ASUS Cerberus Arctic Gaming Headset : Great

Overall very happy with these, rich awesome bass(and i’m a bass head). The mid tones are a bit muffled and need tweaking. They seem comfortable enough and fit snug, however i don’t think they would be great for marathon gamers/sessions. For what i use them for they are perfect and well worth the money.

Turned up two days after order on standard delivery, which was pretty amazing and way more then i expected 🙂 works amazing, sound quality is grate, good mic quality and very comfitable. For 30 quid i wouldn’t recomend anything else, best value for money out there, thanks for quick delivery.

(updated)the speakers on this headset are very good and disperse very clean audio and has a lot of bass which is great for listening to heavy metal or playing games such as fpss. I’ve had them for a few months now and they hold up pretty well, the detachable microphone has very good voice quality and is convenient for taking it off if not in use (which is what i usually do since it gets in the way sometimes). The 3 things though that lets this headset down, though, are that the eaphones aren’t that deep or comfortable, and squish the helix of my ears (the rims of the very outer parts) which is very uncomfortable after taking them off after long use. Number 2 is that the pads which go around your ears aren’t that squishy and are made out of a synthetic leather with some sort of fome padding which makes my ears itchy and sweaty. And number 3 is that the headbad with the two cables isn’t that convenient and are rather large in my opinion. Get them if you like good sound quality, good microphone quality and build quality. But aim for something better if you have large ears and enjoy more compact headsets with better ergonomics.

I bought this headset a few months ago to join teamspeak while i play wildstar. It is excellenti had done a lot of research on the range of gaming headsets available, and this one ticked all the boxes (including price). It’s light, and comfortable: i played for seven hours and forgot i had it on. My boyfriend uses steelseries siberia v2 headphones, and he remarked that my cerberus ones feels more sturdy and well built (and his were twice the price). The sound is crisp, and the noise-cancelling is so good, i didn’t even realize my boyfriend was talking to me across the room, as i couldn’t hear him. The microphone is easy to move around, and can be muted using the in-line controls. According to my ts friends, they can hear me perfectly without any problems. Overall, i am thrilled with the cerberus, and would recommend them to anyone who needs a gaming headset but can’t spend a fortune. You won’t regret buying these.

Sound quality and mic quality isn’t the best, that said it’s good for the price. I had hoped i’d be able to use the mic with voice attack but the quality seems to make voice recognition unreliable. It is more than adequate for normal communication though and nobody has problems understanding what i say.

Good quality headphones how ever the cable gets tabgled sometimes but becuase it is braided it does not get damaged. Not the most comfortable headphones i have to take them off from time to time. But i guess its the quality of the audio that counts and the quality is grate.

I cant believe how good this set sounds for its price in music and gaming , great quality headset and so damn comfortable.

Very comfortable and great for hearing. The first time i used them to listen to a song (which i had heard many times) it sounded better than i had ever heard it. However, i recommend getting a different dedicated microphone, as my friends had difficulty hearing my over skype at times with this one.

  • Brilliant quality and comfortable
  • Arrived quickly and the great condition. The headset is really good
  • Very comfortable and great for hearing

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Gaming Headset with Large 60 mm Drivers and Dual-Microphone Design For PC/PS4/Xbox/Mac

Colour Name:Arctic White  |  Style Name:Cerberus Headset
Product Description, Headset 3,5 Philips SHM3560 (This lightweight and comfortable USB headset provides high-quality design with excellent sound quality

Box Contains, 1 x HeadsetAudio/mic splitter with 1.3m cable1.2m headset cableDetachable mic boom

From the manufacturer

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Cerberus Headset

Gaming headset with large 60mm neodymium drivers, designed for both PC gaming and mobile use.

  • Large 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers deliver unrivaled punch and ultimate immersion
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and smart devices for gaming and mobile fun
  • Dual-microphone design: detachable boom mic for clear in-game communication and an in-line mic for on-the-go chat
  • Comfortable 100mm full-size cushions offer great noise isolation for undisturbed gaming and music enjoyment

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Unrivaled Punch And Ultimate Immersion

Large 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers.

If you’ve not felt the power of 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers then listen with Cerberus — you’ll experience unrivalled punch and audio immersion that’s utterly convincing. When gaming you’ll hear every gunshot and know enemies are nearby from their footsteps alone. Then, switch to audio for roomy stadium rock, crisp and clear spoken-word listening or movie soundtracks that sound so real.

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Enjoy Desktop Gaming And Mobile Fun

Works with both PCs and Mac computers.

You can forget compatibility worries with Cerberus because it works with almost any device. The 1.2m connecting cable is accompanied by a 1.3m extension with a Y-split that provides separate headphone and mic plugs along, for great compatibility and an overall cable length of 2.5m. The detachable boom mic is perfect for in-game communication — so you can chat and always be heard!

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And Even Smartphones And Tablets

Cerberus is also perfect for smart devices, thanks to the in-line mic — it’s so convenient for on-the-go chat. Just pop the four-pole 3.5mm jack plug into your smart device to keep in touch with family or friends on the road. ASUS engineers’ research shows that 1.2m cable is a perfect length for mobile use — so no more knots and tangles!

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Really impressive for the price. This was an impulse buy to use instead of a jabra headset for talking to customers and colleagues via pc on skype for business, and to allow me to listen to spotify more. The sound qualityonce i’d set up the headset has been nothing short of a revelation. The sound is more bassy than i’m used to, but it doesn’t muddy the midrange vocals etc or lose the high end. I’m finding myself listening to punchy music that brings out the best of the 60mm drivers, which are weighted towards the lower frequencies. I’ve given the headset to others to listen to, and they were equally amazed at the quality for the price. With a two year guarantee i also know that i’ll get some use out of this headset before i need to replace it. I’ve previously replaced a number of logitech headsets that just weren’t strong enough for day to day use, but these feel much more substantial.

Very pleased with these headphones. Sound quality is excellent compared to my other 3 pairs of headphones (including a pair of turtle beach)i’d definitely recommend this product.

Very good headset, the sound quality and noise cancellation from other external noises is incredible. Only problem with it that i found is that the microphone is detachable which can get annoying and also, the microphone is very sensitive which means that it easily picks up noises of breathing and very minute things that you are saying, good in one way, horrible in another. I would however suggest getting a separate mic with this headset as the mic on the headset just isn’t quite good enough.

Amazing sound, great headset.

My boy was very happy with these headphones and has only good things to say about them.

Quality sound, comfortable, excellent mic sound quality with the boom.

Sound quality is fantastic, mic works great, it is comfortable to wear and i love the ability to detach and attach the mic. Overall its one of the best deals iv’e gotten on amazon, it was a great price and has amazing sound. The headset rests gently around your ears, so you can wear it for endless hours of gaming and your ears will never grow sore.

It was ok to begin with but after a bit, the left ear cut out intermittently after a month or two. Also friends complained constantly of major noise when adjusting the mic boom.

  • Brilliant quality and comfortable
  • Arrived quickly and the great condition. The headset is really good
  • Very comfortable and great for hearing

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Gaming Headset with Large 60 mm Drivers and Dual-Microphone Design For PC/PS4/Xbox/Mac

I bought this back in 2015 and only now the microphone broke, the sound quality is insanely good, it muffles everything form the outside it confortly sits on your ears, i had so problems with the mic down the line but this was because i use my headphones on a extensive times on a daily basis, glad i bought these, ill make a comparison worth to gamers, with these you know exactly where enemies are in the game rainbow six siege, whilst my friend have good headphones they have no idea where are they coming from. You will not regret this buy.

Everything is great, but maybe the cable could’ve been longer.

I wanted something for longer periods of being in online meetings while working from home, and something that would give a good level of protection from background noise. These are doing the job well. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods. The ear cups fit well and the head band is wide and soft without making me sweat. The closed ear design seems to help stop noise pick up on the mic; i have had problems with cheaper headsets before on this front. I’ve listened to music on them and the quality is very good when compared to dedicated music headphones of a similar price. I used to game (before children) and can tell that these would be very good for that use as well for many of the same reasons. They are a bit bulky but i can accept that as they do a good job.

Clear and comfortable, a great companion on all of your covert missions.

I use this headset for a lot of gaming especially games where audio is essential (csgo) it helps locate enemies and get kills. For audio it is amazing and is unbelievably comfy to were for many hours at a time. The cable is nice and braided the mic is good for a headset mic overall it is really good definitely recommend. Note: this is the original version the new one seems to have bad reviews.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product, sound is crisp and punchy and the due mic system is nice, you can hear the difference between the in-line mic and the ‘gaming’ mic.

Great sound, comfort and great value for money.

I’ve had these for more than 3 years and while i damaged the mic a while ago, the headphones worked perfectly, comfy enough but did start to push a little too much after 4-5 hrs, however, i do wear glasses so that may be one of the reasons. Ordered new hyperx cloud ii due to these now only having one ear-cup working. All in all, lasted well for very heavy use and comfy enough for 4-5 hrs.

Too small for my big ears but good nonetheless.

Got this headset with my ash’s motherboard- and it’s really good, nice and loud, arrived when it was expected (with the motherboard)- haven’t tested it with a pc because i’m building one now (hence the motherboard) but with my iphone 6 it works great.

The ear cushions could be more ear shaped and not circular, apart from that good headset.

Absolute quality headset for the money. Bought them because my v2’s broke and i only had £35 i was very suprise on how they performed. The sound quality is great, not too bassy, comfortable, good microhone and has better build quality than the siberia v2’s. I would reccomend these to anybody with about £40 that needs a heasdet.

Sound quality is decent, build quality seems ok and the braided cable is a nice length, but the mic boom is incredibly tight fitting and hard to remove. I also must have a massive head as the thing only just fits me and can cause some big pain on my ears if not seated in exactly the right position.

Brilliant sound quality, mic quality is great, although the detachable mic does not work with skype. The noise cancelling is incredible, as long as there’s any sound playing i can’t hear someone sitting a few meters away in the same room. These have worked well for two and a half years with every day use, but are now on their last legs for me. The actual headphones are detaching and the wire is fraying, however the sound and mic quality is still perfect, and i will be buying another pair to replace these.

Arrived quickly and the great condition. Decent can size that fit over my slight larger than average ears without pinching and keep a good seal to stop ambient sound down. Not complaints about the sound and no complaints from others about the mic. Cable to more than long enough to kick back from pc with them on. Really quite chuffed with this purchase.

:updated review:so i ordered these back in 2015 in december. And while it was a major change going from a turtle beach headsets, to this. The change was very noticeable and hard to get used to. But none the less the quality was still great so i couldn’t complain. However after a year of owning the headset. . Well lets just give a run down1. Headset is still great in every way and has served me well. From riggerous usage while gaming and even just chilling in my bed and sometimes even falling asleep with the headset on. However- the ear padding has completely degraded off and is just bare foam with a piece of fabric covering it compared to the silk leather like material that its coated with. (happened around the 9 month mark) i noticed flakes of black stuff on my ear.

I bought this headset to replace my ever aging microsoft headset that came free with a laptop some years ago. After using the headset for 4 months i have found that it is extremely comfortable to wear (though wearing it over a cap, which i sometimes do, can make it feel a little heavy. ) the headset feels solid and planted when being worn. The cups around that go around your ears block out around 90% of outside noise, while not making your ears sweat. This means that you’re never distracted by background noise or uncomfortable and sweaty ears, even after a full night of gaming. I found the sound quality of the headset to be brilliant and clear when gaming or using programs such as teamspeak or skype to talk to friends. I don’t record or listen to myself so i cannot personally comment on the quality of the microphone. Though i have had no complaints from friends, who have been able to hear me just fine. The microphone can be detached as it is plugged in to a 3. 5mm jack in the headset (a design feature that i personally love.

Very solid headset for the price. Very happy with my purchase.

Features and Spesification

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  • The particular shape of the ear cups help to minimize ambient noise and ensures optimal sound.)
  • Bundled with:ROG Spitfire USB audio processor
  • Supports all Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, etc.