Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X Open backed Hi-Fi headphones : Everything just fine

Only had it for a few days, but so far it is great, the headphones are really comfortable, and for a person with a big head like me the fit perfectly, but they can become a little bit warm and heavy after some time. The audio quality beats anything i’ve had so far (not really saying much i had a logitech g13 headset before, while not the best, it did the job), but i am really happy with this purchase, and i think audio technica has earned itself a permanent customer.

Although these were returned i’m still giving them 5 stars based on the fact that the sound and build quality was very good. They were a gift for someone who felt they were too big and with them being studio headphones this was to be expected.

These headphones are incredible. I went back to try my old razer ones and i couldn’t stand it. The build quality is fantastic, they are light enough that it barely feels like they are on my headi’ve managed to wear them for 8-9 hour periods in one go and had no discomfort at all. They are a perfect balance for bass, mid and treble and work excellent with my soundcard. I only have two minor issues:the cable is taking a long time to forget it’s original boxed position, so it tends to curve around and almost tangle. I don’t think it would fit too comfortably on a smaller persons head, the cups are too low down when my girlfriend uses them. I love these headphones and have owned them now for 5 months with no issues. I highly recommend these if you can afford them, they are excellent.

Brought these for gaming with the antlion mic, after using them for a month i cannot picture going back to gaming headsets. Very comfortable though i have a narrow head so had to squeez the arch in a little for them to be firm but that is/was expected from reviews i had already seen. I can use these constantly for hours, with my razor closed headset i was comfortable for a little over an hour. Sound is very good more focused on treble but bass was better than expected for an open set and either got better with use or i got used to it. I can recommend for most music but not for you if you are heavy bass focused.

These headphones are way overpriced. The build quality, whilst very lightweight, feels rather cheap. They also do not have a removable cable, which is a big downside. And even worse, the cable is permanently trying to coil itself back up to the way it was packaged. And the cable doesn’t feel that strongly attached to the headphones – and i fear with an accidental yank, you could easily tear out the cable, rendering the headphones useless. In regards to sound quality, i put my ~7 year old beyerdynamic dt 990 pro 250 ohm headphones to rest, after a good amount of service life out of them. And comparing the audio quality of those, to these audio technicas?. They are a big drop in audio quality. It doesn’t sound so clear, or crisp compared to my dt 990’s. However the audio is still slightly better than those budget £30 – £35 headphones companies try to sell off as ‘premium gaming headphones’.

Use these as gaming headphones with a modmic. These are such a vast improvement over my logitech g930 which i was using previously. I can hear things i couldn’t hear before in gamelistening to music they sound great so well worth the expense.

I returned these headphones just because they are abit too big to me. Otherwise they have quality build and performance.

  • Awsome
  • Great for gaming, but cost way more than what they’re worth
  • Genuine High Quality On A Budget

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X Open backed Hi-Fi headphones

Style Name:ATH-AD500X
Product Description, The ATH-AD500X Open-back headphones offer a natural, precise and profound listening experience. The ear cups and the 3D wing structure of the headband make listening all the more comfortable and immersive allowing for long lasting listening comfort, further enhanced by extra padding on the earpads.

Box Contains, Detatchable 6.3mm adapter

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Quick good and bad points thing first, for those that do not have much time. Goodamazing sound field and sound qualityvery competitively priced for such a good listening experiencelight and comfortable to wearbadstupidly long cableno factory seal on the boxnot good for listening to low quality recordingsinside use only, not really designed to use when walking around the streetsi purchased these mostly to listen to music at home and am very happy with them for this purpose. The ath-500x have proved to be better than my expectations, for this price range. They have been used on a computer, a smart phone, an av amplifier and a television. Music – i have mostly been using these to listen to classical music but have also tried them with a selection of pop and rock music dating from the 1970’s through to the present day. The sound and sound field on these cans blew me away and they were found to be excellent for all the genres of music, that i tend to listen to, from a well recorded source. The only criticism that i have is that they are so good at reproducing sound that they will pick up every fault in a bad recording or reproduction. I have no idea of how these sound with rap or dj type stuff as i do not listen to this type of music very often. Spoken word – again a well produced video clip or pod-cast is a delight to the ears through the audio technicas but listening to a bad source feels like you have put your ears in a paper shredder. This i found out when i hooked these phones up to a mono, long wave, radio, to listen to a cricket commentary.

Not great if you’re looking for booming bass, but the soundstage and quality of sound is amazing. This is perfect for gaming headphones, though if you’re looking to stream with a camera be aware you won’t look very cool as the band sticks up away from your head. There is some sound leakage, but when using a modmic (attachable headphone mic), not much sound is picked up unless at high volumes.

Well made piece of kit very comfortable, durable and the sound quality is good.

My son is very pleased with these.

These are my xmas 2016 pressie. I originally had a pair of beyerdynamic dt770 250 ohm cans that lasted about 7 years before the daughter got her hands on them and then i had them returned with the bass gone. Stored away to await resurrection in the future, but i loved them and was trying to get a pair of cans that would come close to them – times have moved on?.I have had a home studio of varying sizes according to the necessities of living – i had one a couple of years back with insulated walls, foam all over the walls and ceiling and a floating floor, doing mainly guitar oriented projects but using a m-audio axiom air now as a midi controller/keyboard and using an old mac pro with 2×4 cores on board, 26gb and yosemite running logic x and a roland tri-capture interface as well as a windows 7 machine with an i3, 16gb of fast ddr3 and ssd running cubase elements with a presonus inspire 1394 running firewire through a ti chip equipped pci card. Got a pair of audio-technica ath-pro700mk2 phones from fleabay for a song and thought those would do the trick – they don’t. I don’t know how a) audio-technica can put their name to such a piece of junk, and b) how they get away with charging so much for them. The bass was so overwhelming that it distorted everything from 400hz up. Lots of bass yes, but at the expense not only of top end but mid range as well?.

Best headset i have ever bought and at a very reasonable price. Would certainly recommend them to people who are hard of hearing and glasses wearers. Considering buying another set to connect to tv in living room. This set is connected to gaming pc and is superb and very comfortable.

Great quality but can sometimes get quite uncomfortable if you have a small head and annoyingly long cable but they are just brilliant.

Nice balanced sound but a bit flat and boring.

  • Awsome
  • Great for gaming, but cost way more than what they’re worth
  • Genuine High Quality On A Budget

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X Open backed Hi-Fi headphones

Decided to write a review on these as im so impressed with them. They are the most comfortable headphones i have ever owned , the design of the 3d wings is a clever idea, they sit to each side if your head with gentle pressure that you hardly notice. For a large headphone they are very lightweight and can be worn for ages with no problems at all. The huge ear cups fit around your ears in a cozy soft fabric covered foam that does not make you sweat like the plasticky type fabric used on other brands. The sound as immense presence due to the 54mm drivers, when switching to these from my other headphones i have to turn the volume down they are so powerful. They handle a broad range of sound that tends to favour the bass end a little, but are quite capable dealing with the high notes. I have heard notes that i have never heard before with my other cheaper brands. I would recommend these to those of you that like pop, rock, trance and modern dance music as they can really handle lots of bass if that’s your thing.

These audio technica air series ath ad500x have, in the past, set the standard by which i assess the quality of any other headphone/s that i am likely to buy. I thought i had seen a reference to audio technica being about to render these (“butterfly wing”) type headsets as either obsolescent or obsolete, and consequently i started researching to check out the current availability of this model (ath ad500x). The current price is still hugely discounted by amazon and is still available at just under £99 and yesterday i went to my local morrisons’ doddle counter to pick up my new headphones that are intended as a reserve in case my original set suffers anything serious from loss to accident. I checked out that all was well with this set, and as they sounded exactly as my original set, i felt no need to examine any further when i already knew this model to be the best quality headset that i am likely to afford. As i have said previously, hearing is a particularly subjective characteristic. , and it may be a safe bet that no two people will ever hear the same sourced music (or sounds) in exactly the same, identical way. There are many other headphones available that offer qualities of pure, natural sound, at many times the price i paid for these. And the way that i like to hear the sounds i enjoy, i am happy to consider with certainty that these ath ad500x series are quite close enough to real, respectable hi-fi for me to be content for the rest of my time. And i also know for certain that my ‘listening comfort’ is assured as i have not yet found any other headset with both the ad500x’s audio performance and its sustained ‘comfort’ ability.

I’m not an audiophile but i can say that the clarity of these headphones is far better than anything i’ve previously had. The open backs mean the sound stage is excellent and they are extremely light and very comfortable. Only two downside that i’ve noticed:1. The 3d wing support is rubbish. It’s not strong enough to support the headphones on your head properly, if you shake your head or body the headphones will slip down off your ears. There are workarounds such as attaching some elastic between the wings which will stop them spreading to far but when you are paying £113 for something you don’t expect to need to implement workarounds to get it functioning correctly. The bigger problem though is the fixed cable. As others have commented on, the cable quality is not great and you can’t change it out. No matter how much i try, i cannot get the cable straightened out, it has a habit of trying to curl itself back up which is irritating enough on its own but it’s also quite long and there’s no way of shortening it without having a coiled up cable lying around.

Amazing, i love these headphones, i use them for gaming and you can hear footsteps, bullets dropping, tires screeching so much more than my other pair of headphones, only negative as there’s little to no base with them but other than that there brilliant.

Features and Spesification

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  • Open-air headphones that provide no sense of pressure on the ears
  • Deep, impactful bass and outstanding vocal projection
  • Flexible fabric earpads offer excellent wearing comfort
  • Lightweight honeycomb casing
  • Self adjusting 3D wing support housing provides comfortable support