AudioQuest Nightowl Carbon High End Over-Ear Headphones : Outstanding headphones

Beautifully made and excellent build quality. Sound was fabulously open and detailed. Thanks to the other reviewers for helping me decide on these.

I listen to vinyl only and through headphones only. My set up is probably mid tier audiophile and therefore provides a very revealing, clear and open stage sound. I auditioned a number of ‘audiophile’ headphones including stax l700 and 007’s and seinnheiser hd800s, all are considerably more costly by a factor of multiples. These are great headphones but i found the audioquest nightgawk carbons just as revealing and portraying more natural musicality and more comfortable to wear over a period of time. Pair with a good headphone amp, mine is lehmannaudio, and musical sources and the sound is excellent, balanced, detailed and engaging. It is also easily driven by mobile devices although it is fair to say the nighthawk carbons are not very portable due their size. I am usually positive in spending more for significant upgrades but on this occasion not inclined to as i think that audioquest have cracked,producing a really excellent phone at a great price through innovation (for example it uses 3d printing in its design for accoustical refinements). Avoid the the earlier, non carbon version as this is now where near as good.

Great comfort and a superb sound. A bargain at the new price point. Warm, spacious soundstage and easy to drive. Cable is the only real downside. High quality but too short for home use via hifi setup and too thick for outdoor use.

My past headphone line up has been he400i, grado ps500, pm3’s, mr speakers maddog 3. 2, a&k t5p, hd700, hd600, el8-c, and the nightowls. With each oft the headphones stated there was always something bothering me and had to sell them, thehe400i the bass was a tab light and the image was very narrow. Grado ps500 absolutely lovely mid bass could not fault vocals the best i have had, but comfort longevity and the treble could catch you every now and then and murder your ears. Rarely but would be unexpectedoppo pm3’s no air to the treble and so boring there was nothing exciting of special about them no soul?. These i miss but they are ovens on your head the lamb skin was mad with the weight as well. Great sound presentation with the highs being just enough and the lows kicking when needed.

Crumbs, £600 for a pair of headphones. But, you need to run them in for a while before the sound emerges. I plugged them in and was initially underwhelmed and almost sent them back. Given the instructions and internet guidance i left them playing 24×7 for a few days. They recommend 150 hours of run in so i’ve got a while to go. Why they don’t do this as part of their qa cycle i don’t know, it would helpthey have a sound has to be listened to, with attention. It is not instantly impressive but the clarity, spaciousness, detail and musicality is mind-blowing. I’m upgrading to these from b&w p7 wireless (albeit used in wired mode) and although the p7’s are great headphones the soundstage and detail of the nightowls is something else.

Liked aspects of original nighthawks but wanted more from the mids?. From my point of view, this headphone has fixed that. Solid bass that doesn’t overpower. Highs not harsh at all to my ears. Much more balanced sound than original nighthawks but retaining the lovely rich tone. (i use a chord mojo/hugo and love the combination). Choice of pads makes quite a difference. Nice touch for those who might like a lighter tone. Hd650 type full sound but a little darker and much smoother, would be my summary.

I’ve used plenty of headphones over the last 40 years, from sennheiser hd25 over akg 340 to beyerdynamics, and i have to say, this is by far the most comfortable set, with a very detailed and enjoyable soundquality. So why just 4 stars?it’s that awful cable – too short to use with a proper amp, and too stiff to use in a mobile environment (as unlikely a use as they come, but hey – we are all individuals). So i had to shell out for a longer replacement cable; why oh why did audioquest not include the longer cable that came with the nighthawk?as aq have discontinued both the nh and the no, probably a moot point. So buy these ‘phones as long as they are still around, but budget for a good quality replacement cable.

Extraordinary pair of headphones, i have a pair of shure 846’s and thought nothing could surpass them, obviously they are restricted by their nature as iems, for price and audio this is the sweet spot of audio quality, sound is open considering they are close back headphones, they blow the b and w p9s out of the water for comfort and sound and they are double the price. Its sad they are discontinued, if i had the money i’d buy a trunk load and keep them till they become like gold dust, at the moment they are a blessing. Pairing with the lg v30 and tidal – sound doesn’t get any better than this, the only negative, i wouldn’t walk around in them, you’d look a bit of a strange one. Just a footnote, i don’t know why they’ve gone back up to £599, the sweetspot i mention was at £349.

  • Stunning
  • Wow!
  • The best sweetspot for cash vs sound quality

AudioQuest Nightowl Carbon High End Over-Ear Headphones

‘The closed, AudioQuest headphones nightowl Carbon was the Klangstreuende Grill of the Nighthawk by a intelligently designed Aperiodische cushioning for producing excellent shielding against surrounding noises, deeper immersion and improved mobile use Replaces. From Speaker construction inspired design for naturally detailed, effortless sound: Dynamic 50 mm driver with Biozel nitrocellulose diaphragm Rubber Coated Hard Shell Clip Snap-On Case Skin Cover beading and voice coil straps for low distortion, wide hub and real Kolbenförmige movement. Patented drive with double air gap that greatly reduce inter module communications distortion. Earpieces made of natural material liquid wood with acoustically optimised support struts and internal absorption. Patent pending Suspension using the enables the earpieces freedom of movement, fits heads almost any shape/size, entkoppelt earpieces to resonance entgegenzuwirken. A outstanding comfort: well-considered Ergonomic components make it possible for without the pain, stress or headphones Müdung an old/worn pair. Precisely fitted inner parts reduce air exhaustion, better, air flow and reduce distortion. Improved Head Cushion: Genuine Leather Head Cushion with Embroidery for more comfortable and luxurious appearance. Improved cable: Great for use on a desktop or with portable devices; flexible jacket without mesh prevents kinks; minimises microphone stable and intensively tested strain relief boots – Balanced are also available. High purity Tellur Copper as a base metal for the better contact connector properties, less noise. External Verfeinerungen: Carbon, metallic grey/High Gloss White, only colours with high solid content and minimal content volatile compounds. Includes micro fibre travel case; high quality 3.5 mm Plug to 1/4 plug adaptor. Designed by Skylar Grey in California, United States.

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Really top of the rande in sound and comfort have spent a lot of money for the right set these are them use all the time eccept when out and about recomended thanks.

Dac/amp used: go1000i’ve had many sets of headphones over the years, with most purchases around the £300~ mark. I’ve had oppo pm-3’s which were neutral but incredibly boring. I was particularly fond of the philips fidelio l1 and l2, however i also had the x1 and x2 which were also impressive for their respective prices. My most enjoyable setup was a pair of hifiman he-400i paired with my chord mojo – this was particularly engaging across the frequency range but the treble was too piercing for me, although the soundstage, rendering of instruments and bass was some of the best i’d heard. I had to get rid because the treble was murderous occasionally and gave me a forest whitaker eye twitch, and i wanted to step into a higher price bracket to see what higher priced cans could offer. I had my eyes set on the nightowl or its controversial twin, the nighthawk (carbon). I managed to trial the latter at a local richersounds store. The presence of the bass is different to the nightowl; it was particularly bloomy and bled into the midrange noticeably. It is true that both of these cans are dark. Treble seemed to be thrown somewhat on the backburner, and from what i remember, i left richersounds empty handed because although some songs sounded incredibly good, i wasn’t finding the consistency between tracks. The balance felt off on some tracks, with a hollow body to the sound. What surprised me was that over the next few weeks i was craving to hear them again. I decided to buy the nightowl, which i would return if i felt a similar inconsistency in how well tracks were presented. The nightowl is a different animal, but not ridiculously so.

I received the nightowl’s yesterday and straight out the box they sound amazing makes me wonder how much they can improve after the 150hrs recommended burn in, should be interesting. I’ve read all about the design of the headphones and why they have taken a different approach and for me they’ve nailed it. In one of the reviews i’ve read over the past few weeks, someone compared the sound signature to the hd650s and i have to agree to a point. They have a very relaxing sound, you really can listen for very long time album after album without a care in the world. For me the 650 are a great headphone and deserve all the credit they get but i’ve always struggled to enjoy them as much at higher volumes however this does improve with a valve amp. With the nightowl’s this isn’t an issue, stick them on at any level and they just get louder, no change in the sound they stay super smooth, it really is impressive, similar sound signature to the 650s but on a completely different level. The soundstage is another area where they excel. For a closed back headphone (with port) they sound very open but with the added benefit of not annoying the wife and kids ha. If i could describe the scale of the sound it would be comparable to by first experience of imax at the cinema. Because there is so much space, every instrument can be heard with ease, no frequency masking with the nightowl’s they are able to present the music unlike any other headphone i’ve heard, every instrument has its place.

The review of the nightowl headphones in hi-finews magazine said these headphones were outstanding and they are.

  • Stunning
  • Wow!
  • The best sweetspot for cash vs sound quality

AudioQuest Nightowl Carbon High End Over-Ear Headphones

Features and Spesification

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  • Closed design for increased depth immersion, improved shielding against outside noise.
  • Dynamic 50 mm driver with Biozel nitrocellulose, Cone, Rubber Surround and voice coil for low distortion, large hub and genuine Kolbenförmige motion
  • Sustainable designed, eco-friendly components and materials, such as liquid wood (liquid wood) earpieces and Biozel nitrocellulose diaphragm
  • Elegant Porsche Carbon Grey Metallic, high gloss finish and powerful set of AudioQuest cable with unobtrusive smartphone controls and microphone
  • 2 Sets: protein leather ear cushion for better shielding, enlarged Height transparency, Alcantara for greater comfort, easy to reduced bass pressure.