Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 Solid Bass series headband dual chamber – & : Four Stars

After using the free headphones which came with my xperia t i decided i needed to upgrade. I was looking for premium headphones at a budget (ideally under £70). These headphones have exceeded my expectations, truly awesome sound with such depth. The build quality is sturdy and they look very trendy. As mentioned it other reviews, they are slightly tight when around the neck. If you are unsure of buying, go with it – you will not be disappointed.

Beautiful sound, very comfortable.

Bought these for my sons for christmas knowing very little about headphones. Woow, they both love them and have said they are brilliantcan’t ask for any more than that.

Good sound; not as bassy as stated in title. Also, very painful on ears after an hour or so usage.

Good sound quality in general, but do not expect the bass quality of ath’s products.

Very good pair of headphones for the money only problem is the cable is a bit short but that does not mater if you are going to use them on the go with a phone of laptop.

These headphones are really bassy but without loosing sound quality i don’t understand how they are so cheap they should be well over £100.

Great sound, probably the best headphones i’ve owned so far. Also nice because it has a smaller profile than the other audio technica models, which i found too chunky looking.

  • Five star sound with niggles
  • however the quality of materials is way better than the Koss
  • Fantastic Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 Solid Bass series headband dual chamber – Black & Red

Colour Name:Black/Red
Product Description, Audio-Technica WS55 headphones have been designed to improve sound quality and performance. The multi-layered hybrid housing design of the earcaps reduces unwanted vibration and the Dual Air Chamber system provides rich and enhanced bass. Acoustically sealed earpads deliver powerful bass response and the freely adjustable headband creates the perfect fit. The WS55 also feature a foldable design for convenient storage and portability and is available in 2 different colours – Black and Black & Red.

Box Contains, L shaped stereo mini plug

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I needed a pair of headphones and i only had one simple requirement, i wanted everything. By everything, i mean, they should have a great range with a natural sounding bass, i don’t want bass heavy, they should be well priced, and comfortable. I didn’t really expect to find anything. Imagine my surprise when the guy in the shop handed me these saying they where £50. At that price point i had been through everything in the local electronics giant and there had been at least one failing in each of them, too much bass, too much treble, no mids, muddy bass. Not expecting i tried these. Wow, they are wonderful, bright highs, natural lows. The sound quality is wonderful for this price point, i have tried headphones at three times the price which were not even close. There are a couple of negatives, nothing major but they are there. The cable is captive and cannot be replaced easily so when it goes, that is it unlike the sennheisers i own which just unplugs. They are not the most comfortable either, after long periods they will get uncomfortable, they are not bad but there are more comfortable headphones out there. Overall though these are great headphones for the price and you will struggle to find better.

Very good sound and good build quality.

These are great headphones, they can get uncomfortable after a few hours of use but this isn’t a huge deal for me after all if your paying £60 there not going to be perfect. Sound is fantastic very flat, very clean but i would recommend getting an amp to boost the bass or download power amp if you can brilliant thing about this is you can customize the sound so it can be your sound. They look good feel solid cant praise them enough really.

Bought for hubby for xmas and was worried as he is very fussy. He is very happy with what he has listened to so far.

Sound quality is excellent, headphones are lightweight and comfortable.

Great product for the price. Had them 2 years, wear them every day and have had no issues at all.

The sound quality of these headphones is (nearly) superb, with deep, thick bass, clear mids and good (but not outstanding) treble. If sound quality was all that mattered i’d be keeping these and rating them at five stars for the price, however there are two negatives which together pushed them over into a return to amazon and a refund. The first and more minor niggle is that the right ear-cup is slightly louder that the left. At first i wasn’t sure if i was imagining it as listening to stereo music the effect is quite subtle, however as soon as i started listening to some podcast radio and audiobooks which were in mono it became obvious that it wasn’t my imagination. To give you some idea of the scale of the balance difference, imagine the sound stage is graded from 1 to 100, with extreme left as 1 and extreme right as 100. Mono should be in the exact middle (50) however with these cans all mono sources are placed around 60 or 65. Not a deal braker, but off-putting nonetheless. The deal braker was comfort. They are vice-like in their grip on the head and in less time than it takes to listen to one album, my ears were in such pain i had to take them off.

  • Five star sound with niggles
  • however the quality of materials is way better than the Koss
  • Fantastic Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 Solid Bass series headband dual chamber – Black & Red

I use to have porta pro before these and the sound is a next step in quality,but not too far from porta pro,however the quality of materials is way better than the koss,they still didn’t fail (koss porta pro unfortunately has a low life expectancy). They are not 100% noise cancelling,but it’s enough with a decent high volume without disturbing people around you. At first,they had a kind of uncomfortable feeling on the head,but don’t know if became accustomed or they shaped up with use,now i don’t have that feeling anymore. For listen movies they are also wonderful because you can ear all the small sound details of everything happening in a movie (i can almost ear what other people are saying when the main actors are taking for example in a coffee shop). Same happens in music,the awareness of each instrument sound is very good. Without being the perfect headphones,i recommend it because with a relative low price you purchase a very close experience from what is the top of the headphones. It has a better sound than koss porta pro with better quality,and,hey,for the price,that’s not easy.

The bass is strong, the quality is really good and music gnres such as electric or metal sound very crisp in them. Although the left channel stopped woring after 5 months, i got them repaired in under 2 days, although i had to pay for the postage. But apart from that they are perfect both in quality and in value.

Its not often that i use headphones but when i do i want good sound quality. These headphones do not fail at this. The sound is very clear and the bass response is great. I listen to a wide variety of music and these headphones have managed to reproduce some very clear vocals and some thumping bass for hip hop. Also worth noting is the sound isolation. When i have them on it cuts out almost all background noise. Also it stops the sound leak very very well. I sit in an office with music thumping and nobody around me is none the wiser.

Great headphones at a great price.

This is the first pair of on or over ear headphones that i have ever bought and i spent a ridiculous amount of time deliberating over a pair of headphones to buy and initially started with a budget of around £20-£30. I knew a fair amount about the sound quality of in-ear phones and as such felt that this would be a fair initial budget. However, after looking into products for a while and trying a few pairs in store i felt that i should up my budget and started looking into audio-technica’s which were highly recommended by a friend of mine along with sony’s sennheisers and skullcandy. It took me weeks to decide on a pair as i’m a student currently without an income and felt that making the right choice was quite important. I would consider myself a bit of an audiophile but not necessarily with the experience of those buying top of the range £150+ headphones but i am heavily involved in different kinds of music and have been for years so have a fairly well tuned ear. These ws55’s have ended up being exactly what i was looking for in portability, comfort and sound quality so i’ll just run through some of the features/feels around the headphones to (hopefully) give you an idea of how these phones feel to use. Comfort:the ws55’s are a pair of over ear (around ear – the pads are pressed against the side of your head) headphones but are still compact enough to not look stupid in public. They have a soft padded leather(/faux leather i’m not sure) ear pads that wrap around your ears comfortably but snugly along with a leather padded adjustable headband. After a very long time of use (5+hrs) i can sometimes feel pressure around the ears as the band does press relatively tightly around the head, but this can be gotten used to surprisingly quickly and is usually only when i’m wearing glasses. The earcups also swivel to fit the head (and to flatten the set which adds a huge amount of portability).

Great headphones for the money.

Very good ear phones for the price highly recommend ideal to use with laptop. Would be a very good buy for someone on a budget.

I have no any bad comments about this headphone this headphone has really good sound with nice bass awesome.

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  • Accoustically sealed earpads deliver powerful bass response
  • Adjustable headband creates the perfect fit
  • Foldable design for convenient storage and portability
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