Avanca D1 Bluetooth 4 : Excellent sound quality

Prior to receiving the avanca d1’s i had been using wired in-ear / bud headphones for the gym, which were fine (sound quality was good) but i found that one them kept working its way out of my ear whilst exercising. Using the avanca d1s for the first time solved this in an instant – the cable that joins the ear pieces together has just enough tensile strength to keep the earbuds pressed into your ear, but not so strong that it feels uncomfortable. Pairing was very easy, and i’ve managed to pair them with my galaxy a5 smartphone and my old ipod nano without any problems. Sound quality is good (as good as you’d expect on bluetooth that is) and you get volume controls on one earphone and next/previous controls on the other. They are however not suitable for use in the rain, so avanca gives you a set of covers that can be placed over them to make them waterproof for use outside in damp conditions.

Updatei’ve now had a chance to test voice calls, and they work easily, clearly and effectively. Avanca are clearly good at their jobs, and i look forward to seeing what other products are available from them. =====================there’s quite a lot of good design and implementation here. A major problem with other bluetooth headsets is that the buds are connected with floppy wires which do nothing to keep them in your ears, so it’s very easy for them to fall out and be lost. Because these are designed for exercising people, the buds are connected by springy plastic which keeps them positively located. The “power on” message is loud enough so that you can hear it before inserting the buds, so another star for that. Charging seems very quick, and lasts long enough for my use. The micro-usb is hidden under a waterproof cap, but once discovered is easy to use for charging. Volume control although initially seeming loud is actually well thought out. One bar on my iphone 6 is silent.

I have tried countless headsets, each and every one of them either didn’t fit properly, or had issues with the wiring getting all tied up. This would inevitably result in breakage and bad sound quality, at some point. I ordered the d1, hoping both of these issues would be solved. Two weeks and some pretty extensive use later, i think i may have found my new holy grail headset.Even during running it stays put, and the wirelessness guarantees it won’t get tied up.

Have had these for almost 3 years now and so far have outdone pretty much every other headset i owned before that (including beats and sony)positives:1. I use these almost daily for cycling/running/gym work and never missed a beat when super sweaty2. Sound quality is ok for gym stuff (im not expecting gold plated audio-phile reproduction here – just something not too bassy and clear)3. Battery life is ok: enough to last a few sessions4. Volume and track controls are clicky and obvious in use. Power button is starting to lose its click. Simple to pair with any audio source: not sure how handles registration conflicts as only ever had it paired to my phone. The rubber splash boots keep coming off (often i have found them lodged in my top or elsewhere after a session)2.

Would have given this a five star but it keeps lossing signal and turning it’s self off.

They sit comfortably around your head and on your ears. The sound is disappointing, lacking bass.

I do not normally bother with writing reviews but i wanted to give my opinion as some might be put off by the 2 star rating so far. I have had several sports bt headphones and they do not normally rate highly in sound quality. I have got to say these are the best so far. The sound quality is awesome and the bass is very stable at high volume. You cannot not actually have them turned right up as they are so loud. They also fit perfect and are very light meaning ideal for all uses. I mainly use for running and i actually look forward to the run so i can listen to music throught them. I do get some comments about the small buttons but it’s no a problem for me. So far the best product i’ve tried of this type. Recommend to me by a friend and they are as good as new after daily use over 18 months use.

These came in a nicely proportioned box as nowadays it seems the norm is almost to have small items in big boxes which are wasteful, so full marks here. Once out the box you get the headphones with spare ear buds plus a usb charging lead and a soft pouch type case. Once charged up, which didn’t take very long but like most things these days it depends on how long the batteries were inserted etc. It’s obvious they are for the sports sector of course as the actual sound, while respectable, is not up to ’studio level’ by their very nature. After sorting the ear-buds out for comfort, three sets of, it was then onto trying the volume control out and it’s a bit flimsy to my way of thinking but it works. Amazing thing is they are comfortable in the ears as after a little while, i forgot they were there. So far the battery life is holding well – i wear these while taking our dog for his walkies and they do work well, don’t fall out the ears and being wireless is a joy. Price wise i am not that sure as my son has a whatever brand it is with the same sort of spec and it was sub thirty pounds, so at nearly forty pounds (at the time of reviewing) i feel this brings it down to a four stars rating as the item is great but its the price that niggles to be honest.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Three Stars
  • Basic functionality but good sound

Avanca D1 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones with Integrated Microphone – Black

Product Description, The Avanca D1 Sports Headset is a must have for all runners, bikers and frequent gym visitors. Connect these wireless and flexible headphones to a smartphone, MP3-player or other Bluetooth device and listen to music or audio coaching during your work out. The stylish in-ear earbuds are carefully designed make sure they never fall out of your ears and to maximize the sound output. The headset comes with 3 different sizes of earbuds, so you can make it fit exactly to your needs. You will maintain 100% percent freedom of movement and will not be bothered by a headset that slips of your head all the time. The removable all weather protective covers protect the ear buds from dust and rain. The flexibility of the headset makes it easy to fold and store in your bag or pocket. No additional software is required to use this these headphones. Within seconds you connect your smartphone, iPod or any other MP3/MP4 player to the D1 headset and you can start enjoying your favorite music. The Bluetooth 4.0 BlueCore CSR 8635 chip enables a stable and safe connection. Traffic and city sounds are reduced to a minimum, so you can hear your music and digital audio coaching loud and clear. Thanks to the broad frequency reach of the D1 Sports Headset, you can listen to your favorite songs in HD quality, even when performing fast-paced activities such as running and cycling. The D1 Sports Headset is easy to operate. The compact control panels in the ear buds let you skip songs, change the volume and answer incoming calls. The headset automatically switches from music to call mode when someone is trying to reach you. The headset is equipped with a high quality microphone, so there is no need to take off the headset to answer your calls. Encryption keeps your calls completely safe within the entire 10 meters Bluetooth operating range and noise cancellation enables you to speak at a normal volume. The headphones offer up to 6 hours of non stop music and audio coaching. Even during a marathon training run or a killer workout you will be accompanied by your favorite songs and audio coaching. The maximum talk time is 8 hours. When the battery is low, simply use the included Micro USB cable to charge the battery within 1-2 hours. The headphones can be used with almost any Bluetooth device, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, HTC, Nokia, Sony and Huawei. The Avanca D1 headset remembers your connected device(s), so the next time you start to workout you will be ready to go in a few seconds.

Box Contains, Avanca D1 Sports Headset black Manual 3 in-ear tips All weather proof covers Micro USB charging cable Carrying pouch

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The avanca d1sports headphones are a reasonable performer at the price, but are designed more for the sports side of things rather than for their audio quality. The headphones are lightweight and by using bluetooth technology there are no wires back to your smartphone or other music player – this is now essential for the new model iphones that don’t have a 3. 5mm headphone socket for cabled ones. The d1 comes with three different sizes of earbuds so there should be good fit for most users – even if your two ears are slightly different in size. There is a touch-control for music and phone functions – but i found this a bit fiddly to use and adjusted the volume before wearing them, and probably would not use them for phone calls when active. The avanca d1 is currently priced around forty pounds from amazon, but each of the four colour options is priced separately and differ by a few pounds. The sports headphone market is very competitive and although the avanca d1 model is nicely made it is rather let down by it’s average sound quality; worth considering by runners and regular gym-users but for general day-to-day use you will probably find a better-sounding model at this price level.

These are decent earphones with ok sound and stay in well. They are very easy to set up. Simply turn on and pair them in your device and away you go. The pack contains a soft bag for storage and differing ear buds. These are designed primarily for sports and fit very snugly and stay in when at the gym. I did however find them somewhat uncomfortable after wearing for long periods. The sound is ok but nothing special. They were certainly perfectly acceptable for using in the gym to drown out the terrible music in most gyms (i am a metal head and hate dance music)overall i would say these are good headphones to use for running or going to the gym, they will stay in and wont have a wire getting in your way however if you want some for longer term listening on a lengthy commute for instance there are probably better options out there with better sound quality.

Pros:• good sound (especially with smallest earpieces, deep in ear)• super light, super good fit – not going anywhere (blocks out ambient noise)• has separate buttons for everything. (pretty much) no more double-clicking/ holding down buttons to do common actions• decent battery (genuinely 6 hrs+ music)cons:• absolutely insane, horrible volume of system sounds (volume up/ down beep, headset on/ off noise, bluetooth connect/ disconnect, low battery) all just ridiculously, painfully loud. Who the hell designed this??• “low battery” warning comes approximately 2 mins before the headset powers off (wtf?)also missing the vibration from my old samsung gear circle. I guess there’s pretty much nowhere on this tiny thing it would fit.

These earphones are designed in such a way as to (a) not fall off and (b) not encumber the wearer’s head movements. For example, if you are running and need to look behind you before moving to the left or right, then you can move your head naturally without fear of a bud falling out / off. This is a well observed point – i’ve personally felt that i’m not fully looking behind when i’m wearing earphones, which is obviously dangerous when you are out and about, and there have been times when i have looked left or right and felt the earbud loosen or actually fall out. These earphones address this by putting all the kit into the bits that you actually plug into your ears, removing all weight and bulk from the conjoining cable. They also make the cable semi rigid in such a way that it doesn’t snag or stick to your skin. The design works in so far as they do stay on your head. Sound quality is fine, but overall they aren’t might favourite sports headphones for overall feel, fit and sound, which remain the jabra sport coach wireless bluetooth stereo headphones for cross training – blue/grey.

Avanca’s bluetooth sports earphones are a decent option for bluetooth audio from your device. Held back by mediocre sound and a handful of technical issues, they rank fairly low in my list of go-to wireless audio options. The moulded earphones fit fairly securely, and avanca include a couple of sizes of ear bud covers in the pack which is a really good idea. Device-pairing is simple and unfussy so you can have them out of the box and doing their job in no time. They produce acceptable audio lacking in bass but generally ok; mid-frequency ranges are better rendered, making them good for listening to podcasts and speech-based content on the go. It has to be said though that the depth and richness of sound is modest at best, and annoyingly lacklustre at worst. They hold their charge really well and are pretty tough, with a triangular outer shape that should mitigate damage from any accidental drops or knocks. The power and volume control buttons are really quite small though, which makes them fiddly to operate until you’re used to doing it. One, more serious, criticism i have is that the minimum volume (and the volume of the device’s built-in assistant) is incredibly high – so uncomfortably loud, in fact, that i make sure i’ve taken them off before performing any actions which involve getting audible feedback. It’s quite a bad miscalculation, but hopefully something that could be addressed with a firmware update.

There are a few minor niggles with the avanca d1 bluetooth wireless headphones, but they are the kind of niggles that will apply to any bluetooth connected device. Once you get used to finding how to get the best performance out of them however, the real advantages of having a wireless headset becomes apparent. The only real problem you’re likely to experience is the bluetooth signal cutting out on you or breaking up. If you take steps to prevent that, then you’ll have few problems. The receiver is in the right side so it’s generally a good idea to keep your phone in a pocket on the right to allow a clear signal to get through without your body and arms movements getting in the way. Fitting the earphones can also be a bit uncomfortable, particularly if you are wearing headgear that pushes the plugs further into your ears, but choosing the right buds can help and a gentle rotation will make them fit better. Again, it’s not a big issue and it’s easily worked around. Buttons are small but can still be accidentally pushed if you’re trying to adjust the position of the headphones, but you’ll always have that with wireless phones. The advantages far outweigh any minor issues. First of all there’s the convenience.

Once you get over the minute on/off button, which you need to use to pair with your device, as well as the relatively poorly written manual, the headset offers pretty good sound. Note that you need to listen for commands via the speaker when you pair so will need to hold it near your ears whilst doing so. It comes with ear buds fitted, which suited my ears although alternative sets are included. Also in the pack is a pair of covers to offer all-weather protection but insufficient to enable these to be used for swimming/water based activities (as far as i can tell/see). The headset feels comfortable to wear for long periods and the ear pieces stayed in place without any issues. Volume control, call answering, jumping to the next or last track can all be accessed from the left or right ear controls; basic functionality but adequate. A mesh pouch is provided to store the headset, which is also of sufficient size to house the spare buds, usb charging lead and waterproof covers but sadly not the manual. They are easy to use once you have worked out where the controls are and have a magnifying glass at the ready to find that on/off switch. I like the headset; sound quality is good, build quality also.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Three Stars
  • Basic functionality but good sound

Avanca D1 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones with Integrated Microphone – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Ultralight and highly flexible wireless sports headphones to listen to music or audio coaching without being bothered by annoying cords.
  • Equipped with cutting edge technology for the best performance, such as a Bluetooth 4.0 BlueCore CSR 8635 chip
  • Designed carefully to make sure they never fall out of your ears. Three sizes of in-ear tips are included to make sure the headset always fits.
  • Single touch control to skip songs, change the volume and answer incoming phone calls