S4U or Coffee Master Royal Vienna Balance Coffee Maker / Machine ® : A good purchase and a show stopper when friends drop in

Quite nice product but transportation packaging is moulded plastic which has been trimmed at the bottom and scratched wooden base slightly. I can not praise the wouderful tasting coffee this device makes enough. The whole experiance from grinding the beans to hearing the satisfing dribble of coffee into my cup Continue Reading

AudioQuest Diamond HDMI 5 m HDMI Cable HDMI – HDMI Cables : Suddenly I’m everything good that ever happened in her daughter’s life – she

This cable is so good it actually makes live tv come quicker. I watched the lotto results 12 hours earlier on saturday morning and won 5 million quid. And to think i thought this cable was just a bunch of nonsense made by stupid chancers taking advantage of clueless idiots Continue Reading

Conambo CQ8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Over-Ear Headphones : Basic in design and quality, good as back up if nervous to travel with expensive ones

I really wanted to like these headphones. They feel great quality and are extremely comfortable. Even the aux cable feels good quality. However, the sound quality is just terrible. It is particularly bad over bluetooth. Sound quality is acceptable using the included aux cable, but becomes very thin when noise Continue Reading