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After trying many quality headphones i settled on these. Returned a set of sennheiser hd558 which retail for more money but these are superior. However, and this is a deal breaker for most, me included, they are uncomfortable. Beggars belief that at can make over ear headphones that don’t fit over your ears?.There is though a cure by replacing the interchangeable ear pads. May seem long winded but after trying many alternatives this combination is well worth it. They do change the sound signature slightly depending on which ones you buy so avoid the velour ones. Cost will be between £3 and £20. Would have been 5 stars otherwise.

These are the best headphones i’ve ever bought. The sound is perfect for me – though i will point out that i’m in no way an audiophile. The detachable headphones are a life saver, as the last pair of headphone i had before these, i snapped the cable right at the base. With these – after some normal wear and tear (the constant bending of the cable where it connects to my phone), i’ll just replace the cables.

Good headphones for the price, little to much bass for my liking, but i don’t mind as i brought these for travelling around and they are not my main headphones. I took them on a long haul flight for 11+ hours and forgot i was even wearing them. They blocked out enough engine noise to comfortably sleep with and to hear the in flight entertainment. The carry bag that came with them is also a nice addition.

Amazing sound quality – to me there wasn’t much of a difference towards the ath-m50x headphones. I went with this and wasn’t let down. Came with two wires, coiled and one normal, tapered end for the heaphones jack and other into the amp/mobile/pc jack. Great bass, great clarity on the sound. Is weighty but not too much, i wear glasses and rarely have issues with these headphones. These headphones can snap down for easy storage, and can also pivot depending on your ear shape – more or less fully adjustable.

Best headphones i’ve used to date. I mix audio/vocals and these headphones are perfectly balanced. Whatever you mix in these headphones will sound great anywhere, and the amount of audio detail you can hear is fantastic. Coming from the status audio cb-1s which are rated highly in terms of audio quality at a low price, these are definitely better for audio clarity and sound stage, but these also have exceptional build quality compared to the bcb-1s. These headphones are rock solid and have such a nice tight fit on the head, i can tell these will last for years.

These over-ear headphones are light and comfortable. Both of those features are important to me, as i wear glasses, so the over-ear (covers the whole ear) type of headphones does not compress my ears and glasses into my head over after a long period of wearing the device. Also, the lightness of the headphone is important, again, after wearing it for a while, a pair of heavy headphones does become rather cumbersome and painful. Regarding the sound production. Well, i am no audiophile, so here are my two cents. I do not like a lot of bass as i find that it gives me sore ears and i want a product that can produce a neutral sound, and the m40x does just that and it does so brilliantly.

At first i thought they sounded very sharp, and if this is the case for you i recommend 1. Downloading updated sound drivers for your motherboard, 2. Changing the frequency of the headphones in your sound settings. Download music volume eq on your phone. Mess around with settings and frequencies until you get it just right. Another issue i had was comfort. These are very sturdy headphones with might not feel like they can be adjusted for a large head, but you need to put an amount of force into adjusting them that you might not expect. Don’t be afraid of breaking them. The earcups are not so good for prolonged use (4+ hours). I recommend buying new one’s on amazon. Search m40x earcups and buy within the £10-£20 range if you’re looking for prolonged use. Overall they fit very nicely and comfort wise, the fit is very good. I needed to adjust drivers and sound settings for that extra bass, so if you’re a bass lover prepare to do that.

I’ve been producing music for ten years, always suffered with my final product due to mix down quality and how my tracks translate from system to system. I used to have a pair of sennheiser hd25s that i used for production and djing. They broke recently and i wanted a budget pair of headphones to monitor my tracks. These m40s have had a massive effect on the quality of my productions. They now sound well mixed on all systems. Frequency response is relatively flat so it adds no characteristics to your sounds which is vital when creating your own music. My head does get really warm after a while of wearing but a small price to pay for the added quality to my music. For studio monitoring i’d highly recommend, djing you may want something a little smaller and not as warm. Possibly the best purchase i’ve ever made though.

  • Excellent Quality Budget Studio Monitor Headphones
  • Great headphones Really!
  • Returned a set of Sennheiser HD558 which retail for more money but these are superior. However

Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Professional Headphones – Black

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My ears do feel like they need a break after wearing headphones for a long time. These do help out which my little problem. I still need breaks but my medium sized ears can fit into the gap in the headphone. Then there is a tight fit to my head. Not quite noise cancelling but very good. The reason why i went for these rather than the m30x is because these have a cord which is detachable and also a choice of cables, i want the strechy one because i can imagine a situation where you forget your wearing them and walk away which pulls the device your plugged into smashing your expensive equipment.

My current daily driver for listening to music are my new audio technica ath-m40x headphones. These closed over-ear headphones offer a very true to source and clear listening experience due to their flat equaliser setting, allowing me to adjust the settings as i please. After some minor discomfort at first use due to the heavy clamping force of the steel metal band, they are now at a point where i can wear them for many hours comfortably. However they do leave a slight indentation in the volume of my hairstyle even after a short listening time, but that’s just something i’ll have to live with :d. As they retail for about ~£80, this could be a pretty steep price for the consumer that would just like a simple listening experience, and would settle for the quality of headphones costing less than half the value. But those are not the target consumers for audio technica, i can assure you; their products are for individuals looking for that rich listening experience, that delicate touch on the sound waves. While they may not deliver the audiophile extreme level of quality you may find on a pair of £700+ sennheiser’s, i have been informed by a friend who fits such a description and who in fact owns a pair of those that he was remarkably surprised to find the level of quality that exists on the ath-m40x for such a significantly lower price. And i believe that is who these headphones really are for: those looking for an entry-point into the market of audiophile equipment at a more reasonable price point, which still delivers excellent quality.

Finally got a headset that equals my fiio x3ii for quality to produce excellent sound output. Did purchase a sennheiser 4. 40 from elsewhere which is bluetooth with a cable option (the fiio is non bluetooth) but somehow that did not work out. In fact was a complete non starter, the cable somehow by passed all the good bits on that headset. If you are going to use cable a lot i would recommend buying a non bluetooth set. Getting back to the m40x, i find after adjusting the eq on the fiio, just great sounds. They are the best headphones i’ve had, believe me you will not be disappointed.

Perfect if you like a flat sound, bass not as strong as some other headphones (like beats) but still present. If used with equalizer it’s perfect and it can be used with literally any type of music. Really comfortable with glasses. Only negative thing is the noise leaking, there is a little bit if used at high volume, but you rarely listen that high. Build quality it’s very good, even if it’s plastic it feels solid ( used always with a hard case and looks like new after almost 3 months ). The 2 cables are nice even if they are really long, but you can buy a shorter cable for around 12£ for the on-the-go music listening. I’m not an expert, i just enjoy listening to music and for me the sound quality it’s amazing.

I was in need of a closed headphone for various purposes:1) listening to music on home and on the go (that’s why i choose closed, to block some noise – in or out)2) gaming (open would be better for some situations, but as i said, i needed to block some noise)3) monitor some audio edition (non-professional work), flat signature was one of the things that i was looking for. 4) removable cable is a must. My options were the m40x or the m50x. I don’t really understand why the m50x are the expensive one. Watch the ‘z review’ on youtube and you will understand what i’m saying. I can comfortably walk with these on, even if i speed up a little. The passive sound blocking works well, people around me will not hear anything i’m listening and i cannot hear most of the sounds around me with medium volume being in use (50%)i use glasses, so comfort headphones are difficult to find. Used the m40x for 5 hours straight and i was not tired but i wouldn’t mind if these had a slightly thicker pads. There are videos/articles online if you want to mod it, you will lose the warranty though.

These are quality headphones. Very comfortable after you have worn them for a while and they have adjusted to your head. Sound quality is great and not overly bass heavy like some of the overpriced fashion brands favoured by young people. Don’t beats yourself up sonically and learn what reference headphones should sound like. If you want bass then learn to use eq. With these you can listen for long periods without listening fatigue, sounds are crisp without harsh top end or muffled miss. The detachable cable and locking mechanism is good although both cables supplied are a little long for ideal portable use but that is a minor complaint. Treat your ears for a sensible price. Yes there are better headphones out there but not for this price.

Only major complaint is that the sound does tend to bleed out and is not noise cancelling. It comes with 2 long (3m) cables and from my experience, it can be difficult to move around with them so i suggest to buy a shorter 1. Appearance-wise, headphones look big on me, especially as i have a small head. The feel is comfortable but wearing them for a prolonged time (e. 1+hours) can be uncomfortable on the ears so again customised ear muffs may possibly make the experience a bit better. (i don’t know if it’s just me experiencing this or i’m doing something wrong or just my face shape, but the large ear muffs can dig onto my jaw, thus giving me jaw pain after an hour of wearing them). Otherwise, sound quality is top notch for a price like this and there is so much clarity that i can hear subtle instruments at the background which other earphones/headphones fail to accomplish. It may sound very closed off and isolated from the outside (since it is a closed-back headphones), but instruments and musical elements seem close to me therefore giving a perceived sensation that i am in the studio.

I don’t normally write reviews but i think these deserve oneafter using these for a little over a week now i have fallen in love with these headphones, i will note my knowledge of high end headphones is not great but as someone who used to play a lot of instruments i can definitely tell a difference in clarity, the sound stage is phenomenal for headphones of this price range, the build quality is great and they are comfortable to wear for long periods, i think my head may be a little on the large side so they do squeeze a little but this would not be an issue for most people. The lows are not too overpowering and the highs are crisp, these are all around the best headphones i’ve owned and for the price i would highly recommend themi have used them for gaming, editing, listening to music, voice recording. Maybe not the intended purpose but they function perfectly for them in my eyes.

  • Excellent Quality Budget Studio Monitor Headphones
  • Great headphones Really!
  • Returned a set of Sennheiser HD558 which retail for more money but these are superior. However

Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Professional Headphones – Black

Once again audio-technica surprised me with a great pair of headphones. The sound is well balanced, clear, with a flat response giving a pleasing experience when listening to any type of song. It is very light and comfortable, so i can keep it in the lab for the whole day, listening to music or just to isolate myself a bit from the external noises. The packaging is great, and comes with a pair of 3m cables, one of them coiled, so it is not a big deal. It also comes with a pouch to keep inside. It is for sure a great value for the price you pay.

I used them for my music production as well as listening to music while traveling. The build quality is fantastic. The sound is nice and balanced. When i switched over to these from my crappy headphones there was a noticeable improvement in my music productions and when i was doing the sound mix, i was getting more of a balanced, realistic audio reading by ear. I’m not an expert in sound or music. I am an enthusiast looking for quality headphones and these headphones fared well among the audio community. They punch above their weight when it comes to pricing.

The m40x produces a beautifully clean sound in comparison to other “budget” on-ears and over-ears. While the m40x has spent most of its life in the m50x’s shadow, i believe that it is a much more well-rounded package than its bigger and more expensive brother; its sound is nicely neutral, while the m50x features quite a bit more bass (which conjures up unpleasant memories of bass-optimized logitech and beats headphones). For 80 pounds, these cans are of great value. They do have slightly more “clamp” than the m30x as well as a headband that does not curve quite as well around the top of your head (it tends to sit flat), but i have had no problems with comfort despite my massive ears. The construction is very durable as well; the adjustable portion that is usually considered a weakspot in other headphones feels tough and substantial in the m40x despite the absence of extra reinforcement.

Overall very satisfied with the headset. Crisp and clear sound with the right amount of low end. Mid range is also very clear but maybe a bit on the soft side. Definition is very very good without hurting your ears. One can listen to music for extended periods of time without fatigue. I changed the pads to a pair of genuine leather/memory foam. On warm days it’s a bit on the warm side but very very comfortable. All reviews i’ve read/seen/heard about these headphones are absolutely correct. I’m very happy to have chosen them.

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