Avantree Super BASS Bluetooth In Ear Earbuds/Headphones : Strong audio and plenty of features

I cranked up my normal 80’s stuff on my galaxy note 3. Compared to all the other headphones i have used, which include bose, beats, jaybirds, as well as stock samsung or apple ones, these have such a deep bass to them. It took a bit for me to get used to that much bass. I love a nice deep bass tone to my songs and to be able to hear the bass guitars but sometimes, on some songs, it would be nice to be able to reduce the bass a bit, so i ended up using poweramp which has a built in equaliser. Saying that though, most songs i listen to these sacool pro’s have a lovely sound. One thing i will say i have noticed is the middle tones seem to be less. These have nice bass and treble but the middle needs a bit more to it, but its only a bit, in my opinion. Some people may prefer it like that.

I am using these in the gym, while doing very vigorous aerobic movements. Awesome sound quality, easy to set up and use. They stay rock solid in my ears, as you get lots of different size covers to try and see which fits the best. I was putting some stuff away last friday, walked about 30 paces away from my ipad, and they were still connected.

The manufacturer sent me these bluetooth earphones for review, and i think they are excellent. The sound quality especially, is exceptionally good for earphones of this type. They are nicely packaged in an attractive box, in which you get the earphones themselves, a great range of silicone tips, a standard micro-usb lead for charging, a very nice carrying case a quick-start card and a good user manual. It all seems well made and of good, durable quality. These earphones are bluetooth only, with no wired connectivity. Bluetooth connection was very straightforward (there is no nfc, by the way, just conventional pairing) and i find the range good with no problems up to about 10 metres. Battery life is good; i have tested them for 5 hours without a problem, and it may well be longer once the battery has settled down. The controls and microphone are all built into the left-hand earpiece, so there is no control panel on the lead as on many earphones like this. I had to get used to this, but once i was accustomed to it everything worked as you’d expect and functionally i think these earphones are very good. The really important things for me are sound quality and comfort, both of which are very good – and the sound is the best i have found so far in this sort of earphone.

Love the sound i get from these but trying to wear them while working out is nigh on impossible. They keep dropping out of my ears.

Excellent product, delivered promptly.

What is the sacool pro?the sacool pro is pair of bluetooth stereo in-ear headphones with call capabilities. In the box you will first be encountered with the headphones and then a travel case (which is very handy for portability). As is stated on the website as well as on the box it has ‘fabulous bass’ which is as it says ‘fabulous’ but not only is the bass of excellent quality the entire range of pitches is incredible. They are also made with a pretty decent sound isolating design which does let in a small amount of background noise. Although, for keen and avid runners this may not be your best option due to the front heavy design which does cause the headphones to work themselves lose but there are other always other more sports specific headphones provided by avantree. As a pair of general use in-ear head phone these are definitely one of the best head phones on the market for their pricein the box:firstly you will be confronted with the headphones the selves in a rather secure plastic casing (it’s alright to give them a bit of brute force to get them out as they are well built). Then you will come across the very useful travel case. In which you will find:• the user manual which is very explicit yet compact• the manufacturer’s warranty• a small usb to micro usb cable that fits snugly in the travel cases pouch. • 6 different sizes of ear buds 3 for bass and 3 for sports although the sports ear buds haven’t make any difference when keeping headphones in my ears while running but it is always nice to have many different buds as to get the perfect fit. They are also very good (when you get the right buds to fit your ear) at preventing the bleeding of sound.

I’ve tried a few avantree audio products over the last 12 months and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality, taking the price into account. These earphones follow the same pattern. They are virtually weightless and very small which is their main distinguishing feature – they can always be available, tucked away in a tiny pocket or purse. They are slightly diffficult to fit and adjust if you have odd ear canals like i do but once properly insterted they are comfortable for at least an hour. The bletooth function is good, connect with a minimum of effort. For my taste the bass bias is just a bit too much but is acceptable. I have been using them mainly for listening to voice podcasts off the bbc and they are certainly ok. Principally because the noise isiolation is relatively poor; they struggle to cope with a noisy stret.

Good product, good sound, good price, but most importantly they’re comfortable and stay in place during exercise.

  • 5 stars all the way
  • Good value for the price but be realistic
  • Beware fake reviews, maybe?

Avantree Super BASS Bluetooth In Ear Earbuds/Headphones with Mic, Ultra-light and Sweatproof for Sports Running – Sacool Pro

Avantree Sacool Pro wireless in ear headphones: With microphone and multi-point
Avantree Sacool Pro, a Bluetooth 4.0 stereo headset withaptX codec for high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech. It can connect 2 Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously. This tiny Bluetooth earbuds offers 8 hrs talk andmusic time and crystal clear voice prompt function.
Product Features * Bluetooth 4.0 stereo headset with aptX code * Incredible sound – in-ear driver with thumpy beats * Multipoint technology – connect 2 Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously * Light, comfortable, secure and easy to carry * has voice-prompt feature and Battery status displayed on IOS devices * up to 8hrs music/talk time * Gaming and chat and VoIP (Skype, MSN, etc)
Specification * Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.0 * Operation range: Class 2, 10 meters * Support profiles: headset, handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP * Talk/music time: 8hours * Standby time: 80hours * Battery: rechargeable lithium battery * Headset size: 36.2mm (L) X29.7mm (W)x21.2mm (H) * Weight: 18g
What’s in the box? * Sacool Pro Bluetooth stereo headset * USB charging cable * Carrying bag * User manual * Warranty card
Compatibility All the Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
Warranty 12 months quality warranty for normal use from us directly. Contact Avantree Support for this.
Support If have any problem, contact us Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM. Emails answered within 1 business day.

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All you people looking for comfortable wireless earphones with that dirty bass then this is what you want, great product, great quality sound and look.

There are a lot of similar products to this on amazon. All of which have dozens of reviews. You can tell because most of the reviewers have only ever reviewed that one item. That’s why i avoided these generic low-cost products and bought the plantronics backbeat fit (£60) and then the jaybird bluebuds x (£120). Both of these failed to deliver. The plantronics was very comfortable and had good controls but the part that goes into your ear doesn’t go close enough and so you don’t get good sound quality. The jaybird had decent sound, but no more decent than the apple earpods. Also they lacked any bass resonance. I needed good bass and isolation for my noisy gym. This pair (the ‘upgraded’, £35 version) delivered. The sound clarity isn’t great overall. In fact it’s worse than the apple earpods, but the bass resonance and sound isolation is good. The product is very light and comfortable for extended use.

Great sound and fit – i’ve purchased avantree products before and recommend for quality and service.

This is definitely a step up from the basic model. I owned the white standard sacool buds before. They went through the wash, and, although the speaker phone microphone broke, the headphones still worked for another year. Had to replace recently as the right hand bud stopped working. This model has much better buttons that are much easier to press, which i really appreciate. I can’t say if the latest basic model sacool has also seen this improvement to design. The battery life seems better also, by a couple of hours or so. I’m not certain, but the wireless range seems to be slightly better too. It doesn’t seem to cut out nearly as much as my last pair when the mobile phone is a bit further away from my left side pocket (where avantree recommend you place your phone for best results). The buds are feather light also.

Sound quality is great, relatively good battery life, don’t fall out when i run, easy to charge, love love love. I listened to a lot of base heavy music, i’m sure it’s not beats quality sound but i think the sound quality is great. 😁😁👍🏼❤️❤️.

I do not have any other bluetooth earpieces with which to compare these, but set against wired sony or samsung in ear buds the sound quality of avantree sacool aptx is equal or better. It has excellent bass response where many other reviews of bluetooth headphones have been criticised for the lack of bass. It also has excellent sound isolation/cancelling. I have to say selecting the correct size of ear piece is not easy – maybe its just my ears, but they seem to fit reasonably well once you’ve managed to find the correct size. The only slight negative point is i seem to have trouble turning them on when fitted to my ear. The on button is close behind the lead of the left earpiece and sometimes i cant seem to push it correctly to get them to fire-up. I have only had these for 2 weeks, but so far they’ve been very good.

Fantastic product at a terrific price. Great bass, easy to set up, just search and go.

Excellent product, as described and delivered efficiently.

  • 5 stars all the way
  • Good value for the price but be realistic
  • Beware fake reviews, maybe?

Avantree Super BASS Bluetooth In Ear Earbuds/Headphones with Mic, Ultra-light and Sweatproof for Sports Running – Sacool Pro

These things are just awesome. My gym plays endless awful music (like all gyms i think). I don’t know why they do it but they do. I use to have to blast music through my previous headphones to block out the dross by dj methodone or whoever they were pumping out, endangering my own hearing. These headphones are not only wireless but are far and away the best noise blockers i’ve ever owned. They’re not perfect and i can still hear the junk jingles unless i have it up reasonably loud but nowhere near as loud as i had to have my last ones. They are also loaded with some cool functions, that i’ll never use.

Avantree sacool pro bluetooth earbuds for bass (dizzy rascal has a tune for these earbuds with regards to there bass output)you tube you will find him and the tunethe earbuds are good they are comfortable as well i use them every day as i am fortunate enough to be able to wear them at my place of work, i can wear them in all weathers as well as i work outdoors all the control buttons are great and operate just as well with wet fingers never let me down yet. I have also spoken on my phone over the 10 metres away via the bluetooth and the phone was in my lunchbox. The cable tension rubber sometimes slips back along the cable which makes the earbuds loosen in the ear i have overcome this problemby finding the required position for the tension rubber and fixing it in place with a very tiny electrical cable tie, hasn’t moved yet. One thing ihave found with these earbuds which is more of a design issue than a product problem is the aero dynamics of the earbuds when i run and cycle in them, i find the wind hits the flat front facing edge of the buds and you can hear the wind whisps as the wind hits the flat edges, which is sometimes an issue when i listen to talking podcasts on the move, not so much when i listen to music as i like my music loud. (mind your ears)if you are looking to find a good set of headphones for the price these cannot beaten the sound quality is up there with the $150 to £120headphones. Ps i have gotten over the aero dynamic issue, if you are practical so will you and it will not notice.

Listening quality is a 6/10 (where 10 is enthusiast-level) and bluetooth range is as expected (phone in right pocket will cause very occasional clicks). Microphone works very well (depends on your os, yes) and battery life is all you need for sport (never ran out of juice so can’t really say how long that is, surely more than 4 hrs). Great product for the price, and it looks good on you too. Also, don’t throw away your manual, you’ll need it.

Great headphones- not so great as a headset for the phone but that was utterly secondary to me. After a while starts to fall out one of my ears but that’s probably my ears fault.

Really comphy in the eares and great sound quality.

Note: the maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal viewthese earphones come bundled with a zip up case to store them in and a variety of tips are included too (5 extra sets) though i found the pre-fitted silicone tips were a good fit. A flat cable connects the left/right buds with a slider so you can tighten them up if required. The fit on these is a little different to some buds, with a design that might not look comfortable but works quite well with the cable going behind the ears. Controls are a single multi button to power on/off the unit answer/end calls and play pause, the other two buttons skip tracks and adjust the volume levels (quick press for the volume) a raised flap can be opened where you insert the micro usb cable which is also supplied. Takes a couple of hours for a full charge and i got about 7 hours of playback from a phone at moderate levels. Range was close to the quoted figure with a clear line of sight around 9 metres which is above average for a set of phones like this, no connection problems to report either. Built in microphone worked well though as with most headsets can pick up a bit of background noise pretty clear for calls. Build is good with a softer touch finish on the casing, cable also looks like it will survive normal use, the flat design helps resist tangling. Voice prompts are also a feature, tell you when you’ve paired up and power on/off. To pair hold down the main power button for about 5 seconds and it flashes red/blue to let you know it’s also possible to pair up 2 devices not something most bluetooth headphones offer.

I intensively used this headset for one year, mostly during cycling. It works fine and the battery lasts sufficiently long. One week ago the headphones stopped to work because of a loose contact somewhere. Despite the fact that i bought my first set in germany, i got very good and fast support here in the uk and had a replacement a few days later. I really like that this headset is small and fits everywhere. It also doesn’t conflict with glasses or a helmet and doesn’t fall off while moving. The base functionality (volume, play/pause, forward/back, on/off) is easy to control. Accessing advanced functionality can be a hassle, though. I seldom manage to get siri on the first try. All in all i definitely recommend these headphones, and especially for this price.

Fast shipping from uk to denmark. Absolutely the best bluetooth headset ive had so war, sleek product, ultimate comfort and an design :).

It’s a good device but now lost sound in the right ear and it seems the wire that connects to the left side seems to be loose a bit disappointing considering i only use for the gym , can be a bit flakey with the bluetooth.

And that includes the pricy ones too. I have used the avabtree red updated bluetooth head set for over a month now to give it time to go wrong. However, unllike the 4 other bluetooth 4. 1 headsets i have purchased over the last few months i have not had to return it due to drop in the bluetooth connection problems, it still sounds as good as the days irecevedit. I must confess that this is it’s best bluetooth head set i have used so far. If you like drum and bass and loud sound you can’t go wrong. Best used with equalzer + to get the best effects. As sometimes you need to reduce the bass a little in heavy bass dominated sounds like dubs and drum and bassb music. Customer services are also brilliant.

Good headphones just don’t last long with the change.

Second pair of bluetooth headphones i have tried. These ones have bass and plenty of it, allowing me to tone it down on my iphone if i so wish. They feel firm in the ear, but yet to try them running. Nice handy case to protect them. Value for money when purchased at £25.

I was a little dubious as i have always paid big money for headphones before but these came recommended by somebody at the gym, they are great headphones, brilliant sound quality and fit really well, what a great value product with good sound 👍🏻.

Works well, sound quality 7/10 (for the price)…buttons a bit on the small side…bass 7/10.

Love this product so much that friends and relatives have all got them. Clear sounds, terrific connectivity and no trapping of wires in zips, buttons and ripping one’s ears off. Freedom of sound at a low price.

Having owned these since february i have to say they are fantastic. To have them fit my ear comfortably i have to wear them slightly differently than they should be (vertical rather then horizontal) but even with that i cannot complain about these. Good sound quality and good battery life.

This avantree sacool pro bluetooth (v. 0) headset comes well presented and in the box you get, the headset, 5 sets of earbuds (s (x2), m (x2), l), a zipped hard case, usb to micro usb charging lead, user manual/quick start guide plus warranty/support details. The headset weighs in at 18g is water resistant to ipx4 standard, can support up to 2 bluetooth devices connected simultaneously, as well as voice prompts and battery display on ios devices. This headset looks well made and features flat, tangle resistant cords, a built in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 8 hours of use and 80 hours of standby. The device also uses aptx codecs to deliver enhanced sound quality. Controls are simple and intuitive – there’s a multi-function button with volume up/down and next/previous track etc. To get going you need charge the phones and ensure you fit the right size of earbuds as with phones like these, the quality of seal between the earphones and your ear will be a key determinant of the sound quality. I tested these phones with several devices, ios, android plus a nokia 630 windows phone – pairing was easy and all worked effectively with good bluetooth range and freedom from interference. The sound quality is really good with powerful, but controlled bass, spacious with good presence and no harshness.

This is my 3rd avantree product as i’m impressed with the quality and these are possibly the best headphones i’ve ever had, they are comfortable but very stable in your ears, the battery lasts around 8 hours of play time and is easy to connect. As for the sound it is fantastic, lots of deep base and clear sound highly recommend these headphones to anyone.

Features and Spesification

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  • If you love listening to your favorite tunes on the go, these wireless in ear headphones are perfect. You’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear, hi-fi sound, owing to the in-ear driver with aptX codec.
  • There’s no need to choose which of your gadgets to use at one time. Thanks to its multipoint technology, you can connect 2 Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously.
  • Whether you’re working out, travelling or relaxing at home, this wireless Bluetooth headset’s comfortable, secure fit enables you to use it almost anywhere.
  • This user-friendly Bluetooth earbuds with microphone offers a crystal-clear voice-prompt feature, and the battery status can be shown on iOS devices.
  • Light and easy-to-carry, this Bluetooth stereo headset has up to 8 hours of music/talk time, making it the perfect accessory to lengthy workout sessions or long journeys.