Bagotte Air Fryer – Good design easy cleaning

I really like this air fryer as it doesnt use oil also it has a big space to put food in there to fry. It also doesnt have oil after when i fried it which was also delicious. So i now usually fry using this for my children to eat.

This is the second air fryer that i have and in my honest opinion it is the much better. I like the air fryer because they’re a much crispy and healthier way of eating my favourite foods in a very short time and it cooks so much faster than my oven. It’s easy to set up and get going, whether you fry, bake , roast or grill , and it will feed a large family. Also to save time and ensure hassle free clean up all removeble parts are safe to clean in your dishwasher.

For once the reviews provided have bene genuine and correct. It looks beautiful so although it is big, it looks nice on the kitchen counter. It is nice and deep which is what we wanted and the square shape of the basket to me makes it easier to fry fish etc. The dials are easy to see as they are ed and illuminated against a black background and also found on the top of the appliance so easy to see. My husband has absolutely fallen in love with this.

I’ve always wanted to buy an air fryer, but i’m afraid it won’t work as well as what i’ve been told. I bought it as a trial, and now i love it because it makes crispy, nongreasy chicken nuggets. The point is that it has a different menu that allows me to choose what i want to fly, the time for each menu selection has been set so that we don’t have to agonize over too long or too short, is worth to recommend.

I have only used this air fryer few times so far but the chips and other foods were cooked to perfection. Really like the various clearly displayed cooking options on the touch screen. It offers far more than my old air fryer we’ve replaced with it.

I bought this air fryer because my daughter loves to eating sausages and chips. They’ll need a lot oil to frying it very unhealthy and greasy. I use this air fryer cooked chips and sausages so far in it without oil and tastes good. I also tried to make roast chicken it worked perfect. Now we can eat more healthy.

First time round using it – has the temparature and minutes on top of the screen, also can adjust the timing. We just did a little test and only cooked potatoes wedges -the outcome was hard and crispy and definitely will be healthier. Much faster than putting it in the oven.

The bagotte air fryer is a wonder. Great product to make some foods for my kids.  it’s the most convenient cooking machine i’ve used. The cooker uses hot air the fry and cook food which is amazing. Definitely great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to cook. You just prep the ingredients and pop it into the fryer and let it do the rest. It’s a great investment and even comes with a cookbook for recipes you can try.

I am so excited that i finally took the plunge to invest in this air fryer. Cuts cooking time astronomically, and really so easy to set up, use, and even to clean afterwards. Bonus for novice users like me is that there’s a little recipe booklet that you can browse through for inspiration and to learn how to use it better. Pro tip: cookies made in a fraction of the oven time.

This air fryer is a good investment. As it is smaller than a conventional oven, so it heats up faster and uses less electricity. I personally use it like it is an oven as you can control the temperature on the air fryer. It also has a timer which is very convenient. You can also make all sorts of things with it, i baked a cake in it and it turned out lovely~ although it is smaller than a normal oven, it can fit a lot of food in it. I filled it with chips to the brim and they all cooked evenlyif i have to point out one bad thing then it would be the smell of plastic when i first used it, but that smell eventually disappeared after i used it two or three times~.

This is a fantastic little oven. A great addition to my kitchen. Super for chips, steak, jackets, heating cold or frozen pies, scones , bread etc. I’ve been sent a link to a large select of recipes and i’m looking forward to trying them out. Very pleased that this will not become one of those kitchen appliances that lives in a cupboard unused.

 absolutely love this air fryer, easy to use, fast ready, easy clean and more to cook. Everything i cook use this fryer my daughter loves and foods are healthier without any oil added.

I had debated over the purchase for a long time. I finally did enough research and decided on this brand with these features. I’m a convert to air frying now. It now sits on my counter as we use it almost everyday. This air fryer is great for french fries, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets without the guilt. You can even stick a whole chicken in it. Cleaning is also a breeze where you can take out the racks and trays to wash separately which is a big bonus. I am glad i bought this fryer. Chicken wings are crispy and rotisserie chicken was so juicy. Here are the specifications for the Bagotte Air Fryer:

  • 85% LESS OIL & COOK HEALTHY: Thanks to rapid air technology there is no need to add oil to prepare fried foods. On average, Bagotte Air fryer cook almost anything up to 85% less fat than any conventional fryer. 1500W high power makes food from frozen to crispy and hot just need minutes, a 100 recipes e-book is included.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION DIGITAL SCREEN: Digital air fryer comes with presets to make cooking easier. 6 pre-set include frozen fries, fries, nuggets, steak, poultry and fish, a combination of fry, bake, steam, grill and roast, all in one. Just tap and go. The digital screen allows you to set temp from 80°C to 200°C and cook from 0-60 minutes.
  • 4.5L FAMILY-SIZED CAPACITY: Bagotte air fryer 4.5L Square basket has larger space than round design basket in the market. White air fryer stylish design and color matching will accent any kitchen countertop, compact enough to fit most anywhere, save space.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE&DETACHABLE: Removable nonstick coated fry pot and basket are dishwasher safe, and chips fryer easy to clean. A cool touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachment.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION&WARRANTY: FDAL/LFGB certified, the hot air fryer is made of 100% safe and non-toxic materials. Auto shut off prevent overcooking, when cooking finished, continue to dissipate heat for 10s to prevent overheating. 3 year warranty from Bagotte .

I always wanted to buy air fryer because i think deep fried food is bad for you health. This product is oil free which was the most important for me. Fryer arrived pretty quick and well packed. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean. It has nice touch screen which works well. It has all kind of settings, you can cook in there veg,fish,meat etc. Quality of food which coming out from it’s amazing, fries are awesome, chicken wings even better, nice and crisy outside and soft and juicy inside. I highly recommend this air fryer.

This air fryer is really a great product. It feels very simple and convenient to use. I ues it fry chicken wings which are crispy outside and tender on the inside not only do you not have to use oil to fry things which is amazing in and of itself. Whether it’s steak, chicken, french fries or meatballs, it’s easy to fry, and it’s healthier without oil. I love that it came with the book. The air fryer itself also has six presets, so even if you use it for the first time, don’t worry about not knowing how much time and temperature to set. This air fryer size is perfect for family portion. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

This surely is a good air fryer to have, based on the technology used, food doesn’t get dry as you see in oven. It is great for cooking frozen fries and similar types of food, but its fantastic at cooking fresh food too. So far i have cooked fresh fish with vegetables in little parcels, roaster root veg and both have been cooked perfectly. I find it great with my busy work schedule, a breeze to clean up the basket and pan. This product actually saves me money on my electric, cooks things quickly. Added features are the pull out tray, pre- programmed settings and the recipe book is also a fantastic way to use the air fryer and have fun cooking. I would recommend to invest and enjoy healthy cooked meals.

 my husband has recently been diagnosed with border line diabetes and high cholesterol and have been looking for healthier ways to cook so have been looking for an airfyer for a while. We do like our chips in particular so i was worried they would not taste right or even look cooked or crispy. My advise is to boil the chips first then turn the air fryer to the highest setting to crisp. Really happy with the modern look and so easy to use with a touchscreen. A small recipe book is also enclosed which us useful until one gets used to cooking with it and then you can adapt the recipes which is a great addition. Well packaged so overall i’m really pleased so far.

This air fryer has completely exceeded my expectations as it is much larger than i originally thought it was going to be. The large capacity means that i can easily cook a size big enough for the family. It’s also really easy to clean as the buttons are led so it’s nice to wipe and it doesn’t get greasy easily.

Primarily we wanted this machine to make chips. We used to have a deep-fat fryer but hardly ever used it because of the heavily calories and the tedious clean-up. The chips this airfryer makes are delicious – much better than any oven chips we have tried. Fish is also delicious too , i’ll try making some meat next time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic product

  • Modern looking air fryer

  • Love it!

My parents have an air fryer and i was really impressed with the speed at which it cooks and the results, so i decided to follow suite. This model is different to theirs (a little larger and more modern looking) but meets all expectations. So far we have mainly cooked some really basic items like chips, chicken nuggets, scampi etc. On average it seems to take a little less than half the cooking time when compared to a conventional fan oven (my oven anyway) and you don’t have to wait for it to come to temperature. The buttons are really intuitive, so while the instructions are pretty important you can pretty much plug and play (i did)it came with a recipe book too which we have used to make melt in the middle chocolate puddings, which were fantastic.

Can’t believe i’ve not got one sooner, makes meal times easier and healthier. Chicken are juicy inside and crispy outside. Chops, sausages all cooked well. Prefer to use with baking paper to easy clean. Good value for money on amazon. Microwave had broke so using it to reheat food.

 this air fryer is perfect for a meal for me. I can easily pop some potato in to make me fries. I have also cooked vegetarian food in there. Cooks really well, and is less calories than frying. It is nice and compact, i really do like it.

Excellent quality eye catching modern design air fryer looks pretty on my new kitchen. Received so many complements from friends and family. Very easy to operate and user friendly. The cooking recipe book has so many nice and healthy cooking ideas, here i am exploring everyday. They designed this product so well that fittings, gap and flush looks so perfect and the air circulation is evenly distributed to every corner, which helps to cook food evenly. Overall i am loving this product.

French fries, pork chops, chicken, and more don’t need oil. Baking without frying is healthier. The highest temperature is 190degrees celsius. When you find the temperature is too high, you can adjust it to the desired temperature. I love cooking more now that i have it.

I’ve wanted an air fryer for ages and settled on this one. 5 litre is a great size and this comes with a recipe book with some great tips the fries came out just as good as deep fried fries. I’ve managed to cook chicken, prawns and steak so far. It is very easy to clean just take the basket out and clean easily. Overall a healthy game changer.

This is the second air fryer i’ve ever had, and this bagotte air fryer one was far better than my last tefal one. I liked the air fryers because they’re a much healthier way of eating my favourite foods (the chips come out great) and it cooks so much faster than my oven, i made chicken in 20 minutes. But the thing i didn’t like about most about my last one was the wire basket when i was trying to clean it after using, i had to soak it for ages and felt like i was damaging it when i was scrubbing. This one has a sturdy basket that makes it so easy to clean, this made a huge difference to me. This one also has preset modes for different types of food, and comes with a nice little recipe book with a couple in there and shows you how to use each setting which made it really user friendly, and the digital screen that was also easy to navigate and increase the temperature and timer. The fryer itself is very sleek and sits nicely in the corner of my kitchen, i like not having too much on show and cluttering up the place and this fits in very nicely as it’s not too big. I’ve had the fryer for 4 days and have made 3 meals out of it already, i work long hours so to be able to come home and eat within half an hour something healthy with little to no oil is a game changer. I would strongly recommend this air fryer, i love a gadget in the kitchen and this is probably my favourite i’ve had so far.

I was going to return this as the home made chips were not how i liked them but i didn’t grease them so i was probably the resson why. Over the weekend i placed frozen chicken strips etc in to see how it peformed. The performances was top notch. They cooked pretty quick and if you don’t over cook then they are perfect. This is a fast and very convenient way of cooking items such as the above. Glad i gave it more testing before returning it. The power for this is 1500 watts. I believe compared to an electric oven, this is cost effective to use. Took 10-15 minutes from start to finish to cook the chicken.

I have been looking for a fryer for the long time, which is health and not too many oil for my children. So after i received this air fryer, i thought i did i the right thing. This one has a very modern touch pad, and right size for the family, especially, there is the oil free. This fryer is made of big quality materials and is well constructed. It’s very simple to use, i have made fries, onion rings breaded mushrooms, etc. But everything come out just like it so much deep fried. Overall, i like it so much and think it deserves 5stars.

The fryer itself is very smooth and well placed in the corner of my kitchen. I like not much display and messy places, which is great because it is not too big. I have already eaten the frying pan for 5 days. I have already eaten 3 meals. I have been working for a long time, so i can go home and eat for half an hour. There is almost no oil to change the rules of the game. I highly recommend this air fryer, i like the gadgets in the kitchen, which is probably my favorite so far.

I absolutely love this air fryer. It’s not a well known brand but it is top quality. Loads of settings for various meals. Fries chips to perfection and needs next to no oil. Perfect for chicken and fish. Clean and easy to use and has made life so easy and might i add a little healthier.

Initially very pleased with the item. This is my 3rd airfryer that i have purchased over the years. It looks an impressive bit of kit and it can cook a large amount of food. Digital temperature and timer works well and the few bits of food that i havd cooked in it (mainly fries, nuggets) have turned out well. However as per my pictures, there is a problem with the lcd screen as the 3rd digit does not display properly. Contacted amazon and all they offered was a return and refund. But the cost of the item has increased since i purchased so i would have to pay more to buy the item again. They could not offer a replacement as the item is from a marketplace seller who just store their items in the amazon warehouse. So now i have to try and contact the seller direct to see if they can help. Update-26th oct: i contacted the seller direct and they were very helpful.

I have had this for a couple of days now & my wife simply loves it. Build quality seems excellent but only time will tell how good this is. The first thing that i tried was my favourite chicken honey sauce recipe and it was very tasty and well cooked. The control panel is easy to use, and preset buttons seems to produce accurate results. It’s big enough to cook fish and chips for a family of two in a single go. I’ve cooked chicken, various meat and fish, chips & vegetable dishes in it and it makes my life so easy. I have a small kitchen, but it fits and doesn’t have a huge footprintfew suggestions from me* this came in a large delivery box, so if you are collecting it from somewhere, plan accordingly. * treat the basket with love, wash as soon and as gently as possible. Its best to use a microfiber cloth & dry it thoroughly & quickly* avoid scratching the basketi found the instruction book well written. Overall good product and seems to be doing what it says on the tin.

This is the first time i’ve owned an air fryer and very happy with colour white and style. The digital display make it really easy to use. It makes fantastic chips, wedges and roasted potatoes, you won’t use your oven, grill or fryer for small meals again, but tastes as good and a lot healthier.

Now our family is spending less time in the kitchen. Good size for cook 4-6 person. Unusual, but nice design, very easy to control. The food is healthier, with no oil.

Been reading all these articles about how healthy and quick it is so decided so give this one a try. Really uses hardly any oil and im not a a very good cook but i can make juicy and pretty lightly fried chicken in like 25-30 min – that’s my favorite. Salmon is great too and cooks quick. Can do potatoes and all sorts of stuff.

 i tend to use the air fryer rather than a cooker to cook chips, heat up leftovers, brown cottage pie, heat up pies and pasties without going soggy, cook fresh or pre-frozen meat, fish etc. Unlike other fryers with a paddle, i have been able to use this large basket to cook food in a small enamel dish. Awesome product-absolutely love this air fryer. It’s really easy to use and clean. Unbelievable roast chicken (yes it fits a whole chicken!)the small potatoes that we did in the air fryer were incredible. Can highly recommend this product.

Got this air fryer as an add on to my exciting one, as the one bit small compacitiy for a family party, specially when i need to cook chicken wings and chips at the same time for 10 people. It is well designed white body with black digital touch screen menu on the top part, well fit with other kitchen electric ware in my kitchen. As it can auto shut down when the cooking programs finished, i can cook extra during having dinner and do not need to worry over cooking the food. Very good quality as the heavy weight, sit very form on the table top.

I have been using this flyer everyday and i discovered that this is one of the best tool in my kitchen. It has cooked everything i have put into very well and quickly and the results are amazing crispy outside juicy inside. I can’t recommend this enough and do not think i can live without it now.

About three years ago our family stopped eating fried chips and a lot of other things which we would fry, due to it being oily and not good for the health etc. These three years we been eating oven chips etc, even though my parents like the taste of oven chips me personally i don’t. I think they taste nowhere near as fries that are fried in oil. However, my cousins house they have an air fryer for about two years now and they use this for a lot of their cooking’s. So, i have been researching and looking for air fryers for many months now, and not knowing which one to get has been very frustrating. Eventually i ended up buying this 4. 5l one as it is big enough to not only put chips, but also fish fingers, chicken nuggets all at once and cook them together. Another reason why i ended up purchasing this one is because of the touch buttons and the lcd display this really makes it look fancy and having one of these in my kitchen will really improve the kitchen looks etc as the kitchen tiles and cooker/ microwave all match with this silver and black air fryer colour style. Since this isn’t just a cylinder/ roundish type of air fryer like most of them on amazon this is another reason why i went with buying this one as the squarish shaped and edges really makes it look very professional. Now enough of explaining the product, my family members including my parents love this air fryer, i believe this is kind of the middle grounds for our family as parents like oven chips and i like fried chips and this air fryer is the middle boundary, in fact the most perfect option that gives us the healthy style (less oily food etc) which my parents like but also gives the fried taste, crispy chips, the oil taste which i like.

 we bought this with 2 intentions. To try and be a little more creative with our food and also get nice crispy chips and chicken etc. This works great and its very simple at the same time. On the first use i was surprised how quickly it actually cooked the food and i would say this was around half the time it would have taken in our main oven, no preheating.The sweet potato fries came out delicious and super crispy. I will use this for many meals and would recommend this to anyone thinking of getting an air fryer.

The item arrived promptly just in time for xmas, it arrived on xmas eve. The delivery box was plain and simple and by that i mean it was the actual item box with an address label stuck too it. Contents where undamaged and wrapped up in the usual packaging with plastic bags and wraps etc. As xmas was next day and this arriving on time – had to give it a quick test drive – took out the item and cleaned everything, it was really easy to clean with non of the remove this clip or that clip of strange retainers which are impossible to remove, it was really easy to take apart the basket is in 2 sections, 1 holds the basket where you place your food to cook and then there is an outer container which the basket sits in and its held in place by a level switch button on handle. It was a little fiddly at the start but once gotten use to it, it proved no problem. First run was make some chips for even dinner – i cut up the potatoes and kept them in water to remove some starch – afterwards i drained and dried the potatoes to remove any water, once done i put 1 and half table spoons of olive oil on the chips (raw potatoes) and pressed the button to fire up the unit it was pretty start forward i didn’t even look at the manual as it was so easy to use. Making chips takes about 30mins but half way through i took them out to shake them around in case they stuck to the bottom of the basket. Afterwards once done the chips where ready, and they where piping hot crispy on the outside and the soft in the centre, i did find that some chips where more golden in colour to other – that could be make fault as i just drizzled the oil over the potatoes next time i would place the potatoes in a bowl and use my hands to mix the oil in even though it is a very little amount i could also add in some herbs like smoked paprika and some sea salt just to experiment on the outcome. After that i tried making roast potatoes for xmas dinner this time round the skin was more golden as i done the bowl and oil massage route even made sure to rough up the outer potatoes half way to give it that extra crispness. What can i say the unit is great and does what it does with very little oil, making cleaning a doodle as when you have less of a greasy pot, pan or utensil the easier it is to clean.

I have use afew days so just getting to grips with it. So far i’ve made chips, bbq honey chicken wings and bbq drumsticks in panko breadcrumbs and some other basic food. They’ve all come out perfectly. I like the preset modes as they take the guesswork out of a fuzed brain lol, it’s been easy to clean out.

Brought this as a birthday present for my wife. Though this one was a bit more expensive than the ones in its comparison, i must say i was happy when i saw this poduct. First of all it looks different than the conventional air fryers and adds to the beauty of your kitchen. It has a huge capacity but i would recommend getting a tray for bulk quantities for better results. Easy to use and the preset times are very helpful. It also reminds you when the products need a bit of shaking. Taste may not be as good as the oven-baked ones but its not oo far from it either.

Works great for making veggies, which is all i have used it for. In that application it works awesome. For potato or sweet potato chips make sure to soak in cold water for half hr or so. Make them crispy when air fried. Great machine for frying without the fat and getting the crispness and flavor.

 tried to cook the whole chicken and super easy to use. I marinaded the chicken overnight and used no. 4 program 3 times which is 180 degrees 15 minutes each time, turn the chicken after each time and chicken was nicely cooked, the skin was crispy. Two things are aware of of: 1, the physical size of the air fryer is much bigger than i imagined, 2 don’t touch the air vent on the back during the cooking–hot. Overall very pleased with it.

I bought it to upgrade my air fryer which was too small. I chose this one as it is white, which matches my kitchen better, big and looks very modern and stylish, plastic is shiny and a good quality. The size is perfect for my family. I really like that basket is square shape, not round, as i can bake there 2 small cakes or 2 medium length baguettes, in my old round one i could only put one in the middle. I used it to cook chips, meat and also to bake cakes. It is very efficient, saves me a lot of time and money as before i had to put oven on when i wanted to bake a couple of baguettes. It bakes quick and evenly /when frying chips i shake basket twice, during cooking/. I like that it has a big touchscreen and several pre set programs, but i usually manually choose temperature and time. It makes sound when the frying /baking is finished. Very useful recipe book was included with this air fryer.

First time i ate air fryer food at my friends place and really liked it so he recommended this to me. I must say that this a great addition to my kitchen and cooking range as does not take a lot of effort to prepare food. Not only that it takes way less time that conventional cookers and you do not have to wait for to be ready,i love the flavor of the food. Fryer itself is great looking and goes with kitchen setting very nicely. Its is so easy to use that straight out of the box and just plug in does not take a whole lot of effort to make it start also cleaning is very easy. It has great auto settings to cook that food does not over cook or burn always cooks perfect and has good size container. One of the major point i liked is the recipe book that comes with in because i never used it before so was wondering how and what to cook though i started with simple things but this book gave great ideas and confidence to cook many different things. This is the way forward for me nice and easy.

I heard about the air fryer every day. I bought it in a curious situation. I thought it was a small object. I used it to make new orleans chicken wings. It was found to be very useful. It would shake itself and not be like an oven. It’s dangerous to quit when you quit. If you accidentally burn it, this machine is safe and fast, and it’s smart, not afraid of scorching.

Ok machine arrived looks great,read instructions not much to read really simple but to the point. Connected to mains and it beeped (as per instructions) no menu lit up so unplugged re read instructions and tried again this time a very faint menu appeared you could hardly read it. So sent an email to the company using email address printed in instructions immediately bounced back something about failure maeler demon?.So you cant contact them by phone or email so spoke to amazon and the machine is now winging it’s way back to amazon. The amazon rep was superb and very understanding. If you cant contact the company what use is a product if it has a fault. Really thought due to the reviews we were buying a quality machine but will now stick with a company that you can at least contact. Company contacted me and sent new machine out.

I have tried this air fryer a few times and it doesn’t disappoint. The touch screen makes it easy to use. It is very efficient and reduces cooking time significantly. Foods do require turning/shaking half way through the cooking process to ensure they are evenly cooked, which is common for most air fryers. One of the useful features of this air fryer is it beeps half way through the cycle to remind user to turn the foods inside. The frying basket can be detached from the base to enable easy cleaning. We are all impressed with the quality of foods cooked with this air fryer, especially chicken thighs, which are crispy outside and tender and juicy inside. This air fryer works much better than our oven and i would highly recommend it.

This was a great product in great price. Quick delivery, the item was brand new as described. Easy to use, easy to clean and is made of hight quality materials. I strongly recommend you to buy it. 1) over 85% less oil2) quick cooking3) contains a booklet advising you different types of food you can coock it. 4) you can use foil and keet it brand new. 5) it has safety options so you are save6) automatic switches off its self so you dont have to worry. 7) easy to select temperature and timing. 9) it’s safe and keeps your kitchen food smell free.

Wanted one of these bad boys as they’re everywhere these days, but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg. Picked up this one since it had a nice capacity -not too big not too small – allowing it to slot into my kitchen. Price was very appealing, so thought why not. I’m gonna be honest here: i did not expect it to be as class as it is, especially since it cooks using air huh.My food has come out well cooked and crispy every time – and so far i have cooked raw meats, chicken, chips and veggies in it – handles them all. The biggest downside is cleaning it. The oils tend to solidify if you don’t clean it quickly, and some foods just leave crispy residues on it. To get past this, i have to leave it soaking in the sink with hot water and soap/cif, then these things come right off. Do not use metal scrubs or it’ll wear away the non stick coating. It’s well worth it folks trust me even the big brands have this problem too, difference is this one is like half the price.

I carnt find any fault at all with the air fryer. It takes a little longer than a deep fryer, but tastes just as good, and much healthier. Seriously, i made some sausages in it, and i was surprised at how much fat this air fryer removed, but it still tastes the same, if not better. Touch and display are easy to use if you have used air fryers in the past. So far no problems have been found in the use process. The air fryer also has recipes in it. There are a lot of great healthy recipes in the book that i explore every day. This air fryer works much better than our oven, and i highly recommend it.