Axent Wear AXENT Wear – Cat Ear Headphones : Mixed feelings

Bought on saturday and arrived on sunday 🔯.

Bought as a gift for a friend turning 18. Within a couple days of receiving her facebook was flooded with images of her wearing around the house and outside, playing music out of its speakers at full volume. On christmas she played christmas songs through her speakers for a few hours. I’ve read reviews that say these usually break after a couple weeks. It’s been a month and a bit since i got these for her and they’re still going strong, led’s and all. I did buy a 2 year warranty just incase it does break (which i highly recommend you do, you can never be sure). In terms of comfort when wearing them, they are very comfortable. They’re padded from the inside and feel soft, which makes up for the fact that it’s a little heavier than most headphones. While i do recommend these, if you can, do wait for them to go on sale.

I love themi received these headphones for christmas, and so far i have had zero problems with themi wear them for anywhere up to 3 hours most days, i’ve worn them both indoors and outdoors no problem. Everything works great so far. They’re really bright and help me to stand out a little.:d3 month update:these are still working awesomely. I use them every day on the way to school and on the way homeno complaints with the lighting, sound quality, speakers etc. So many others seem to be complaining6 month update:still work fab. The left ear light is a bit tricky sometimes, and takes a few seconds to turn on, but apart from that these headphones still work great.I use them for several hours a day, including in bed.

I’m getting mixed emotions about the reviews of these headphones, although i never bought mine from amazon, rather indiegogo themselves. I’ve had mine since they first launched and i’ve had no problems with it. Everything is working as it should be and the audio is exactly how i wanted it. The led’s are still going strong and the battery life is acceptable. My phone has a mind of its own when i plug it in like cutting the music, opening apps and stuff on it’s own but that’s my phone it don’t do well with any headphones i put into it. I don’t understand, am i just one of the lucky ones?.

Highly recommended to everyone and anyone.

Great sound quality, the headphones are sturdy and quick to charge up the led lights. I have a lot of fun gaming with these. They come with a big case for easy and protective storage.

I get so many people asking where i got this from and i can hear everyone very clearly. The bluetooth is also excellent.

Daughter loves them – especially when they are glowinggood sound and microphone adequate. The cat ear speakers allow her to share her music with those nearby at the flick of a switch. 5mm plug fits her iphone 6 plus – and the majority of devices out there. Cons:- having got used to bluetooth, these feel restrictive with the cord. Sound quality from the cat ear speakers isnt great, just acceptable and i find it hard to take her seriously when she is talking to me whilst wearing them.

  • Recommend! But wait for them to go on sale.
  • Lots of fun!
  • Perfect but a few problems

AXENT Wear – Cat Ear Headphones with Speaker

As seen on Indiegogo the original Axent wear cat Over-Ear Headphones are now available in the UK Listen to home or share your tunes with their friends. Slip the padded headphones to your ears, and can be achieved with the unique shape of your head and block out background noise and enjoy the rich, vibrant sound you will find of premium headphones. But this is just the beginning. With the flip of a switch, your headphones, go from private sound studio to a party rocking sound system around you like music pump thanks to the external cat ear speaker. These headphones look as they blades. The headphones you wear make a fashion statement, and this Cat Ear Headphones feature a for the coolest. Their distinct shape and distinctive cat ears are off thanks to its bright LED lights, can be independently controlled from the speakers. Light ’em Up, to suit your mood, your wardrobe, or just because you can. Player, your new favourite stereo headset. When it’s time to switch from playing music, cat In-Ear Headphones have it covered. Simply plug the device into the detachable boom microphone and you’ve got the coolest looking headset around. Game On. Specifications:Dimensions: 172 x 70 x 194 mmWeight: 413 gRunning Time (headphones, speaker): up to 5 hoursCharging time: approx. 2.5Battery type: Rechargeable Li-ION battery, 3.7 V, 1000 mAh Headphone AudioOutput Power: 240 MW20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency responseImpedance: 32 ohms40 mm drivers Cat earpiece speaker audioPower: 2 W200 Hz – 18 kHz frequency responseImpedance: 4 Ohms32 mm drivers What is in boxCat ear designDetachable mic4 ‘Detachable earphone cable (3.5 mm)USB charging cable

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We were very disappointed to get it and find out that it does not work cable properly. Tested with another cable to the same type of headsets and it works. Have to return it but the problem is that you have to return the entire item, had been much easier if the manufacturer had parts that could make the service much easier. Ok, sorry for that first bad review over. My daughters love them, the sound is great. They fit perfect and the outside speakers on the ear are cool. They don’t use the microphone, there is nothing wrong with it, they just don’t need it. I’ll give just a three star, beacuse the service could have been much easier.

It’s just that the cable broke not long after. When plugged in, i’d need to attempt to get it to work by twisting the cable (not the one that broke). Sometimes it would only work in one ear.

I wear them every day to school. The best part is that most of the people on the streets look at me and i feel speciel. Laybe they also look at me because i got red hair :).

I wanted these ever since the kickstarter was launched, but finally, bought these from the usa distributor this year (april 2016). So while i didn’t use amazon, the build will still be identical. I wore them 2-3 days a week on my commute to work, and i loved them. Until they broke after just two months. The lights are powered by a battery in the side of the headphones that you plug in to charge. The ribbons inside are therefore flexing and twisting when you store, expand or take off the headphones. After those two months, my lights and speaker stopped working entirely. Comfort:- firstly they are very heavy to wear on your head. You notice the weight if you are just sat around.

Works just fine, received mine in perfect condition, i hope it lasts.

Quick dilivery and very nice looking but sadly it stop working for no reason (the headphone cable).

Full disclosure, i backed this project when it was on indiegogo. Ever since i first saw the designs i fell in love with these headphones, they were unique, quirky and just the greatest looking thing, sadly lots of imitations have since spring up, which is a shame as these are made by a small startup company and so they are hurting the little people, a small company of talented designers. The headphones themselves work brilliantly. While the cable that comes with it is short, it is ideal for pc use, however it is designed so you can swap it with a longer cable if you wish. The sound quality is excellent, both with the headphones and the speakers which are more impressive than you might think. The lights work well, they are just visible and effective in a well lit indoor environment, however in darker settings they truly standout. The way they are designed allows them to fold the earpieces into the band making them nicely compact for storage when you take them off. There is padding inside the headband for added comfort. They are fully articulated and adjustable. This is not a negative but a personal thing, i personally don’t find these style of headphones comfortable as i wear glasses and i feel that sometimes these style of headphones make me feel hot and discomfortable.

I have wanted these headphones since i was about 10. I was on deviantart when they were first released. They arrived fast, box undamaged, packaged wonderfully but as i listen to music through them right now (they arrived about half an hour ago) the entire left side except lights are broken. The speaker not head phone works. I’m going to be getting in contact with the provider to see if i can exchange them asap as other than that they’re wonderful and i hope i’ve just got a faulty pair. Very comfy – a little heavy but i don’t mind that.

  • Recommend! But wait for them to go on sale.
  • Lots of fun!
  • Perfect but a few problems

AXENT Wear – Cat Ear Headphones with Speaker

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Private or turn on the cat ear speakers enjoy your music with friends to share
  • LED Accent Lights on cat ear speaker and ear pads make anywhere a statement. Speaker and lights are controlled independently
  • Over ear padding for noise isolation and a secure fit
  • USB rechargeable for up to 5 hours play time per charge
  • Removable gaming boom mic. Inline volume control plus forward and back buttons