Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM Headphones : Good sounds quality but the build quality is very poor!

The sound is great and balanced as expected. Vocals are pretty clear and were great for me graduating from a basic headphone set. You could pick nuances from higher end and bass is also not too much. A minor complaint would be the cans squeak. So you might hear some clickety noise while walking with these on.

Great quality of sound, especially if listen to classical music. Bass is a bit reserved, so the sound may seam quite gentle for heavy metal listeners. Very good ventilation and heat dissipation even after hours of using the headphones. Also, noise isolation is very good.

Really beautiful in high frequency sound. If you like women singer or acg music, this should be the first choice.

Purchased these audio-technica headphones as from experience audio-technica make good headphones, and they are amongst my favorites, as i already had positive results from previous purchases. Also liked the build quality and looks of these headphones is fabulous. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. They really do sound good – good bass (not perhaps for bass heads), good mid-range, and good highs – so no complaint – they are quite neutral. They also seem like they are not closed back headphones, as there is quite a good sound stage and do not concentrate or limit the sound in your head, though they do not leak too much sound to the external world. My preference goes normally for open over ear headphones as far a sound quality is concerned, but these headphones, considering that they have some sound stage, helps to make them sound so good. The fact that they have replaceable cable is a further plus for me. So full five stars, in my humble and honest opinion.

Good sounds quality but the build quality is very poor.

Premium materials and very good overall construction. Can be somehow uncomfortable after a long period of use, bu i still love them. Bought ‘as new’ from amazon. The headphones arrived in perfect conditions.

Very pleased with my purchase after reading and taking note of many reviews including the ‘which’ magazine. Dealing with the review negative comments i came across first. . Heavy and cumbersome – not particularly for an over ear headphone. . Tight fit on ears and pressing head band – i found the fit just right on my ears making a good seal around the cushions. The head band and ear cushions are very comfortable. . Ears get hot after a while – well yes they do get rather warm but i think given they are over ear that can be expected if you wear them for prolonged periods. I don’t feel its a major problem especially if you have rest breaks. . Could do with more base – i think they are well balanced. Music that has heavy base came through well, mids and high are very clear and overall i find the sound balance ideal. Bulge inside the ear piece presses uncomfortably on the ear – there is a bulge but i haven’t found this a problem.

My denon headphones(pretty good themselves) gave up the ghost, so i invested in these having read some favourable reviews. It’s just as though all my music has been remixed. More detail, more space around voices/instruments, better clarity, more natural sound, wonderful. I’ve just got to re-listen to all my music.

  • Purchased these Audio-Technica headphones as from experience Audio-Technica make good headphones, and they are amongst my favori
  • Particularly if you like Metallica for example
  • the phones but ‘on the head’ I find them great and easy to wear for quite a long time

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM Headphones

Colour Name:Gun Metal
Product Description, Designed for listening at home and on-the-go, the MSR7 headphones are the ultimate in comfort. Soft memory-foam ear pads fit securely and snugly around the ears, maximising comfort during long listening sessions, alongside Audio-Technica technology developed over 40-years of designing monitor headphones for producers, studios and musicians which minimises listener fatigue – crucial when enjoying new high resolution audio formats on the latest music players and smartphones. The housing has also been specially shaped with ear-profiled grills to ‘mirror’ the whole ear and enhance the rich, lower end sounds, while the highly flexible swivel design helps to find the most comfortable fit instantly.

Box Contains, MSR7 HeadphonesCables: 1.2 m, 3.0m and 1.2m with mic for smartphonesPouchInstruction booklet

From the manufacturer


High-resolution Audio Headphones.

A Strong Alliance Of Professional Quality Sound and Modern Design

A High-resolution Sound

With Audio-Technica’s headphone technology over 40 years in the making, the ATH-MSR7 monitoring headphones not only offer a professional design, but also allow you to enjoy high-resolution audio and are compatible with the latest music players and smartphones.

Dual-layer Air-control Technology

Dual-layer Air-control Technology composed of a layered aluminium / magnesium housing and triple vent system reduces unwanted resonance and controls air stream for outstanding audio clarity.

Maximum Comfort And Versatility

The ATH-MSR7 comes with ultra comfortable momory-foam earpads and headband as well as 3 assorted detachable cables (two standard cables; one at 1.2m and one at 3m, and another 1.2m cable with inbuilt mic remote for compatibility with smartphones) and a carrying pouch.


  • Type: Dynamic
  • Driver Diameter: 45mm
  • Frequency Response: 5 – 40,000 Hz
  • Maximum Input Power: 2,000 mW
  • Sensitivity: 100dB/mW
  • Impedance: 35 ohms
  • Weight: 290g
  • Cable: 1.2 m, 3.0m and 1.2m with mic for smartphones
  • Connector: 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini plug
  • Accessories Included: Pouch

Product Features:
  • Newly designed 45mm True Motion Drivers deliver Hi-Res Audio reproduction
  • Dual-layer Air-control Technology consisting of a layered aluminium / magnesium housing and triple-vent system reduces unwanted resonance and controls air stream for outstanding audio clarity
  • Acoustic resistor provides improved high-frequency response, while bass acoustic resistor delivers accurate low-frequency response, reducing the risk of distortion
  • Ultra-comfortable memory foam earpads and headband
  • Comes with three detachable cables
  • Available in Black (ATH-MSR7BK) or Gunmetal Grey and Brown (ATH-MSR7GM) as colour options


Combining high-definition sound quality with modern design, the simple yet stylish ATH-MSR7 is the result of years of research and historical expertise at the service of producers and professional musicians since 1962.

A Passion For Listening

Humility, passion, creativity and expertise in sound are the core values behind Audio-Technica’s legacy, greatly inspired by its founder – whose imprint on the company’s philosophy is still felt today.

Audio-Technica’s passion for listening evolved in the 70’s, when it started designing headphones, building upon a legacy in innovation, meticulous engineering and artistic design.

Today, Audio-Technica’s audio products have become globally synonymous with consistently high sonic performance paired with impeccable build construction and artistic design.

45MM Drivers

Large bespoke 45mm diameter ‘True Motion’ drivers deliver extremely rich and detailed sound reproduction.

Detachable Cables

The headphones come with one standard 1.2m cable, another cable of the same length including mic and remote for use with smartphones, and a classic 3m cable.

Air Circulation

Triple-vent system designed to reduce unwanted resonance and to control air stream, resulting in excellent dynamics for outstanding audio clarity.

Robust Yet Lightweight

Built into the drivers are voice coils with rare earth neodymium magnets, and a lightweight multilayer membrane in aluminium and magnesium, which is rigid yet highly reactive.

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Good build and better sound, gave my beats to my son and can’t believe these were cheaper.

At first i was a bit concerned about the weight of the phones but ‘on the head’ i find them great and easy to wear for quite a long time. (was also concerned that the cans cover the whole ear and that some sort of auditory claustrophobia might set in; but this is not the case). I listen to classical music and speech – usually via a small digital radio and sometimes an i-pod. I don’t need big bass and these phones don’t give it. They seem to me to produce a pleasant neutral sound, with a treble that allows all the voices of an orchestra, for example, to come through authentically. No idea if their sound would be pleasing to someone into other musical genres but i would be surprised if it didn’t (caveat the ‘bass’ bit above).

Love these headphones, great sound and looks for a reasonable price.

Very great headphones, the sound is superb, sound feels close to open-back headphones, although they’re closed, and isolate pretty well, but not everything, as expected, and just as i wanted. Couldn’t have wished for a better sound at this price range. Problem is the build quality, more specifically there are squeaks coming from the hinges as the plastic parts are rubbing, i tried using different lubricants to lessen the effect, sadly the solution doesn’t last for long. The headband is extremely uncomfortable for long time usage, i had to purchase a headband cover, only for them to be somewhat comfortable, there’s very little padding on the headband.

Great precise headphones with a deep detailed clear sound. I’ve played a range of music through these phones from joy division, post punk, to eclip, drum and base dance music. The base is full and involving and never blurred as so many headphones present. All mid tones are present and rich giving you a full spectrum as the recording artist intended it to be presented to the listener. There is very little to no leakage of sound from this headset, great when sitting in the living room with others. These headphones are not for people with a larger head.

At first thought they were a bit hot on ears. My previous headphones had foam cups so just a case of getting used to them. Now that i have they are sooo comfy and they do cut out a lot of background noise. Particularly if you like metallica for example. In games makes sounds very real so game is more immersive.

I went from the status audiop cb1s to these, and if you think the cb1s are the best headphone bargain, think again. These have a superior sound stage, clear lower mids and base, and they’re study. They’re a little uncomfortable after a while, mainly due to how strongly they clamp to your head, but i expect as you wear them in, this will be less of an issue.

Brilliant audio quality headphones, bought to use as monitors in studio and have had fantastic results. Have used them for gaming and chat too and find them to be brilliant. Come with an extra long spare cable too which is really handy. They look a lot nicer in person than they do in the pictures.

  • Purchased these Audio-Technica headphones as from experience Audio-Technica make good headphones, and they are amongst my favori
  • Particularly if you like Metallica for example
  • the phones but ‘on the head’ I find them great and easy to wear for quite a long time

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM Headphones

Absolutely wonderful sound quality especially on jazz. Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The best headphones that i have purchased over many years.

These headphones sound absolutely amazing. The bass is thick and smooth, the treble is all there as well and everything in between. These perform excellently across a wide frequency of sounds. I’ve listened to just about every genre of music through them and i don’t want to take them off, every song sounds 10x clearer and fuller. I’ve heard notes that i previously did not know existed in songs i’ve listened to for years. The range of volume is also very impressive and they are very good at containing the sound (very little leakage). They’re not noice cancelling but they do block out most noise (e. G people on the bus, busy streets, noisey roommates etc. Haven’t tried them on a plane yet). They are also really comfortable with memory foam pads and a memory foam headband, they don’t clamp hard at all.

The most comfortable headphones ive ever worn and top quality sound. Great for all genres of music, with no specific one that stands out, perfect for my wide range in music.

Features and Spesification

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  • 45mm ‘true motion’ hi-res audio driver
  • Dual-layer air-control technology
  • Triple-venting acoustic airflow design
  • Layered metal structure to reduce unwanted resonance
  • Designed for listening at home and on-the-go
  • Connector – 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini plug and L-shaped