Bamix Gastro 200 Professional Hand Held Food Processor – Little wizzard

Get one,you won’t regret it,had it for over a year now and still amazed at what it can do and how good it does it.

An investment worth making, built to last.

Still using it frequently 5 years later.

Had a bamix for years and used it nearly every day, so when it eventually stopped working decided to buy the bamix with a longer shaft. I love it even more than my last bamix, it chops, blends and even mixes cakes so saves me using my mixer. My 5 year old grandchild loves using it too, with supervision of course. Despite it being expensive it is well worth the extra money especially when making soups in my pressure cooker and then blending the soup in the pan with the bamix, having a longer shaft is a bonus.

Absolutely amazing cream from full skimmed milk.

Best blender i’ve ever used. There’s no limits to what you can do with this. Little expensive but excellent quality and will last years so worth it. Easy to use and clean too which is always a bonus.

I am glad i made a right choice of the bamix model. I highly recommend this blender to any cook who wants to achieve perfect consistency of soups, sauces or mayos.

Reading a review of someone who claimed that bamix gastro 350 is too powerful for the wet and dry mill, i decided to purchase bamix gastro 200. I was impressed about the design and how it feels in hand. Unfortunately it does not have enough power which i was used to with my old philips (600 w). I was trying to make a pesto sauce, but the nuts remain in pieces there. Maybe it would have also been weak, but now i am unfortunately sure in that about 200. The price is too high for what it can do.

My first one stopped working after 24 years. After this one arrived i read the instructions and realized that i hadn’t kept the first one lubricated so i actually didn’t need to replace it. The moral is – always re-read instructions periodically. However i retired the older one as this has a longer shaft. I also have the attachment for grinding nutmeg, chopping herbs and making breadcrumbs.

You get what you pay for, only the best stick blender on the.

I bought this after hearing my mum rave about it and, being a bit of a kitchen gadget fan, expected to love it. It hasn’t lived up to my expectations though. It makes wonderful smoothies, soups and batters in seconds. It is high powered so liquidises very quickly. It is a durable brand that should last a long time. The handle/grip feels comfortable. I find the blade extremely difficult to remove for washing and usually have to ask for help. I don’t like the fact there is no kind of safety mechanism; i suspect you get used to this but i nearly lost my fingers the first time i tried to remove the blade as i accidentally pressed the on switch at the same time. I know that sounds a bit daft but it is pretty easy to do.

Had one of these years ago and ordered this, as i hoped it would still be as good as first. Bamix is the best hand blender ever.

Spend more and get quality that lasts. Strenght, speed, the three ‘blades’ (mixing, beating, fluffing) – makes this the best blenderi have owned and used cheaper blenders and there is a real differens here.

Item’s description is exactly what was mentioned online. Very happy with my order, highly recommend for home use to make vegetable soup for children.

Very convenient staff, handy if know how to use it, would recommend friends.

Bought as a replacement for original bamix that my wife has used for over ten years. She asked for extra long bamix for blending and chopping ingredients when making soups etc.

I had to have the first one replaced owing to a fault. I think that this is ok if you really need one. I found that after a few uses it stayed in my cupboard far longer than i thought it would.

Had my last bamix for approx 12 years so hopefully this will last as long. Didn’t realise (my own fault for not checking properly) that this was the longer stem version but still it does the job.

Best thing we ever bought saw years ago at a show ,will use more often great for soups.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best hand mixer.
  • The product is of a very good quality and this is already my second one in
  • everyone will benifit for this purchase because of the wonderful things you can make

This is the greatest , strongest, bestest. And this is almost my favorite utensil in it.

The product is of a very good quality and this is already my second one in our professional kitchen. There is a misleading information on the amazon uk. I was surprised that the machine for the uk market would be different from the rest of eu. It claims to have 2 speeds 12,000 to 18,000 rpm but when the package arrived on the box it said 2 speeds 10,000 to 17,000 rpm as in the eu.

Minimum speed on this is equivalent to maximum with a standard bamix.

Got this when my 20yrs old bamix cord went (started to smoke. I love the extra length on the stick as i’d always been a bit frustrated by the lenght of the old one. I use it mostly for smoothies to make them nice and thick and creamy. Does make you burp a bit afterwards getting rid of the air bubbles, but it’s worth it for a huge creamy smoothie that only has some veg, bit of fruit, and milk in it. And perhaps a bit of sweetener.

This is my second bamix, and if you have not used them before then you are in for a real treat. They are superbly made, and really do the job in hand so well, i use mine all of the time, and have bought this one for a cafe that i am involved with. The professional range has a slightly more powerful motor and the advantage in this case of a longer shaft, perfect for larger pans of soup. I use mine for so many different jobs around the kitchenmaking mayonnaisemaking dressing and saucesmaking soupto name the three main usesbemis are excellent and well, well worth the extra money in my humble opinion.

Bought my first bamix about 28 years ago and being a chef and working freelance it has been given one hell of a hammering. Decided i would treat my self to a newer model. Recently i passed my old one on to my daughter but it is reaching the end of its life and i will treat her to a new one in time. One of the most used tools in my kitchen.

This is such a great tool for my kitchen. I researched this a lot before buying it because i wanted something with the power to make hummous and to liquidise large pots of soup, and an attachment that is really close to the bottom so that i can make mayonnaise with just one egg yolk. This machine does all of this perfectly.

I don’t know how i managed before i bought this, it is definitely worth every penny. I have another stick blender but it’s not a patch on this one. If you are buying one for yourself, you’re not, everyone will benifit for this purchase because of the wonderful things you can make. It is so much fun making things yourself and so quickly too. Everyone will think you’ve been slaving away for hours.

Professional, sturdy, fast, easily cleaned. Add ‘slicey’ to this processor and you have a kitchen implement that does many of the taskd donr by a food processor. We started hanblender life many years ago with a ‘billy’ and have gone through many good brand makes including philips, braun, another philips etc etc until we realised we were spending a lit of good money replacing stuff which normally lasted about 3 months longer than the warranty. So now we’ve spent more on a blender with the bamix, but according to the blurb, we have a 10 year warranty. Over the last 10 years we have spent more than the bamix cost replacing machines than if we’d gone strait for buying this very versatile machine. Hold your breath, click on buy and for once you will hear a man say. Look what i’ve bought, it has saved me a fortune.

I love this hand held blender as i use daily at our childcare center where i am the cook. It make prepping the food a breeze especially the infants puréed mix vegetables.

I have been using it for some time the product is very good, the only problem is that if you want to whip cream it splashes all over the place.

Really useful and extremely well engineered blender. So easy to clean and keep handy on wall bracket, highly recommend this.

The last one lasted 40 years, then i used the new one. It was then i realised how slow the old one was.

Very good product and does the job.

I make a lot of cakes and soup, and use a ‘stick’ blender to make buttercream and to blend the soups. Over the last three years or so, despite adhering to the instructions, i have had to replace aforementioned stick blenders on at least 3 occasionshaving used the bamix for a few months now, i so wish i’d bitten the bullet and bought one years agoit whizzes up everything with remarkable ease and speed and would have been a far more cost efficient option from the start. The long cord means that i can reach saucepans on the hob without having to lift heavy hot pans and the curly cord means that it is tucked up safely. To quote ‘ buy well, buy once’ this little piece of ‘whizzardry’ really does fit the bill.

Soft set control buttons which are a good safety feature but a little difficult to push if a little weak in the fingers.

To tell the truth i was a bit disappointed. When i received blender, i noticed that the plug is uk standard, which wasn’t mentioned in the description of the product. Probably i would never buy it. But the blender itself is amazing product.

The first bamix my family owned was over 45 years ago, and it lasted for about 25 years. I have the less powerful short model at my holiday cottage, and i thoroughly recommend spending the extra money and getting this one. I have the slicey and the small grinder too – would not be without my bamix.

I bought the bamix having been disappointed by other whisks of this type from other manufacturers, and having seen online demos of the product in action. Finding one reduced to well under £100, i took the plunge and i’m glad i did. First of, the equipment is fairly quiet in operation, has two speeds, and comes easily to hand in use. The build quality of the appliance appears to be excellent. It is a corded appliance, which gives you full access to full power in use; the slight downside to this is that you do have to be wary of the cord when using it on a workstation and near hobs, but i have not found this a major issue. (you are of course tied to the position of your kitchen powerpoints when using it). Other reviewers have commented darkly on the capacity of the bamix to cause splatter, but i have not found this to be an issue if you exercise appropriate care, and i love the way that it is so easy to clean ( it will balance upright on its prongs, and i keep a measuring jug with water handy for quick rinses when in use; a quick whisk in hot water is usually enough to clean it in the first instance). It is very good with sauces and liquids, and i have used it to make fresh soup in the pan. Here the longer shaft is extremely handy, and the action very satisfying, producing a smooth soup for the family in about a minute without the need to decant for processing and sieving. It goes without saying that it also saved on the washing up.

Powerful will turn skimmed milk into cream.

Brilliant successor to my previous namibia which i’d had for over 20 years.

This is a must have kitchen appliance. I bought this as a christmas present for my sister-in-law on the basis that my wife has had one for a few years now, it gets used almost daily and she couldn’t live without it.

The steel shaft is good for blending food while it is still hot, the length enables you to blend large quantities at once for example soups.

Family could not believe i paid this much for a hand blender but boy am i pleased i lashed out and bought this bamix. The shear weight and finish on it reeks quality engineering. It takes just thirty seconds to blend the thickest vegetables etc into a creamy puree. It washes easily and the three mixing fittings take a second to change. Expensive compared to other blenders but if you want a professional tool this is the one for you.

I have been wanting to buy one of these for ages, impressed by all the good reviews that i had read about. Finally did it and ended up sending it back as i am not sure that it was worth the money for what i wanted it for. I already have a magimix so didn’t need the attachments, really just wanted an excellent stick blender that would last me for years. My main use is for making smoothies every morning and i was looking forward to having the fruit and veg blended smooth with no bits. Sadly, couldn’t get them smooth. Experimented with cranberries and although the smoothie was mainly smooth, they’re were some quite large bits of skin that stubbornly refused to go. I also found it quite heavy and unwieldy to use although i can see that if you were a pro cook in a kitchen using large pans, it would be perfect. Tried to get a nut milk to whip up into a ‘cream’ , couldn’t do that either. Also didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t remove the blender bit to clean it, is fixed to the main body. But, it does look very lovely and would have looked very good fixed on the wall in my kitchen.

Haven’t had it long but not too sure if i like it. Reasons: it’s remarkably heavy in the hand (especially for my wife); the stand is plasticky and feels fragile; in use it doesn’t perform as well as the old braun hand-held with dedicated bowl which we used to have (bits dropped off it) so there’s usually some unmixed stuff at the bottom of the vessel being used; it’s sometimes difficult — and potentially hazardous — getting the sharp cutting blade off after use.

I had a bamix whizzy stick years ago and loved it. When it (finally) died i bought a braun which was fine but not as good. Bamix and i have finally been reunited with this one. The size is great, especially with the long shaft for whizzing things in pots. Also, no plastic touches the food. And clean-up couldn’t be easier. Be careful to always turn it off before taking the blade off.

Great product worth the price.