Aurelia Skincare | Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Review


Lately I have been getting excited over trying new skin care products, particularly organic skincare, over the likes of a new eyeshadow palette or a shiny piece of jewellery. My skin has been on its best behaviour over the last two months, all since I’ve been trying the new Erborian skin care range. However as I mentioned in that post, I predicted it would last me 2-3 months to which I have found it is now on its last few uses. Having stopped using it around 2 weeks ago, I was sad to see my dry skin come back as bad as I remember, so it was time to hunt down a new favourite-to-be skin care.

Luckily for me I stumbled across Aurelia Skin Care. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s site is filled to the brim with organic skincare products which look oh-so dreamy. You can just vision the beautiful rosy pink packaging sitting on your bathroom shelf. Little did I know though, I would be even more excited about the parcel packaging before I even got to touch the products!aurelia-probiotic-skincare-packaging

The beautiful black, canvas box was the first thing I saw when I ripped open the brown parcel paper, with the branded strand of ribbon expertly wrapped around it. Once opened, I found a lovely little note by their team, along with black tissue paper (I’ll keep that for gift wrapping, thank you very muchly!). I found myself getting excited over every little step of opening the parcel, and was soon greeted with this gorgeous black velvet pouch below, tied up with yet some more branded ribbon. Got to love a little ribbon!

Inside this beautiful pouch sat a whole array of deluxe sample sized Aurelia skin care products, which I shall now talk you through. I informed the lovely Megan from the brand about my skin concerns, to which she guided me to these products which were supposedly best suited to my concerns…oh boy, was she right.aurelia-probiotic-skincare

I start both my morning and evening skincare routine with the Miracle Cleanser*; simply apply to dry skin, massage into the skin and then rinse off with warm water using the beautiful muslin cloth* provided. I’ve tried various branded muslin cloths before and they are great for helping to gently remove cleansers during your skin care regime, but to also softly exfoliate your skin and are safe to place in the washing machine to ensure its forever clean!

In the morning I will simply finish off with a few drops of the Revitalise & Glow Serum* and then the Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser. In the evening I will continue to apply just a couple drops of the Cell Repair Night Oil* after the Miracle Cleanser. Although It does look like a lot of different products to incorporate into your skin care regime, it’s actually so fast and simple that even I was shocked.aurelia-probiotic-skincare-velvet-bag

If you have dry skin, but also sensitive and perhaps dull skin that is in need of being re-hydrated, soothed and rejuvenated, I highly recommend the Miracle Cleanser and Revitalise & Glow Serum as a starting point. These two were the first two steps into my daily trial regime, and from day one I saw instant results. My skin was left feeling so soft, refreshed, but I also looked like I was glowing.

Another thing I love about each product is their distinctive smell. Usually when you opt for a one-branded skin care range of products, you’ll find all the products; cleansers, moisturisers, toners etc. all smell the same. That’s fine, but each individual product in the Aurelia skin care range is beautifully scented with its own fragrance for each formula. From musky tones which for my nose is surprisingly pleasant, to floral notes and hints of what I thought was lavender at times, which was extremely calming and relaxing; especially before bed.aurelia-probiotic-skincare-range

Last but most certainly not least, I was also greeted with a sample of the Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream*. My hands can get pretty dry throughout the day so I do use a hand cream daily. When it comes to purchasing a hand cream though, I think of nothing more than “What’s small enough for my bag and cheap?”. You too? Oh good. Little did I know what a difference a quaility hand cream would actually make!

This helps to repair dry hands in an instance, leaving them feeling soft and hydrated, but also smelling so nice – not that I go around sniffing hands, because that would be weird. But the most noticeable element of the cream is the brightening effect within it. Who knew how excited you’d get when you see your hands have a glow to them, similar to that of a cream highlighter you place on your cheeks? Who said highlighter was just for the face?!

Have you tried any of their products? If so, I’d love to know which ones you recommend and what you thought of them!

*Gifted Product