Atomic Floyd HiDefJax In-ear Stereo Headphones : Brilliant sound but slightly unconfortable

The sound with the attomic floyd hidefjax is great best i have owned so far but they are a little bit heavy and their shape makes them unconfortable over an hour of use.

Pros:- excellent sound equalized to reproduce soft and loud bass but also clear high frequencies- ear tips very comfortable to mecons:- as they are made of metal, they are pretty heavy and sometimes they pop out from the ears- faulty cable: where it inserts inside the part that reproduce the sound there’s a pretty weak connection, in fact the cable lose contact after two years of usage.

The sound quality is better than any headphone i have ever used. I bought thes as a replacement for my seinheisers after the cable broke. There is no fear of that happening here. The rope-like cable is unique and very sturdy. The headphones themselves also feel extremely well built. This was proven when i was listening to them while riding my bike in the park. Suddenly, they came out of my ears and got trapped in the spokes of the bike; still working 100%. I read a review of someone complaining about the lack of noise isolation. I completely disagree; the only indication i have that someone is talking to me when i am wearing them is just their lips moving.

I’ve had a pair for 2 and a half years now, they have been fantastic, every time i listen to music with them i fall in love with them again and again. The sound is glorious, the build quality is brilliant and the accessories you get with them are all top notch. I never go anywhere without them.

Build quality:the first set of metal headphones i’ve owned and i am very pleased with the toughness of them. Very sturdy feel to the drivers themselves, a reassuring pop when changing the ear buds and the gold-plated jack feels more than adequate. The cord over the cables is a very nice touch and stops the usual tangle in your pocket. Listening comfort:a non-intrusive style (for me anyway) the buds don’t go in too far and create a very good seal that enhances sound quality and lowers sound leakage. They come with three bud sizes so they will be suitable for most ears. The lead is plenty long enough to reach jacket or trouser pocket. Sound quality:beautifully defined sound with excellent clarity. Fast paced and exiting to listen to, they do attack with the highs rather a lot although the mids and lows shine through and overall they are a pleasing, if a little cold listen. They are definitely more refined than most off the shelf headphones that concentrate on bass and and as a result they are well balanced and a pleasure to listen to.

Please bear in mind i’m comparing these to my shure e2c’s which these are replacing. Pros: the atomic floyd look great, are much lighter and compact, and the metallic look is super clean. The little pouch is fantastic. On the sound side, i mainly use these to watch films, and i can definitely hear much more detail to the sounds, if anything a lot more ambient noise (maybe too much?) from the film itself. The best things about these is the fabric cable: what a great look, and it feels much more sturdy than my shures, where the cable split in different place after 9 months of use (a common problem, check the reviews of shures). No risk of that problem here. Cons: the sound isolation was miles better in my shures. First of all you had 3 types of isolation (foam, rubber and hard plasic) in three sizes, i used the rubber ones. With the floyds, you get three rubber ones, small, medium, and large; i’m a medium. The fit is comfortable, and they’re not popping out, but i’m having to push the sound to 70 vs 50 in the shures. And these are more expensive than my shures. (edit) a year and half on: my ears got used to these, and i now find the noise cancellation to be highly adequate (though not as good as the shures). Furthermore the cable shows no sign of aging, thanks in part to the simple and highly effective pouch.

These earphones are works of art. The steel and fabric are beautiful and the hard leather case is a brilliant piece of design. However, they are not without issues. First off, there is an incredible amount of leakage. This is only a problem if you care about other people hearing what you listen to and/or if you plan on using them in quiet places, but it is a bit annoying. Secondly, the sound is quite analytic, especially before they have worn in. Not so much a problem as a comment, but if you are looking for bass boosting earphones, these probably aren’t suitable. I’m not saying that they don’t have bass, but it depends on the recording. For instance, btbam sounds the same on these as my previous earphones, but pendulum sounds insane. Lastly, they seem to have a lot of sibilance, but this could be due to the recording the albums.

Fantastic headphones but they are a bit too noisy for public transport, so i have to be careful on the train, i don’t want to be one of those people. Excellent on the open road though when you don’t have to worry about your noise pollution. I have heard parts of songs i didn’t know existed since buying these. Update having bought these in august 2012 no sooner than the day after i left my review they broke. The lead to the left ear bud has come loose. They are heavy ear buds and i guess in the end that may have contributed. Gutted because they are a great piece of kit and still give 4 stars, not 5 due to the noise pollution they cause and only lasted just over 2 years despite being well looked after.

  • Medium-high quality for a decent price
  • Fantastic headphones but they are a bit too noisy for
  • Very nice.

Atomic Floyd HiDefJax In-ear Stereo Headphones

Manufacturer’s Description, HiDefJax rugged, tactile styling and gut-grabbing deep bass sound, will send music lovers into a frenzy. Noise isolating design, WideBody acoustics and stunning looks, deliver a heady mixture that transports you to a higher state of music consciousness.
HiDefJax outperforms other headphones with deeper bass, clearer mid range and higher highs.
It is the combination of our certified sound components, unique functional features and high-performance materials that creates the signature sound of Atomic Floyd. Simply put, it’s how we deliver awesome, ear-melting sound to you. But it’s no good just reading about it – try a pair to see exactly what we’re talking about.
The clue to SoundProof is in the name: these dual-injected silicone sleeves seal out more ambient noise than conventional ear-buds, so you can hear exactly what your MP3 player’s pumping out. It’s just another one of those things that means the effort we put into creating World Class acoustics doesn’t disappear into thin air.
AcousticSteel is all about heat. 1300°C heat to be precise. Applied to injection-moulded steel for 10 hours it helps us create an incredibly strong metal, which can then be sculpted into acoustic chambers with thinner walls. This maximises the volume of the chamber and delivers our hot World Class sound quality.
Certified Acoustics is our promise of quality to you. We craft our headphones with love and precision. Then we test the living daylights out of them. The ones that pass, exceeding conventional sound quality standards, are certified and then awarded the Spirit of Sound seal of quality. So you’re never in any doubt about the sheer, unadulterated, sweetness of the Atomic Floyd® signature sound.

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Very suprised to find i like these. I have tried and reviewed many types of headphones over the last couple of years. The best ones, for me, have been the over ear type. The in-ear type i have found average quality and not very comfortable. Very clear sound and comfortable. The bass is not brilliant but you can improve this by pushing them a bit further into your ear. I am not a big fan of bass on headphones because usually it is too much and can make the sound very muddy. No problem here these are crisp and clear with just enough punch. I am using apple apple ipod touch 64gb – black – 4th generation (launched sept 2010)and enjoy rock/pop of the last 50+ years. One minor gripe, and a problem with this type of ear phone is the wire rumble. This is a bit annoying during the quieter songs but not noticeable otherwise. Neat, good looking, great sound and does not make me look like a cyberman.So they have become, for now, my favourite headphones.

They look amazing and sound even better they fit in your ears perfectly and dont get uncomforable after a long time. These are the best headphones i have ever owned or lisend to. 5 starsatomic floyd hidefjax in-ear stereo headphones.

These headphones are something else. I would never have thought such tiny things could produce such a sound. The sound range is excellent with plenty of base. I really don’t know if they are worth the money as i have nothing to compare them to. However the differnce between these and a pair for 20 pounds is just amazing. All i can say is that i would replece them if they got lost.

  • Medium-high quality for a decent price
  • Fantastic headphones but they are a bit too noisy for
  • Very nice.

Atomic Floyd HiDefJax In-ear Stereo Headphones

Features and Spesification

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  • SoundProof – Noise isolating eartips
  • AcousticSteel – Sound-enhancing material
  • Certified Acoustics – Tested sound quality
  • AirVents – For distortion free deep bass
  • Cable Slider – Anti-tangle cable splitter to manage your cable