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I’m giving these headphones a four star rating because they are perfect but are not durable. I accidentally dropped these headphones once from a three foot drop while taking them off and a crack started to form on the band over my head. It started out small so i ignored it. A week or two went by and the crack split all the way down the plastic. It separated the plastic from the red materiel under it and became uncomfortable to wear. I then accidentally dropped it again from the same height (yes, i’m very clumsy) and the left ear piece separated from from the headphones completely. The wire stayed attached so they are still kinda functioning. These headphones are great for their price but durability is a big thing.

Ive tried several bluetooth headphones and earphones and find you get better all round sound from headphones and damn these are good. The quality runs through to the headphones themselves which are solidly build and look classy too. Connecting to my iphone was as simole as switching the headphones on and finding the headphones on available devices on my phone and i was ready to go. The battery life is a huge 16 hours and charging takes around 2 hours. As i said before the base is like nothing ive heard before and voices are crystal clear. Just if you think these couldnt get any better, i tried these on a train and the noise cancelation works perfectly and i got no background noise at all. All in all i would definatelty recommend these over more expensive bluetooth headphones as these are superior not only in build quality (my expensive ones packer in before a year) but in sound quality too.

Been using these for a few weeks now. Very good sound and, although i use the wired mode mainly for music , having bluetooth is useful. I don’t notice a difference in sound quality between modes. I bought a headphone case separately which holds my ipod and leads, chargers, etc. With my jam speaker i have a complete and compact audio system. I use the bluetooth for calls. Much prefer having a more visual sign i’m on a call when wandering round the office, rather than the in ear bluetooth.

These headphones in a nice package with instructions a charging cable and a line-in cable. I was after a pair of over ear head phones that completely covered my ears. The style of the headphones really appealed to me they look amazing, they have 3 buttons on one side and the other has a inline 3. 5mm jack and charging point together with a small hole which is the microphone. The 3 buttons allow you to adjust the volume / skip to the next and previous track / answer and decline calls / pair the headphones with a device / power bluetooth connectivity on / off. The headphones are absolutely amazing a good amount of bass for a mid-price range, music clarity is very good i’ve tried different combinations of equalizer settings and it sounds great like a high-end pair. The headphones are well built and feel nice and very comfortable. If the battery runs out you can use the inline cable which is a great backup. I’ve brought cheaper bluetooth headphone s and there really is no comparison these look amazing and the sound quality is on another level, which is helped but the fact they completely cover your ears a must buy.

I actually liked these for the time i had them. The sound is ok, not the best. The headphone material is soft, better than other low cost options. Unfortunately the top frame broke and i cannot use these anymore. But the cs team on the seller side was able to help with a partial refund option. I recommend trying these though. If any issues arise, the cs will help.

They are very comfortable the bluetooth connectivity and quality of the sound is got me extremely satisfied. The battery life is very long i’ve been using it every day on my way to work since i bought it and i haven’t charged yet. Apart of all that it comes with hands free, i can easy talk during a call with my phone in my pocket. The headphones worth the price.

I contacted ausdom before purchasing as i wanted to know whether these were ok for listening to binaural beats and i didn’t want ones that cut out some frequencies. They were really helpful and i was reassured they didn’t. The headphones are great – still getting used to the ‘magic’ of listening without a cable to my phone in a pocket and not having to carry my phone around with me if i’m listening to something. Only complaint is that sometimes the headphones are recognised by my phone, it says connected on both headphones and phone but the sound is still coming from the phone. I’ve tried powering headphones off and on, disconnecting on phone, clicking ‘forget this device’ and then switching back on, but often the only thing that works is to power off my phone and restart, which isn’t the end of the world but is something of a nuisance. This also happened the one time i connected to my imac – which worked fine, but getting back to the phone, even tho i switched headphones off, still needed me to switch off the phone. I’ve been reluctant to use again with the imac, i don’t want to be having to restart that each time. I’m still enjoying using them tho.

Absolutely brilliant set of headphones, i wanted some blue tooth ones for the macbook so i wouldn’t damage the port whilst on my lap. Don’t hurt my ears and having a mic is brilliant for calls etc. Nice to find a plain looking pair of headphones as so many have leds and lights.Only remembers one bluetooth device at a time but doesn’t bother me to much. Just trying to get the back from the wife and kids is the hardest part.

  • Absolutely amazing, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Noise Cancelling – For When You Want To Block Everything Out
  • Incredibly Comfy, amazing quality

Ausdom Wireless Over Ear Headphones, 4.2V Bluetooth Headset Apt-X Low Latency with Noise Cancelling Mic, 3.5mm Hi-Fi Stereo Folding Overhead with 16 Hr Playing Time for Phone, TV, PC, Tablet

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I use these headphones for listening my hifi and also for third tv. They paired immediately with my bluetooth dongle. The sound quality is better than i had expected, considering the price. They are comfortable to wear, but i normally don’t exceed one hour or so. Noise cancellation is very good.

After recently purchasing some bluetooth earphones, that i have to say are great, they just didn’t cut it in terms of sound volume for a recent flight from london to malta – all i could here was the undertone of engine noisei went in search of some ‘proper’ headphones, ones that would go completely over my ears, true noise cancelling was the goal. These, to me, were an unknown brand. However searching ‘ausdom’ into amazon showed quite a selection of products with modest reviews, so thought i would take a punt – if not i could always return to amazon without an issue. I have to say i am very impressed, especially so with battery life. I have approximately a 1 hour commute each way on the train each day, so a total of 10 hours a week – and to my surprise they have lasted an entire week on one charge. In terms of the sound volume, no they are not the next competitor to a bose headphone, but at nearly 10% of the price they are closeseparation and tone are great, but bass is fantastic – can’t be faulted. I have to say i have really enjoyed using these this past week, and would recommend them to anyone that asked about them.

Excellent headphones for the price. I prefer this to noise cancellation on mid-level ‘phones that reduces the bass and volume, negatively impacting the overall sound quality. Everything about them feels and looks good quality. They are comfortable and very easy to use. I shan’t be going back to corded ‘phones with my mobile.

Having been a user of in ear headphones for years i was a little sceptical when asked to review these headphones. I’ve usually found over ear headphones to be heavy any not comfortable for my big lug holes. Having received them however my opinion has been changed, they are light, comfortable with a good sound. The only small issue i have found is that people have told me when i have used them to make or receive calls that my voice is rather feint. This is obviously because the microphone is on the casing around your ears, quite a way from your mouth. Not a deal breaker for me, but if you are on the phone a lot and wish to use them for hands free conversation you probably need a style and product that puts the mic near your mouth.

Excellent sound, very comfortable headphone and it paired seamlessly with my tablet and phone. As a bluetooth, headset and wired headphone will allow me to carry one headphone while travelling as i can switch between the two modes and using the wired method will save on battery use. Taking roughly 2 hours to charge is great so i do not have to wait forever to charge and use the headphone.

The headphones have good sound and in general i’m happy with them. My biggest complaint though is that the default sounds which play when either they connect/disconnect via bluetooth, or the battery is low seem to play at maximum volume. So you can be happily listening at a normal volume and suddenly get deafened by a little jingle telling you the battery is low or that they’ve connected/disconnected from bluetooth. If they’d set thisi sound to a normal volume they’d be very good.

Comfy headphones are so important and these are incredibly comfortable. I wore these just after i had had my helix pierced and was really sore and yet they were still really comfy and didn’t pressure my piercing at all. I love these just for the comfort factor. The headphones are easy to connect via bluetooth, although a standard jack cable is provided if necessary. They charged up quickly via micro usb and the battery lasts well. The sound quality is amazing. You can pick up every nuance of the music you are listening to. They also do a good job of blocking out surrounding noises. Also these headphones are super stylish and make me look ‘down with the kids’.

All these detailed five star rave reviews, so professionally presented, actually raised my suspicions initially because they just seemed too good to be true. But these headphones are really very good and the inevitable latency, whilst watching tv, is virtually imperceptible and you quickly get used to it. This is a follow up review after twelve months of continuous but careful use. The audio quality is still excellent and the battery holds a good charge which lasts all day. The only problem has been the over the head plastic band, which was always very fragile, becomes more brittle with age and recently broke in a number of places, loosing all grip. Have been able to reinforce the band with a long curved metal strip running from hinge to hinge but it’s a disappointing bodge. Have deducted two stars because at this price i would have expected these headphones to be much more rugged.

  • Absolutely amazing, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Noise Cancelling – For When You Want To Block Everything Out
  • Incredibly Comfy, amazing quality

Ausdom Wireless Over Ear Headphones, 4.2V Bluetooth Headset Apt-X Low Latency with Noise Cancelling Mic, 3.5mm Hi-Fi Stereo Folding Overhead with 16 Hr Playing Time for Phone, TV, PC, Tablet

I’ve been through many different headphones for various reason and these have been the best so farthe sound quality is brilliant, the connecting to them and linking with other devices is so easy and it holds a decent connection too so there’s no interference with the quality when you’re a bit further away. They’re comfy and adjustable so i can’t see many people complaining they don’t fit or aren’t suited to them, definitely one’s i would recommend.

I would recommend the ausdom ah3. I’ve only owned one headphone before as i’m more of a earphone user. The ausdom ah3 were bought on sale for £56. The reason i bought the ausdom ah3 was because it was bluetooth and the ability to use them wired, also the design is eye pleasing, not to bland, not to in your face/flashy. This headphone can be warm for a long period of time without discomfort this is because the ear cups are padded with soft foam. The headband is also padded. The size is perfect in my opinion as it’s not too bulky or small, just perfect. As i said earlier, the ausdom ah3 are bluetooth headphones. The battery life is 16 hours (decent) and the charge time is 1.

Very pleased with these headphones, they arrived nicely packaged and came with very clear instructions on how to use them (something that i find lacking with some products recently)easy to set up, and they connect very easily each time i switch them on. The main reason i am so happy with them though is that they are actually comfortable for wearing for long periods of time, and i don’t feel like my head is being squeezed into a vice. Nicely padded, and they even have l & r written on the inside, which for me was quite handy seeing as i never know which way to put them ongreat quality, and would recommend this product.

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