Avanca Minim True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Mini In-Ear Headphone : Better connectivity than more expensive earbuds

Sine following the instructions of gadgetdad (another reviewer) i have found thee earbuds to be very reliable. I have used other, cheaper earbuds and have always found problems with dropout of signal which can be very irritating. As long as you follow gadgetdads’ instructions then you are golden. Switch on primary earbud (you will hear it ‘pair’ to its paired ios/android device 2. Switch on slave earbud – it will say ‘connected’ to the primary earbud 3. Switch on the music on the ios device kudos and thanks to gadgetdadthe avanca earbuds are very handy, as is the storage box which double as a recharging point,, this is a great idea and works well extending the useful listening time of the earbuds. It’s not hi-fi but it’s not bad and it’s ok enough to let you keep on using them.

As so many other reviewers have said, this is a product that you instinctively want to love. Not even a wire connecting them?.What’s not to love?well, as several other reviewer have also said, the performance. The loss of connection/sound drop-out in stereo mode occurs often enough and is annoying enough that i think these will probably find their way into my bin before too long. Which is a pity, because the overall design – even the amazing capsule for recharging them – is just so cool.

These in-ear headphone buds are very impressive, with a sound quality that belies their small standalone nature and is a lot better than some of the cheap headphones i’ve used in the past, however they aren’t effortlessly intuitive to use and i feel like we’re either a generation or a pricetag away from truly excellent in-ear bluetooth headphones. I often find bluetooth pairing to be a pain when i’m switching between a couple of different devices using the same source for the sound, and these are no different. Couple that with the tendency for sound to sometimes cut out when connection is lost in an ear, and you have a product that works brilliantly when it’s working, but causes frustration regularly enough to be an annoyance. If you have a reason to want wireless headphones then i think you’ll forgive the minor flaws, but if not then there’s no reason not to wait for the technology to become more seamless.

Good sound, easy to use, and a stylish storage case/charger.

My wife has tried these earbuds for a couple of months before writing this review. In terms of connectivity, this set is much better than others. You will be able to put your phone in your coat’s pocket without losing connectivity, unlike other more expensive models (my wife had to have her phone either in her hand or in a breast pocket in her coat to ensure the connectivity was not lost. With the previous pair, there would be a loss of connection when turning your head to cross the street. There are no issues like this at all. The battery life is not as good as advertised, i think. You will have to charge them at least every other day for 1hr use per day (30min commute each way). It is also not very clear when you have fully charged them, so maybe that has been the problem. The fit snugly in the ear so they don’t feel like they will be coming out but haven’t tried with while running/jogging. They are good for the price.

Brilliant bluetooth stereo mini budsa simple two minute job after charging to connect via bluetooth. Wickedly designed keepsafe case which charges while protecting. Easy to wear and comfortable for hours. I have had no problem at all with signal dropping on my iphone 7 has kept connected without any problems whatsoever. I have rigorously tested these over a six week period and can honestly say that. Have never owned such a brilliant set of bluetooth ear buds.

I generally liked these wireless earphones. The ergonomics is well thought out, they tend to stay in the ear (but not if you’re doing something very active, like running), and, unlike many similar products, pair really easily and stay paired. Considering that 3 other products i have tried do not stay paired and you have to jump through several hoops to get them to pair, this is a revelation. I think this is because they have thought of how to pair them and the process is repeatable and seemingly foolproof. You just need to read the manual () and make sure you follow the simple instructions. The whole process took me less than 30 seconds. It, like others comes in its own charging container so you can recharge up to 3 times which, given the roughly three hour use i got from one charge seems to match the product description of 12 hours. I probably would’ve liked a little more use out of a single charge, but 3 hours is okay. The stereo sound quality is excellent if the earpiece is in your ear correctly. Since it doesn’t take much for it to move slightly, you will have to readjust from time to time.

There are some very good point about these earbuds, most notably the sound quality – good rich sound across a wide variety of music. I was also surprised that they were comfortable to wear – i has wondered if the earbuds, which are bulkier than usual, would be heavy and prone to falling out but once i had changed the silicon inserts to a smaller size there were no problems with comfort. The carrier/charging case is ingenious – although i have to remove the silicon inserts before the earbuds will charge which is a bit of a pain and will probably mean that at some point i will lose the inserts. I have had the same problem with disconnects when i move my head about too much – every time i lie back in my chair to listen one side disconnects momentarily although this happens less often when the earbuds are fully charged. I have to disagree with the reviewer who says the buds don’t work with laptops/pcs, just with apple devices. I have used them with a lenovo laptop & tablet, mostly the laptop (it has bluetooth built-in so perhaps using a bluetooth dongle is the problem). The controls are easy to get used to and work well.

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  • Great nay fantastic designed product which just stops short of perfect due to teething issues
  • Amazingly good

Avanca Minim True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Mini In-Ear Headphone with Microphone – Metallic Silver

Colour Name:metallic silver
Product Description, The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds are the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and audio quality. They are engineered with a superior wireless connectivity solution and equipped with the latest generation CSR Bluetooth 4.2 chipset, state-of-the-art speaker drivers, balanced frequency curves and passive noise cancellation to produce a warm and full stereo sound and to ensure an impeccable performance. They work flawlessly with apps such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. The single touch control button enables you to change the volume and to skip or rewind songs. The elegant design has been recognized through the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2017. The eye-catching casing in beautiful metallic silver complemented by brushed aluminium details make these earbuds a refined everyday accessory for those who embrace mobile lifestyle and are looking for the best true wireless stereo sound experience without sacrificing aesthetics. A single earbud only weighs 4.5g/0.16oz. The earbuds are offered with soft silicone in-ear tips in 2 different sizes for a superb and comfortable fit. The perfect fit of the Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds creates passive noise cancelation. Sounds of traffic and voices will be reduced to a minimum for the optimal balance of the best sound experience and awareness of what’s going on around you. The single-touch control button allows you to answer incoming phone calls directly from the earbud. The integrated cVc technology reduces ambient noise, so the person on the other side of the line can clearly hear you. The integrated microphone also enables you to use popular voice-activated digital assistants such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana. The included stylish storage and charging capsule not only protects your earbuds while not in use, it also holds a charging unit with a 400mAh battery, providing up to 12 hours of audio time! The charging capsule is smaller and lighter than a saltshaker, so it easily fits into your bag or pocket.

Box Contains, Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds; Charging capsule; Micro USB charging cable; In-ear tips; Manual

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I have to say i really wanted to love love love this product but other reviewers have reported a flaw in that connectivity between the two ear buds drops out sporadically in stereo mode. It could happen once every 20 minutes or 4 times in quick succession. Effectively as part of pairing one of the buds becomes the ‘master’ bud and this links to your ios device, the other bud becomes the ‘slave’. The signal from the iphone / ipad /pc / android device to the master bud is never lost but the signal between master and slave periodically drops out. It is momentary but it definitely distracts from your listening pleasure. I too have experienced this issue and i was almost putting these away and then i thought i will give them a proper overnight charge. Since doing this they have worked properly and i do love this product. Other reviewers have indicated issues pairing the buds with each other (pairing with a device is easy) – i too found this issue. However i found it 100% reliable following this method:1. Switch on primary earbud (you will hear it ‘pair’ to its paired ios/android device2.

Case is excellent, meaning that because they are just the buds they are so small and compact for carrying but note you need the case to charge them so don’t lose it. Wouldn’t recommend for sports as they did come out quite a few times (even with the two different sizes of ear buds) so not what you need if you’re out running maybe. Hold their charge well and are excellent quality. My husband tends to just use one earbud so when he’s out walking he’s more aware of traffic so stereo issues that some reviewers report hasn’t been a problem for him but for the purpose of the review at home he tried both around the house and said they were fine.

Only been using these for a week. So far i completely love them. They come with a charging capsule. Plug that into a usb power supply with the supplied cable and pop ear buds in. The ear buds have a light that glows red whilst charging. Visible through a slot in the capsule. Love the designpairing to android phone couldn’t be easier. I haven’t had the disconnection issues others have mentioned.

I like these i really do and would like to give them four or even five stars but for just a couple of things i would. Firstly i found they connected pretty easily i charged them up but when they arrived they were already charged. On full charge they are pretty quick to work though the sound quality is good its not great enough to justify the price. They come with a little carrying case that also acts as charger which is pretty good and makes them small and compact enough for travel. The price though to say the least is a little high, if they were more reasonably priced i think 4 stars would be justified. They are pretty good quality i have to say but time will only tell how long they last i have had others similar and they have not really lasted.

These earbuds arrive in high end packaging and first impressions are extremely positive. They have their own metallic, cylindrical carry/charging case which looks pretty stunning. My son and myself have been using these earbuds for over a month, and are both of the same opinion. Sound quality is very good; warm vocals, deep bass and a deep sound stage. Our biggest issue was the headphones were continually dropping connection with each other, resulting in only one side working and it became tiresome having to re-pair them. Occasionally the bluetooth connection also dropped and you had to then repair with the ‘phone. I was overall disappointed with the connectivity issues we had. That aside everything about them was top notch.

Good quality sound and easy to use. In ear buds are comfortable to wear.

Who wouldn’t; bluetooth headphones with no cables at all. So i tested them sat at a table. Connectivity wasn’t good, and i kept on losing sound. When i did get sound it wasn’t great. Tinny is probably a good description. My biggest concern was, if i did get them working, how well would they stay in my ears?. A few circuits of the kitchen table told me ‘not terribly well’. So – i wanted to like these, i really really did.

I was really excited about these little earbuds so that i could listen to music late into the night without disturbing my wife. They fit comfortably into the ears and the controls are actually on the earbuds themselves so that you can turn the volume up or down, or move onto the next track, in the dark and without taking them out of your ears. They come with a charging capsule with a usb lead so that you can easily charge them up on your laptop. Unfortunately though, they don’t seem to work with my laptop. Ah well, no problem i thought, and i ordered a little bluetooth adaptor dongle for my laptop. However, after spending a couple of frustrating hours trying to get it set up, still no music was coming out of the earbuds. After further investigation and reading the small print in the manual once again, it appears that these particular earbuds were designed for use with apple or android devices and not laptops or pcs. It’s a shame they didn’t make that more obvious in the first place.

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  • Great nay fantastic designed product which just stops short of perfect due to teething issues
  • Amazingly good

Avanca Minim True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Mini In-Ear Headphone with Microphone – Metallic Silver

These headphones have a strong build quality, and are good-looking as well. They have snug-fitting ear pieces, which stay in well (unless you get a bit sweaty, e. When working out, when they can become loose a bit too easily). They are easy to charge, both docking and removing, and they have a good battery life. The passive noise cancellation is good, as claimed. The reduction of ambient noise is effective, allowing good voice communication, but it’s not outstanding. I didn’t experience the problem some other reviewers reported of connectivity dropout between earbuds. I was using it with an iphone, so perhaps it’s an android issue. Overall, fairly good, but let down by a few things:-volume not as good as other wireless bluetooth headsets-no easy way to monitor battery life-sometimes the bass is a little crashy and can spoil the musichowever, they are still pretty good value, as they cost half the price of a pair of beats x or the equivalent bose product.

These are clearly a quality product, and you can see that from the point the packaging is opened. The kit is packaged in a way that apple would definitely approve of, very classy. It also protected the contents very well, looked sophisticated and gave a really good first impression. I loved the charging unit, a cylindrical device that both charges, and stores the earbuds safely. It’s really good, and works well too, using the usb cable that both charges the cylinder, and the earbuds inside. If the earbuds aren’t in use, the cylinder keeps them safe in transit, preventing damage and loss. It fits well into a pocket or bag. I’ve spent some time above describing the packaging, which might sound weird, but it does set the tone for earbuds that provide excellent connectivity through bluetooth, as well as really good sound quality. They are comfortable, and are supplied with three inserts so they can be configured to suit people with ears of different sizes. The instructions provided are clear, and easy to follow.

This is a great set with some unfortunate glitchesif we start with the positives:- they are well presented and designed and the box charging system is excellent and doubles up as a great storage capsule when the ear plugs are not in use- the instructions are very straight forward- the charging is straight forward; simply place the ear plugs in the allocated spaces in the charging capsule (picture enclosed) and they will start charging automatically (provided, of course, the charging capsule is charged). They will light up red while charging and this light switches off when they are fully charged. You can charge the capsule both with or without the plugs inside. The capsule comes with a short usb charging cable but no usb three pin plug. – there are three sizes of ear plug covers and the biggest one was the one that fit me the best, but that’s personal preference- the sound is very good with a nice bass and no outer noise polution. I am used to listening to open over the ears headphones, but the sound in these headphones was not bad at all- the bluetooth connection has worked well so far. It wasn’t till around 8-10 metres away from my phone that i started experiencing issues, but that is a very good result. It took me a bit to pair the headphones with my phone, but that was mainly due to the fact that i thought i could do it without reading the instructions… as soon as i read and followed them carefully, it worked fine. – the volume is fine for in-ear use- the battery life is quite good. The not soo good:- they are not comfortable for long-term use- i would not trust them in public transport and for the gym as although i’ve chosen the earbud that fits me the best, they still seem quite loose in the earsunfortunately the two negatives i’ve found so far weigh hard on the functionality and i can’t give it more stars till the in-ear comfort and fit is better, but it’s a great start and a brand i will definitely keep an eye out for.

I really hoped these earbuds would be great, but unfortunately only the right hand earbud works. Both connect but the sound only comes out the left one intermittently, which makes them impossible to listen to. I did charge them both fully before trying. I have tried pairing with several devices, with the same result. The buds came complete with a cylindrical metal charging box, into which the buds sit. The case is very well made and the buds fit nicely into their compartments. The set is beautifully made but sadly lacks the one thing that is required for stereo music listening and that is both earbuds need to work. The sound that does come out the master bud is good quality and not tinny like some earpieces. I really wanted to love these earbuds but have been left wondering. What if, so therefore it’s only 3* from me folks.

Stylish ear buds that fit nicely, the little buttons on the buds make pairing very easy indeed and the charging tube is a neat and workable design which allows recharging without any fiddling around with plugs and wires. But, here’s the kicker, the sound quality is actually pretty ho-hum. No matter how much you adjust the sound source (i tried a phone and playing full-fi wav files from a pc with a blue-tooth capability) the sound quality really does not get beyond a very basic level. It’s not bad, it’s just rather flat, lacking in sparkle and bass. Oddly, i tried playing some radio 4 (all speech) downloads and these are great for that. But, for music a lot less so. The bluetooth pairing is worth reviewing. Because there is no wiring of any kind, each bud pairs separately. What you do is a long press (~10 secs) on one of them which makes bud issue a ‘pairing mode’ spoken prompt and you then pair that bud with your audio source (on the phone or whatever you’re playing from).

Truly wireless air-buds, quite small and a nice snug fit (nicer than my jam ones, which are a bit too big and heavy). They came in a nice package with three sets of tips, a small charging case, a usb cable and a decent instruction manual. If you’re used to apple air-pods, these may seem a little fiddly to get connected. You start by turning one on using the large button on the bud, pairing to it from your device, and then pairing the seconds bud to the ‘master’ bud, which is the one you first turned on. The buds tell you when they’re connected and away you go. This process isn’t actually too bad and works well (i’ve used wireless buds that sometimes refused to pair to each other. ) it’d be nice if they automatically switched on and paired like air-pods. I have to say i’m totally sold on wireless devices like this. These are extremely comfortable to wear, and i like the fact there is a volume control on the buds (two small buttons around the large pairing button that also acts as a pause button. The sound quality isn’t hugely impressive, but good enough for me, and i accept when watching video on a device there’s going to be a short delay. I did, however, hear the occasional glitch and drop out when using them. The charging case is small and pocketable, but the charging time appears a little slow. The package cites 2 hours to charge the buds which isn’t great.If you’re on a budget and looking for some decent, comfortable wireless earbuds i would recommend these.

Very high quality wireless ear buds. Great sound and a nice even frequency response. Good bottom end and a tight high end. Great for long periods of listening though infused for exercise i feel they may fall out of the ears.

I love these, they were very simple to set up (which is good as i’m not a techno expert) and they sound great, using them on my htc phone. The charger pod is a great idea and bluetooth works well, they last a good while on one charge but i put them in the pod each time i finish using them which keeps them clean and ready to go, i’ve been using them for a couple of months with no problem.

These are surprisingly good at the price they are being sold at the moment (£89). This is relatively expensive for a pair of headphones and even for a pair of bluetooth headphones now. That is to say, i am aware one can spend hundreds or even thousands on a pair, but as far as ones you might use for day to day, these aren’t really an impulse buy. They come with a charging cradle which is a well designed tube made from aluminium which holds the buds in magnetically. It has a battery so, even if not plugged in, you can charge your buds while out and about. It has several charges in it, though i have never had to fully test that out. It’s useful for taking your buds out and about though as it’s robust and keeps them safe. Charging the holder/buds is just through a usb cable and seems fairly quick. The buds themselves are pleasantly light, though they do feel well made.

You’ll all be familiar with the scene?. 007 has just received a little box, a watch or maybe a little metal cylinder not unlike this one. With this he will proceed, at an absolutely crucial part of the film, to laser through inches of face-hardened armour plate, bring down lethal satellites in high orbit or pull a vital message, a foot long, from his (insert suitable sponsor here) watch. Okay, in truth this smooth small aluminium cylinder that duncurin has been reviewing courtesy of vine and avanca minim wireless makes no such extravagant claim. What it lacks in extravagance, however, it more than makes up for in a solid coolness that just delivers – all that one who is in the market for wireless earbuds will require, and do so with a smooth precision. The cylinder in question made from like a milled aluminium about a couple of centimetres in diameter which forms the receptacle for the pair of earbuds that sit within. There is a pull loop at the top and the whole thing slides open. The formers inside locate the earbuds precisely and they immediately begin to charge as denoted by the red lights. As one slides the case shut the precise groove set into the case allows the lights to project outwards. The case itself is capable, if one is out and about, to recharge both buds with the power it retains.

Long battery life as promissed by the manufacturer. Lightweight and i don’t feel them in my ears. Audio is surprisingly excellent. It is not the best compared to wired but it is top notch for bluetooth devices, it’s great to listen to music without cables. Simple pairing with my iphone. The case and earbuds feel solid.

Features and Spesification

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  • True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. Equipped with the latest generation CSR Bluetooth 4.2 chipset, state-of-the-art speaker drivers and passive noise cancellation to produce a warm and full stereo sound.
  • Compatible with music apps such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. The single touch control button enables you to change the volume and to skip or rewind songs.
  • Product size: 23.6 x 16.5 x 26.7mm(single earbud). Rechargeable battery earbud: 60mAh
  • Lightweight (single earbud weighs 4.5g / 0.16oz) and with 2 different sizes of in-ear tips for a superb and comfortable fit.
  • With beautiful storage and charging capsule for 3 additional charges, which equals 12 hours of audio. As light and small as a saltshaker, so fits into bag or pocket.