Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones – : Fabulous sound connected to my digital piano

These are decent headphones, but they don’t work so great when plugged straight into a guitar amp, which is the reason i bought them. I’m not blaming the headphones for this because i know it’s the frequencies and all other factors. I didn’t know this at the time though. So if you’re buying to use straight into a guitar amp, do a little bit of research before you make a purchase. Just so there’s no disappointment.

For the price that it is i have no issues with the sound quality, the dynamic range (better low-end than high) and the sound isolation. The only problems i have are design-based. I’m not sure why the cable needs to be as long as it is (3m) but it makes for a frustrating amount of untangling particularly when travelling and listening to music. As well as this, i wouldn’t recommend resting them around your neck for even a brief moment or you’ll end up cutting off oxygen to your brain because the earphones fold inwards when not on your head. Other than these weird design choices i would recommend.

Very light and comfortabe, fits around ears comfortably (which is quite an issue with a lot of other headphones from my experience). Most of is made out of plastic and looks basic without volume or any other controls, which is fine by me. A big plus is that the main cable is not noticeable at all since it’s very flexible and light. The main problem is that it applies a lot of pressure (squeezes from the sides) on the head. Hopefully it’ll loosen up a bit after extensive use.

Perfect robust and simple headphone for podcasting. Vocals are clear and rich and music sounds accurate to recording. I think i’ll be able to use these for the next 10 years without any issues. Cable length is great for me and is obviously like longer than standard headphones. Materials used are simple but rugged. Noise isolation is good just from the ear pads alone.

Amazing quality sound very good solid construction well worth the money do not be hesitant to buy this as it will last you long and will not let you down. I have had this for 1 or 2 months and they still look fresh out the box. I use these for gaming and for music , they preform well when gaming as they sit on your ears comfortably for long periods however it does get a bit hot around the ears. The ear cups are very soft and cosy and provides little to no noise leakage. They are not ideal for adult ears as they might be a bit big for the headphones although this could easily be fixed by buying custom ear cups. These headphones are far superior when listening to music as i feel the sound.

I purchased these and i would recommend them to anyone thinking of buying a pair as they are such good quality,build and performance is of highest standard especially for such a great price. I know there are big brands out there charging a lot of money for headohones right now but these would give them a run for their money. I can’t say anything bad about these, they should be considered by people who do have money and they are affordable for people who not so fortunate.

Very comfortable especially for me as i have big ears, however, i’m never called ‘donkey’, but they are a tad oversized, but the sound is excellent for music and film, and massively long cord so hence the 5 stars.

I’m not really into ‘audiophile’ gear so this won’t be a professional review as such. I bought these to use with my digital piano (yamaha p115). The headphones that came with the bundle when i got the piano were v. Low end with really crappy flat sound. So i did a bit of research and bought these. My thoughts:prosvery impressed with the sound. Music coming through is very clear but also rich and atmosphericgood build quality from cable to ear pads to the headband. Feels like a quality engineered productprice is competitive for what i consider high qualitycomfortable.

  • Comfortable and light, but too much pressure from the sides
  • Fabulous sound connected to my digital piano
  • Comfortable, good soundproofing, great sound.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones – Black

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The single best headphones i’ve purchased, having used the m50 version the price was a little off putting so i went with these. For £32 the sound quality is incredible, clarity, good mids, good lows and vocals are perfect. They are comfortable and not too heavy, one issue with the m50 was the weight these are significantly lighter. Leakage is very minimal which is fantastic. Wouldn’t recommend for use with a mobile phone. The cable length is far too long to be portable. Only flaw for me shame it isn’t detachable. The power required to get the most out of these headphones doesn’t seem to come from the phone producing a more muffled experience.

They are my first pair of over-ear headphones. I bought them because my old on-ear skullcandy headphones are very uncomfortable. They press against my ears against my glasses, slip off my ears and are painful in general. However, these headphones are really comfortable. They also don’t let any outside noise in as far i’ve noticed. A small issue is that they get a little sweaty underneath (this may be due to my largeish head though). Note that these leak a little bit of sound. So be wary of what you are using them for ;).

Great quality vs price balance. Doesn’t impact listening experience, but you secretly know there will be better headphones out there. Exactly what they are supposed to be. Like a mustang but you know ferraris exist, still fun.

2 months and no sign of deterioration. I’ve found this design (with metal brackets for extending the head band) to be very robust in the past, i’ve known them to last decades of regular use. Very comfortable and the sound quality is good. On thing of note is that they block outside sounds quite considerably becasue they cover the whole ear. Thats good for some but it might annoy the wife when she thinks you’re ignoring her.

I have never written a review before, but it would be a crime not to give these headphones 5 stars. Not only do they sound amazing (easily better than anything made by beats and the like, for a fraction of the price), but they are so durable i think it would take a serious amount of damage to destroy them. They have been chucked in my bag god knows how many times, stamped on, left on the floor, twisted, thrown around, stretched and they have never broken or faltered once. I must have been through about 5 different set of earphones in the time that i have owned these (two years), and each time they break i come back to these headphones and they will always work. Bear in mind they are equalised at a flat-level, so you might want to tweak your audio settings, but bass is powerful without being overwhelming, mids don’t get lost and highs are crystal clear. I cannot praise these headphones high enough, a true masterpiece.

What can i say read the reviews so i bought them omg these are the best headphones i ever heard they replaced my dr dre beats which cost £140 they fit perfect sound brilliant ive had them three months cant say anything bad about them. Oh yea only downside is they cancel out all outside noise so you wont hear your phone or anyone knocking on your door changed my mind that’s another good thing.

These are very good for the price. They are not noise cancelling but they do have very good soundproofing. They are lightweight, snug on the head but comfortable even after a couple of hours use. I had previously used the sennheiser 206 headphones but they stopped working in one ear after six months or so – so i bought these slightly more expensive audio technica m20x ones as a repleacement and am impressed by the improvement in sound quality and sound proofing. Like most headphones in this price range, these have a non removable cable. The cable itself is 3 metres long which i find it great for computer or tv use. In short i would recommend them, and i would buy them again – although i suspect i won’t have to for quite some time.

Very very pleased with these. I work full time as a video editor and needed headphones to use to a high standard that also weren’t too expensive to wear around town or on the tube. These headphones have really been great so far and exactly what i wanted. I enjoy drum & bass and the low-end sound recreation on these is particularly good, they offer a clear representative sound that’s accurate for video editing and are good and loud when plugged into a pc or phone. The headphones also have quite a powerful grip on your head which i find isolates your ears well from the outside world and also helps in hearing he various different layers of audio your chosen music may be pumping out. These headphones do have a long cable but to be honest i just coil it up with a twist tie when walking around and it’s a massively useful thing to have when your pc is tucked away far from your desk or you’re trying to kick back and watch tv with these on. Build quality seems really solid and i’ve found them comfy for long hours at the office so far, overall delighted with my purchase – especially for the money.

  • Comfortable and light, but too much pressure from the sides
  • Fabulous sound connected to my digital piano
  • Comfortable, good soundproofing, great sound.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones – Black

I love these headphones, especially for the price i paid. They have a nice long cable so if you do use them for mixing you aren’t restricted. My ears usually start hurting with headphones but these are comfortable and i can wear them for a long time and no problems. They feel sturdy but being the cheapest in the line not that sturdy.The sound is really good but they get four stars because the sound isn’t perfect. I can’t put my finger on it, it might be the vocals that are very slightly off but that is compared to some high end speakers. I do recommend these as a great budget headphone; good for mixing, good for watching videos and good for general use.

My last set of headphones were klipsch image ii which are extremely bass heavy. It is taking a while to get used to the crisp, clear sound. I can hear things with the audio technica’s that i’ve never heard in tracks before. The bass response is good, but not overpowering and the mids and highs are just breathtakingly accurate. They are comfortable even with glasses and have a really long cable so you could plug these into the tv to watch a movie and sit on the couch without difficulty.

This is my second time buying these, absolutely love them for listening to music while i work, their tight fit makes them excellent at blocking out noise, especially in an open office environment, the sound quality is what you would expect from audio technica, well balanced, clear, and punchy base, for this price point, you can’t go wrong, sturdy and extra long cable. Be advised tho, that the cable is not detachable, you’d have to pay a bit extra to get the model with a detachable cable and all the bells and whistles, but for what it is, this one is fantastic.

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