Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK Headphones : Five Stars

They are very balanced, sound is clear and well toned and it is great for a wide array of genres. Hip-hop can seem a little mellow because of the lack of boomy bass, but i am a hip-hop lover and i do just fine without.

Nearly sended them back, because too tight and the sound was good but not worth the money. . But after few lessoning , everything came together, and now just love them.

Very pleased, super comfortable for long periods of use and the audio is crystal clear. Build quality is top notch, great value for money.

If you have little hair the headband puts a groove in your skull really uncomfortable, i bent the headband on a stair rail to the shape it should be so now some comfort, the earpads quickly rot away and peel, i got six months out of them and then it cost me £35. They pads are also tight on the head and make you’re ears sweat. Their saving grace is the sound quality which is vibrant and detailed, so it’s a shame because all the cosmetic problems really hold these back,.

Hade the m50 x or somthing hard style is beter on these fact.

They were phonomonol on some songs, sub par on others. Very easy on the ears tho, comfy and sleek. Roll on bt5, the future will be cable free guranteed.

Excellent sound for the price. Comfortable and fold up well.

Absolutely wonderful sound quality especially on jazz. Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The best headphones that i have purchased over many years.

  • Absolutely wonderful sound quality especially on jazz
  • Great, great sound!
  • sounds brilliant! Will recommend

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK Headphones

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Sound:these headphones caught my attention a while ago. I was looking for a pair of headphones that was both suitable for commuting to and from university and for general listening at home. If you prefer a “bassy” sound signature then these headphones can easily provide. The have strong, aggressive but controlled and neat bass. It is really there, it doesn’t boom like many typical retail headphones however it is perfect. The mid range is a little forward however not too aggressive in nature, they have a slight bump in the 1-2k range but its really nothing to complain about, vocals come through crystal clear and there is no lack of definition. The highs are where these headphones really shine. They have crystal sharp highs that can sometimes be a bit too strong depending on the music. However i like this feature as it really makes music have a shiny sparkly layer that i really love.

I purchased these headphones around six months ago and they have been great the whole time. The sound quality is amazing and balanced throughout the ranges, unlike some others where the bass overpowers the sound. Audio-technica has done a great job in this respect. I find these headphones very comfortable for long periods, due to the around ear design and padded headband. The earcups are one of the best i have ever used and the whole system feels high quality from the largely leather and metal construction. These where a huge step up from the urbanears set i used to use and i feel these will last me well. You get a lot of value with these headphones, especially since i got these when they were discounted. My only complaint is the small bit of blue above the driver- it stands out a little too much. However, i feel this is a petty complaint seeing as these are as good as most headphones £80 more expensive.

Very good headphone, it is very suitable to the acg songs.

Great headphones, great quality and sound, but do need an ( headphone ) amp to get the most out of them.

Premium materials and very good overall construction. Can be somehow uncomfortable after a long period of use, bu i still love them. Bought ‘as new’ from amazon. The headphones arrived in perfect conditions.

My favorite pair of headphones, and considering i own the sennheiser hd598s, that is saying something. They look fantastic, very stylish indeed, they are extremely comfortable, infact the ear pads are quite heavenly, although the headband is prone to heating up a bit and could be a little bit thicker in order to distribute the weight around my head. The grip is a bit tighter than on many brands of headphone though never painful for me and provides a great seal that leaks zero sound and isolates external noise very well. The cans themselves should be more than big enough for most ears. They are light enough to be portable but solid enough to feel good quality. They are sturdily built as well. The choice of cables are all very good, thickly insulted in rubber and with pure gold connectors. The sound quality on these is phenomenal. First, in terms of volume, these are very loud, even at medium volumes, on my relatively under-powered sony a17 walkman. Though the listed impedance is a higher-than-usual 35 ohms, these must have very efficient drivers as they can get very loud indeed on portable players and smartphones.

My only problem with these headphones – for now – is that they squeeze on your head so much that you have to adjust their position for time to time. Other then totally recommended.

  • Absolutely wonderful sound quality especially on jazz
  • Great, great sound!
  • sounds brilliant! Will recommend

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK Headphones

Sound quality – amazingcomfort – superb (read update below, not superb anymore)build quality – greatwhile these headphones don’t have noise cancelling, these fit so snugly on your ears that you don’t actually need noise cancelling. The sound quality i feel like i’m hearing sounds in songs that i never heard before. I’ve previously stuck with akgs but now i don’t think i ever need to buy another set of headphones (unless audio technica make wireless versions of these to replace my wireless headphones). If you’re a user/fan of beats headphones, these may not be for you. They are very flat and don’t have ridiculous artificial bass in the sound. Updated review:i’ve dropped two stars because while i bought these to replace the ath m50x, i cannot recommend wearing these for longer than an hour. The memory foam gets thinner and thinner while you’re wearing them and before you know it the plastic speaker grill inside the headphones is pressing hard against your ear causing extreme discomfort. I could wear my m50x for several hours and not experience this.

I didn’t get these off here, i got them in an electronics store for much less than the listed price. But having gotten rid of my fabled m40x cans for these, i feel like i might just have to review these. They’re built very well, feel and look premium, are comfortable (i personally don’t see this clamp hype, they’re actually not far off loose for me) and the sound is pretty much as described. The sound is as detailed as your phone or spotify will probably ever have use for. It’s clear, even with heavily layered rock music, you can make out every little nuance. And in the treble area, it is crystal clear to the point where sometimes it may sound a little harsh, dependant on how the track is mixed/recorded. The m40s had a more comfortable sound, and i thought it was the pinnacle of decent priced detail. These msr7s are challenging, sharp, dynamic and detailed.

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