. The inclusion of a full usb sound card integrated into the mixamp itself is also a welcome change, as it brings the total amount of cables running from my pc to the mixamp down from 2 to 1 without any loss in functionality. There is a slight pop sound that occurs over the mic when using the digital mute cable included, but it’s not a massive issue and you can swap it out for the old analogue mute cable if it does bother you.

Good sound quality but pretty inconsistent software. Sometimes when booting my pc, the mixamp will get stuck in bootloader for no reason, and then i have to spend the next hour debugging and downloading firmware. Unfortunately every single update i have attempted to push to the device has failed with no reason provided. Other than that, they’re decent. Edit: updated after reflection.

Expensive but worth the money, great quality product.

Excellent product, came on the day it was supposed to and was very efficient. The headset is very comfortable, being a person who is used to razer headsets i decided to try another and haven’t regretted it. The astro’s are amazing, comfortable, audio is amazing. The best i’ve experienced yet.Would recommend to anyone looking for a new headset. Pricey but worth every cent.

Very high quality headset and well with the money. Comfortable, high quality sound and brilliant sound control using the mixamp, you can make 4 presets for different situations so for games it’s so useful.

After ordering the wrong one for christmas🙄it was great to finally get this, works really well and wouldn’t change a thing. Only thing i would say, didn’t come in a box, when i ordered the wrong one i had to try and find a box big enough for it’s awkward shape. It just came with a delivery sticker on but other than that it’s a great product and worth the money.

The sound quality is amazing and the surround sound works great, the amp deck allowing me to quite out any background noise, if needed to concentrate on the footsteps of my enemies while in game.

Been playing competitively since 2009 and had numerous headsets, these however are in a totally different league, amazing deffo recommend to any serious gamer.

First of all the sound audio is comfortable to listen to with a very good sound. When you have everything set up the sound quality makes you feel like you are in the game. 1 surround sound it is by far the best surround sound headset i have come across. The vocals are good as well as the bass. The quality of this headset is fantastic, it don’t feel cheap but it feels as if it is built to last a long time.

Excellent head phones, these are easily the most comfortable head phones i have ever tried. The amp makes swapping sound levels between ts and game very easy.

Overall, extremely happy with my purchase.

It comes with a noise gate and my friends said i was cutting out. So i had to plug it in to my pc and download the astro software to put it on the steam setting for the lowest noise gate and then my voice was not cutting out. 5-star over all fast delivery and great headset for hardcore gamers that play call of duty/battlefield 😁💜.

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