AUSDOM ANC8 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones : Holy cow, they provides peace and quiet for me!

These headphones do need ‘running in’. Upon putting them on i was not imoressed with the sound quality, left them playing at half volume for 30 mins, completely different sound.

As first, i’m not an audiophile and my review will be very subjective. The earphones are light but seem to be pretty solid (dropped them once from 3 feet height press and nothing happened). Earpieces are very comfortable with little pressure to the ears so prolonged wearing them doesn’t bother at allsound quality is good enough for me, previously owned jvc on- ears bt headphones with extra bass and ausdoms are far better. Anc works but doesn’t expect miracles – it wont mute nagging wife :), it cuts a bit lower frequencies but it should do that (my guess). Battery life is very good, used them roughly 3hours daily on maximum volume and by end of the week still had a half of battery juice left. Finally, supplied travel case is very handy, stores charging cable and, surprisingly, traditional audio cable to use while on the airplane. There’s one think which ehm, should be changed: usb port: it should be usb-c type like most of new devices but it isn’t deal beaker i guessconclusion: highly recommended, great balance price to quality.

In my opinion for the price these headphones have an exceptional build quality. The good:- bluetooth & audio jack connection- sounds ok for the price. – anc works fine for the price range- comfortable enough- great battery life- comes with a case- good clicky buttonsthe bad:-these lack the “shareme” function that let you duplicate the audio on another identical set of headphones.

These noise cancelling bluetooth headphones came right out of the box. I rarely got an opportunity to relax myself when at home because there was often a lot of noise around me – dishes being done, a television on somewhere, and a seven year old who never stops talking. I like to use the anc8 as an escape. The nicely cushioned ear cups and headband are pretty soft to wear and the adjustable arm offers the best fit for my big head. Generally i charge the headphones twice a week. Also, the cable has a standard 3. 5mm audio which allows me to connect them with a variety of sources. Everything about the headphones is perfect except that i found it difficult to pair them with my iphone 6s in the beginning and the directions aren’t clear, but not a big deal. I’m happy about that the headphones does what they claim to do or even better.

This is my first noise cancelling headphone and i can gladly say i am very happy with it indeed. The noise cancelling function works very well, i cannot hear anything else. For me, it is very comfortable when i used it for work and travelling on holiday, due to the soft cushions and because it is foldable, it is more convenient when storing in the bag. The battery also lasts a very long time, i travelled to china and never had to charge it once for the duration of the flight.

I’m really impressed with the bluetooth headphones. The sound quality is amazing clear and very loud. I was surprised how much outside noise they cancel out, this is really great when you’re in a noisy area. I have large ears and these cover my ears comfortably. You could pay a lot more for headphones of this quality. Battery life is amazing for the price you definitely got the money worth.

After scouring the internet for a pair of noise cancelling headphones i found the wisdom anc8 and made my choice. The sound quality is very good for the price and when listening to certain songs you can hear things you never knew were even within songs, when using along with the noise cancelling i found it to be slightly distorted and fuzzy but only very minimally. The material quality and durability is that of other headphones around the same price, they look great but are definetly not of the most durable plastics. The noise cancellation is that of a mild white noise, although it does not actually cancel the noises around you it gives a calming hiss that makes everything a little easier to cope with especially whilst studying. I would not compare these to the likes of other high priced noise cancelling headphones but again a price like this you can’t be too fussy. The comfort of these are again what’s expected with the price, you can wear these for a good few hours before they get a bit too irritating. Overall these are a good budget pair of headphones and will be used when i want to listen to music in peace and quiet.

They are extremely comfortable. I can wear them for extended periods. As good or better than other headphones i have had costing 2-3 times as much, and to my surprise better than an old pair sony. Bluetooth pairing is reliable. The range is also very good – if you have a clear line between the headphones and your paired item you can easily get the maximum distance, but any obstructions will obviously affect the sound leading to it dropping in and out until you are back within range. I find if i put it centrally in my flat i can move around all rooms without losing the sound. I can listen to music/films from tablet and use it to answer phone calls. They can be used wired (unlike the other headphones) which is useful if charge is low. Controls are easy to operate and more intuitive than most.

  • Great sound quality and amazing noise cancellation
  • Not very reliable
  • Holy cow, they provides peace and quiet for me!

AUSDOM ANC8 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphoness Over Ear for PC/Cell Phones/TV – Black

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I’m not usually one for writing reviews but i’m so happily surprised by these headphones i had to share my experience. I used to have a pair of bose noise cancelling headphones and honestly i can’t tell the difference between these new ones and the bose. Sound quality is amazing and the quality of the headphones is really nice too good quality plastics and they’re super comfortable. I absolutely recommend these to anyone.

For just over 40 quid they are no sennheiser or bose. Once you are happy to admit that you will start liking these despite its minor flaws. It comes and in a great looking box with an excellent quality (or at least it feels like one) sturdy case. Finally a chinese product with a proper user manual. Headphones look and feel well-made. Good big buttons nicely placed in right places (ones you get used where they are). Connecting to my fire tv stick, android smart phone and lg smart tv was quick and easy. Tried them in the bathroom while the extractor fan is running and i couldn’t hear the extractor fan’s noise at all even in passive mode. (for those who complain about anc feature, it only works with consistent background noises. Anc doesn’t work for partner’s or kids’ yelling, unless they maintain the same wavelength for a few minutes). Tried it with a vacuum cleaner running and it didn’t cut all the noise as my beloved sennheiser used to do but then again i only paid just over 40 quid, so i am ok with that.

These are ideal because the headphones cups themselves do a good job reducing unwanted sounds and the electronic noise cancellation helps a bit too by reducing the low frequency sounds. L can listen to my music, the speakers give out a bold and confident sound that i’m happy with when considering the cost compared with the more expensive ones you can get. There were no issues pairing them with my phone and the supplied cable allows for use if the battery needs charging.

I need a good price headphones for traveling , after using them on a trim , i can confirm that the build quality is excellent , they feel very well on the ears. Sound quality is excellent good base , noise cancellation works very well , with a switch on the side of the heapons siwtch on or of. It has a built in microphone with volume + and – and the battery life is very good. Includes a travel box in the package.

I bought these to replace my first pair of terrible bluetooth headphones, bought for £15 at a store. I was hopeful they’d have a better sound. With the anc active the sound is just fine, a little lacking in bass but mid range almost pops and the high end manages clarity without breaking up into digital filth. They handle pretty much any music thrown at them with better results with naturally bass driven music. Turn off the anc though and the bass returns, but it muddies the sound, blurring mids and making the bass sound bloated. Build quality is nice, the metal extensions a particularly nice touch. The cups are nice too, soft and easily form to your head. The band i’m not so sure of, just have to wait and see.

My wife bought these before a long flight to canada, they seem well put together, were easy to set up and pair with her iphone and sound quality seemed very good (i’m no audiophile). I took my bose qc25 headphones on the same flight and had a chance to compare the two. I was very impressed with the noise cancelling performance of the headphones. I would say they cancelled ~80% as much noise as the bose headphones which is pretty impressive considering they are 1/8th of the cost. There was a little more white noise introduced as an artefact of the noise cancelling, whereas this is pretty minimal with the bose headphones. If you want a pair of reasonably priced headphones that cancel the majority of the noise of air con/plane engines and sound good enough for 90% of the population not to complain i’d say you’d be hard pushed to better these. If you use them day in day out at work as i do, or take a lot of long haul flights, then you may get your money’s worth out of buying a pair of bose headphones.

These ausdom h/phones arrived today. 1st offi’m a musician and play keyboards/synthesizer hence i’m very picky wen it comes to the sound on headphones. Looks are not that important to me. Comfortability yesbut for me it’s all about the sound and clarity. I’ve been listening to music for around an hour, with these ausdom h/phonesmy 1st impression and the most important aspect of these h/phonesis wow especially with the sound and the anc on, it shook to me to my core what a sound. Anc off is more subtle n gentle on the ear. You get top, middle and low notes on these and the balance is perfect. They also sound awsom when they plugged in to my synthesizer. They pretty comfortable too. In the past i’ve spent £100/£200 on a set of branded h/phones and to be very honest these sound as good.

I purchased these and the sony to compare these two. Cnet says they both have a ‘9’ for sound quality. I would agree, they both sound excellent. The ausdom anc8 won the test for its noise cancellation, performance talking to people on the phone, comfort on my head, and sound processing. Ausdom anc8 sounded like i was holding an old fashioned handset and talking in a quiet room – intimate and zero background noise. The construction is good and solid, and does an excellent job of blocking sound. Note, this is not an ‘active’ noise suppression system. This is effectively just a very well made passive earmuff hearing protection device with the ability to pair via bluetooth to hear music, podcasts, etc from a phone. While it does have a microphone, that mic is so you can have a conversation via your phone while wearing the earmuffs, not for someone wanting to talk to you standing next to you. You’ll have to take them off to have an immediate local conversation.

  • Great sound quality and amazing noise cancellation
  • Not very reliable
  • Holy cow, they provides peace and quiet for me!

AUSDOM ANC8 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphoness Over Ear for PC/Cell Phones/TV – Black

Bought these for an up and coming holiday to use on flight. I have used them about the house, both upstairs and outdoors, and so far they have have performed well. Their main use will be to listen to music but i have also tried them with the television and they had a faultless connection with both sound system and tv. I charged them when i received them, 19/10/18, and they are still going strong. I should add however i still use a set of cabled chambers by rza if i am not moving around, so i will be charging my ausdoms before flying off on holiday next week. So far so good then with this set of cans.

To start off with, i opened the package with zero expectations but with hope that these turn out to be useful. Boy were they more than useful, i literally do not want to let them go. I used the anc in the midst of the british breeze we had 2 days ago and could listen to all levels of music without any issues. Paid just over £40 bucks and they are more than the money’s worth, i like the earpads which comfortably adjust around the ears ( it depends on individual preference as well as someone might not like the fact that the huge pads completely hug the ears. ) the nice carry case that it comes with and all the standard adjustments are perfect, i felt the material used are all premium and i am going to keep this baby till it breaks down on me. Not saying it will and having experienced the customer care from ausdom i think we are in good hands. It’s great that these kind of products are now available for those who want to experience high quality at a fraction of the price. Kudos ausdom and looking for more great products from you folks.

I had been pondering purchasing some over ear wireless headphones after having a go with a friends sony ones. I didnt really want to spend a great deal as they wouldnt be used that often. I have found them perfect, loud, clear and the battery lasts a long time. The noise cancelling isnt perfect but it does cut out some, enough to be able to watch stuff on my tablet while the wife watches her rubbish tv in the same room. A great purchase at a good price.

I got it two weeks ago and only charged once. The exterior appearance is very satisfying with good feel of touch and sense of delicate. The sound comes with a good balance and mixing.

I only used them for a couple of hours each night, but they packed it up after only six weeks of use. I can’t return them as they are past the amazon return date limit. 00 i can ill afford down the drain. It may have be guaranteed for a year, but when they don’t respond when you report it faulty it sort of makes the guarantee useless. Buy from a reputable dealer. Update: i received a reply from ausdom, who suggested turning off the anc before charging. I was very sceptical but tried it anyway and the charging light came onthey seem to work fine now.

They are more comfortable than the £200+ ones at the stores. The sound quality is also as good or better. The battery life is very long, can’t say for sure how many hours, but i can listen to my audio books for about a week before having to recharge. And i always have the noise cancelling turned on while wearing them. I got them to make it easier to study at home with my animals and kids running around. They block out the vast majority of the low/deep noise. My furnace is pretty loud and it gets blocked out completely. I wear them a lot even when not playing music or books. I can easily go 5+ hours and still be comfortable in them. When i need to charge them i can plug them into my laptop and still listen with the audio cord plugged in.

This earphone is very good, wireless bluetooth function lets me get rid of the control of the line, i can easily walk around with it when cooking in the kitchen, the sound quality is also very good, i also use it when playing games with friends. Occasionally, when the power is not enough, i will use the data cable to charge the battery. Bluetooth connects to my mobile phone or computer quickly, which is very convenient.

Ausdom anc8:got these when my srhythm nc75 headphones broke so thought i would try something else as they had gone up in price since. Man it’s a minefield out there trying to navigate the reviews. Seems everything on amazon has a few really negative reviews these days. So you have to guess which are legit. I’ll prefix this by saying i was really happy with the srhythm headphones. Personally i find the sound quality fine on these. A couple of people have commented they can’t hear me clearly when using it as a handfree headset so i’ve had to switch it off and use the phone normally. The anc is certainly not rubbish – it’s not that it doesn’t do anything. There is a substantial difference in sound when it is sqitched on in most environments. It seems to do very well at eliminating lower frequency sounds.

Been looking around for a new pair of headphones for ages since i used them for alot more than a regular user so i am very picky. But extremely pleased with them already. They are very comfy and adjustable for my head. Definitly noise cancelling as i can not hear a thing when i put it on max volume. I must say it also arrived in a very nice looking box too which i wont throw away. It was also very easy to set up with my phone.

I didnt expect much from these headphones at first considering the price i paid, but i was pleasently supprised. The sound was clear and bass was great. It’s also very comfortable to wear for long period of time too.

Absolutely love the design of this headphone. It’s a lightweight and comfortable to wear with good sound quality. Simple to set up, easy to use. Have been listening to the music on my smart phone, surprised of its great battery life. And a big thing for me is that i can have the sound at a reasonable level while i’m playing the keyboard without distracting the other people around the house. Also i like the fact they can be bluetooth or normal. Not only i wear them, my daughter wears them too. Very, very happy customer, i might have to buy some more as xmas gifts.

They better sound awesome for £50i just wanted a pair of headphones that i could leave at work, listen to music whilst shooting (i’m a commercial photographer) and blank off the ac noise, pc fans, chatter from video studio and generally not worry about due to the lower cost. I already own a pair of senheiser 4. 50 btnc at 3x’s the cost so i wasn’t expecting much from this much lower priced unit. Arrived in a black and green box and comes with a thermal moulded hard case, nice touch. Inside the case is the headphones, usb charging cable and 3. 5mm patch cable for corded listening. Comfort is good, soft ear cups and head band made from protein leather cover my entire lobes and the head band also padded and comfy. Protein leather is not the same as pvc or pu leather, its better quality, soft to touch and more durable.

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