Audiofly AF78M Earphones : Great in-ear experience

I am not an audiophile but you have to appreciate the clarity and the neutral sound from these excellent earphones. I found i was able to hear sounds on tracks that simply were not there when listening on my previous earphones. Instruments are faithfully reproduced and bright. In my opinion these earphones are exceptional, comfortable and under rated however could be further improved by adding a volume switch, an l shape connection plug and a proper case. The tin they provide is useless far to small to fit the earphones in and the lid falls off.

These earphones live up to expectation. They are not cheap so i expected really good sound quality, which i got. The jelly type earbud fill the ear canal and almost completely block out ambient noise. The sound performance is excellent, i own a set of on ear phones that cost £300 and these audiofly beauties are just as good.

Having read all the rave reviews about these headphones i decided to buy. I waited with baited breath to try these. When they first arrived i tried them with all different types of music but couldn’t seem to get the sound or seal in my right ear, after a day of use the right hand earbud fell apart which may explain the lack of sound. Needless to say these where sent back and a replacement pair sent by amazons fantastic returns service. The new pair arrived and all i can say is wow the sound was fantastic you can hear things in songs that you didn’t hear before, i was really pleased for a while. Then after about three days the same problem came back, lack of sound in the right speaker. There is sound there but it’s very distant, it makes me think that the main drivers at fault. I did want to give these another try but amazon are now investigating whether the’ve a bad batch. That’s why i’m disappointed, when they were working they’re the best headphones i’ve heard ever but it was to brief and makes me question the build quality and seeing as these are nearly £200 that shouldn’t be a problem.

Awesome sound quality – these are dual driver earphones – which means inside they have two different elements to produce the sound – a regular dynamic driver + a balanced armature. I’m no expert by any stretch but you can hear heaps of detail – the bass is nice and punchy, voices are crystal clear. . And the high notes are wonderful – especially piano and string instruments. I can’t really fault the sound at all. If i had to pick one tiny thing – it is that they do not have an open, airy sound. . Which is no surprise since the design is closed and they are in ears. I’ve just listened to an old nirvana album with these on. And the sound really did blow me away. I have thought about selling these headphones because i use my jvc frd80 so much, but after hearing nirvana through these.

Picked these up to replace my broken pair soundmagic pl50 that lasted for 7 years of casual use and i’m simply blown away by the astounding music quality, the af78m delivers. Listening to regular 128kb mp3 sources adds an extra dimension for songs with multiple musical instruments.

These headphones are amazing – it’s quite a thick sound at first, but it realise that i’m hearing new things in songs i’ve been listening to for years. The sound is very present, across all frequencies – i need good bass and these deliver. I haven’t noticed any distortion, mentioned in other review. Just blown away by the amount of new textures i’m noticing in music i’ve been listening to for 20 years.

I got back from vacation this week and it felt like christmas opening up the audiofly af78m package and jewel box–the presentation is first classthe cord has a rich feel and looks elegant (i just checked it is cordura(r) and kevlar(r)); i compress the foam tips and the earphones fit perfectly in my ears; this is a really comfortable hybrid-dual driver design–the body fit perfectly in my outer-ear/pinna area, and provides just the right pressure on the foam tips in my ear canal, to really get a good seal and good bass response coupling with my ear drum. First track dave brubeck, take five sounded amazing, the instruments were fully defined and separated in the sound stage. The next track was rebecca pidgeon’s spanish harlem, a chesky audiophile classic–wonderful again with a detailed sound-stage, vividly defined instruments and great tonal balance. Stevie ray vaughan’s tin pan alley–smooth, resolving, timbre is perfect–the af78m’s are ear candynow, i am listening to some ludacris, ‘how low’ and wiz khalifa tracks with some really low bass notes that hit up and down the lower frequencies–no hesitations, smooth as any well-balanced-full-range audiophile-grade home audio, or competition car audio system. I am smiling right now, as i re-visit my favorite tracks. I would recommend this to anyone in the $200-400 usd price range, who may not like the poor bass response of balance armatures, but love the mids and highs of balanced armatures. This hybrid design uses a dynamic driver for the lows and a balanced armature for the mids and highs, the integration is nearly flawless. I plan on letting them break in and follow up.

Made to immerse yourself into whatever music, you like. Note: they open up even more when you’ve used them 30+ hours (my opinion)recommended.

  • Disappointed
  • Brilliantly sublime output
  • Excellent

Audiofly AF78M Earphones with Clear Talk Mic for Smartphones – Marque Black

Product Description, Audiofly AF78M Dual Driver In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones with Microphone in Marque Black. A duet of technologies, Audiofly’s dual driver AF78M combines a professional grade balanced armature driver with a 9mm dynamic driver. This hybrid configuration draws on the strengths of both driver types to produce truly sophisticated sound across the entire frequency spectrum.
A duet of technologies: dynamic driver and balanced armature driver. Audiofly’s AF78M is your ticket to truly sophisticated sound.
The AF78M also comes with CLEAR-TALK™ technology, where the mic is split from the control buttons for better voice transmission during conversations.

Box Contains, Audiofly AF78M Earphones w/Clear-Talk® Mic for smartphones in Marque Black4 pairs of silicon eartips2 pairs of Comply foam eartipsAirline adapterSignal-splitterCleaning toolStorage tin

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  • Disappointed
  • Brilliantly sublime output
  • Excellent

Audiofly AF78M Earphones with Clear Talk Mic for Smartphones – Marque Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Clear-Talk microphone: AF56M is compatible with smartphones.
  • Audioflex Twisted Core Cable: Our high spec AF78M Audioflex braided cable features a twisted core, Kevlar reinforced conductors and a CORDURA fabric outer sheath for outstanding durability.
  • Dual Drivers: Custom articulated dual drivers for incredible separation and beautiful detail in the high end with lush well-defined response in the lower and mid frequencies.
  • Noise Isolation: Noise isolating in-ear design. For up to 23 dB noise attenuation. 4 pairs of silicon eartips and 2 pairs of Comply foam eartips provide a tailored fit for the best isolation possible.
  • Durable Storage Tin: The Audiofly storage tin with a plush lining offers compact durable protection of your in-ear headphones.